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Another one of the Many baskets of baked goodies along with dozens of peanut butter fudge bars that we’ve delivered to Smith's Grocery. Amazing busy place and they all do a fantastic job! Stop on by and get a treat before they all sell.
Basket of fresh baked goodies along with George Peak’s famous peanut butter fudge is being delivered to Smith's Grocery today. We make several deliveries during the week. So stop on by and pick up a tasty treat!
Can you order this?
We restocked our basket with fresh homemade baked goodies delivered today at Smith's Grocery
We restocked our bakery basket with fresh homemade baked goodies. Stop on by Smith's Grocery and pick up a tasty treat!
Just dropped off at Smith's Grocery a basket of some homemade baked tasty treats. Pumpkin or morning glory muffins, raspberry or blueberry scones, old fashion date bars, chocolate cheesecake brownies, and more!
Thank you Hans Laggis and his friendly help at Taplins Septic for the delivery of a very clean port-a-potty to Smith's Grocery this week!

We are sure our customers passing through will love the ease of having a “customer public” rest area; especially during summer for ice cream season; long motorcycle drives; hanging out eating pizza, etc!

Definitely recommend Taplins!
A BIG thank you to Smith’s Grocery for the awesome Bunny breakfast, egg hunt, stuffed animals, and cupcakes/cakes!
Tom Gilbert • Stannard Mountain Road, Greensboro Bend

Lost and found
Hi! We have a medium-large dog that's been hanging around the farm, and possibly staying here. S/he might have started showing up with another dog several weeks ago, but is now here alone frequently and/or bedding down here altogether. I only see him in the dark, so I don't have a good description of him, but s/he is medium-large, looks a bit like a Boxador and is either black or brindle. They are wearing a collar but will not approach me. They get on fine with our dog. Call Tom at 533-2459.
Just had the best hot roast beef sub from here that i have had in years.
With such a beautiful day today Howard and I went with Papa and he took us on a tractor ride. Well Howard got cold a little bit and he didn't want to use his blanket, so I took one of my sweatshirts off and put it on him. They say only men wear pink! Well he wore it well and if you look, it is a Smith's grocery sweatshirt. He loved that sweatshirt he was nice and toasty and I only wished I would have had a blue one or preferably a black one for him, because he was back and forth in the wagon and he got it pretty dirty but hopefully it will clean up. I recommend anybody who goes outside go to Smith's grocery in Greensboro Bend and buys one of their sweatshirts because they are very warm, very nice quality, fit perfectly, and you never know when you have a spare one in the car , that somebody always needs a sweatshirt to wear for the day. So thank you Smith's Grocery for having wonderful clothing the public can buy, and I got to get Howard a size small in black
me a black one!!!!
Happy National Coffee Day!

Cheers to our favorite local coffee vendor, thank you for your support, your amazing coffee and providing our customers at Smith's Grocery an amazing smell of coffee beans!

Smith's Grocery is a locally owned family business for 39 years where you can find a little bit of e Need a license for hunting, join the Buck Pool.

Smith's Grocery originated in 1930 from a vegetable stand which after a few years was turned into a Pool hall with beverages. Eventually the little Vegetable stand was turned into a Grocery store. LIllian and Ellis Richardson purchased the store from the Smith's in 1970, from there the store continued to grow and establish a small deli, gas and bottle redemption. In 1990 Mary and Bill Thompson pur

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Photos from Smith's Grocery's post


Meet the Grinch & Santa 🎁❤️🎄

Photos from Smith's Grocery's post 11/28/2022

Photos from Smith's Grocery's post


It’s Small Business Saturday! 🎁

We are a Small Business with a big heart ❤️ we have many local crafts/artists; we offer gift certificates any day!

Our Christmas Trees 🎄 wreaths and kissing balls are waiting for a new home 😘

If you’re out and about on this beautiful Saturday 🌞 we’ve got a deli with made to order sandwiches; pizza and WAY MORE! We can fill your bellies in between shopping……

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More crafts!


The raffle winners for our Fall Raffle are ;
Scott Young & (Brett) Paige Picard

Photos from Smith's Grocery's post 11/25/2022

140 deer and 1 bear

Photos from Smith's Grocery's post 11/25/2022

The Rifle season has been amazing for us 🦌 we have met many new customers; weighed in a lot and loved seeing the kids so excited 🙂 Thank you so much for everyone that comes.

