BNI Coastal Business Partners, Goose Creek, SC, USA

BNI Coastal Business Partners, Goose Creek, SC, USA

Welcome to our BNI Coastal Business Partners Chapter. We meet every Thursday inside Stars and Strik

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Everyone and WE mean EVERYONE, needs a Jimmy Lewis in their lives!! He is the BEST financial adviser you will ever have! Once you experience what he does, you will share it with others!

Are you 100% sure if you die today that your family would be taken care of? The biggest asset is yourself. Disability and Life Insurance is one of the most important things you can put in place and its just a small piece to a very large puzzle!

He will keep you financially organized and offers more services than any other financial adviser out there! He always makes recommendations in your best interest treating every client like family. Business planning, comprehensive planning, service planning, and coaching are just some of the ways he can help. With his knowledge and experience he can create financial strategies that are diversified to be sure your money is working for you.

Everyone and WE really do mean EVERYONE, NEEDS a JIMMY in their life! Give him a call today! 864-884-2116


Let's Go Notable Networkers!! We have closed 50%+ more business throughout our group than last year and still growing. We do this by Networking with each other and the people we come in contact. Our shining stars this month for first place in our networking categories!


Wow! BNI Members generated an impressive $22.9 billion USD in business in the last 12 months with over 15 million referrals. This is not only the highest number of referrals ever recorded in BNI's 38-year history, but also our highest ever recorded Thank You For Closed Business (TYFCB).

In the month of November alone, BNI Members created over $2.01 billion USD in business through 1.36 million referrals. Help spread the word – our BNI Members are creating a big impact around the world!

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Cara Lea Cohen with Summerville Slumber Parties has your birthday, holiday, just because parties all taken care of for any age and any theme. Come up with your own idea or choose from the many she already has. Custom themes don't cost extra and each guest keeps a balloon, a face mask, and sometimes other little goodies that go along with the party.

You choose the concept, she comes in to your home or office, sets up tents and twin size mattresses for the amount of guests in the party, and the fun begins with this lavishly unique party idea that brings so much flavor to sleepovers!

For the Christmas season she has 12 tents available, as pictured below, for your kids to sleep on, by the tree waiting, for Santa to bring their gifts for the next morning. (You'll have to be extra quiet bringing in their presents, but how fun would it be for your child to have this memorable sleepover for THIS holiday season.) It's $75 for 1 tent or $125 for 2 and depending on how many kids you have she will customize the pricing for you. She'll setup on the 24th of December and pick up on December 26th. So that's 2 nights of fun filled sleepovers for your family! Give her a call or message her today to hold your spot!

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Carman Moody is a fun filled, ball of energy which has some to do with her amazing energy focus vitamins that not only do what they say but also help repair each cell on a single cellular level. Nutrition is very important in our daily lives from the food we eat, to the amount of stress our bodies can take. Vitamins assist to help increase our immunities to the many stressors and diet, or should we say non diet, of our daily regiments. Choosing the right strain of vitamins are what can make or break you when you're on your health and repair journey.

Just to name a few of the most amazing supplements offered through Carman are activation release vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc with basil-which is huge in fighting off sickness like the flu or covid, less stress more yes which relieves anxiety, many different types of sleep aids with or without melatonin including additional ingredients that helps relax your mind and body for a good night's rest.

And then we have the ever so important probiotics! There's so much to say about the right kind of probiotics and this strain for these specific vitamins ease stress amongst other benefits.

You not only feel the affects the first time you use any of these supplements, but the increase in all things good is what happens when you continually use them.

Thank you Carman for your dedication to finding the best of the best so we can be the best of the best we can be!


Welcome Jake Reed from Consolidated Planning. We are looking forward to having you apart of our chapter and assisting everyone we know with their life and disability insurance!

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Rich Mullins with Laigle Business Group was a ray of sunshine today schooling all of us as to why the majority of CC processing systems take more than their fair share of fees which hurts business owners. Its no wonder why costs of delivery ordering puts a sticker shock on everyone's face. If restaurants and business owners really knew how much they could save by implementing the right CC processing system, they would tell everyone. And that is what we need to do- Get The Word Out. In the below real-life illustration case study for Wild Ginger, Rich is able to save them more than $200,000 just by switching systems. This is a no brainer!

So if you know any restaurant owners using uber eats, grub hub or any of those online ordering systems- they need Rich to do a side-by-side case study to see exactly how much they can profit just by switching. Their business will flourish just as usual, not much changes on the ordering side, but everything changes on the profit side for the owner.

