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Discover woodworking with Woodcraft of Richmond You can create your own pen using a wood lathe. Teens. No experience necessary. Register today.
Discover woodworking with Woodcraft of Richmond You can create your own pen using a wood lathe. Teens. No experience necessary. Register today.
I purchased your Swinging Cradle plans (online) and adapted them to cut on my CNC. It turned out great! Just thought I would share a photo.
Woodcraft of Richmond
Today 6th years Anniversary 🎉🎊🎁💓🙏🏼
Huge Savings, Door prizes and live Demo .
Kelli Brush Sontag
Edward Sontag
Michael Sontag

SEE YOU Woodcraft of Richmond
6th Years Anniversary Celebration OCTOBER 14-16/ 2022
Mark your Calenders.
Demos, Giveaways,Doorbuster Deals
all weekend..
Kreg DIY Community
Bessey® Tools North America Triton Tools USA
& Many more TOOLS......
Kelli Brush SontagEdward Sontag
🪵 Teens, join Woodcraft of Richmond for an introduction to woodworking. Build a pen on a wood lathe that you can use at home. No experience necessary. Register today. https://rebrand.ly/woodpen0924
Thank you Woodcraft of Richmond for your generous food donation!!

We love getting those phone calls from you! 😊
Thanks for the Turn for Troops. I really enjoyed making the pen. It was much easier & faster than I imagined & supports our dedicated military. Great job, Woodcraft!
Richmond Antique Tool Society (RATS) Tool Show tomorrow at Woodcraft, right?
RATS (Richmond Antique Tool Society) Antique Tool Show at Richmond Woodcraft JUNE 12th, 2021...this Saturday from 9am to 3pm - 9862 W Broad St, Glen Allen, VA 23060. Tons of great vintage tools from the collector to user...planes, chisels, files, saws, drawknives, layout tools, spokeshaves and so much more!!! Free
Details..Rick Long 804 920-8150
We have been a bit delayed on our thank you’s.

We want to give shot-outs to:

WoodcraftRichmond for hosting another food drive on the pantry’s behalf! Y’all rock! Thank you for your continued support!!

Jennifer for your generous food donation! Thank you for your continued support!!

Suzanne for dropping off your generous food donation! Thank you for thinking of us!

Emily for connecting with your neighbor and making a generous food donation! Thank you for thinking of us!

We can’t do what we do without you! We are extremely blessed to have the support we have from our community and ask that you continue to support us so that we may continue to bless others!

Thank you, thank you! God Bless!!
I just wanted to say thanks to Bert for helping me sort our an issue I had with a plane. He took the time to look over my iron and affirm some sharpening things I was doing right and somethings I could be doing better. But more importantly he helped fix my issue (I had a nick that was creating scratches in the wood). I left with a well functioning tool I continue to be thankful for the advice and input.
Big Country Woodworks, LLC

Check out our page!!!!
How do you flatten veneer? WoodcraftRichmond shares a classroom style demo in this video presentation covering the step-by-step process of veneer application to projects. https://youtu.be/leUI_v2OZ28
Veneer Tamer at Woodcraft: https://www.woodcraft.com/products/veneer-softener-tamer-pint
What's happening at Woodcraft Stores? Wood, wood and more wood specials at WoodcraftRichmond. Cherry Lumber in stock for 3$ a board foot!, while Supplies Last!
Check out all Woodcraft Stores for different Wood Specials!

What's Going On At Your Woodcraft Store? How about a huge sales event at our WoodcraftRichmond store! Check it and SAVE!

Richmond's Premier woodworking store. We offer a wide variety of woodworking tools and supplies, proj

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The future of router & CNC have arrived!

Introducing the Shaper Origin!

Top of the line routers combined with the technology of a CNC making this the last router you’ll ever need!

From engraving signatures to large scale bow ties, there’s nothing this machine can’t handle!

Stop by the store and check it out!

Shaper Tools


Knife Competition/Show & Axe Throwing Area on September 23!

Rules and requirements for our competition and how to get a booth!

Shoutout to Join Or Die Knives Cur Custom Blades Ben Abbott

Make sure to go check them out!

Photos from Woodcraft of Richmond's post 08/26/2023

Time is running out to save 15% on this Woodcraft exclusive sale. Save on ALL Rikon Tools now until August 27th. We don't know of a better value than these hardworking, affordable and well equipped woodworking tools. And this is available only at Woodcraft of Richmond.


The Alex Snodgrass World Tour makes a stop at our store on October 14th and 15th. October 14th from 3 pm to 4 pm Alex will give you a hands on seminar for setting up and running your bandsaw. On October 15th from 9 am until 5 pm Alex will give you an even deeper dive into the bandsaw as well as teach you to make on of his famous 3D cutting boards. Space is limited so call or stop by to register.

Woodcraft of Richmond Richmond's Premier woodworking store. We offer a wide variety of woodworking tools and supplies, project advice and a milling service.


