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va** 08/27/2020

Small V**e Companies Ask FDA to Postpone the PMTA Deadline - Va**ng360

“If FDA does not seek an additional extension due to COVID-19, these small businesses will likely be forced out of business and have to lay-off thousands of employees soon after the deadline expires”

va** Small va**ng businesses have asked the FDA to delay its Sept. 9 deadline to submit Premarket To***co Applications (PMTAs).

v*** 08/11/2020

Avail Earns PMTA Acceptance Letter From FDA for E-liquids

"The application now moves to the substantive scientific review where the FDA will determine if Avail has scientifically proven that its ni****ne va**ng products are appropriate for the protection of public health."

v*** Blackbriar Regulatory Services led the regulatory process for Avail’s e-liquid submission.

v** 07/24/2020

Va**rs Tek Closing

"Today is a sorrowful day for me and the employees because it is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that Va**rs Tek will no longer be in business after September 5, 2020."

v** Due to the FDA's PMTA legislation, Va**rs Tek (independently owned e-liquid and v**e supply business) will be forced to shut down.

va** 07/23/2020

V**e Mail Ban Will Be Voted on Any Day Now; Please Take Action! - Va**ng360

"The bill will primarily affect v**ers who don’t live near v**e shops, and disabled v**ers and others who can’t leave their homes and must order online. Because it will add considerably to the cost of shipping, low-income v**ers will suffer the most."

va** A bill banning U.S. Postal Service delivery of va**ng products has passed the Senate, and will now move to the House for a final vote. 07/23/2020

FDA calls for removal of fruity, disposable v**es

"The Food and Drug Administration sent a letter Monday telling the company to remove Puff Bar e-ci******es from the market within 15 business days..The agency sent warning letters to nine other companies either selling similarly unauthorized e-ci******es." U.S. health officials are cracking down on a brand of fruity disposable e-ci******es that is popular with teenagers, saying the company never received permission to sell them in the U.S.

v*** 07/17/2020

Va**ng to Quit Smoking: How Va**ng Has Helped Smokers Kick the Habit During Lockdown

"Va**ng doesn’t involve to***co and two menaces that reside in its smoke. We’re talking about the most health-damaging components of all, tar and carbon monoxide."

v*** At first, glance, va**ng to quit smoking may seem like an instance of choosing the lesser of two evils. We can’t deny there is a ring of truth to this assessment. It’s certainly better to ditch the bad habit and not take up another one in the process. But, the only problem is that’s a tall ord... 07/16/2020

States Misuse To***co Master Settlement Agreement Funds – InsideSources

"Only 3 percent of all MSA dollars and generated funds from to***co taxes went toward the funding of state and local to***co control programs" States across the United States misuse funds that are extracted from a landmark, multi-jurisdiction legal settlement reached with to***co companies in 07/08/2020

V**e Bans Are Creating a Thriving Illicit Market

“The fact that no one imposing these bans has taken this into account is the same kind of dumb failure that has led us into the War on Drugs.” On a normal day, Nic Holden makes $150 selling liquid ni****ne out of his car. For the past month, he ...

v** 07/04/2020

Happy Independence Day to All!!!

"Honest information is critical while our industry and community are under attack. Next year at this time, the national landscape for Va**rs is probably going to look vastly different from what many have taken for granted."

v** The PMTA deadline is fast apporaching. What does it mean for the v**e industry? Va**rs Tek is offering 25% all e-liquids for the Fourth of July. 06/30/2020


"Outside pregnancy and some rare vascular diseases, using ni****ne on its own does not pose much risks to physical health. If smokers switch from smoking to using ni****ne on its own, they avoid practically all risks of smoking." A smoking cessation expert said the combustion or burning process is what causes disease and death from smoking. 06/26/2020

US - Keep V**e Mail Legal! (Reject S.1253)

"In the midst of a pandemic involving a severe respiratory illness, the last things that officials should be implementing are policies that threaten to send millions of people back to smoking!" (Update - 06.25.20) In November, CASAA alerted our members to S. 1253, which would prohibit the USPS from shipping v***r products and impose adult signature on delivery requirements for independent carriers like FedEx and UPS. Several months and... 06/26/2020

Greg Hunt delays ban on liquid ni****ne imports after backlash from Coalition MPs

