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Get your carpet cleaned before the holidays with our two room and a hallway special today. Free deodorizer with cleanings this week.


You work to ensure every surface in your medical facility is clean and sanitary. But what about upholstered chairs, couches, and cubicle walls? We’ll steam-clean every upholstered surface to eliminate dust, dirt, and germs, so your entire complex is spotless and clean.


The scope of your interior restoration job is going to depend on your car’s original condition. This can include fixing or replacing torn seat fabrics, carpet replacement, and/or the cleaning or replacing of gauges on the dashboard.


All of our carpet cleaning equipment is industrial strength and certified. This ensures that you get the maximum benefit out of your professional cleaning and that all contaminants (such as mold and bacteria) are destroyed.


French polishing is a traditional method of polishing woodwork that dates back to the Victorian era. It is labor-intensive, but can restore the shine of classic auto interior woodwork without sacrificing its authenticity.


When you're restoring the interior on a car, you have a couple different options: You can restore it to the original factory material (also called a true restoration), or you can restore it with new materials that fit your own style.


It’s important to remember that you don’t have to suffer every time you get into your car because of that foul aroma you can’t locate. If you’ve already tried everything possible to eliminate the smell on your own, having the interior restored could be your best option.


Hot, pure steam releases soil, grime and dust, and it’s an effective way of cleaning upholstery without detergents, additives or chemical residues. As a result, your upholstered items look clean, feel clean, and smell clean without lingering irritants or scents.


Did you know? The word “upholstery” is derived from the Middle English word "upholdster," meaning "alter" or "improve." The word dates from the 1590s, and today, it refers to the fittings and materials used to fix, repair, or upgrade furniture by covering it with padding and fabric.


Persian and Oriental carpets are so dense that if they are not vacuumed regularly, dirt will work its way deep into the carpet and build up on the foundation of the rug. Once this happens, only professional cleaning will restore them.


If your dashboard or console has been damaged over the years, it can be repaired via auto interior restoration. Common repairs in these areas include dent removal, cracks, tears, scratches, burns, and even color restoration.


According to a report published by the American Lung Association, dust accumulation in carpets can adversely affect those who suffer from allergies and asthma. One of the best ways to control this is with periodic professional cleanings.


Why call a pro? “Extreme heat, over 120 degrees Fahrenheit, kills bedbugs and their larvae more effectively than any other technique … [C]ommercial-grade steamers exceed that temperature and do a thorough job.” - Phil Dreessen, Bedbug Buster


Instead of using a car deodorizer and having the interior of your car smell like a gas can (or other item) sitting under a pine tree, have the odor removed. Products that cover up odors are simply cosmetic adjustments that stop working - and sooner rather than later.


Got pets? Then you have pet odor and maybe even stains in the upholstery of your furniture. Removing these stains and odors requires more than simply spraying it with an over-the-counter product; let a professional service eradicate both the stain and the smell.


A few simple guidelines will help your upholstery look its best between professional cleanings. First, keep upholstered furniture out of direct sunlight, since this can cause it to fade. Vacuum furniture often to remove surface dirt and dust, and keep items that may stain like polishes, ink, and newspapers away from the upholstery.


Interior restoration of your car entails cleaning or replacing carpets, seats, and/or seat covers, and it can also involve cleaning or replacing headliners and door panels, depending on your car’s needs. As a result, your car will look like new again.


If you have antique or fragile furniture, let us know. We will take extra precautions to ensure safe cleaning of the fabric to preserve it and prevent it from deteriorating from lack of care.


Did you know vacuuming "lines," those tracks left by the vacuum cleaner, are actually considered a badge of honor? To many folks, they're a sign a rug -- and a house -- are well cared for.


Did you know that car glove compartments were originally designed specifically to hold driving gloves? Gloves were more necessary while driving when most automobiles lacked hard tops, which caused the wind to numb drivers' bare hands.

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If you’re planning to put your home on the local real estate market, it’s critical that everything is as presentable as possible to attract buyer interest. If your carpets have clearly seen better days, you may want to have us clean them before your next open house.


While cloth-covered cubicles are an attractive way to increase privacy and dampen sound without building permanent walls, they also absorb odors and hold dust. We’ll steam clean all your cloth-covered furniture and surfaces so your office doesn’t just look clean; it is clean.


We recognize that getting to the bottom of a bad smell in your vehicle is about more than just helping out your nose. Since the underlying cause of your smell could attract pests or create a breeding ground for bacteria, restoring your car’s interior could help safeguard your health.


Drying times after upholstery cleaning can vary depending on the method, cleaning solutions used, and whether an optional protective coating is applied. If you're worried about when you can use the furniture again, rest assured. Typically, drying time ranges from a few hours up to a maximum of 12 hours.


Spot cleaning of upholstered furniture can sometimes cause fading, so it's safer to get the whole piece of furniture or cushion professionally cleaned. If this isn't possible right away, and you want to attempt spot cleaning yourself, make sure to check the manufacturer's recommendation to determine the correct method.


Furniture styles change with great regularity, and classic looks may not always be available. Instead of completely redecorating just because a few pieces are dirty, have the furniture thoroughly cleaned. You will love the restored look.


Be wary of that new car smell. While it may be okay for a month, or even two, its lingering scent can cause problems. A series of studies have shown that harmful chemical combinations have been used to extend the life of the aroma. If your car smells new long after it isn’t, have it treated and removed.


Did you know that organic matter trapped between the fibers of upholstery can eventually promote mold growth? Regular professional cleaning services on upholstery will ensure that all organic matter is removed – which will virtually eliminate risks for mold growth on upholstery.


Outfitting your maintenance crew with the proper equipment for cleaning furniture can be an expensive proposition. Not only must equipment be purchased and serviced, but staff must also undergo proper training. As upholstery cleaning specialists, we are a money-saving option.


When you first buy the classic car of your dreams, you may have blinders on when it comes to all those little flaws with its interior. If you need help evaluating what kind of restoration work it will require, we’re happy to help.


Have you ever noticed how amazing certain types of cars and trucks look when they have an interior that truly complements the vehicle’s exterior appearance? If you don’t feel like your car’s interior is quite up to par, we’re always here for you.


Professional steam cleaning not only removes dirt, soil, and contaminants from upholstery, but it also plumps up the fibers in the fabric. The result is fresh, clean upholstered furniture that often looks as if it were brand new.


A mystery odor in your car can turn you into an amateur detective in no time. It's a good idea to check everywhere you can for the source (have you looked under the seats yet?), but if you can't find it, we're here to help track it down.


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