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Grand Prosthetics & Orthotics helped Thomas Peters discover life’s blessings... read about it in our July issue...
I want to send a special thank you to some very special people in my life. If it wasn't for Beverly, and Dave Helms, and Andy at Grand Prosthetics in Grove Oklahoma for keeping me fishing, for the spoonbill, I love to catch. This one weighed about 35 to 40 lbs.. Thanks guys for keeping in perfect artificial right legs. So I can keep catching spoonbill. Sincerely Yours Ronald L. Edwards.
I have been under the care of beverly and dave for about eight yrs. I have never in my life been under better care than these two awsome prostetisist.there treatment of you is better than a 5 star rating.the have built me a number of great qulity legs. I have never had the care as an amputee until i met them. They treat you like part of there family and are the most profesional and loving people to have . There the best. I will not go anywhere else to have prostetics built.. i love them just like their part of my family

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Photos from Grand Prosthetics & Orthotics's post 01/02/2018

Honor the Past. Inspire the Future.
History of Grove’s F-4

Grove’s F-4 made her first flight on October 10, 1972, after which she entered service with the 4th Tactical Fighter Wing unit at Seymour Johnson AFB, in North Carolina. She would remain seven years in North Carolina, before moving in 1979 to the 52nd TFW at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany.
At that time, the aircraft received serial number 71-0247 and 71-1247 for a short time.

After returning to the US in 1988, she was assigned to the 37th TFW at George Air Force Base in California.
The mission of the 37th was to provide pilot transition training for the F-4G ‘Wild Weasel’.
In 1988, operations at George AFB were phased down and all its aircraft were transferred to the 35th TFW in 1989.

In March 1990, 71-0247 was removed from service and parked in an aircraft maintenance and storage facility at Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona.
Next, Holloman AFB in New Mexico needed a ground trainer, and 71-0247 was selected.
She was assigned to the Crash Damage or Disabled Aircraft Recovery (CDDAR) unit in July 1995. Remaining F-4s became target drones.
Over the years, 71-0247 was also used as a ‘floater’, an aircraft used for display, but without a fixed home on base.
By 2017, she was collecting dust in a hangar at Holloman, awaiting donation through the GSAXcess SASP system.

The F-4 Phantom, built by McDonnell Douglas, ranks among the most important military aircrafts in the history of the United States, serving her country from Vietnam to Iraq. Sleek and powerful, this supersonic jet fighter in-spired awe in all who saw her in action.
The F-4 Phantom first took flight in 1958 and quickly set 25 world records in categories such as speed (reaching Mach 2.6) and altitude. Due to the aircraft’s impressive performance, the Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps all flew the F-4.
Nearly 5,200 Phantoms were built from 1958 to 1981, making it the most-produced American supersonic military aircraft.
Soon after entering service, the F-4 was quickly swept away from the glory of record-breaking flights and was thrust into combat in Southeast Asia.
During the Vietnam War, the Phantom was successful at bombing enemy positions, dog-fighting with North Vietnamese MIG’s, and providing close air-to-ground support for the troops.
After Vietnam, the F-4 fighters continued to serve with US military forces around the world. Their next major conflict was Operation Desert Storm, where Air Force F-4G “Wild Weasel” Phantoms carried out strategic strikes against Iraqi military installations. Finally, in 1996 (nearly 40 years after its inception), the F-4 was retired from the role of combat. Air Force last flew the aircraft Dec. 21, 2016.

The retirement of the F-4 Phantom fighters threatened to end any chance for people to see this aircraft that contributed so much to our country’s history.
However, concerned citizens in Grove, Oklahoma, stepped up to the challenge of saving 71-0247 for future generations. Members of the community worked together to secure the aircraft, plan for its transfer to Grove, and to seek private support for its display.
Ferra Aviation of Grove has donated property adjacent to its facility where the F-4E Phantom will be placed on display. The company will provide long-term general grounds maintenance, camera surveillance, lighting, and overflow parking for weekend F-4 events.
The Grove community offers a magnificent home base for 71-0247, while honoring the past and inspiring the future. The F-4 will be featured in Grove’s annual Veteran’s Day celebration. In addition, veteran organizations, Grove Rotary and Grove Civil Air Patrol have pledged support for the project.
A Memorial Display will commemorate the F-4E and recognize the donors. The eye-level static display of the F-4E offloads the landing gear. The F-4 itself honors those whose lives have been touched by the Phantom as well as those who seek to achieve their aspirations for as long as a person imagines what has not yet been accomplished, this aircraft will stimulate fire in the minds and hearts of present and future generations.

