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Montessori Learning for ALL: Easy Access of Language And Math
My students need Montessori learning toys to make sure they learn abstract language and math concepts by manipulating concrete objects such as beads, tiles, wooden letters, etc.
My Project

Maria Montessori understood how knowledge develops in the early years of childhood, specifically concrete objects to illustrate abstract concepts. These materials will allow me to foster a deepen understanding of both Language and Math skills in an engaging way that involve the student's multiple senses.

The letter beads will provide an opportunity for students to first build their names, and learned words in the Spanish language which then may be reviewed utilizing the letter tiles; the colored beads will help students with Math concepts such as counting, sorting by colors, identifying colors as well as making patterns.

The Bananagrams will offer the opportunity for students to review the lessons by building words using the letter tiles. The number counting sticks will help relate counting to the corresponding symbol. Please help me make these materials available for my early childhood scholars so they can equal access of educational opportunities such as these Montessori-like materials. Thank you.,
My Project

Current evidence-based teaching strategies stress the importance of providing learning opportunities for students to manipulate academic concepts through multiple senses. Learning a foreign language demands opportunity that are mostly pictorial in order for students to utilize context when learning new vocabulary in the target language.

These learning centers will provide multiple opportunities for students in our early childhood academy to master skills such as fine motor abilities by utilizing the Peg Lacing & Building Toys for Kids, personal care with the Montessori Material Early Learning Basic Life Skills Learn to Dress Boards, prewriting development will be achieved using the Learning Resources Twisty Droppers, Scoopers and the Learning Resources Gator Grabber Tweezers ; prereading and reading skills will be met by using the cylinders sound boxes for sound discrimination skills and opportunities to handle language when using the Attractivia Magnetic Alphabet Flash Cards and Alphabet Sandpaper, eventually the alphabetic book sets and phonetic reading blocks; math skills will be mastered by using an EVINIS Baby Toy Wooden Blocks Montessori Educational Toys Mathematical Intelligence Stick Building Blocks gift-Wooden Number Cards and Counting Rods, the Zerowin Wooden Toys Hundred Board Montessori 1-100 Consecutive Numbers Wooden Educational Game for Kids and the Melissa & Doug Add & Subtract Abacus in order to process math knowledge starting from from the concrete to the abstract.

The best part of using these in the classroom is that these materials will also serve special needs student objectives involving multiple senses while learning abstract academic concept and skills. Having materials ready for use also facilitates lesson planning such as for letter instruction for reading and writing, several math concepts such as counting and simple additions and subtractions because these are already prepared for students to use through multiple senses by manipulating either kinesthetically with their hands, visually and auditory."
Pre-K Manipulates the Spanish Language: Multisensorial Spanish Centers.
My students need manipulatives to support their acquisition of the Spanish language through multiple senses.*
Love your hustle. Good luck with your new venture

Our KidzArt education can start as young as 2 with our Squiggles to Grins Mommy and Me Program, a multi-media creative experience with music, interactive play, movement, and art. We also have special programs for preschool, elementary school, TeenzArt™ and SeniorzArt™. Our innovative curriculum never repeats and each new lesson will introduce new mediums and concepts. Our new Palette Up™ Adult Art Soiree is a fun creative evening out for adults and families.

Learning happens in many ways. After 25 years of teaching and observing millions of students, we know that creativity exists in everyone. Our techniques remove the fear of failure that can block creative expression. We offer a safe classroom environment where mistakes are not an issue, they are an opportunity. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves to new levels. Our techniques and support help remove obstacles to creativity so that students can experience their own potential. Once this happens students can finally unleash and tap into their inner creativity. Students succeed in creating art work beyond their imagination--- in their very first class. This success allows their confidence to soar. Many educators and parents find the attitude of success, instead of fear of failure, spills over into their school work and home life.

An afterschool art class where students of all ages HAVE FUN and learn to draw. By using our simple drawing method and weekly format certified instructors help students create original works of art beyond what they thought possible. We are a drawing based program, complimented with artistic projects and curriculum that never repeat from age 2-18. We offer exposure to many mediums over the course of a student’s education. Exposure to multi cultural curriculum because we are in many countries

Our classrooms offer:

a nurturing, safe, non competitive environment
easy-to-learn drawing techniques that bring ideas to life.
A no mistake philosophy that allows students to take risks and think outside the box.
age appropriate, safe, professional-level fine art supplies and materials
training in how to creatively express yourself through art
activities that promote problem solving skill development
focus exercises
techniques to relax through art
music to enhance art expression


This unique program offers art, music, movement and creative play all together! It’s a chance for your child and a relative or caretaker to create together. Award-winning singer songwriters have developed a KidzArt/Art Innovators CD with songs that relate to the curriculum and that kids love. Come experience the fun of collaborative creation and go home with a beautiful piece of original art.

