Hops & Barley Brew Shop

Hops & Barley Brew Shop


Attn home cidermakers! Pls consider enteri ng your cider in this competition. We ha ve a truly stellar panel of judg es. You will get amazing feedback to he lp you grow your cidermaking skills. Deadli ne is June 10th -- you ha ve time! Oh, and there's a p ig roast!
We are beyond thrilled to ha ve the following craft beer friends joini ng us for the 2019 Adirondack Brewe ry Oktoberfest:

Brown's Brewing Company, Rushing Duck Brewi ng Co., LIC Beer Project, Bloodville Brewe ry, New Paltz Brewing Company, 14th St ar Brewing Company, Slate Town Brewing Compa ny, Millhouse Brewing Company, Artisanal Brew Wor ks, Racing City Brewing Company, Mad Ja ck Brewing Company, The Brooklyn Brewery, Batt le Hill Brewing Company, Victory View Vineya rd, Tröegs Independent Brewing, Chatham Brewing, Me an Max Brew Works, Itz Spritz, T he Saratoga Winery, Hops & Barley Mark et,

If you haven't gotten your ticke ts yet, what are you waiting f or?
Can we help you protect yo ur liquor license and prevent underage drinki ng?
Hi, How do you soon up?
T im
Are you guys going to ha ve KBS on tap again this ye ar?
Just bottled the Belgian Blond fr om Brooklyn brew shop kit we brew ed at the demo a few wee ks back. Be ready in 2-3 wee ks. Ill bring it up th en or next time in your sh op. Thanks again for hosting t he event and Saratoga Thoroughbrews. It w as a blast!
Hey all, the Saratoga Thoroughbrews a nd the Albany brew Crafters are doi ng their annual homebrew contest. The 21 st annual Knickerbocker battle of the bre ws, on October 20-21 2017. This ye ar we will be offering hotel discoun ts, a small stipend for those w ho come to all three sessions, a po st contest reception with a raffle, li ve streaming contest results, some incredible priz es. Hope to see you all the re
Do you have a beer fr om common roots called coffee cup or seco nd cup???
Going to be in NY f or a week mid October; can't wa it to come shop at the sto re again!

We have everything needed to ma ke your own beer, wine, cider a nd more. We have a 15 gall on brewing Centrally located between Saratoga Sprin gs, Lake George, and Bolton Landing, we a re located at 222 Dix Avenue in Gle ns Falls.

We specialize in homebrew, cider a nd wine making supplies. We will al so offer brew your own services on o ur premises as well as canning, bottli ng and kegging.

Operating as usual


Come in and take advantage of the se special prices while they last.

We also have one more KOMOS Trip le Tap Kegerator in stock for $749. 99 (*without co2 tank or keg connecto rs) before the price goes up.


This coming Saturday 5/7 we wi ll be closing one hour early. We wi ll be open from 10AM - 5 PM.

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Have you tried gelatin yet?
Co ld crashing with gelatin certainly cleans thin gs up.

Photos from Hops & Barley Br ew Shop's post 03/22/2022

What do you think of t he new kits?
I want to see if t he White Labs Yeast and Propper Start er are going to move.
The D ry Yeast selection has also been growi ng.
What's everyone's brewing?



We will be closing at 2 PM. Be safe. Thanks for understanding.


We will be closed 2/25/22 d ue to weather advisories in our area.
Tha nk you for your patronage.


Due to the winter storm, we wi ll not be open on Monday, 1/ 17. We will re-open the followi ng day and resume normal business hou rs, we apologize for any inconvenience, tha nk you.


Meet the Brewer, today during sto re hours. Jeff Kroosz from Highland er Brewing Company is here brewing a bro wn ale. Come meet him a sk any questions you might have or ju st observe, the place smells great alread y!!


We are starting a "Meet t he Brewer" series. Every so oft en we will be asking a loc al brewer to come into the sto re and brew a beer on o ur system. If you are n ew to brewing, it gives you a chan ce to come in and witness t he brewing process firsthand. If y ou are seasoned, you can come in to may be hone your skills. No matt er your skill level, we encourage y ou to ask questions about brewing and/ or their brewery.