It's time to save these small business owners and others alike from the greed of big corporations!


Welcome Walter Harris from American Roofing to assist with our network spheres roofing needs! We love growing and we're excited to have you apart of our team!


When you have a presentation with food, a salad master and cookware that takes half the time and keeps all the nutritional value, you listen closely.

Joe Young with Habits for Health demonstrated today how easy and quick it is to chop veggies for a salad. His cookware is titanium steel that allows all food to be cooked at a medium to low process disabling the high heat method that cooks nutrition out of food. And it helps that once you put your food in the pots or skillets, you close the lid and forget about it until it reaches the temperature, and then it goes to low and that's it. So much time wasted in the kitchen with your everyday cookware can be saved by setting up an appointment for a cooking show at your house. All food and entertainment provided including dessert with veggies that tastes like the real thing. 843-305-1572

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Our notable networkers every month follow our core values and are an example to the rest of our team on why we continue to grow and build relationships while helping each other increase revenue!

Renewing member KC Mangus with KC Mangus Law Firm for all your trust and will needs and new member Rodney Frank with Fritz for your personalized targeted direct mailing. WE LOVE GROWING!

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Cody Griner with Mr. Marketing SEO is the reason companies get found and chosen online.

SEO=search engine optimization.
When a thought or question enters someones mind Cody is the one making sure your company is listed on the top in their search.

They also utilize a software called Bird Eye Scan which is a directory scan. It searches tons of internet sites to make sure the information about the company matches. This in turn brings you higher in google ratings and helps manage things better.

When you're a small business owner understanding key items like this enhances the way consumers find and choose you online. Cody can look at your website or create an up-to-date site, make sure keywords are properly optimized for search engines, and create strategic techniques that will help you get more Google reviews and have your companies open job opportunities listed higher than the job boards. You can't afford to not have him part of your business marketing strategy!

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Ebbie Jones with Pinnacle Bank was on fire today 🔥 We got popcorn and a show!

When it comes to checking and savings accounts, direct deposits or even CD's most people have their banking needs covered. But the big banks aren't always the best for every scenario. What about establishing credit? What about monetary and lifestyle perspectives? What about budgeting and having a real plan to follow your money? What about the younger crowd who need assistance in managing their budget?

Ebbie and his team have implemented a 6 week course that helps ensure you have up to date information on insurance needs, investing insights, taxable topics, retirement, estate planning, and information security. These are essential financial topics that contribute to the majority of our overall financial well-being. You don't need to be a member, but you do need the knowledge. Reach out to Ebbie for more on this class as well as all of your banking needs!

**Hint Hint They answer on the first ring!

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We know secrets how 'bout you??
Maggie Gambon with Maggie Gambon Digital Marketing let's us in on the do's, dont's, why's, what, when, where, who and how's of FB/social media marketing. So many tips and tricks about the benefits of social media. It's one of the cheapest forms of marketing and can be a very targeted way of reaching your audience. She does consults, hourly, education, and full on take overs when you're too busy or just can't manage it yourself. As a business owner this is one marketing avenue that shouldn't fall through the cracks.


We love it when family remains family!!
Maggie Gambon with Maggie Gambon Digital Marketing and Mike Matteo with Ragnar Group payroll company have re-enlisted to the best networking team in the LowCountry! Come see why we retain our members but more than that call each other friends and family!


We are a highly cohesive culture in the BNI system and support each other to the fullest. We are each others cheerleaders and comrads. We help Network for the other and build each other's businesses through word of mouth and truly knowing and understanding what our "family" is capable of doing. You won't find another network group like ours!

We are looking for:
Hair dresser
Lawn maintenance
Personal trainer
Property manager
Roofing company
Interior designer
Real estate attorney
Business attorney
Business Advisor
Commercial Realtor
And more...

We meet at Stars and Strikes on Ladson rd from 9AM-10:30AM on Thursdays and we'd love for you to join us. Reach out so we can see how we can help your business grow!

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Caitlin Summers with McIntyre Family Chiropractic - Summerville is a living testimony to what great Chiropractic care is all about! She first was a patient and now is Dr. Mikes right hand gal and the informer to us civilians on why Chiropractic health care is important. Dr. Mike is using the Gonsted Method technique to help his patients get the treatment they need. If you don't know what that is it's because he is the only one in the entire LowCountry area using this method.

