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To stay on top of emerging marketing trends, brands will need to determine what customers truly want.

Read more at from Jim Kruger of Veeam Software, Jessica Hawthorne-Castro of Hawthorne Advertising, Amanda Magee of Trampoline, Sandy Fliderman of Industry FinTech, Lauren Reed of REED Public Relations, Dorian Rader of OneTen° Capital, Jared Knisley of Fizen Technology, Solomon Thimothy of OneIMS - Integrated Marketing Solutions and Melea McRae of Crux KC
Brands that implement flexible return policies, more options for customer service (e.g., chat windows, text, email, etc.) and provide transparency with timelines will reap loyalty rewards.

Read more by Amanda Magee of Trampoline:
Bobby Sharp Glassworks x Trampoline = #wereontasomething #artistic
When leaders recognize the learning benefits they can gain even in failure, they can project a sense of confidence and comfort that allows their team members to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit as well.

Read more at from Matt Rosen of Allata, Christopher Tompkins of The Go Agency, Kent J Lewis of Anvil Media, Samantha Haney of Waypoint Ventures LLC, Douglas Carter of Ironside Human Resources, Matthew Halle of Lead2Growth, Thomas MILLER of Human, Priya Cloutier of Lucosky Brookman LLP, Teresa JW Bailey of Waddell & Associates, Amanda Magee of Trampoline, Joy Frestedt of Frestedt Inc, Aviva Ajmera of SoLVE KC and Mark Coronna of Chief Outsiders
Growth is great news, but it’s important to ensure your whole team and your systems are ready to handle it.

Read more at from Kent J Lewis of Anvil Media, Michelle Bomberger of Equinox Business Law Group PLLC, Priya Cloutier of Lucosky Brookman LLP, David Wescott of Transblue, Christopher Tompkins of The Go Agency, Matt Haiker of Q Consulting, Matt Bean of Lowden Street Capital, Jared Knisley of Fizen Technology, Laura Doehle of Elevation Business Consulting, Liz Wooten-Reschke of Connect For More, Preston Dunn of Discount Dumpster Rental, Amanda Magee of Trampoline, Rebecca Thorburn of Visible Impact, Joseph Birkofer of Legacy Asset Management, Jerry Ramos of Ramos Consulting, LLC and Aviva Ajmera of SoLVE KC
Being able to foster genuine warmth virtually is a key skill in a world increasingly embracing remote connections.

Read more at from Liz Wooten-Reschke of Connect For More, Joanna Swash of MoneypennyUS, Kenneth Bowles of WilsonHCG, Christopher Tompkins of The Go Agency, Joe Reilly of National Drug Screening, Inc., Lauren Reed of REED Public Relations, Gennady Feller of Safe Partner, Inc., Messina Truttman of Beck Flavors Inc., Amanda Magee of Trampoline and Lindsey Carnett of Marketing Maven
Bobby Sharp Glassworks: #unique and #artistic and right here in Oneonta.

(video by Trampoline)
At Bobby Sharp Glassworks they're #ontasomething #artistic 😍

(Video by Trampoline)
Trampoline ❤️ destination marketing, and we 😍 these #artistic travel poster-style designs. Scroll through to find our favorite -- we bet you can guess.

#cityofthehills #wereontasomething #artistic #designtramp #whatwedo #design #graphicdesign #videography #branding #marketing #photography #signage #mediaplanning #socialmedia is a great source for updates on local events, our member businesses, and community information. Check it out!

#destinationoneonta #wereontasomething #gootsego #commmunityevents #communitycalendar #memberdirectory

Photo by Trampoline
Destination Oneonta is a member-supported non-profit organization. Our members are more than 100 of Oneonta’s best businesses! Big and small, new and old, city and town – shop DO to shop local.

Visit us on Main Street this Saturday, June 26 to find out more about DO and how you can get involved!

#shoplocal #shoponeonta #gootsego #wereontasomething #destinationoneonta #mainstreet

Photo by Trampoline

A women-owned agency in Upstate New York. Designers, writers, and strategists creating award-winning communication for a diverse group of clients.