For statistics we have 140 deer and 1 bear

1- 12 pointer
3- 10 pointer
1- 9 pointer
24- 8 pointers

Biggest weight is 213 and 202

Photos from Smith's Grocery's post 11/25/2022

Photos from Smith's Grocery's post

smithsgrocery2631 on TikTok 11/24/2022

smithsgrocery2631 on TikTok

Happy Thanksgiving !

smithsgrocery2631 on TikTok


We are so Grateful for all of our customers! Thank you for all of your support and friendship with us ❤️

Today we served a few over 55 meals and then catered a meal for another wonderful family we met through the store. 🦃

Our store closed at 1:00 today so our staff was able to have the whole day off to enjoy with family 😘

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Photos from Smith's Grocery's post 11/23/2022

Photos from Smith's Grocery's post

Photos from Smith's Grocery's post 11/23/2022

Wow! they just keep coming in


Thanksgiving Dinner orders are still rolling in 🦃 Give us a call to reserve yours for Thursday!

🦌 We are at roughly 115 Deer and 1 Bear during this season - WOW!

👍 Reminder: Thursday 24th store closing at 1:00 for the day.


Calling all hungry folks……
Shepard Pie lunch special by Kylie!


Local Kingdom Coffee Roasters ; whole bean or ground made by Jesse & Erin Dimick

Smiths Apparel by Winning Image ; Scott Menard

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Kissing Balls made by Natalie Michaud
Wreaths made by Angel Putvain


Corn packs that you heat up! These are amazing for any sores; injuries; aches or pains - Made by Laura Breitmeyer


WOW is all we can say! We’ve been trying to keep up with the pictures inside the store and on here 🦌 we’ve weighed in about 65 buck and 1 bear since Saturday. Thank you for your patience.

Don’t forget to catch us on WLVB or WDEV Friday (18th) at 5:50 am/pm for our “rifle weekend update”

🦃 Sign up for the Turkey Dinner we are offering; Landon will be cooking - store will be open Thanksgiving day until 1:00 pm.

🍁 We are working on posting some of our Local Made crafts to purchase through the holidays and we do have them set up in store. Amazing the creativity and talent so many of our community members have.

🍳 Reminder Hunters Breakfast is cancelled

Thank you for all your support each day! Your patience if things don’t run smoothly and the time you take to visit; to shop; to stop by and even just to follow us on here ❤️ we appreciate each and all of you!

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These last two deer are 8 pt amazing racks!

Photos from Smith's Grocery's post 11/17/2022

Photos from Smith's Grocery's post

Photos from Smith's Grocery's post 11/17/2022

Photos from Smith's Grocery's post


Don’t forget just a little over a week until we start preparing for Thanksgiving 🦃 We are so grateful that life is more flexible with spending holidays with family and friends.

Some families are distant, many people are alone and well, when my Gram was alive she was just tired of cooking after 60 years….

Let us help you 🦃 by a single, multiple or a whole meal, pies, appetizers or a smile ❤️.

Thursday 24th offering Thanksgiving Meals to go;

Turkey, Stuffing, Corn, Potato & Gravy, Cranberry Sauce & Roll $13.99

Give us a call 802-533-2631 or message us to put your name in (this helps with counts)

Meals will need to be picked up by 1:00.

Store Hours 🦃 Thursday Nov 24th 7:00 - 1:00pm. Regular Deli will be closed.

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Added some more

Photos from Smith's Grocery's post 11/15/2022

Our first weekend of Rifle was great!

We had 38 deer and 1 bear; lots of stories and excited faces. Alongside weighing in deer and bear we put on a hunters breakfast for the first time and served approximately 90 meals.

We had a mother/daughter duo both getting deer; a first time hunter getting a 5 pointer; had a 12 pointer weighed in; and even some folks that were seasonal hunters.

Great Job everyone! Thank you for your support

** Hunters Breakfast for 18/19 Saturday and Sunday is cancelled due to change in staff schedule** We apologize.

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Claude is “BEARY” excited to serve breakfast 🥓 today - we even got Landon in the kitchen 🙂


Just prepping POUNDS of potato: getting ready for Hunters Breakfast! And no…… you don’t need to be a hunter to grab some breakfast this weekend 🦌


We’ve had some questions;

Our family has always loved going to “Hunters Breakfast” at the Greensboro Church; since COVID the last couple years the breakfast has not occurred. We thought we would do something to feed the hungry hunters. In NO WAY could we do as good as the volunteers at Church did; but we will try. ❤️

Since we only have a couple picnic tables and two additional tables; seating is VERY limited but To-Go containers are available 🥓🎁

Breakfast is being cooked and served from our Creemee Shack “out back” and we will still have our everyday breakfast burritos and sandwiches in the store.

