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The Guardian Interlock system allows you to successfully regain your driving privileges with the least expense and most reliable solutions.

Guardian Interlock Inc. updated their phone number. 02/25/2021

Guardian Interlock Inc. updated their phone number.

Guardian Interlock Inc. updated their phone number.

We're Open For You! 04/07/2020

We're Open For You!

Here’s how is providing consistent service during these uncertain times - remaining open and committed to keeping clients safe and compliant. Read more.

We're Open For You! In the midst of the uncertainty of COVID-19, rest assured that Guardian® is focused on conducting business as we always have - focusing first and

Less drunk driving arrests amid COVID-19 outbreak 03/24/2020

Less drunk driving arrests amid COVID-19 outbreak

Less drunk driving arrests amid COVID-19 outbreak Nebraska State Patrol troopers arrested four impaired drivers during a St. Patrick's Day enforcement effort, marking the fewest arrests during the holiday in at least 15 years.


Your safety is important to us. Visit this dedicated page for the latest information regarding the (COVID-19) and your ignition device. Information will be updated regularly.


At Guardian Interlock, our goal is to ensure that you regain your driving privileges with the least expensive and most reliable solutions. The Guardian Interlock system allows you to successfully retake control of life and keep it that way.


Guardian began in 1985 when we introduced the first Interlock device in the state of California. Since then, our company has expanded to 400 service centers in 26 states, all offering drivers courteous, prompt and expert assistance.


With Guardian, you're in good hands. We will walk you through each step along the way to make a stressful situation, less complicated. Schedule your appointment and get back on the road today.


Ignition Interlocks Have Stopped More Than 3 Million Drunk Driving Attempts in 12 Years | MADD

Interlocks DO Prevent Drunk Driving
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) announced that in-car breathalyzers have stopped a driver who is drunk from starting his or her vehicle over 3 million times since 2006. WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) announced that in-car breathalyzers have stopped a driver who is drunk from starting his or her vehicle over 3 million times since 2006, when MADD launched the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving and began advocating for ignition inter...


You're on the road to save! Earn a $20 statement credit for every person you refer to Guardian Interlock. Just follow these easy instructions. It's that simple!


Driving on 4 Flat Tires: "Is Something Wrong, Officer?"

Something is flat-out wrong here. A woman was arrested for driving with four flat tires. Because she'd been drinking, she didn't notice anything was wrong.


Idaho's Governor Signs All-Offender Ignition Interlock Law

31 states and counting. More to come soon? We hope so. The Idaho legislature is gung-ho about an all-offender ignition interlock law. They've passed it. Will the governor sign it? Let's hope so.


Road Safety Organization Tells Teens: You Are Worth It

Good decisions begin with self-esteem. A Louisiana organization, You Are Worth It, aims to convince teens that their lives are valuable, and worth making a sober driving plan.


Walk Like MADD Tampa Friday Evening: 11 Years of the Good Fight

Tampa, time to do your bit to end impaired driving. See you Friday evening. The army that battles drunk driving has many outposts. One of the most stalwart of them is the Tampa, Florida branch of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). This Friday evening, 23 March, the office will hold the 11th annual Tampa Walk Like MADD, one of the oldest and longest-running MADD walking e...


Cops: When Truck Hits House, "The House is Rarely At Fault"

Upon further investigation, the police statement stands: the house will not face charges. Some collisions are hard to figure out. Others seem to scream out the cause. That’s the case with a truck that was recently found inserted into the side of a house in Moses Lake, Washington. Anyone looking at the scene would immediately conclude: drunk driver. And that’s the correct conclusion. ...


Man Gets DUI on California Freeway - On a Horse

Why the long face? Oh...   Recently the California Highway Patrol made one of the thousands of DUI arrests it makes each year. What was different was that the driver was on a horse at the time. A man rode his horse onto State Route 91 in Long Beach. Upon his fairly immediate arrest he was tested and found to be more than t...


Drive High? Yes, You Can Be Arrested For California Drunk Driving

Drive high, get a DUI. Keep this in mind if you're on the roads in California Ma*****na is legal in California, and as soon as the calendar flipped to January 1st, 2018, police were actively attempting to stop drugged drivers by reminding them that you can be stopped for California drunk driving if you're high.


The Kansas House Passes Some Schizoid Drinking Bills

Let's increase drunk driving penalties and also alcohol sales. What could go wrong? The Kansas recently passed two laws regarding alcohol. The two laws might not be designed to achieve opposite goals, but that’s effectively what they’re doing. One bill would increase penalties for habitual drunk drivers who are judged guilty of voluntary manslaughter. The bill was passed in the...


When Will The US Finally End Drunk Driving?

Will this report be the motivation the US needs to end drunk driving for good? A new report details three recommendations states can use to end drunk driving: lowering the legal BAC, removing alcohol sales from gas stations, and requiring ignition interlocks for all offenders.