Operating as usual


Kids say the darnedest things, but teens speak the truth. These particular teenagers, and soon-to-be-adults, have been through the ringer of socially distanced, pandemic-influenced, remote learning. They're forging a path through adolescent decision-making under extraordinary circumstances. We asked how they will weigh choices about college—what they're excited about, and what makes them nervous.

Thanks to the Queensbury High School Newspaper staff for taking the time to have this important discussion. Looking forward to your next issue! 📰 Queensbury High School



It's and we want to shine the light on our very own Paula Slayton and Amanda Magee. Fearless leaders, innovative thinkers, assertive businesswomen, thoughtful mentors, so much more. We're proud of our status as a WMBE business, which wouldn't be possible without these two at the helm.

Today, and every day, we celebrate them, and all the amazing women we are lucky to have on our team and as clients.


During a time when we're all shifting (workplaces, habits, priorities, etc.), we felt it was important as a company to update our landing page to reflect how we can help guide clients and provide strategy through the changes brought on by COVID-19.🚦

We're sharing our key elements for shifting, , and elevating . No matter the challenge, we are here, both remote and in-person, continuing to create unforgettable work while we all adapt to our ever-changing new normal.

Learn more about our portfolio: past, ongoing, and future by visiting 👉

Photos from Trampoline's post 02/15/2022

Last week, our team traveled to for an on-mountain at Granite Peak Ski Resort. We're proud of the results but even more proud of our Tramp photo team and the on-mountain crew at GP, who worked hard to capture on the mountain.

To that end, we wanted to share some behind-the-scenes shots and everything that goes into the process: meticulously testing equipment, setting up scenes, brainstorming , coordinating production, and getting "the shot" over and over, all while subject to the outdoor elements.

Take a look at what it takes to capture the of the mountain... and yes, is also included.

📷:: Tramp Photo Team and Nate Rapisarda

Living the stereotype as an ad agency talking about Super Bowl spots. 02/14/2022

Living the stereotype as an ad agency talking about Super Bowl spots.

There were hits, there were misses, but in the end, it’s the entertainment, conversation, and an element of escapism and much-needed, light-hearted (somewhat nonsensical) amusement of this year's Super Bowl ads that we needed. 🏈

The golden question is: what has you talking this morning? What stuck through it all? What commercial had you smiling/ listening/ thinking, AND you remember who the advertiser was?

See what our favorites were at the link below:

Living the stereotype as an ad agency talking about Super Bowl spots. Whether you’re in it for the game, the snacks, the music, or the ads, there’s a little something for everyone during the Super Bowl. For us advertisers, and most people really, it’s a time for the world of advertising to shine. When commercials, typically not the viewers’ favorite part of a ...


Glens Falls Hospital Olympics 2022

Have you been watching WNYT NewsChannel 13's Olympics coverage as much as we have?! Maybe you've already spotted Glens Falls Hospital's inspiring ad...

From an insider's perspective, Glens Falls Hospital shared that they wanted to showcase the strong correlation between their team-based approach to healthcare and the dedication and commitment on display at the Games. With a nod to the winter sports in our own backyard as well as a special shoutout to the GF home team, the Adirondack Thunder, we created an ad that celebrates rooting for each other and working together to achieve greatness.

What's your favorite sport to watch at this year's Games?

Photos from Trampoline's post 01/28/2022

How it started > How it’s going.

Derek and Paula pause for a quick look back at the space that saw us grow from four to 24, before we reinvent ourselves again. What’s next, you ask?

The weekend. You didn’t think we’d give it away that easily, did you? 🤫

📷: @stvn_ski

Four crucial factors that influence consumer decisions - Albany Business Review 01/11/2022

Four crucial factors that influence consumer decisions - Albany Business Review

Our own Amanda Magee writes about what makes your customers tick (and click).

Four crucial factors that influence consumer decisions - Albany Business Review The Albany Business Review features local business news about Albany. We also provide tools to help businesses grow, network and hire.