The F-4 project needs your help to give the Phantom a new home in Grove. Our total fundraising goal is split into three phases:
• $15,000 for the initial site preparation.
• $45,000 for disassembling, transporting and reassembling the F-4. The aircraft must be taken apart at Holloman AFB, transported to Oklahoma, and reassembled in Grove.
• $40,000 for the development of the rest of the site, informational areas and donor display, sidewalks, benches, gardens, etc.

Donations may be made directly to the Grove Rotary Foundation, a 501(c)(3) entity. In the memo line, please indicate F-4. Mail check to:
Grove Rotary Foundation
P.O. Box 452286
Grove, OK 74345-2286
For more information, call:
Dave Helms (918) 786-4646
Pete Norwood (918) 791-1215
Our timing is tight, as the deadline to move the F-4 to Grove is early 2018.
Ferra has donated nearly an acre to the City of Grove per the GSAXcess SASP requirements. I hope you have been by the site as Bob Brogdon and Matt Walter Specialty Service are doing an absolutely awesome job. Matt Walter has completed the heavy equipment excavation and ground work, prepared the site making it ready for REC to drill the pier holes and then for Bru-Con to complete the concrete foundation with Longan Construction concrete. Once that is set, Miller Concrete Construction will be completing the concrete surface. Dave Helms and Mike Takkett are working on the mounts which will secure the F4E 71-0247 to the site.
We are expecting Grove’s F4E 71-0247’s arrival as early as next month, but she will certainly be here by the end of March. Prior to that she must be disassembled, cribbed on several supersized load trucks, permitted for transit from Holloman AFB to Grove, and moved. When the permits are granted, we will know the date of her arrival and we will notify the press and donor phone numbers. We would like everyone to be available to welcome her home. Please donate to help us bring her home!

With the help of Chandler Crane, it will then take an additional week to reassemble her on her site just east of Ferra Aviation & across from the Grove Airport Beacon water tower.
We then have the balance of the development of the rest of the site, informational areas and donor display, sidewalks, benches, gardens, etc. which we pray we will have the donations for prior to the dedication which will be in the summer.


F4 Phantom Grove Community Foundation saying THANK YOU to all who have served our Blessed USA!

Photos from F4 Phantom Grove Community Foundation's post 09/22/2017

Photos from F4 Phantom Grove Community Foundation's post


David L and Beverly Helms and Pete Norwood personally traveled to Holloman AFB and met with the principals involved including Brig. Gen. Alexus G. Grynkewich, Deputy Director, Global Operations. He serves as the Joint Staff focal point for cyber and electronic warfare operations, information operations, special technical operations and sensitive Department of Defense support to government agencies. We met Colonel Houston R. Cantwell, Holloman 49th Wing Commander, as well as TSgt Chance Cole and the 7 individuals currently directly & indirectly caring for the City of Grove’s F4E while also dismantling and sending all the remaining F4’s to the target range. Ours is the very last F4 scheduled to be released for public display. What a God Send that we were chosen by GSAXcess to receive her! We inspected her current condition as well as evaluated and requested several components to be added in order to best restore her to the most authentic historical presentation possible. We have many more steps involved with that, but each of the principals has given us their commitment that our requests will be achieved as best possible.

Photos from Grand Prosthetics & Orthotics's post 09/20/2017

Photos from Grand Prosthetics & Orthotics's post

Untitled album 06/14/2017

Untitled album

Timeline photos 03/06/2017

Dave and Beverly Helms appreciate Congressman Markwayne Mullin visiting our custom prosthetic and orthotic facility in Grove, Oklahoma, Feb 9, 2015. As a privately owned and operated provider of lightweight artificial limbs and braces, we have found that clients are willing to travel great distances and sometimes even move to the beautiful foothills of the Ozarks to be served by Grand Prosthetics & Orthotics LightWeight Artificial Limbs & Braces having VA, Medicare, and other contracts.
Congressman Mullin said that he has heard from most every type of healthcare provider discussing the impact of the 2010 healthcare regulations.
The Helms, certified and licensed, opened Grand Prosthetics and Orthotics LightWeight Artificial Limbs and Braces in 1996 providing care to amputees in the 4-state area for over 20 years.

I really appreciated visiting Grand Prosthetics & Orthotics in Grove this afternoon!

Cornucopia, proceeds with living a normal alpaca life. 02/23/2017

Cornucopia: A Little Horn of Plenty keeps on keeping on July 2016 Show Me Magazine


Oklahoma Alpaca Gets Specially Built Prosthetic Leg - NewsOn6....


