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LifeStance in Goose Creek, SC provides counseling and therapy online or in person. Also, psychiatry and medication management are available by video.

The choice is yours. We offer individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy and marriage counseling. We accept most insurances and serve all ages. Our licensed therapists, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurse practitioners are experts in helping you with depression, anxiety, stress, and ADHD; heal from trauma, PTSD or grief; improve self-esteem; and cope with other


If you have ever experienced healthcare bias, LifeStance Health provider Latasha Keltner, LPC has advice for you in our latest podcast episode. Visit https://bit.ly/3OQ1Q6t to listen.

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Understanding the 4 trauma responses can empower you to recognize and change your own behaviors. Begin your healing journey by taking the first step towards adopting healthier patterns.

Visit https://bit.ly/2JWcfi3 to learn more.


As comes to an end, we would like to thank all of our amazing providers who go above and beyond to create a safe, inclusive space where patients of every identity and community can find comfort, support, and understanding.


Exciting news for our friends in Tennessee and Michigan! We are excited to announce the opening of brand new locations in these states, ensuring that you can receive the compassionate care you deserve. Visit lifestance.com/de-novos/ to learn more and schedule a visit.


As a second generation Latino immigrant, LifeStance Health provider Jaime Castillo has come to understand the impact of speaking up and the need to break the stigma surrounding mental health in his community.

We can all make a difference by having these important conversations around mental health and encouraging each other to reach out for help when needed.


Start your week off right with this ! ✨

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Shoutout to LifeStance Health providers Enyonam Jordan-Brangman and Jasmine Malone for their incredible work in making mental health care more accessible to the African American community. We appreciate your dedication this !


"Mental health care is a right, not a privilege." We couldn't have said it better ourselves! Thank you to Sherita Rhodes for reminding us this that everyone deserves access to mental health care.


Self-care is not selfish; it is necessary for your health and well-being. What other ideas would you add to this list?

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Do you often find yourself questioning your ability as a parent or attributing your success to luck or circumstance instead of your own ability? This self-doubt and anxiety is known as parental imposter syndrome.

This we want to remind all parents that you're probably doing better than you think you are. Here are 5 tips to overcome this imposter syndrome, and visit https://bit.ly/3MFcTvH to learn more.


Psychodynamic therapy is another type of talk therapy that helps us to better understand ourselves and have greater self-awareness. If you are interested in this type of therapy and think it may be right for you, visit bit.ly/3DnQOPa to learn more from Psychodynamic therapist Jared Whitmire, LPC.


We're lucky to have understanding and compassionate providers like Samantha to serve our lgbtq community.

If you're looking for an lgbtq affirming provider, visit lifestance.com to find one near you.


If your mood swings between extreme highs and lows such as mania and depression, and affects your daily life, it may be time to consider an evaluation for bipolar disorder. Discover more about testing and evaluation here: https://bit.ly/46PaJDV


Taking time to relax isn't selfish; it's necessary for your health. Share with us how you'll recharge today! ⚡️


We are grateful to have amazing providers like Matachi Ughwanogho who reminds us that our mental health is just as important as our physical health!

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It can often be difficult to know what to say to a bully or controlling person. In our latest podcast, Kate Cohen-Posey, MS, LMFT, LMHC shares how we can become better communicators and respond to bullies with a bit of humor. Visit https://bit.ly/3XQ3Lus to learn more.


There's a place for you here. 💙 Don't hesitate to reach out for support if you need it.


Don't let the past or the future consume you. Embrace the present moment!

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Thank you to LifeStance Health providers Sylvia Park and Hannah Morrison for shining a light on the importance of mental health in Asian communities and reminding us all that asking for help is a sign of bravery.

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An Intensive Outpatient Program is a great way to establish a foundation for long-term recovery while remaining in your local community. If you want to learn more about Intensive Outpatient Programs or find one near you, please visit https://bit.ly/44gavnk.


Let's break the stigma surrounding mental health through open and honest conversations. How can we enhance our discussions on this important topic, especially within racial and ethnic communities?