Everyone’s a little weird, quirky, unique in their own way, right? Why not embrace those elements of our personality and bring them to the forefront, showcasing what makes us, well … us?

Read more about what we mean in our most recent blog post all about how we "Embrace Your Weird"... 👽

Photos from Trampoline's post 12/31/2021

✨ 2021 has been a year of perseverance and exciting growth for us at Trampoline. We've dedicated a lot of precious time to learning, working together as a remote team, and bringing our best work to the forefront.

Through it all, our team resonates with spirit, dedication, and optimism for finding new, better ways to do our work. We are grateful for all those we’ve gotten the chance to work with, meet with, partner with, and create with. ✍️

🥂 to the progress of 2021 and here’s to the new slate of 2022. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store. 🎉


May your holidays be filled with sparkles, spirit, and snowflakes! We wish you a beautiful winter season and a new year of peace and happiness. ❄️ ❤️ ✨ The Tramps

Photos from Trampoline's post 12/17/2021

Our resident “stoke master” Jen Roe encapsulates our excitement for ❄️ in our newest blog post, featuring vibrant photos of Tramps in the winter wilds at Gore Mountain and Mount Snow.

Now, we just need Ullr to make a visit… possibly this weekend? 🤞🏼☃️

📸 : Tramp photo team


Think you’re good at carving down the hill? Is it your time in the spotlight? Here’s your chance. Trampoline is seeking expert skiers and snowboarders in the upstate NY area for an on-mountain photo shoot.

[Please read requirements thoroughly before applying, link in our profile to application.]

See you on the slopes ⛷ 🏂!

10 ways to project warmth and boost engagement over virtual meetings - The Business Journals 12/13/2021

10 ways to project warmth and boost engagement over virtual meetings - The Business Journals

"Virtual will never be an exact replica of in person but that doesn’t mean we can’t still interact on a human level."

Thrilled that our very own Amanda Magee, Writer was featured in Albany Business Review's Business Journals Leadership Trust, here specifically speaking on how to foster warmth in a world of remote connection.

Read more below. 👏 Amanda.

10 ways to project warmth and boost engagement over virtual meetings - The Business Journals The Business Journals features local business news from 40-plus cities across the nation. We also provide tools to help businesses grow, network and hire.


Tomorrow at 12 EST, join two of our own, @derekslayton and @jenroeny, for a free webinar with @catalatehq, focused on how effective communication can enhance brand loyalty (and a whole lot of other things).

Register today by visiting the link in our profile and listen in 🎧!

Give Back on Giving Tuesday - Trampoline Design 11/30/2021

Give Back on Giving Tuesday - Trampoline Design

It's and we want to take the opportunity to spotlight non-profit organizations that we've had the pleasure of working with this year including Adirondack Council, Adirondack Foundation, Glens Falls Hospital Foundation, Double H Ranch, Williamstown Rural Lands, LEAP, and Highgate Library & Community Center.

Consider giving back to your community and if you do, these are incredible organizations in our area and beyond, doing work that we can get behind. Find out more in our most recent blog post below.

'Tis the season of giving. ☃️

Give Back on Giving Tuesday - Trampoline Design We’re from a small community – Glens Falls, New York to be exact. And we live in an area surrounded by similar small communities, all of whom work together to support their own, as well as those around them. There are a multitude of ways to support local — to make a small change in […]


This year, we give thanks for our families, our friends, our clients, and our staff. All of whom inspire and motivate us to do good work, work we believe in. From our family to yours, have a warm and Happy Thanksgiving. 🥧

Building brand equity demands using customer profiles & preferences 11/22/2021

Building brand equity demands using customer profiles & preferences

This year we worked with Boats By George (BBG) to reboot a recent business model and also build out merchandise and photography, resulting in a 15.9% increase in sales from 2020 to 2021. Sometimes, refreshing a brand means simplifying a brand, stripping things down to the most important elements that truly connect to the audience. 🚤 🛥

Read more on how we used versatile campaign elements to go the distance for BBG...👇

Building brand equity demands using customer profiles & preferences Boats by George has been a regional destination for boat sales for nearly 40 years. A fresh campaign led to a 15.9 YOY sales increase.