$10 per plate for Two Eggs;Toast;Sausage and Ham along with Home Fries (with or without onions) 🍳

Free Raffle will be out.
Buck pool is up and is ready $3 entry fee


Breakfast; the most important meal of the day!

pre-order available; not required 🦌 Hope to see you!

smithsgrocery2631 on TikTok 11/07/2022

smithsgrocery2631 on TikTok

Alright! Call me crazy!

Join us: 🦃🦌

Buck pool is out - sign up at the store

Hunters Breakfast: Saturday and Sunday 12,13,19,20
Thanksgiving Dinner: Thursday November 24th

smithsgrocery2631 on TikTok


We may be entirely crazy but we miss the Hunters Breakfast that the Greensboro Church would have each weekend; so much that………..

Landon is gonna be cooking up some hearty breakfast 🍳🥓 we are putting on a “hunters breakfast” for the Saturdays and Sundays of rifle season 😳

Stay tuned for a posting event and times!

We also will be putting on our Thanksgiving Turkey Dinners again this year 🦃 Pre-Order signs up soon!

Photos from Smith's Grocery's post 11/03/2022

Photos from Smith's Grocery's post

Photos from Smith's Grocery's post 11/03/2022

It’s November already? Where has time gone? We set the clocks back an hour this weekend which means darker days 😞 so hopefully in the next couple weeks we can shine a little bright light for everyone with some exciting events! First some updates:

🦌 Youth season was great. We had 24 kids signed up for the $3 youth pool. We want to say great job and congratulations to each kid that spent time hunting. It takes patience.

Seeley Cota takes the top weight of 166 lbs
Ryan Holbrook takes the points win for 6
Tyler Putvain takes the Lottery

Each youth will get $24

🍭 The final count of each Candy Corn jar was 70! There was a tie for the win by Riley Rich and Brett McAllister each won a FKNLOCL t-shirt

The current deer/bear/turkey reporting has been posted on our page and in the store. We have also put out our Regular Season Hunting Pool…..

🥇 Check out our Smiths Grocery sponsored Co****le board that was made for Caledonia County Co****le. Come to the Hardwick American Legion on Tuesday nights (you don’t have to be a member to attend) there is a Co****le Tourney each Tuesday just $10 and the Legion is open for dinner during the event! It’s so much fun… you can check is playing 👍

Stay Tuned for more!

Photos from Smith's Grocery's post 11/01/2022

Halloween was so much fun! We saw so many varieties of creative costumes; adults and kids ❤️ we gave away LOTS and LOTS of candy and candy apples. Thank you much for visiting Smiths Grocery for Halloween 🙂


We are ready! Stop by and get some Treats 🍫🍬

Photos from Smith's Grocery's post 10/30/2022

It is no Trick….. we’ve got lots of TREATS 🍭🍬🍫

Make sure to stop by the store and get your bag filled with candy while you’re out and about on Monday 10/31 🧛‍♂️🦸‍♀️ We can’t wait to see ask the costumes….

Who knows maybe you’ll see us dressed up 🥸


So explain to me this whole wax lip thing are you actually supposed to eat the wax and swallow it well in the meantime, they still look nice for just $1.49 you can get yours too! Mamma Mia!


Did you know we have Non-Ethanol Premium gas? Along with regular unleaded; kerosene and diesel.

Yes we even exchange or sell new propane tanks

It doesn’t matter how many times I drive; I still have to “think” which side the gas tank is on 🙈 do you?


We’ve got the decorations up at the store 🙂 Let’s see some of your spooky decor 🙈🎃

Photos from Smith's Grocery's post 10/25/2022

Added Dawsons doe! Great job

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Not everyone has Tik Tok where we posted this,  but we had fun making this video! Need to have fun sometime; right?
Love the neighborhood kids!
We’ve got a Unicorn Sprinkler and Snow Cones today stop down 🤭  it’s FREE!
Check out this! We have Spam and Ham!
Hazen Championship Game
Free popcorn Go Hazen Wildcats!
i lost the challenge




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