Did you know the average person thinks about seeing a Chiropractor for 2 years before making an appt. You. Can't. Fix. Yourself.
Consultation, X-rays, measuring inflammation and the list goes on to really pin point the root of why bones are shifting.

Another fun fact- Did you know bones shifting can cause mental wellness issues. Who needs more of that?

If you're ready to start living your best life then you need someone who cares and took the time for extra schooling to learn the #1 Chiropractic care method in the world.

Photos from BNI Coastal Business Partners, Goose Creek, SC, USA's post 10/06/2023

Our notable networkers are what makes our chapter continue to reach goals that grow everyones business and revenue. We are a team and we aim to achieve success for each other!

And we are growing, adding Mike Veale with CPI Security to our group! Welcome!!

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It's great to have GREAT leaders and Jimmy Lewis is one of the best!! He is our teams ambassador, director consultant, and all time expert about growing chapters! He cares about our team and gave us educational tips and tricks on how to get the most out of our membership. It's not just checking the box, but being strategic with everything you do. We love growing our chapter and numbers are important for the sphere of everyone involved. If you were told you could make $10,000 by playing a part in a movie but you had to memorize and deliver a 60 second script and nail it the next day, how much time would you spend on that? Welcome to a new way of thinking about increased revenue!


Excited to be growing our chapter with new members. This week Lori Hull with Pinnacle 1 legal and tax services became a member of our ever increasing team. We are thrilled to have you!

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Hiring a handyman can be an exhausting task, but once you find one that is reputable, reliable, honest, and full of integrity, you don't want to lose them. Sharon and Mark with Integrity Maintenance are tremendously talented and have an extremely high level of expertise in the construction field. They can do all types of projects like windows, doors, flooring, bathrooms, kitchens, light and fan fixtures, drywall, decks, stairs and railings, screening patios, shelving, hanging pictures, mirrors, blinds and so much more. You can't teach someone to be an overall, do it all, handyman. The job requires too many skills, at too high a level for it to be practical. Besides having the talent, they also show up because they have impeccable communication efficiency that are above and beyond most in the industry. So when you need a trusted and highly referred handyman in the Lowcountry area, go with true professionals by hiring the husband and wife team of Sharon and Mark Ortiz with Integrity Maintenance.

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If you have plumbing woes you call the pros- Plumb Pro that is!
Disasters happen and Plumb Pro is on call 24/7 with a guarantee for their solutions. They have over 25 vans with knowledgeable staff who will address the issue at hand and fix it immediately. They have a full office staff who is there to answer your call and make sure they get out their in a timely manner. With a 5 yr guarantee and financing available there is safety in knowing your plumbing issues are handled the way a growing family run business who puts their customers first should run. They also have several areas of expertise besides plumbing. One such area is water purification. They offer water testing so you know what your body is soaking up through showering and teeth brushing. (**Fun fact-Goose Creek has 34x the amount of chloroform of what is safe in their city water)Once you know, the solution is readily available by Plumb Pros team of experts who can install a whole home filtration system with a filter that cleans itself and won't need replacing for 10 years. Jeremy Solomon is an amazing manager and overseer and he is a huge asset to our chapter! Thank you for being you!

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Mike Matteo is truly one of a kind! He is dynamic, reliable, ambitious, supportive, trustworthy, passionate about what he does, and loves to make sure you as a small business owner or solopreneur are making use of every tax credit when it comes to payroll. You can't afford to not pay yourself and becoming a w2 of your own company has huge tax savings. There are so many aspects of payroll that don't make sense and are tedious and he is versed in all of it. Don't miss an opportunity to speak with Mike if you think you're doing it right or want to make sure you are. We all concur this is one conversation you will walk away from revived and wishing he was your best friend! Call for a good time 585-750-3835

Photos from BNI Coastal Business Partners, Goose Creek, SC, USA's post 09/07/2023

We love our Notable Networkers! It's what makes our Chapter the best around and continues to grow us into the top networking team in the Low Country!

When you value and understand the concept of BNI you become lifers like so many of our members. We have 2 who were recognized today for 5 years in our Chapter- Eric Baliko with Health Insurance Solutions Eric Baliko and Adam Richardson wth PGR Home Inspections

Welcome to our Chapter, Terri Mariotti with Absolute Insurance Agency, LLC for all your auto and home insurance needs.


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When you have a presentation with food, a salad master and cookware that takes half the time and keeps all the nutrition...
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