The Freckled Farm Soap Company

The Freckled Farm Soap Company


⚠️Did you know that your standard laundry detergent probably contains harsh chemicals and plastics that are bad for our health and bad for the environment?

😊Here’s a product you can feel good about.

🐐Goat Milk Laundry Soap is an all-natural product by The Freckled Farm Soap Company.

This product contains NO
⛔️Carcinogens or

👚👖I tried it on some of my dirtiest laundry and it worked great!

👉Try it for yourself using the 𝙋𝙧𝙤𝙢𝙤 𝘾𝙤𝙙𝙚 “𝗩𝗔𝗢𝗔” for 𝟭𝟬% 𝗢𝗙𝗙 at

🏠The Freckled Farm Soap Company is located right here in VIRGINIA.

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We picked up some fresh soap from The Freckled Farm Soap Company today!

Among the many festive sustainable goods joining Dogwood Refillery this week, the Winter Goat Milk Soap is one I'm most excited about!

This soap is a warm and spicy treat, scented with cinnamon, ginger and clove essential oils and blended with dark molasses.

We are also restocked on your favorite scents: lavender, sunrise citrus, Virginia cedar and peppermint eucalyptus. And canine shampoo too, of course!

We are closed today and tomorrow but are open Wednesday for any last minute needs before Thanksgiving!


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We just received the sweetest gift from a local gem we only learned about a week ago! A wonderful friend of The Freckled Farm Soap Company volunteered to help drive a special pup in need coming from Florida to GDU. We had never met until she arrived here with sweet Bunny and even though SHE volunteered her time and resources to help US, she sent this amazing thank you! We are so rich in love in this community. These soaps smell absolutely remarkable! Thank YOU Jean, for being a part of our village.
🐐 Be careful what you say around Bobbi the Goat—he’s a very good listener. 👂

Bobbi is one of many goats that live on The Freckled Farm, a homestead and dairy goat farm in Goochland. The farm makes goat milk soap, laundry detergent, and lotion for The Freckled Farm Soap Company, which has been in business since July 4, 2013.

📸 : The Freckled Farm Soap Company
RVAg Marketplace Spotlight:

Bugs have a real knack for ruining your outdoor fun! With the new Summer Beeswax Candle from The Freckled Farm Soap Company, you can get back to enjoying your outdoor spaces this summer. Together with citronella and other essential oils this candle is designed to repel bugs, allowing you to enjoy that outdoor BBQ itch free!

Additionally, look for the Summer Gift Set from The Freckled Farm Soap Company on the RVAg Marketplace! In addition to the Summer Beeswax Candle, this gift set also includes four bars of Summer soap and a Summer essential oil roller bottle.

Buying pages are open through 11:59 pm Monday, at!
Father’s Day is next Sunday, and the RVAg Marketplace has got you covered with loads of fantastic gift ideas for Dad - here are just a few ideas to get you started:

- The Gentlemen Gift Set from The Freckled Farm Soap Company
- Rough ’N Tough skin salve from Gathered Threads
- Tuff Enuff shave soap from Sing-Along Soap

Buying pages are open now through 11:59 pm Monday on the Marketplace, with ten convenient pickup locations available throughout the Richmond region! Head on over to to get your order started!
Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away! Whether you’re looking for a gift set or a variety of items to create a gift set of your own, RVAg Marketplace is full of countless gift ideas for Mom!

Buying pages open again on Friday morning at!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

- Soaps from Sing-Along Soap
- Candles, wax melts, and more from Hannah's Handcrafted LLC
- Bath bomb packs, oils, and balms from Laura's Botanicals LLC.
- Cocoa rose face mask, cleansing grains, herbal teas and more, from Gathered Threads
- Sugar scrubs, balms, and more from Scoring Big Creations
- Soaps, essential oil rollers, gift sets, and more, from The Freckled Farm Soap Company
Here’s a behind the scenes look at the process of soap cutting from The Freckled Farm Soap Company! Shop online for their soaps, lotions, and more on the RVAg Marketplace, and pick up at the market location most convenient to you!

