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Carter's Snack Shack is a page for foodies. Carter is 14, loves to cook and create his own recipes,


I will be cooking soon with these awesome fresh ingredients. The Clems, our awesome friends gave me these as a Birthday gift, probably one of the best I have ever received. My upcoming creations are sure to include these bundles of fresh dill, basil, jalapeños, and tomatoes. Please share this post and comment your favorite fresh ingredients.


Ok, can we all agree that fried chicken is one of the best comfort foods ever? I made homemade, bone-in, buttermilk fried chicken in the oven. It was so easy. We just dipped it in buttermilk, then a mixture of flour and some herbs and spices, then cooked it in the oven for a very long time. My motto: low and slow is the way to go. Please follow this page and share this post.


By no means do I have a sweet tooth. Following recipes for baking is something I do not enjoy. But when my sister and I made these lime cheesecakes with a graham cracker crust, strawberry sauce, and homemade whipped cream, my family and I loved them. Please follow this page and comment your favorite cheesecake flavor.


When recipes go wrong it can be so devastating and we can ALL relate. It was a waste of time, money, and you really thought this one would be great. I made a hash brown casserole that did not turn out as planned, but when things go wrong don’t give up. I grilled the casserole with some American cheese, and put it on a toasted English muffin. Mmm Mmm Mmm 😋. Please follow this page and comment with your worst kitchen fails.


Breakfast for dinner is amazing! I made breakfast pizza with a hash brown crust, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, and fresh yolky eggs. It was incredible! Please follow this page and comment your go-to breakfast for dinner dish.


I made some more homemade fair food. One of my parents favorite snacks is homemade fried pickles. Here we have homemade, partially eaten, fried pickles with a spicy horseradish dipping sauce. Please follow Carter’s Snack Shack and comment your favorite dipping sauces.


Many times boxed Mac and cheese can be dry, flavorless, or gritty. But if your pantry is running low and you need a quick yummy meal, here is how to “doctor up” a boxed Mac and cheese. Just add 1 or 2 handfuls of cheddar cheese, an extra 2 splashes of milk, another tablespoon of butter, the powdered cheese from the box, and a dash of salt, pepper, oregano, paprika, and tarragon. It is that easy. Please share this post and comment below your go to boxed Mac and cheese.


These homemade pancakes ( my own recipe) were great, but I will perfect them with my grandmother’s recipe. Please share this post and comment your favorite pancake toppings.


Just made these awesome homemade potato chips and dip, (my own recipe), because we can’t visit the fair this year and these are the next best thing to ribbon chips. Please follow and share this page and comment your favorite fair food.


My family loves to visit the Maine coast and can I tell you I am missing the ocean right now. I need to start cooking some seafood, so please tell me in the comments some of your favorite seafood dishes and maybe I will try them. Follow Carter’s Snack Shack for more awesome dishes and recipes.
- Carter Van Amburgh


When you don’t have time to make involved appetizers, but you want to impress guests, you can easily bake this no-yeast Irish Soda bread, like the one my sister made for my parents anniversary. Please like and share this post and I love to read your comments and questions.


Hey everyone. Here is a homemade basil bruschetta, with a ricotta spread on a toasted baguette. I have some more stuff coming so stay tuned. And please share this post. Stay safe.
- Carter Van Amburgh

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Hey all! I know you haven’t heard from me in a while, but I have something to show you. I recently completed an assignment for my at- home Art class. This is a photo of a vase, food style. Here’s a little preview of what is coming- so stay tuned and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE with your friends. Praying for you all in these challenging times. Stay safe!
P.S.- Thanks to my wonderful art teacher Lisa Catalano for the inspiration to this project


Thank you for voting. The 2nd picture,side view, has won. It’s summer so I will be posting again soon. Stay tuned...

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I made these chicken and waffles today- they are amazing!!! With my favorite blend of homemade blue cheese dressing, real maple syrup & hot sauce, these chicken and waffles have the perfect combination of sweet, spicy, & tangy. Would you please take a second to vote for which picture you like best 1-top view photo 2- side view photo Thanks ~ Carter

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Coming soon! You'll have an opportunity to sample Carter's creations for a great cause 🤗👊🏼





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