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Certified Capet Systems is a proud member of ethical services. We are here to help you create healthy, happy homes. We work hard to ensure you get the most thorough cleaning of you carpets.

We pride ourselves as stain removal specialist. Do you have a spot that you can not remove? Give us a call.

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Give us a call and speak to Kathy or Kim for your FREE estimate! 03/03/2020

Give us a call and speak to Kathy or Kim for your FREE estimate!

Give us a call and speak to Kathy or Kim for your FREE estimate! Certified Carpet Systems


my lady last week has a daughter who the mom calls a zombi, sleeps all day up all night. i believe it because when we cleaned the daughters bedroom , not a movement, are there amy more out there?


met a cat that would play fetch with a small ball, now thats a first


After cleaning Lisa's carpet on Friday, she Made the comment to me. "Duane, I can't believe you were able to get that stain out of my carpet. It's been there for several years. Now, I don't have to try and hide it anymore. Thank you!"


met a dog that loves to work out on the tread mill is there a clue to this?


I found some interesting facts. Your average family may spend:
$80-90 month on a mobile phone or 960-1080 a year
$70-90 month for cable/direct TV or 840-1080 a year
$20-50 detailing a vehicle or 240-600 a year
$5-$6 day coffee THAT"S $1300-1560 a year
but the scream when they have carpets cleaned even when cleaned twice a year it is less than the above costs. Not only does cleaning the carpets help keep your family healthy but you can either pay now for maintenance Or pay big bucks to replace the carpet.


Oh, yuck. Max did it again. When he upchucks the acid in his stomach is so strong it strips the color out of my carpet leaving it with pink spots on my beige carpet.


I have grandchildren and granddogs. When Lilly the grand dog came to visit she had purple toe nails. They looked cool but will I have to pay for a manicure for my dogs. I think they might be jealous.


Just in- a client had 2 cats one yellow and one white. The yellow cat was a couch potatoe, never moved from his ottoman in the sun. While I was setting up my hoses the white cat disappeared. My client thinks he may have gotten outside. I was working in the bedroom and went to put a foot stool onto the bed when a bump moves under the covers. I feel the bump but still didn't know what it was except for being soft. I was also going to to put a rocker up on the bed but it would be on top of the bump. Curiosity got me and I slowly pull the covers off the bed and 2 big green eyes look back at me, its the long lost white cat. How did he get there?


I saw hot pink firetrucks going down the highway. Cool!


I was helping a lady with a problem with water in the carpets. I left fans blowing to help dry the carpet. Alley cat is a couch potatoe and normally spends the day sitting on a chair. When I came back I was told the cat had spent all day jumping on the carpet which was going up and down. I gues that is one way to get your exercise. To bad it doesn't work for people.


I love all the oriental carpets I clean. But did you know that many times bleach is used on your white fringes? Bleach left in the fringe is never deactivated so each time your rug gets wet or is washed the bleach is reactivated. This can cause the fringe to start to come apart. Did you wonder why your fringe was wearing so badly? Maybe it is because ofthe bleach that was used even when it was new.


Phoebe, our older dog had surgery for kidney stones again. Everything went well but she is still leaking urine on my carpets. Oh, well, better my carpet than yours. Looks like I chose the right profession.


Well, Halloween is over. My favorite trick or treater was a gangster. Complete with pin striped suit, Hat and gun. We also had princeses and a monkey. I was happy to see that a parent was with each group of children. Halloween is a time for fun but to also be safe


I usually walk my dogs in the evening. We have 2 dogs that always bark at us and charge the fence. Paige and Max have never barked back at them until the last couple of time. I wonder if was something the dogs said?





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