Buying pages open up again on Friday!
We just want to take a sec to tell you this is some STELLAR laundry detergent made with the amazing soap from The Freckled Farm Soap Company! It smells amazing, is gentle on the skin and gets things nice and clean. Order yours today from our online marketplace and pick it up this Wednesday at our Goochland Courthouse drop from 4-6!

I bought some of the lavender goat milk soap and it smells so good. It lathers up really good too. I also bought peppermint eucalyptus lotion, smell so good too. I buy goat milk soap and lotion cause it's the only stuff that works on my eczema.
Thank you for the beautiful package and beautiful note inside. ❤️
The Freckled Farm Soap Company ordering information.
Order information for The Freckled Farm Soap Company

The Freckled Farm Soap Company is located in Goochland, VA. Our products are handcrafted with natural ingredients and scented with essential oils.

The Freckled Farm Soap Company LLC is a goat milk soap company out of Goochland, VA. We love making soap and use only natural ingredients. Our soaps are made with raw goat milk, high quality natural oils, and aromatherapy grade essential oils.

Operating as usual


Treat yourself 🧖‍♀️

7 Reasons to Choose Bar Soap Over Liquid Soap 05/27/2022

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Photos from The Freckled Farm Soap Company's post 05/26/2022

Love our soaps? Then you’ll *really* love them when paired with our all natural brushes! Pick up one of our body, nail, and face brushes to enhance your experience


Did you see our reel yesterday? It was of our beautiful Turmeric Goat Milk Soap being added to the molds. Here is the final product! Featuring turmeric powder and scented with turmeric, frankincense, and grapefruit essential oils this bar is such a special treat ❤️


You know you need the relaxing scent of lavender in your life! ❤️


Review: You don't have to be a dude to love Freckled Farm's Virginia Cedar Goat Milk soap. I like to intersperse using this one among spicier varieties. Now that I no longer live in Virginia, it continues to remind me of time spent in the woods of Albemarle, Fluvanna, Rockingham, Shenandoah, Fauquier and Loudoun. - Leigh G.


It’s going to be a hot weekend on the east coast folks!! It’s supposed to be 98 degrees on the farm tomorrow. Stay safe and grab a bar of our Peppermint Eucalyptus Goat Milk Soap to wash away the grime from being outside in the heat and cool yourself off.


Sometimes you just need a good exfoliation.

Coffee Goat Milk Soap:

Rosewood Salt Goat Milk Soap:


Nature creates the best scents, so why use anything else? Our Sunrise Citrus Goat Milk Soap features the bright, uplifting scents of grapefruit, orange, lemon, and rosemary essential oils. It’s a great way to start your morning! ☀️


Before I make the big announcement I want to take a second to thank all of you who took the time to leave reviews for your favorite products on our website. You guys flooded the site with amazing testimonials! It was so much fun reading about everyone’s experiences with our products and hopefully it will help other customers find their new favorite soap. The response was so outstanding that we will have to do another giveaway in the future!

On to the WINNERS!!

The three winners of our prize packages (valued at $30):
* Jacquelyn F.
* Victoria P.
* Katherine H.

Our Grand Prize Winner!!! Winning a prize package worth $100!!
* Hannah H.

All winners will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem their prize.

We submitted all the entries into a “name picker”. Names were chosen at random.

Story Behind Our Castile Goat Milk Soap 05/16/2022

Story Behind Our Castile Goat Milk Soap

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Lazy Goat

The Freckled Farm goats live a life of leisure!

*Video by our 10 year old*


Our Giveaway Ends Soon!

We started this giveaway as a way to build back the reviews we lost with our website switch over but it has turned into something so much more for us! When we stopped doing farmers markets and craft shows we lost a lot of the personal interaction with customers. We have tried to gain that interaction back through our social media, but it's just not the same. We used to hear customers' stories about how much they loved our soap, or how our products helped them, but we lost that aspect of our business when the website became our main source of sales. I wasn't aware of how much I missed that! We have truly enjoyed reading each review as they come in.

The giveaway is coming to a close. Sunday is the last day to enter and we will announce (via Facebook and Instagram) and contact the winners on Monday afternoon.