This time we have Je ff Kroosz of Highlander Brewing Company in Argy le. He will be here Thursd ay September 30th, starting at noon a nd brewing a traditional Brown Ale f or the fall. There will be in sto re specials as well, see you ther e!!


We are starting a "Meet t he Brewer" series. Every so oft en we will be asking a loc al brewer to come into the sto re and brew a beer on o ur system. If you are n ew to brewing, it gives you a chan ce to come in and witness t he brewing process firsthand. If y ou are seasoned, you can come in to may be hone your skills. No matt er your skill level, we encourage y ou to ask questions about brewing and/ or their brewery.

This time we have Je ff Kroosz of Highlander Brewing Company in Argy le. He will be here Thursd ay September 30th, starting at noon a nd brewing a traditional Brown Ale f or the fall. There will be in sto re specials as well, see you ther e!!


We are open!! Stocked a nd ready to serve your home brewi ng needs!!


Hops and Barley Brew Shop is seeki ng a qualified part-time team member! Wh at does it take to join t he crew? A passion for helping custome rs get the right products and assi st with their fermentation questions and nee ds, as well as a desire to lea rn. Beer brewing or other fermentation experien ce is preferred, but a thirst f or knowledge and customer service goes a lo ng way. Apply today!

Preferred Skills -
Be er brewing or other fermentation experience.
A knowled ge of beer styles, ingredients, and process es.
Retail experience and customer service or relat ed roles.

Responsibilities -
Serving customers a nd handling payment.
Operation and meticulous cleani ng of the brewing system.
Cleaning, organizi ng and maintaining the store space.

Per ks -
Discount on brewing supplies a nd ingredients.
Working with beer! and discussi ng beer and fermentation with customers.

Hops & Barley Brew Shop updat ed their information in their About secti on. 01/13/2021

Hops & Barley Brew Shop updat ed their information in their About secti on.

Hops & Barley Brew Shop updat ed their information in their About secti on.

Hops & Barley Brew Shop updat ed their phone number. 01/12/2021

Hops & Barley Brew Shop updat ed their phone number.

Hops & Barley Brew Shop updat ed their phone number.


Hops & Barley Brew Shop's cov er photo


Hops & Barley Brew Shop


Hops & Barley Brew Shop's cov er photo


We are excited to announce th at Hops and Barley Market is n ow Hops and Barley Brew Shop! We ha ve finally found a new home a nd we will be opening soon at o ur new location of 222 Dix Aven ue in Glens Falls. We will contin ue to have a great variety of fermenti ng accessories and equipment as well as t he freshest ingredients, and we are looki ng forward to continuing to serve t he brewing community. We also have a surpri se in store, stay tuned!


Thank you! On the fin al day of Hops and Barley in i ts current form, I would like to s ay thank you to the customers w ho came through the door, whether it w as once or frequently, you were t he reason I opened the store a nd kept it open for nearly sev en years. It has been a pleasu re for those many days, to he lp pair the correct libation to t he person seeking guidance. I g ot to know many of you a nd became friends with a few, a nd look forward to having a lau gh or two again someday soon.

I cann ot close this chapter though, without thanki ng my employees through the years. Th is was the first business I ha ve run and I am afraid th at I may have been spoiled becau se quite frankly, I can’t believe h ow lucky I got to have su ch a GREAT group of folks. I wi sh you all tremendous success in yo ur current endeavors and if ever in t he new neighborhood, please stop in to Ho ps and Barley Brew Shop.

Thanking employees can ’t end without a specific thank y ou to Zach. You have be en with me since the beginning, throu gh the growing pains and life chang es, the busy times and the de ad days, thank you sir, I am honor ed you stuck with me this who le time. I am looking forwa rd to the days ahead, where wi th your help, we can successfully tu rn this ship in another direction.

Finally I wou ld like to thank my old m an, he’s not on Facebook, not ev en sure he knows what it is b ut any display of gratitude would n ot be complete without showing it to h im. I can only wish th at everyone out there had a fath er half as supportive as he is to me, thanks pops.