Grand Prosthetics & Orthotics LightWeight Artificial Limbs & B...

Cornucopia, proceeds with living a normal alpaca life. 02/21/2017

Cornucopia, a female Suri Alpaca, was born November 13, 2006. From all appearances, she was a normal, healthy, and very active cria (baby alpaca). When she was approximately 2 weeks old, it was observed that she was not carrying any weight on her left foreleg. She was taken to Oklahoma State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Stillwater, OK, where x-rays revealed 2 broken bones in her foot/ankle which were reduced and splinted.

A follow-up consultation at OSU resulted in a referral to Kansas State University School of Veterinary Medicine in Manhattan, KS, to see Dr. David Anderson who had 'considerable experience with alpaca amputees'.

Once at home, it was observed that despite all hopeful efforts, Cornucopia would not walk on 3 legs, and insisted on walking on the relatively unprotected stump of the left foreleg. This created concern not only for the integrity of the residual limb, but also the opposite (right) fetlock joint and both shoulders. Cornucopia’s mobility was otherwise extremely good as she raced around on her 3 ½ legs.

A prosthesis was fit while Cornucopia weighed 72 pounds. Multiple repairs have been provided over the years and a foot plate was designed and fabricated from Delrin by Charlie Dunton in California although the pylon system failed and the prosthesis finally was worn to simply provide protection to the residual limb.
Wear and tear and a doubling of weight rendered the original prosthesis no longer serviceable, and a search for a Prosthetist willing to make a new leg for Cornucopia was started. Efforts to identify one in the Oklahoma City area were unsuccessful, but a chance conversation with Tom and Kathleen Callan of Zena Suri Alpacas in Zena, OK led to an introduction to Dave and Beverly Helms of Grand Prosthetics & Orthotics LightWeight Artificial Limbs & Braces in Grove, OK.
Cornucopia was transported from the OKC area to Zena to reside with the herd under the care of Staci Forshee.

Today Cornucopia weighs 143 lbs. A new custom fabricated prosthesis has been fitted by the family team of 3 Oklahoma licensed and American Board certified prosthetists Dave, Beverly and Andy Helms, assisted by photographer Troy Helms. Due to the level of deterioration of the previous prosthesis, multiple steps were required to determine the optimal functional height and alignment of the prosthesis and the volume of the residual limb. Wearing the former prosthesis had resulted in significant tissue irritation and gait anomalies which had to be progressively attended to in order to reach her current level of function.

This diverse family business maximizes their vast experience and broad range of technology from the old fashioned to the sophisticated high tech to provide the most cosmetic functional lightweight appliances possible which are custom designed and built by the Helms to fit the individual’s needs. Both Dave and Beverly Helms attended the prosthetics program at Chicago's Northwestern University. Dave also attended the New York University Prosthetics Program. Both are American Board Certified Prosthetists; Dave since 1979 following his service in the Air Force. Years have been spent with the Helms listening to the wants and needs of amputees.
Armed with this information and experience, Dave has spent numerous hours inventing components for prostheses which now are used worldwide.

Dave Helms, a licensed certified prosthetist, creates many custom prosthetic devices and components to maximize the independence of the many active amputees. Dave, a Vietnam era Veteran working on the structural components of aircraft and an inventor, uses technology from the old-fashioned to the sophisticated high-tech to design the most cosmetically functional lightweight limbs and braces possible.

Helms likes a challenge having also created a custom lower limb prosthesis over 20 years ago for a Crown Crane at the Waco Zoo which was used successfully for several years. Dave, a former US Air Force airframe structural repair specialist, has again referred to his almost 40 years of prosthetic experiences incorporating the latest in technology of carbon fiber construction, epoxy resin, and titanium componentry to meet the individual daily needs of an alpaca living exposed to moisture and mud to be able to be an inspiration to others. The final fitting and alignment of the prosthesis evaluation process revealed that Cornucopia has been able to maximize her rehabilitation returning to grazing with the herd, running at will, and leaping into the air with excitement when it is grain feeding time, resulting in a well acclimated Cornucopia making her soothing subtle alpaca verbalizations.
Ongoing follow-up to maintain her meeting her individual needs as well as providing beneficial fleece, possibly meeting her reproductive capabilities and being a show alpaca, as well as being her normal comforting charming self will continue throughout her life. Cornucopia has proudly acclimated to her new herd being able to stand her ground while being differently abled.

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Oklahoma Alpaca Gets Specially Built Prosthetic Leg - NewsOn6....
Grand Prosthetics & Orthotics LightWeight Artificial Limbs & B...



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