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We had a blast at our Vim and Me Christmas Showcase and we hope you were able to join us! In case you missed it or would like to view it again offline, our showcase DVD is now available to preorder! If you’re interested in purchasing please follow the steps below:

1. Please contact the parent or legal guardian of the student you’re connected to that is enrolled in Vim and Me. We do this to ensure you indeed are connected to the child’s family and to protect their privacy.

2. Parents must provide the list of approved recipients and submit the order to Vim and Me before the 15th of January.

3. Recipients will receive an email from Vim and Me to purchase and their copy will be provided to the parent of the student on the 31st.

A big thank you to Peace Of Mind Designs for capturing our showcase! Please send us a message if you have any questions!
The leading buisness show in RVA today welcomed in Youth Business Exchange and their nextgen biz leaders. They were mentored by brand maverick and expert Matt Jones of Peace Of Mind Designs. Thanx CJ Walker
you do business card designs?

Branding for Entrepreneurs-Market Strategy-Design Creative Design and Marketing for Entrepreneurs


Would you believe that you can use what you value, or what’s important to you, to earn money, influence and even status?

It took us years to come up with our system and we know that you will walk away from this experience with clarity and a sense of purpose! Don’t believe us? Try a free consultation and see for yourself! Link in the bio…

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We lead with the values and mission of our clients. Our overall goal is to help our clients find the clarity that drives their purpose. Because of this, we know each project is unique and specifically catered to the clients business and spiritual needs. It’s only after we find their purpose and mission that we design their visual identity.

We start designing by finding the “Creative Spark”. Here’s Calvin’s:

In our Discovery Session we typically ask, 'If your brand was a song what would it be?' Calvins answer was Kid Cudi's 'Balmain Jeans'. Since we're Cudi fans, we knew exactly what the vibe was instantly! The ethereal sounds and tempo gave us the colors and minimalist surroundings as our design foundation. That gave us the ability to build the elements of his visual identity with relative ease.

Chartwood Consulting LLC


There’s such thing as a work/life balance ⚖️ The secret is making sure your business embodies the same values you do!

We can show you how this is possible with a FREE consultation! Check our bio for more info.

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We all do things that inadvertently hinder ourselves from becoming our true selves. If we can pay more attention to the things that uplift us and invoke positivity in our lives, the happier and more fulfilled we will be. Remember… let it RAIN! ☔️

Stay happy my friends!

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Like David Goggins said; “To be f*cking successful, get used to people thinking you’re f*cking weird, selfish and tunnel visioned.”

You have to be focused to truly pursue this business. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it in the end. You see it… the people on IG, LinkedIn and Facebook that seemingly have it all. They’re out on vacation every week, they wake up with a smile every day and eat the freshest food prepared by a personal chef! Well, let me break that down for you…

1. You see them on on social media because they’re so busy that’s how they communicate with the world.
2. It’s not a vacation, it’s a business trip to possibly close a client or business partnership
3. They wake up with a smile because they’re living their passion every single day
4. They eat fresh food prepared by a chef because they found that time is more valuable then money and realized a great investment would be to pay a professional to prepare the nutrients they need to max their potential for the day.

It’s all about your mindset and how that shifts your outlook on the world.

Be happy. Keep grinding. Stay healthy.

Peace and love


We’re not asking anymore. We doing our own thing! Get up grind in your faith people. That’s the only way we will truly make it 💪🏽🤴🏽

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In a world 🌎 where everyone is trying to be everything to everybody, why not try to be… YOU?!

Try to take a step back, gather yourself, calm your nerves and think about what YOU love ❤️ doing. Listen to your inner self and really decide what your happiness is, regardless if it’s “cool” or not. Once you’ve done that, dive in head first and be the best version of you in that happy space.

Next, hone that skill and become an expert in your field of happiness. Congratulations! You’re now a specialist. After a while you’ll develop more skills that will expand your expertise into similar fields. Now you have the resources and skills to carve a new lane for yourself and fuse these skills into a hybrid specialty!

You now have a unique set of skills that specific people want and will pay top dollar for because you’re one of very few people that do what you do! Here’s the best part… you’re getting paid a lot of money to do things that make you happy!!!

The work, sacrifices and discipline is worth it. Stick it out and it will all pay off in the end!

Side note: The inspiration for this post came from a conversation with . Thanks for the cut, the convo and inspiration brother. Please check him out for art, a dope hair cut and good conversation!

Peace and love


Now you can find us on Google!

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"What in the hell is wrong with me? 🤦🏽‍♂️ This is never gonna be good enough."

Does this ring a bell? Well, this (amongst many other colorful words) was what I was thinking, almost the entire way through the process of rebranding my business.

Prior to starting this rebrand, I knew my company and more importantly myself, needed a drastic change! I was too busy following trends and what other people valued me to be, I lost sight of my values. This, of course, spilled over into my business. Let's be honest, as a small business owner, my business is just a reflection of myself. It felt hollow and lacking in my capability in recognizing my reflection in the mirror.

After letting the habits and people go that just convoluted my clarity, I felt... clear! I was able to find my mission, my "personal legend" (Yes, I'm quoting The Alchemist).