"On Thursday the Sydney Morning Herald reported that 28 Coalition MPs and senators had signed a petition opposing the ban, which would apply fines of up to $200,000 for those who import liquid ni****ne without a prescription."****ne-imports-after-backlash-from-coalition-mps The federal health minister had signed off on a regulation to ban imports from 1 July but prohibition will now not come into force until 2021 06/23/2020

Report: Youth Va**ng Rate Increased with Anti-Va**ng Campaigns

“Looking at the timeline, underage va**ng rates went up along with anti-va**ng campaigns that unintentionally portrayed va**ng as cool and rebellious.” Today the Competitive Enterprise Institute released a report on the connection between underage e-cigarette use and anti-va**ng advocacy. 06/02/2020

In the UK National Health Service, Staffers Benefit From Subsidized V**es

"Public-private partnerships have seen v**e shops opening up inside several NHS facilities, as resources for patients and staff to better understand the products and potentially make the switch from smoking."**ng/ Va**ng is perceived differently across the pond. Instead of portraying it as a trap to lure kids to a ni****ne-dependent ...

va** 05/29/2020

All Hands on Deck: Tomorrow is World V**e Day! - Va**ng360

"Powerful organizations that want to deny low-risk ni****ne products to the world’s smokers—aided by sadly incurious politicians and news media—are exactly what consumer ni****ne advocates deal with on a daily basis."

va** Around the world, v**ers and harm reduction advocates will gather (online only) on May 30 to participate in and celebrate World V**e Day. 05/29/2020

Teen Va**rs Less Likely to Go On to Smoke Than Peers Trying Out Other To***co Products

“This suggests that, e-ci******es were unlikely to have acted as an important gateway towards cigarette smoking, and may, in fact, have acted as a gateway away from smoking for vulnerable adolescents….The postulated gateway effect is likely to be small.” Observed ‘Gateway’ Effect of E-Ci******es Among Teens ‘Likely to Be Small’ The observed 'gateway' effect of e-cigarette use among teens is "likely to be small," with only a tiny proportion of experimental v**ers going on to smoke regular ci******es, suggests research published online today (... 05/27/2020

Millions of e-cigarette users around the world will celebrate 'World V**e Day' on May 30

"E-ci******es have been gateways out of smoking for millions and have been accompanied by declining youth smoking rates. Instead of banning them, governments should regulate" World V**e Day aims to raise awareness on e-ci******es or v**es and encourage smokers who are unable to quit on their own or with currently available smoking cessation tools to switch to safer ni****ne products 05/22/2020

Michigan appeals court sides with v**e shop, against flavored va**ng ban

"The appeals court's unanimous decision means the state’s emergency order remains unenforceable, for now, as litigation over its validity proceeds. Whether the state will press ahead in the courts to enforce the ban is unclear." The Michigan Court of Appeals panel upheld a trial court’s injunction against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency rules against flavored va**ng products. 05/21/2020

Anti-Va**ng Activism Driving Smokers Back to Ci******es, Data Show – InsideSources

“This is really unfortunate and a sign of serious misinformation and misperceptions about the large risk difference between smoking and harm reduction ni****ne products.” Altria, the maker of Marlboro ci******es, reports their data show smokers 50 and older are returning to traditional ci******es after having switched to 05/21/2020

The Bizarre Attack On Va**ng

"Needless to say, if higher taxes on va**ng lead to more smoking, one can only imagine how much additional ci******es will be consumed if va**ng is outlawed.
And that means more cancer, more heart disease, and other illnesses." Since I’ve never smoked or v**ed, I have no personal 05/15/2020

Scientists Studying Ni****ne’s Potential to Treat COVID-19

"Many people still mistakenly think it’s the ni****ne that kills 480,000 American smokers every year. Divorced from cigarette smoke, however, ni****ne is a relatively benign stimulant, with a similar risk profile to caffeine."****nes-potential-to-treat-covid-19/ Two meta-analyses recently found smokers were dramatically less likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19 than non-smokers. 05/13/2020

Expert blames smoke, not ni****ne, for causing deaths

"The ni****ne itself is not the problem. The global health catastrophe we face is due to the way it’s delivered." A public health expert blames smoke, not ni****ne, for causing thousands of deaths caused by cigarette smoking each day. “There have been many decades of research on the health effects of cigar 05/13/2020

Colby Cosh: Smoking out the paradox — two contending theories on ci******es and COVID-19