CORE CURRICULUM for elementary age

A safe, mistake free environment without criticism encourages students to take risks. Students relax, focus, see art from our different perspective and succeed with work that astounds them. 25 years of classroom experience combined with assistance from child experts has led to our fail safe process that assists students of any age to create work beyond their imagination! To express and expand their minds to possibilities fear may have previously limited.

Life skills learned through KidzArt:
How to relax, go within, and reduce stress.
How to express yourself in more acceptable ways than acting out
How to rely on yourself
How to see the world differently
How to "break down" complex life situations into manageable steps
How to welcome, work with and resolve "mistakes"
How to have mastery and the experience of "I can do it!"
How to create and appreciate beauty and ART
How to manage your time and use schedules

TEENZART for teens

Creativity is the number 1 skill sought after by the large corporations looking for executives as reported by IBM in a recent study. At KidzArt/Art Innovators we help create WINNERS and ultimately, THE INNOVATORS OF TOMORROW!

We go far beyond other art programs, developing life skills as well as igniting the Creative Spirit.

Developing Confidence
Problem solving
Positive attitude
Critical thinking
Cross cultural understanding


This fun-filled painting and mixed media event is an opportunity to relax, have a beverage and make art with your friends. Our techniques remove the fear of failure that can block creative expression. In our safe environment mistakes are not an issue-- they are an opportunity. Take home a beautiful canvas painting and hang it on your wall!

Experience an unforgettable evening of art with old friends in your home or meet new acquaintances in an open class at a business. The opportunity to simply Get Creative, relax, celebrate, and experience art like never before! Getting personal attention from your own professional certified instructor in a relaxed setting and at a relaxed pace with a beverage in one hand and a paint brush in the other! It’s an experience like no other!

SENIORZART for adults

Adults in our program for seniors in assisted living find out that it’s never too late to experience the joy of creativity at SeniorzArt: RE-DISCOVER! Whether it’s the first time, or continuing a lifelong talent, artistic expression can bring confidence and independence to artists of all ages. A program can be paid out of a activity budget and scheduled for weekly classes. Or, schedule a family time event and offer families of residents to attend and all ages can sit at a family table and share in an art experience taught by one of our Certified Instructors.


Our themed camps are developed for ages 6-12 and offer a chance for students to spend more time exploring different mediums as they learn about the world around them. For example, in the Around the World camp, students get their own “passport” stamped each day with the country we are focusing on. They will not only have fun and develop their art skills, but they will also learn about geography and different cultures.

Art camps are staffed by Certified Instructors, whose main goal is to ensure that your child has the best possible experience. Safety, fun and creativity are our focus!

Here are some of our themes that are offered at various locations:

Wild Things
Sparkley Stuff
Around the World
Caribbean Adventure
Go Green and Get SmART
Famous Artists
Out of this world
Secret Agent
Make a Splash! Water Adventure
Animal Style: Where Art goes WILD
Paint, Draw and Design like a Famous Artist
So you want to be a WORLD EXPLORER?
Cirque des Arts
Mixed Mediums to the MAX!


Let our party Specialists make your child’s birthday one to remember! Choose from our most popular themes and make your party a success.


Choose KidzArt Products or KidzArt showcase to help your organization or school raise additional funds. Unlike most other programs, there is little or no work on your part.

Two exciting fundraising opportunities: KidzArt Products | KidzArt Showcase

Why you'll love us!

We give you a video art lesson for each grade. The lesson takes 15 minutes
Give your students 30 min. in the week to finish details and add color to their art
We collect the art and upload it into a gallery for each student
Parents get a flyer that explains how to order products so the school gets credit

It's this easy!

Family and friends place product orders fromt he child's FREE online art gallery all year long.
Products are shipped directly to their homes or as gifts
No work on your part. No order colelction, payment collection, no sorting, payment transactions, no packing or distributing products to kids or parents!
Your School receives a percentage of every order, all school year!
Auto notices are sent out to remind families before holidays
New art can be uploaded anytime by familes, teachers or us
An auto notice is sent when new art work is uploaded so family and friends can order again

If your school lacks an art program, we can tailor our program to meet your needs. Our curriculum meets the National Standards for Visual Art Education.