In short, what I'm trying to say is just find yourself and pay attention to YOU in that process. Let your failures be lessons, trust your instincts, keep it simple and don't second guess yourself.

Oh, one other thing... stop scrolling through social media! They make it way too easy to compare yourself to others that 9/10 times put up some fake facade anyway. As the great Michael Jackson once said, "If you want to make a world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change."

Peace and love.



🎉2022 is here, we’re already in February… how much longer are you going to put your dream on hold? 🤷🏽 Get started today!

Logos, Websites and Brand Strategy for Entrepreneurs to make their dream a reality.

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Abraham Maslow was a psychologist 👨‍⚕️ who believed that people need to satisfy lower level needs before progressing on to meet higher level growth needs. However, he later clarified that satisfying ALL needs before “moving on” to the next stage wasn’t necessarily needed. He stated that when a deficit need has been more or less satisfied it will go away and our activities gear us up to meet our next stage of needs.

He also added to this list in his later years. The stages from beginning to end are listed in order as: Psychological, Safety, Love and Belonging, Esteem, Cognitive, Aesthetic, Self-Actualization and Transcendence. Our Psychological to our Esteem needs are deficiencies. Our Cognitive to our Transcendence needs are growth.

In short, we need to take a deep dive into who we are and how we present ourselves to the world. Positivity (as usual) has a lot to do with our self-worth and how we attract others. DON’T LET SOCIETY LEAD YOU TO BELIEVE THE ANSWER EXISTS OUTSIDE OF YOU. So, eat your vegetables, be nice to yourself and your neighbors and everything will turn out just fine. Stay healthy my friends!

Peace and love


Brand consistency is a businesses ability to maintain its communication and visual identity in line with its values and mission. Simply put, if you keep your brand front and center of everything you do, not only will you be recognizable, but you’ll start to gain trust. 90+% of consumers buy from businesses they trust.

Oh and the best part… your sales can increase by 23%! Talk about a win/win!


The creative process is a rigid and elusive one. How do you create? Ask a group of artists and they’ll all give you different answers. What’s the most common is the one illustrated below. It works for most artists to procrastinate due to the amount of time we need for “the calm” to nestle us into a state of thoughtfulness. On the other hand, some of us just wait until the last minute to do things!

Whatever your preference is, make sure it’s the most effective and productive way to produce the best product/service you can.

Stay creative my friends!


Your perception of your capabilities and mindset to utilize those capabilities is all you need. This quote is the literal definition of what separates dream chasers and those who just dream all day.

Believe you can do anything you put your mind to and watch what unexpected blessings come your way!

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PEACEOFMIND is not more than one word. It is one community, one goal and one spirit.

PEACEOFMIND is the hope for a better tomorrow. It’s the dedication we put in today. It’s the lack of excuses and an abundance of work ethic.

We are an accumulation of visionaries and world changers who fix problems and support each other in the process.


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Aja (asia) is a fuel and energy company that specializes in 🍃 biodegradable fuel.

For a company who’s rooted itself in an industry known for stains; it was a fun challenge to to create the opposite feeling for the brand. Deciding on a minimal identity to show the clean and sterile process the actual product goes through, but also the origin and culture of the name itself, ultimately fit perfectly!

Did we think too much into it or do you agree that this strategy was a perfect fit? Tell us what you think below!

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It’s sooo tempting 😈 to jump on the band wagon for views, likes, comments, etc, but stay strong my friend! There’s a better and more lasting alternative!

Check it out:

Tell YOUR truth! Be exactly who you are. As crazy/calm, extroverted/introverted as you can be. Here’s the funny thing, you’re not alone. There are over 7.5 billion people in the world. There are more people that share your values than you think!

There’s an old saying, “the truth hurts.” Well, it only hurts to those who don’t share that truth. Frankly, who cares?! Never apologize for being you. Always stand up for what you believe!

Peace and love!


Let’s get one thing clear… ☝🏽there is NO one way to start and run your business. With all of the tools and resources available today, running a business is now less convoluted than ever!

Peace Of Mind isn’t just the name of our business, its a state of being and how we approach building your brand. Let us design the business that works for you!

[email protected]


I’m just gonna leave this here!

Please stop stressing. Everything… yes… everything is a season. Try your best and get ready for some positivity thats currently on its way!

Happy Friday!

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Raise your hand 🙋🏽‍♂️if you’ve heard of Chorei before? If not, don’t feel bad… that makes two of us! Now that I have, I’m eager to share this with you!

As the post states chorei is an organized business meeting with actionable goals and above all else, clarity and motivation! Bringing a group together to tackle a specific mission is great, but also building your people individually is profound. It’s been around for some time in Japanese culture, but rarely used to it’s full extent in America.

Please read the slide and feel free to comment below. I’d love to chat about this and how we can promote this progressive start to our days!

Also, here’s a quick look into chorei as it’s demonstrated at Oishi Accounting, one of the Best Places To Work in Japan:


TuneIn w/ Matthew Jones

I recently had an opportunity to jump on a quick call with TuneIn to talk and promote the business! Check it out!