"If ni****ne turns out to be useful in treating or preventing COVID-19, we already have access to smoking-cessation products that offer controlled doses of it" If ni****ne turns out to be useful in treating or preventing COVID-19, we already have access to smoking-cessation products that offer controlled doses of it 05/13/2020

Ni****ne Could Prevent the Spread of COVID-19, Studies Suggest – InsideSources

“At this point, we do not know what that study will find,” Sweanor said. “Yet, the public attention now focused on looking at the therapeutic roles of ni****ne should help efforts to distinguish between it and cigarette smoking.” Researchers are investigating the effects of ni****ne on COVID-19, the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and evidence for a surprising 05/12/2020

Can we afford to ignore the growing link between ni****ne and Covid-19 survival?

"Several studies have found them (smokers) to have worse outcomes once admitted. With smoking banned in and around hospitals, this leaves open the intriguing possibility that smokers are less able to fight the virus once they are deprived of ni****ne." This controversial hypothesis has a growing weight of evidence behind it

va** 05/09/2020

PATH Study Compares Cigarette and E-Cigarette Addiction

"The researchers found that contrary to media reports, dependence on e-ci******es appears to be consistently lower than that on regular ci******es."

va** A cross-sectional study published in Addiction last month, looked into and compared dependence on e-ci******es and ci******es, amongst US adults. 05/08/2020

Survey: 'Cool' factor, not flavor, drives teens to v**e - Futurity

"For policymakers and public health officials who want to focus prevention and cessation messages on the health risks, or who think that bans on flavors will be the answer, these data show that ship has sailed." The social aspects of va**ng drive teens and young adults to use Juul and other e-ci******es, even though they know and understand the risks of doing so. 04/30/2020

What We Know—and Still Need to Learn—About Coronavirus and Ni****ne

"One important theory involves the interaction of ni****ne and the receptors used for access to the lungs and other organs by the coronavirus." This inverse relationship between smoking and COVID is striking and unexpected. 04/28/2020

Why Are Smokers Being Hospitalized Less Often From Coronavirus?

"Ni****ne, a stimulant found in to***co (as well as other plants like tomatoes, albeit in much smaller quantities), has already been studied for its neuro-protective qualities, which is of interest to scientists who study Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. It's the chemicals from burning to***co, Niaura noted, that are what cause heart attacks, cancer, and lung disease." A Greek cardiologist and French neuroscientist are trying to find out. 04/28/2020

Does Smoking Make COVID-19 Worse? Better? Here’s What We Actually Know.

"These possibilities highlight the danger of politicizing science and taking advantage of a frightening illness to promote a preexisting agenda. Policies put into place during a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic are unlikely to be accurately informed by long-run considerations, but their effects will last beyond the current crisis." Returning to the Mad Men–era ubiquity of smoking isn’t an advisable path toward fighting the virus. 04/27/2020

Anti-va**ng efforts may have made coronavirus crisis worse, experts say

"Conflating the risks of smoking and va**ng is both bad science and discourages smokers from making the switch, health professionals like Siegel argue." Anti-va**ng activist groups are using the coronavirus crisis to advance their goal of restricting — or even completely banning — the use of e-ci******es, arguing that v**ers are at higher risk of h…

planetofthev** 04/25/2020

Flavour Ban Fail

"The American Cancer Society looked at the impact of JUUL withdrawing flavoured products and found that sales of all products continued to rise."

planetofthev** Two studies from the Penn State College of Medicine and the American Cancer Society in Atlanta demonstrate that flavour bans simply don’t work and increase personal risk

planetofthev** 04/24/2020

Anti-COVID Ni****ne?

"Jean-Pierre Changeux hypothesised that ni****ne could occupy receptors, preventing the virus from fixing itself. He reasoned it might prohibit the virus’ propagation and would put a brake on the development of the disease."

planetofthev** A growing number of people are raising the prospect that ni****ne might be useful in combatting the symptoms of COVID-19, research is planned to see if it’s true 04/24/2020

French researchers to test ni****ne patches on coronavirus patients

"Still, while there’s a chance ni****ne could protect smokers from catching COVID-19, the researchers warned that smokers who become infected often develop more serious symptoms because of the toxic effect of to***co smoke on the lungs." A French study suggests that smokers could be less at risk of catching the coronavirus — and researchers now want to test ni****ne patches on patients and health care workers. Despite their f…



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