Designing a brand for a Moxee Valley organic fruit line 11/18/2021

Designing a brand for a Moxee Valley organic fruit line

Ever wondered what the process of creating a brand looks like? How about an Organic Fruit brand? Trampoline worked with CLS Farms, a fifth-generation family farm located in the Yakima Valley (which also happens to be the home valley of one Amanda Magee, Writer), to create an exciting & bright brand campaign during a bleak time when we couldn't meet in person.

With innovation, virtual mood boards, the inevitable services of Zoom, and the ripeness of an apricot, we think the result turned out pretty sweet. 🍑

Designing a brand for a Moxee Valley organic fruit line CLS Farms conquered the hops market, when they dove into organic fruits they needed a brand as sweet as the fruit.

Connecting students to musical instruments through video during COVID. 11/16/2021

Connecting students to musical instruments through video during COVID.

🎼 Keeping the music going during a pandemic... that was our goal when working with John Keal Music Company. In one of our first pandemic productions shoots, we created a 2-video series with the objective of helping elementary students choose an instrument for school when they couldn’t see, feel, or hear them in person.

With sharp videography, playful voice-over, and skilled production, our team elevated the instrument-choosing process to maintain an element of lightheartedness during an uncertain time. 🎼

What instrument would you choose? 🎷🎺🥁

Connecting students to musical instruments through video during COVID. COVID forced grade schools to cancel the annual introduction to musical instruments. Trampoline created a video to bridge the gap.

Climate change + business: Decisions based on environment & customers 11/10/2021

Climate change + business: Decisions based on environment & customers

As a design and communication agency, we want to contribute to conversations and efforts around climate change. But what does climate change have to do with design? Everything. If we pay attention, we can implement change in everything we do, business or otherwise.

For us, we're passionate about working with clients who are innovative in finding ways to be kinder to our planet, from the Adirondack Council to The Wild Center to Fountain Square Outfitters (FSO), just to name a few.

Take a moment to think about what you can do, from recycling to composting, and read on to find out more...

Climate change + business: Decisions based on environment & customers From planting trees to offset printing to composting worm farms, businesses are working to fight climate change.

Photos from Trampoline's post 11/02/2021

Photos from Trampoline's post


The Legend of Granite Peak

Once upon a time…


Are you ready to pull focus on your next opportunity? ISO a videographer to join our award winning crew, capturing and editing for clients in the outdoor adventure industry, creating marketing campaigns for incredible destinations, and producing thumb-stopping consumer brand spots. Link in comments.


Where breath take shape

we work with some seriously cool people. 👏

A COVID lay-off & a fresh start in a remote position at Trampoline. 08/25/2021

A COVID lay-off & a fresh start in a remote position at Trampoline.

If a spark presents itself, just follow the light ✨ — one of our newest Tramps, Kaitlyn McNutt has traveled to the west coast and back, connecting, learning and adapting to Covid along her journey back to her roots.

Follow along and learn how Kait has redefined herself through the ups and downs of remote work in her recent blog post on our website. Link below👇.

A COVID lay-off & a fresh start in a remote position at Trampoline. The pandemic changed things for everyone, after moving across the country & getting laid off, she found a new start in advertising.

Our Story

"Do what you love.”

Chances are you’ve said or heard it at least once in your life. Trampoline is the result of following that advice. We began as four people wanting to provide exceptional design solutions for individuals and organizations in the Glens Falls, New York area. The idea was that we'd do what we love in a place that we love.

Fifteen years later our mission continues to be providing design solutions, but as technology, media, and human beings have changed, so too has the way we communicate a message. It turns out that what we love to do is solve problems and tell stories.

The footprint of where our clients are has grown, as has our team. At 18 strong, doing what we love manifests in determining the most potent way of telling your story. It might be through traditional graphic design, creative language, videography, or any other approach that we dream up as a way to connect a product or service with an audience.

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It’s our turn to cheer for you.
Wild Center Digital Ads
The Hub
Facebook novelty: positivity.



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