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🎨“Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.” - Paul Gauguin🎨

Colors are so important to branding; not only recognition, but the energy and emotions it evokes from just a slight glance. Whether you’re looking to build a personal or business brand, your color palette says a lot about you. Make sure it counts!

With a name like Peace Of Mind, you should be able to guess that our colors have spiritual depth as well as practical meaning. If you want to go the extra mile, find the spiritual significance of the colors you choose. They may open doors to your brand and marketing campaigns that you might have never thought of!

Happy coloring!!!


Freedom is such an auspicious word nowadays… and rightfully so. Oppression of idealistic progression contributes to the rapid decline in mental health in todays society. For artists and dreamers this holds more frequent and less forgiving. Freedom of expression amongst a consistent resistance in social change is the ultimate high. A micro “screw you” to the system that condemns abnormalities but profits off of it’s cultural influence.

As entrepreneurs, dreamers and architects, it is our right, ability and burden to show that freedom starts within us. It’s a choice. We are the blueprint for escaping the Matrix 😎 You can’t be soft doing what we do. A part of you has to die in order for a better you to be born. It’s up to you to decide what part that is, ignorance or truth? We’ll be here when you decide! 🐇

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Is that a consumer revolution I hear? It looks and feels like a consumer revolution… It must be a consumer revolution!

More than ever, customers want artisan crafted/ quality goods and services. Customer demand for quality is high, which means we have to be hyper focused on a specific combination of answers that can solve their specific problem. Finding your niche is a fancy way of saying that you found what makes you/your business stand out and in high demand.

For example, my personal niche is a designer/strategist and life coach. I created a business that takes these areas of expertise and applied them to service entrepreneurs and micro business owners. That now puts me in a specific pocket of a larger industry with unfulfilled needs to those who need my services the most.


We have to discover how our values can work for us… You can attract your ideal customers, partners, investors, etc. just by being yourself! When I learned this, it seriously blew my mind because of the simplicity of it!

We’re in the age of authenticity and morality. Use it to your advantage!


We get caught up in the daily hustle of life, we forget that we’re on a journey 🚗A journey towards a better tomorrow. Life is a series of journeys. Goals are great, but can’t forget what helped us accomplish them ✍🏽These lessons prepare us for the other journey ahead.

Peace Of Mind updated their information in their About section. 01/03/2022

Peace Of Mind updated their information in their About section.

Peace Of Mind updated their information in their About section.

Peace Of Mind updated their phone number. 01/03/2022

Peace Of Mind updated their phone number.

Peace Of Mind updated their phone number.

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Resolutions are nice, but how do we achieve them? Well, im glad you asked avid reader! It’s called a routine! Schedules are rigid and demand precision. Life is messy and can interfere with schedules. Habits on the other hand are pockets of progress. They help us achieve our daily goals without the stress of checking our phones for the time!

Create a routine and develop a habit. Before you know it you’ll be a goal achieving machine! 🦾

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Inspiration and Creativity are all around us… we just need to open our eyes. 👀

Life is so fast paced that we tend to run right passed the things that can help us along the way! Slow down… smell the flowers! 🌹 Realize that there’s beauty in everything. These subtle realizations can be the difference between stress and freedom, writers block and genius innovation!

Stay inspired my friends!

Peace and love ❤️


Want to know how to get out of the rat race? 🐀 Stop running!

To clarify… Life shouldn’t be about a specific model for success (house, cars, lavish vacations, etc) and who can get there the fastest. 🏃🏽‍♂️ “Successful” should have 💯 different meanings to 💯 different people!

1. Be patient (get there at your own pace)
2. Be persistent (never quit on YOUR dreams)
3. Perspire (out work everyone in the room)

Side Note: If you’re scared or too tired to work, reconsider your values. When you’re working towards something that you value, it shouldn’t feel like work… It should feel more like play!!

Stay happy my friends!

Peace and love ❤️


It’s too often we walk around with the weight of the world 🌎 on our shoulders 🧳. Whether it’s past experiences we can’t let go of or someone else’s problems they handed over for us to be burdened by; it’s exhausting! 😩

Let’s challenge ourselves, on this beautiful Monday 🤗 morning, to truthfully dig deep and find what baggage we can leave behind! It’s up to us to make us better!

It’s only through letting go, can we begin to hold on. Peace and love family!❤️



We’re all building 👷🏽‍♂️ something, right? For the sake of this post, let’s generalize it and call it our temple! 🏛

As entrepreneurs, we hold our most prized possessions in this temple and build a system around them for others to benefit from.

Now, like Rome, our temple cannot be built in a day. We need help! The help we receive are called pillars. These pillars main job is to support our temple. The rigidity of our temple relies heavily on the types of pillars we put in place. If you surround your temple with strong pillars, it will remain standing for centuries to come. Now, guess what will happen when we use weak pillars?! That’s right; turn to dust like the city of Pompeii.

Moral of the story, get you some sturdy pillars, because you have some building to do and you’re gonna need all the support you can get! Happy building! 🧱💪🏽

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