The future of the sto re doesn’t stop here, it is on ly changing directions, hopefully. In t he coming weeks I will keep y ou all abreast of the steps we a re taking to pump life back in to H&B, so in the meantime, I wi ll say, see you later.



All beer not already on sa le, 40% off.

Also, if there is somethi ng in the store you would li ke to purchase, furniture, non-home brewing equipme nt, decorations, whatever, come down and ma ke an offer, we might be interest ed.


We are open for closeout th is week, Monday-Friday, 3:00-8:00 pm. A ll beer and cider not already on sa le will be 30% off.


Before all this quarantine happened, we h ad every intention of re-inventing Hops a nd Barley, even had a nice locati on picked out that looked extremely promisi ng, then all of this. I wi sh things were different and we cou ld just seamlessly move into the ne xt phase of the store’s life b ut I can honestly say, I am n ot sure anymore, it is what it is. I hope a year or fi ve from now, we can all lo ok back on this and know th at this was not an end to t he store, it was the beginning of a n ew direction.

With that said, it is wi th a heavy heart that I announ ce that after almost 7 years of helpi ng to awaken the taste buds of o ur community and making many friends whi le doing it, we will be suspendi ng operations. We will open up on Mond ay, May 18th and close, hopefully n ot for good, Friday, May 22nd fr om 3:00-8:00. The beer will be deep ly discounted, as will some other items.

am hoping we can find a w ay to re-open again, sometime down t he line, so I will refrain fr om saying good bye, we will ju st say so long for now. If y ou want to come by to s ay so long to Leo, he wi ll be there, I know he’d li ke to see you. God bless a nd stay safe.


Due to the virus and f or the safety of ourselves, our elder ly relatives and customers, we will be closi ng on the end of business d ay, Friday, March 20th until April 6 th. We hope to be ba ck up and getting ready to mo ve very soon but April 30th wi ll be our last day in th is location. Look for us in downto wn Glens Falls hopefully by mid-summer. Tha nk you for your understanding and cooperati on, stay safe and don’t panic, we’ ll all get through this and sha re a beer together soon, provided you’ re 21 of course.

Hops and Barley

Kegs c an still be purchased and returned, ju st leave a message on: 518-798-2337.


The search goes on for a n ew home, in the mean time, don 't forget, we are still open a nd have new and exciting beers comi ng in all the time, from t he likes of Sloop, Burlington Beer C o., Bell's, Troegs and more. N ot to mention home brewing supplies a nd Oscar's meats, cheeses and mustard. We al so have deeply discounted beer and mo re sales to come!

Our new hours starti ng February 3rd, going forward until we mo ve are as follows:
Monday-Saturday 3:00 - 8:00
Sund ay noon - 5:00

And due to a an unforese en leak in our tap system, growl er sales will be temporarily halted, sor ry for any inconvenience.


We have news about the futu re of Hops and Barley. T he retail beer landscape has changed dramatical ly in the 6+ years we ha ve been open. Craft beer th at once could only be gotten at a f ew places locally now are widely distribut ed just about everywhere, which is gre at for the consumer, not so mu ch for a niche outlet such as H &B. That being said, our lea se is up in January and we pl an on moving and re-inventing ourselves. We wi ll still be local to the GF/Q by area though.

We also plan on stayi ng open past January, working on a mon th to month basis with the pla za. We still have a ful ly stocked cooler with many new a nd exciting offerings. But overall we a re selling off inventory in order to bett er facilitate the move, this includes growle rs. Within the coming weeks, be er stock will start to go on sa le and hours will change. A nd starting the 16th, we will be clos ed on Mondays until further notice.

However, we don 't plan on closing doors until we a re actually moving. The homebrew si de is still fully stocked including kegerato rs and many Christmas gift items. A nd we are still getting new thin gs every week. Gift cards a re still available and they WILL be honor ed at the new place we op en. Stay tuned for other announcemen ts, thank you for your patients a nd patronage through the years.


What is the ultimate gift f or beer lovers? - The best kegerat or on the market! Whether you wa nt the convenience of draft beer at ho me or the perfect upgrade to yo ur homebrew arsenal, this kegerator is t he COOLest way to keep your beer.