How to Enter:

To enter all you need to do is head to our website and review your favorite products. Each review counts as one entry, up to three reviews. No purchase necessary to enter!


Three reviewers will win a package that includes: 1 bar of Secret Spring Goat Milk Soap (a soap that is not available for purchase on our website), 3 Goat Milk Soap bars of their choice, and 1 Goat Milk Lotion of their choice. This package is valued at $30

One very lucky reviewer will win a package (pictured above) that includes: 1 bar of Secret Spring Goat Milk Soap, 5 Goat Milk Soap bars of their choice, and 1 Goat Milk Lotion, 1 Goat Milk Laundry Soap, 1 Dish Soap Starter Set, 1 Soap Saver Bag, and 1 Nail Brush. This package is valued at $100.

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who has submitted reviews so far.


Made with Himalayan Pink Salt our Rosewood Salt Goat Milk Soap makes a wonderful exfoliator for those rough areas like your feet.


Need an all natural facial cleanser? We got you covered!

Our Deep Space and Turmeric Goat Milk Soaps were both designed to be outstanding facial cleansers and our facial brush offers a wonderful exfoliation. When combined these products will leave your skin fresh and glowing!

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We sent out the remaining stock of our Secret Spring earlier this week but we set aside 4 bars for our big giveaway. If you want to get your hands on one of these bars (part of 4 prize packages - 3 valued at $30 and 1 valued at $100) enter the giveaway by leaving reviews on your favorite products on our website. Each review counts as a entry, up to three reviews.

May 15th is the last day to enter and the winners will be announced May 16th.

Learn more about our giveaway here:


It’s hard to believe but yesterday we started working on our Summer Goat Milk Soap! Today it heads to the curing racks and will be ready for its release at the beginning of summer.


Warmer weather means our dogs are spending more time outside... and probably getting quite messy. Pick up a few bars of our Canine Shampoo to get your pup clean after they enjoy the outdoors.


New Review for our Turmeric Goat Milk Soap: I’m impressed with your soap! The scent is truly one-of-a-kind and it leaves my skin feeling clean and smelling like turmeric. It lathers great, nice foamy and sudsy consistency. Makes a great shampoo substitute. I’ll be buying more! - Paolo M.


Don’t forget! Mother’s Day is next Sunday. Making the moms in your life feel special this Mother's Day is easy with our Gift Sets and Gift Subscriptions. One click and you have a perfect gift that allows her to be pampered the way she deserves.

Fill your mom's address in as the shipping address and leave her a personal message in the "notes" section on the checkout screen and we will send her a beautifully curated box of our products with a handwritten card.

Make sure you get your order in this weekend to ensure delivery before Mother's Day!


Beveling away the sharp edges of each soap is the last step in the soap making process. It gives the bar a cleaner look and improves the feel during use.


Our Deep Space Goat Milk Soap is the most reviewed on our website. It’s definitely a customer favorite!

Don’t forget to enter our giveaway by leaving reviews on your favorite products (up to 3) before May 15th! 3 reviewers will win a prize package worth $30 and one very lucky reviewer will win a prize package worth $100!


Our brushes and soap... the perfect pair ❤️


Recent Customer Review: I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I love earl grey so I figured we’d take a chance and try this. It smells like an actual cup of earl grey tea. I use it especially when I’m taking a relaxing soak at the end of the day. - Adessa B.

Photos from The Freckled Farm Soap Company's post 04/24/2022

We are in the process of (slowly) updating all of the labels for our products. Up first… Lotion and Laundry Soap! These came in on Friday and the first orders with the new labels went out yesterday.


Happy Earth Day Y’all! Here at The Freckled Farm Soap Company we are committed to making the most earth conscious decisions possible for our farm and business.

Our oils are organic and from certified sustainable sources. Nearly all of our packaging is made from recycled materials and/or is compostable or recyclable. Our products are also safer for the water system than their commercial counterparts. Eco friendly manufacturing, materials, and packaging options are not always the easiest and they are never the cheapest but we will always strive to be better. It’s our mission to create products that are better for our environment and customers.

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Lazy Goat
Cutting bars of out goat milk soap


Goat milk soap and other natural body care products



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