Live-edge woodworking derives its name from the technique of stripping bark from slabs without altering the natural shape of the underlying edge. Keeping a natural shape means working around swirling grain patterns, knots, and other defects that can have their own challenges. Learn how to have success working with slabs here https://bit.ly/3KBk4Wq


Spalting is a fungus that grows in wood, it's what creates the black lines you see. If the fungi grow too long, the wood will deteriorate. The trick is to find it when it isn’t quite to the “rotten,” soft stage, to preserve the beauty of the interesting patterns created. Learn all about spalted wood here https://bit.ly/3ORUM9p


What machine have you been waiting to add to your shop? Save 15% on ALL RIKON only at Woodcraft through August 27! Check out RIKON tools here https://bit.ly/3PX7wMO


What’s a counter without a stool or two to accompany it? Actually, this stool featured in Issue 95 of Woodcraft Magazine is more of a stool/chair hybrid. Either way you can make one for yourself with the free plans here https://bit.ly/3DtJnWB


It only takes a weekend to build this classic storage piece, and it will last for years to come. Learn how to make this Simple Six-Board Chest featured in Issue 81 of Woodcraft Magazine here https://bit.ly/3rOaRDG


Today is the last day to get a FREE filter or collection bags when you buy a Jet Dust Collector or Air Filtration Unit at Woodcraft! Get one for yourself here https://bit.ly/3YiDhlG


Understanding the process of creating custom cabinetry, either for your home or your shop, is a discipline that many woodworkers aspire to learn. Whether you want to build cabinets for your kitchen, bath, garage, or shop you can learn about it here https://bit.ly/3s6PGgs

Photos from Woodcraft of Richmond's post 08/19/2023

As always we got a good Saturday planned. Brian is teaching Fundamentals of Woodworking and Bert will be in to do our free demo on dealing with wood blemishes. But don’t forget we’ve also got an exclusive 15% Off sale running on ALL RIKON Power Tools woodworking tools. We’ve also got donuts from Sugar Shack. And Shamus is working today as well.


Happy Friday woodcrafters!

Here’s a store update for today!

We will be closing at 6 PM today due to technical difficulties.

We will be open regular hours tomorrow from 9 AM - 6 PM.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.


Don't forget to check out the FREE demo happening at your local Woodcraft tomorrow! Learn how to handle those pesky blemishes in wood and keep them from ruining your final project. Find a Woodcraft location near you here https://bit.ly/44F5aqj


Is there something you have been waiting to add to your shop? August 18 - 27 All RIKON Woodworking Tools & Accessories are 15% off ONLY AT WOODCRAFT. Check them out here https://bit.ly/3PX7wMO


Many woodworkers revere the card scraper as if it possesses magical properties. A dirt cheap tool that can remove glue, smooth knots and gnarly wood, strip paint, or knock down finish nibs without making noise or dust may indeed sound like a woodworker’s Holy Grail. But in truth, there’s no great mystery to harnessing the magic of this humble piece of steel. Learn all about card scrapers here https://bit.ly/3QyKoo6


New Product Alert!

Introducing WoodRiver’s Poly Resin Knife Scales!

These blanks take a very nice polish and are lightweight, durable & come in a variety of colors!

Stop by the store today and snag some for you next knife handle project!


Could your shop use some cleaning up? Through August 20 get a Free Filter or Collection bags when you Purchase a Jet Dust Collector or Air Filtration Unit at Woodcraft. Find something for your shop here https://bit.ly/3YiDhlG


CLUB MEETING - On August 17th the Richmond Woodturners will hold their monthly meeting. David Bushman will discuss and demonstrate how he chooses the style of foot he puts on a vessel or bowl then show how he turns the bottom of a piece to prepare it for carving. Stop in starting at 5:30 for Turners Talk followed by the business meeting and Show & Tell.


Show me a woodworker who has glued or screwed a solid wood tabletop to its base, and I’ll show you a person who has learned a painful lesson in wood movement. The solution is simple: tabletop fasteners. Learn all about tabletop fasteners here https://bit.ly/3DLBFHH


This month save 50% on select Movingue! Check out wood deals here https://bit.ly/3DlCCGs


FLASH DEAL ALERT - Today Only. Save 40% on 12"x12" sheets of Baltic Birch plywood. These plywood sheets are perfect for scroll saw projects or for building jigs and fixtures around the shop.