How Not to Pass a Sobriety Test: Cartwheels and Chardonnay

You might think you're impressing the officer, but you're not - especially if you fall on our face. Doing a cartwheel during a sobriety test might seem like a brilliant way of proving that you're sober - unless you're not.


How to Skip the Valentine's Day DUI Arrest This Year

How would you like your Valentine's Day evening to end? A Valentine's Day DUI arrest can flatten the mood of the evening fast. Fortunately, it's easy to avoid - just read this and learn how.


Iowa Drunk Driving Law Requires Cameras On All Ignition Interlocks

Camera may soon be coming to all ignition interlocks in Iowa Iowa drunk driving law may soon be updating their ignition interlock program. They'd like to have all ignition interlocks equipped with on-board cameras to capture images of drunk driving offenders.


One Month, One County, Hundreds Of Texas Drunk Driving Arrests

One Month, One County, Hundreds Of Texas Drunk Driving Arrests In a single month Montgomery County logged hundreds of Texas drunk driving arrests. That's a worry for law enforcement, because that number has jumped every year for the past three years.


Super Bowl Plans Include Putting The Brakes On Minnesota Drunk Drivers

Super Bowl 52 is right around the corner, and Minnesota is prepping for drunk drivers Minnesota drunk drivers may hit the roads after teams hit the field for Super Bowl 52. To prevent that, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety has some advice for all Super Bowl fans.


Minnesota Drunk Driving Offenders Ended 2017 With A Bang

A local news station shared a list of crazy drunk driving stories from Minnesota, and it makes the need for ignition interlocks for all offenders even more apparent than before Minnesota Drunk Driving offenders are alive and well, and if you take a look at some of these strange arrests, you'll agree that this is a state that needs an all offender ignition interlock law.


Friday Fallout: High School Students Witnesses To New Mexico DWI Trial

Will showing high school students a DWI trial stop them from making the same choice? New Mexico DWI laws changed to include ignition interlocks in 2005. As time has passed they've seen their drunk driving rates drop and have created public education programs to change perception of drunk driving.


Oklahoma Drunk Driving Laws Are Changing, Again

The Impaired Driver Elimination Act has been struck down by the Supreme Court Oklahoma drunk driving laws were just changed with the implementation of the Impaired Driver Elimination Act, but that's now been struck down by the Oklahoma Supreme Court.


There's A Bright Side To The Florida Ignition Interlock Program

That interlock could help identify your car thief The Florida Ignition Interlock program isn't required for all offenders, but there are positives for those offenders who must take part after a drunk driving conviction.


Drunk Driving In Texas Can Start With Just One Drink

How much is too much? It might just take one drink permalink} No one wants to be arrested for drunk driving in Texas, but you can be after as little as one drink. Because alcohol affects everyone differently, the Texas Department of Transportation recommends you don't drive after drinking any amount.


Are Wisconsin OWI Offenders Skipping Their Interlocks?

Is there an ignition interlock monitoring program in Wisconsin's future? According to the Wisconsin Bureau of Transportation Safety, Wisconsin OWI offenders are skipping out on or tampering with their ignition interlocks. That's why they would like to create a monitoring program.


California Drunk Driving Arrests Help State Win Top Spot For Worst Drivers

California Drunk Driving Arrests Help State Win Top Spot For Worst Drivers California drunk driving and distracted driving are at a high, and that means the state was able to jump from the second spot to first place for QuoteWizard's Worst Drivers in America.


Underage Drinking So Intense, The Air At The Party Registered On Breathalyzer

A University party ended with multiple arrests and a house so saturated with alcohol, the air itself registered on a breathalyzer Underage drinking is to blame for a party that had such strong alcohol fumes, the air in the house registered .01 on a police officer's breathalyzer device.


Florida Drunk Drivers Don't Normally Call Themselves In

This is a novel way for a Florida drunk driver to be arrested Florida drunk drivers are usually stopped at checkpoints, pulled over by police, or called in by concerned citizens. They don't call themselves in, or they didn't until one man in Winter Haven decided to.


What's The Difference Between A Texas DUI And A Texas DWI?

A DWI and DUI aren't the same thing in Texas What's the difference between a Texas DUI and a DWI? The two are not the same, and for both the conditions that must be met for you to be charged are different.


Will This Florida Drunk Driving Crash Prompt New Interlock Laws?

Every state has had some motivation to pass an all offender ignition interlock law. Will this be Florida's motivation? A Florida drunk driving involving a state trooper could be what the state needs to finally push for an all offender ignition interlock law.


Parenting Fail: Mom Charged With DWI With Child In Back Seat

It's never a good decision to drink and drive with your kids along Police arrived at a crash in New Mexico and a mom was charged with DWI after she was passed out with a child strapped into the back seat.

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