Listen to our podcast episode on to learn more. https://bit.ly/439Ek85


Wishing everyone a safe and happy !


Join us this July as we shine a spotlight on . Over the next few weeks, our dedicated team of providers will be sharing valuable advice to uplift and support various communities. Stay tuned!


Sunday reminder! ✨


Social media is a great place to be creative and connect with friends, but last month the Surgeon General warned that spending too much time scrolling may negatively impact our mental health, especially for children and teens.

This , take a moment to evaluate your relationship with social media and make changes if necessary.

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Having a therapist who understands your identity, unique experiences, and the systemic barriers you face can make a huge difference in your mental health journey.

Visit lifestance.com to find an LGBTQIA affirming therapist near you.

The Couch and the Screen: Smile 06/28/2023

The Couch and the Screen: Smile In this episode of our pop-culture series "The Couch and the Screen," we are joined by our LifeStance Health colleagues, Laura McClure and Mikka McGhee, to discuss the 2022 horror film "Smile." We explore various mental health issues portrayed in the film, including childhood trauma, guilt, vicariou...


PTSD causes people to have intense thoughts and feelings related to a traumatic event long after the event ends. Though each person with PTSD is unique, there is one common thread that unites all cases: the disorder severely impacts daily life.

Identifying these effects can be the first step toward repairing the damage and healing. Visit https://bit.ly/30Cm2Qz to learn more and find a provider who can help.


Looking for trusted, affordable, and personalized mental health care? Appointments are available now in our new locations.

Whether you are seeking care for your anxiety, depression, ADHD, or another disorder, visit https://lifestance.com/de-novos/ to schedule an appointment with our compassionate care team.


According to Mental Health America, over 6 million men suffer from depression per year, but male depression often goes undiagnosed due to the stigma surrounding men's mental health.

Men, you don't need to 'man up' or 'toughen up.' Break the stigma by talking about your emotions and reaching out for help if needed.


There is absolutely no shame in reaching out for help. Save this post so you can come back to it anytime you need ❤️.


You probably know that yoga is great for your mind and body, but did you know that Trauma Informed Yoga can help reduce certain symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress? Listen to our latest podcast episode to learn more! https://bit.ly/3CLzmng

Mindful Movement: Trauma-Informed Yoga 06/22/2023

Mindful Movement: Trauma-Informed Yoga In this episode, we sit down with M.K Halm, a Texas regional clinical director, to explore the world of trauma-informed yoga. M.K shares her background as a licensed clinical social worker and a registered yoga instructor, highlighting the integration of holistic and somatic healing in her work. M.K...

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This is your friendly reminder that every body is a summer body! Feeling comfortable in your skin this summer isn't about changing how you look; it's about changing your outlook.

Visit https://bit.ly/3rjKcd7 for even more tips.


While marked the end of slavery in the United States, it was just the beginning of the journey toward true freedom and equality. And there is still so much work to be done. How will you be supporting the Black community today and every other day?

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It’s important to remember that being transgender is not a disorder. Gender dysphoria is only a disorder because it causes psychological stress.

Visit https://bit.ly/3nrs3L1 to learn more about Gender dysphoria and find an LGBTQ+ affirming provider near you.

Dad Dilemmas: A Discussion on Parenting Challenges 06/15/2023

Dad Dilemmas: A Discussion on Parenting Challenges As Father's Day approaches, we delve into common parenting challenges with Anthony Catullo, a provider from our Independence, OH office. From handling tantrums to feeling inadequate, Anthony and host Nicholette Leanza provide valuable insights and practical tips for navigating the ups and downs of p...


The best foods to consume for both your physical and mental health include whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, and veggies.

Learn more about food and the mental health connection from our latest podcast episode here: https://bit.ly/468izbG


The discovery that you or a loved one has Alzheimer’s Disease can be an emotional experience. Whether you’re a family member or someone with the condition, a mental healthcare provider can support you and help you cope with this diagnosis.

Visit https://bit.ly/3naOPph to learn more and find a provider near you.

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