Like interior stitching on a fine suit, drawer joinery is a sign of the maker’s skill and an indication of the overall quality of the piece. Finding a nicely dovetailed drawer is always a pleasant surprise. Learn how to make a drawer that appears hand-cut, but requires less layout than the traditional method, takes a fraction of the time to complete, and fits the opening every time here https://bit.ly/3qnCNOs


When it comes to smooth-running, trouble-free drawers, you just can’t beat the action you get from a set of properly installed drawer slides. Rather than debate whether drawer slides belong in your next project, the real question becomes: How do you choose from all the options available? Learn all about drawer slide options here https://bit.ly/44WTb7e


Even great pieces of wood may have a flaw or blemish that could affect your final project. Head to your local Woodcraft August 19 at 1PM and learn how to handle knots, scratches, cracks, spalting, and more. Find a Woodcraft location near you here https://bit.ly/44F5aqj


Is your shop getting dusty? Get a Free Filter or Collection Bags when you purchase a JET Dust Collector or Air Filtration Unit August 11 - 20 at Woodcraft. Check out Jet Dust Collector and Air Filtration here https://bit.ly/3YiDhlG


There’s no shortage of readymade toolboxes, buckets and bags designed to hold all kinds of carpentry gear. But there are advantages to building your own toolbox. This mini workbench is a workhorse you can pack with carpentry tools. Learn how to make this "Tool Stool" featured in Issue 82 of Woodcraft Magazine here https://bit.ly/3Obw95W


Don't want all your lumber in a pile on the floor or wall hanging mounts aren't an option? These modular free-standing racks hold both lumber and sheet goods without tying into your shop structure. Learn how to build them here https://bit.ly/3QwdAfk

Photos from Woodcraft of Richmond's post 08/11/2023

Welcome our new next door neighbors, Kids Empire!

They host parties, after school programs and many more!

Drop your kids off while you shop around with us!


Head to your local Woodcraft tomorrow and check out the FREE Demo on Drawer Slide Hardware Installation! Find a Woodcraft Location near you here https://bit.ly/44F5aqj


Time to clean up your shop! August 11 - 20 get a FREE Filter or Collections Bags when you purchase a JET Fust Collector or Air Filtration Unit. Check them out here https://bit.ly/3YiDhlG


It’s unusual for a finishing job to go flawlessly. From the initial sanding to the final waxing, problems happen, and good finishers learn to react to them calmly as they arise instead of panicking. Learn how to handle some of the common finishing problems here https://bit.ly/44WRd6X


You don’t have to see a lot of canarywood to know where it got its name. The brightly streaked yellowish/orangeish/reddish /brownish heartwood is reminiscent of many Springtime birds. And like birds whose feathers lose those bright colors in the fall, canarywood tends to darken to a rich, reddish-brown as the wood ages. Learn more about Canarywood here https://bit.ly/46VqaL5


Are you ready to keep your shop healthy and safe? A proper dust collection solution is the answer! Click the link below to learn https://bit.ly/3qmmiCk


Head to your local Woodcraft August 12 at 1PM to learn all about Installing Drawer Slide Hardware. Everything from types of drawer slides, special features, clamping, and mounting styles. Find a Woodcraft location near you here https://bit.ly/44F5aqj

Photos from Woodcraft's post 08/06/2023

Ready for a project that is simple, but will still test your technical woodworking skills? Or do you just need something to hold some napkins? Either way check out the plans for this Napkin Holder featured in Issue 96 of Woodcraft Magazine. Check it out here https://bit.ly/3O6XzJZ


It’s always fun when we get little gifts or examples from our customers. And I don’t think we’ve ever gotten something this small. Thanks Dan Lutrell for the platter with two goblets and even real cheese.


Resawing opens whole new dimensions in woodworking. It allows you to convert small logs into lumber, create book-matched panels, and even slice your own veneer. ⁠Learn the basics of resawing here https://bit.ly/3OcWbWd

Photos from Woodcraft of Richmond's post 08/05/2023

The best Festool dealer in Richmond just got a facelift. Check out our newly updated Festool section. Lots of new signage to help you pick out the right tool for you and your job. And all the latest tools.


Always helpful tips & tricks from Woodcraft Magazine.

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Come out and enjoy some free food, free demos & sooid sales!
Woodworking Classes
New item alert! Introducing the CNC SHARK SD 110!#woodcraft#woodworking#woodwork#woodturning#finishing#shoplocal#shoploc...
Woodcraft Wood Update!#woodcraft#woodworking#woodwork#woodturning#finishing#shoplocal#shoplocalrva#localbusiness#richmon...
Woodcraft Wood Update!#woodcraft#woodworking#woodwork#woodturning#finishing#shoplocal#shoplocalrva#localbusiness#richmon...
Prepping pens for tomorrow’s Turn For Troops event!Stop by tomorrow & Sunday and turn a pen for a our brave service wome...
Only two days left in our Beat The Heat Sale.  Save 15% on nearly everything in the store.  Now is the time to stock up ...
What's on sale you ask?  Well here is just a small sampling.  Save 15% on all this, and more, June 10-12. #beattheheat #...
We’re gearing up for our Turn For Troops event this weekend!Reaming out dozens of pen kits as we speak!Stop by this Satu...
Our Spring Clearance Sale is here!We’ve got a lot of solid deals with sales up to 90% off!Stop by today and snag these s...
Looking to enhance your router skills?We’ve got one spot available for our Router Magic class tomorrow, April 2 at 9:00 ...
Rick is getting ready for todays demo on bandsaw tuneups.  Stop by at 1. It’ll be a full house.




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