Collaborating for Results, Inc.

We collaborate with you to create increased learning results for students. Collaborating for Results, Inc. consultants have great track records!


Teachers open doors!

[11/29/16]   Collaborating for Results, Inc. would like to recognize Ketchum Elementary School for their PLC Teamwork to carefully consider each student’s learning data in order to ensure each student is ensured success.

The Ketchum Mission
Educating all students in a safe, positive environment through rigorous standards
to develop productive members of society.

Collaborating for Results, Inc. Consultants:
Judi Barber, Ph. D.
Sara Snodgrass, M.Ed., NBCT
Kristy Ford, NBCT
Patricia Morgan, M/Ed. NBCT
Patricia Simons Ph.D.
Dr. Julianna Lopez-Kershen
Cheryl Hallum
Jessica Hightower

Please send inquires to Collaborating for Results, Inc. Address [email protected].

[03/25/16]   Consultants
Judi Barber, Ph. D.
Sara Snodgrass
Kristy Ford
Patricia Morgan
Patricia Simons
Quentin L. Biddy

[03/25/16]   Do you want higher achievement for your students? We want to collaborate with you!



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