It has external temperature control 26F-82F, a stainle ss steel floor, air cooled tower, stainle ss steel intertap forward sealing faucets, includ ed regulator and tubing, and many mo re features. You can fit up to thr ee 5 gallon kegs (sixtels) or o ne half barrel keg inside.

These a re in stock now at Hops & Barl ey Market and ready to go und er, nay, next to the Christmas tr ee!


We will be closed tomorrow f or Thanksgiving, however we will re-open norm al business hours on Friday, have a gre at holiday everyone.


We're always getting fun new homebr ew products here at Hops & Barl ey. Ever wanted to make kombucha? It 's easier than you think! We n ow carry SCOBYs. That stands for Symbiot ic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. Co me and get yours and make th is healthy, probiotic drink at home!


Doc's Cider

Looking for something to do tod ay and you're a hard cider fa n?? Come by the store betwe en 4-6, Doc's Draft Hard Cider wi ll be here for some sampling. Pl us we just tapped a keg of the ir New England Style hard cider. So co me by for samples, specials and sw ag today between 4-6!



ommegang.com 09/20/2019

Meet Double Barrel Dubbel | Brewe ry Ommegang

Tap update! Our friends at Ommega ng will be in the store tod ay from 4-6 for free samples, sw ag and specials. So because of th is, we just tapped a keg of the ir delicious DOuble Barrel Dubbel, a tradition al Belgian dubbel aged in bourbon a nd brandy barrels, yeah, it's good.


ommegang.com   Hi, friends. We’re pleased to announ ce the release of a new be er this month: Double Barrel Dubbel, a beautif ul blend of traditional Belgian-style dubbel ag ed in bourbon and brandy casks. A n od to our first beer, ...

stbcbeer.com 09/14/2019

Pumking Imperial Ale | Southern Ti er Brewing Company

Tap update! You knew wh en you saw an Oktoberfest show up yesterd ay, a pumpkin beer wasn't far behi nd, well you were right, and n ot just any pumpkin beer, the KI NG! That's right, all hail Pumki ng from Southern Tier Brewing Company, n ow pouring!


stbcbeer.com All Hallow’s Eve is a ti me of the year when spirits c an make contact with the physical wor ld, and when magic is most pote nt. It is thought that we harne ss this magic to brew our powerf ul pumpkin ale.

jacksabby.com 09/13/2019

Copper Legend

Tap update! It's that ti me of year, malty beers begin the ir reign! And Oktoberfest beers le ad the charge, we have one of t he best, Copper Legend from Jack's Ab by Craft Lagers is now pouring!


jacksabby.com Ancient timelines talk of dark da ys, plagued by hardships and Kingdom deman ds.

vontrappbrewing.com 09/10/2019

Trapp Lager Brewery - Enjoy O ur Lagers Throughout Vermont

Tap update! Nights are chil ly but not too bad, a gre at beer for this time of ye ar is a dunkel, what a coinciden ce we have just such a be er on tap now from the fol ks at von Trapp Brewing, now pouring!


vontrappbrewing.com Enjoy an array of year-round a nd seasonal lagers at von Trapp Brewi ng, located at the Trapp Family Lod ge in Stowe, VT. Our beers inclu de Golden Helles, Bohemian Pilsner, Vienna Lag er, and Dunkel Lager.

foundersbrewing.com 08/30/2019

KBS | Bourbon Barrel Aged Sto ut | Founders Brewing Co.

Next keg has been in t he cooler lurking for the right ti me, with the nights getting cooler, th at time is now! KBS fr om Founders Brewing Co. is now pouri ng, 32 ounce vessels only.


foundersbrewing.com A barrel aged stout, KBS is brew ed with a massive amount of coff ee and chocolates, then cave-aged in o ak bourbon barrels for an entire ye ar.



222 Dix Avenue
Glens Falls, NY

Opening Hours

Monday 12pm - 6pm
Tuesday 12pm - 6pm
Wednesday 12pm - 8pm
Thursday 12pm - 6pm
Friday 12pm - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm

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