Learning happens in many ways. After 25 years of teaching and observing millions of students, we know that creativity exists in everyone. Our techniques remove the fear of failure that can block creative expression. We offer a safe classroom environment where mistakes are not an issue, they are an opportunity. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves to new levels. Our techniques and support help remove obstacles to creativity so that students can experience their own potential. Once this happens students can finally unleash and tap into their inner creativitiy. Students succeed in creating art work beyond their imagination - in their very first class.

KidzArt Showcase

All of the students artwork is on display for one night. Parents can purchase their students artwork framed and double matted at a Showcase event. The school receives 20% of frams and products sold that night.

Easy and hassle free!

Parents and students will be surprised by the quality of the artwork produced. We hope to partner with you to provide this exciting and inspirational educational fundraising program to your school each year.

Call us today (517) 782-7544 or fill in the information below and our KidzArt representative will contact you.

Major Move & Junk is here to put you at ease! Veteran owned Moving & Junk Removal company in the DMV area. We will beat any major competitors qoute!!!

We realize you have Many choices when selecting a moving company. We figured out how to limit your choices to just us. We are the only moving company that provides junk removal and household cleaning services in addition to your move. This allows us to be able to accommodate you and your needs. So let us put you at ease! We Guarantee that we'll provide you the highest quality and most cost-effective moving solution in the business. Our military-trained team has more than a decade of experience tackling the most challenging of moves with care and dedication. We specialize in:
- Local & long distance moves
- Junk Removal
- Property Clean outs
- Evictions
- Packing
- Labor only
- Residential household cleaning

So put us to work serving you today!


Established in 2014. Moving your home... it's right up there with going to the dentist for things people HATE to do. But when you're in the military, making a move is just part of the drill. New postings, new opportunities... and yet another move! We at Major Moves & Junk know what you're going through. Our founder, Evans served in the Air Force and was apart of many military-required moves during his career. Yet all the moving companies he dealt with had no clue about his special circumstances. Evans was frustrated and felt No One understood his needs for reliable, precision moving services at an affordable rate. But instead of staying angry, Evans did something about it... and founded Major Move & Junk. He along with his co-partner bring more than a decade of experience tackling the most challenging of moves with care and dedication... all at the best rates in the business. So whether your Military or just a family looking for the best value in moving, let Major Move & Junk put you at ease.

Operating as usual


This job was a "Fire damage removal and clean up" in Calvert County, Md. It was a 2 day project that required our crew to remove all fire and water damage items and save all items that weren't damaged. It was our pleasure helping this customer.


We are almost done. Great job guys!!!


Wow I am forever amazed at the great guys I have working for me. They have good work ethic, customer service and are hilarious lol. Major Move and Junk


Check out my son hard at work. He wanted to help out so bad. I am proud of him. He wants to be owner when he grew up :)


Another successful move and junk removal job and happy customer. Checkout the junk!!! #junk #winning #mmj


Major Move and Junk did another successful move and gained another happy life long customer. #successful #businessman #winning #mmj

Thank you to the customer for the great review on Yelp


Another successful day and successful move for a great customer. We love moving ;)


Bringing items to the elevator helps expedite the move. Saving time helps to save the customer money


Checkout this long hallway. Almost 200ft from the elevator to the customer door. We got our cardio workout today lol


Today we are doing a labor only move at a beautiful apartment complex in silver springs, MD. 08/04/2015

8 Ways to Improve Your Daily Prospecting Here are eight ways to improve your daily prospecting routine in order to get more clients. 08/04/2015

5 Popular Trends in New-Home Construction

It's great to see new construction. A true sign the real estate market is improving! Contact a Realtor today What building materials are trending in new-home construction? The latest Annual Builder Practices Survey, conducted by Home Innovation, reveals what buyers can expect to see in the new-home market. Read more: Designers, Builders Reveal Hot Trends for 2015 1. Garages: The garage door is getting more enhancements, including windows, insulated doors, and doors made of composite or plastic materials.


Come support our proud Marines at Quanitco tonight.

Looking for a fun family evening? Come to the National Night Out. It will be in front of the Lincoln Military Housing office on Purvis road from 6-8 p.m. There will be static displays from the MPs and base firefighters.


Wrapped and ready to be delivered to its new home #winning


What an amazing store that sells reusable furniture and items. We are picking up a "Sub Zero freezer/ refrigerator" for a great customer. Off to Capital Hill we go! #movers


Do you have some items that are bulky and need to be disposed of? Tired of all the clutter? We have a pick up truck special that will take care of that junk and will be easy on your wallet 08/03/2015

How To Ensure Your Health & Safety When Moving

Your health and peace of mind is very important to us. Moving can be really stressful and can potential cause painful injuries if lifting items the wrong way. Here is some good info to read to help prevent this. Moving can be less dangerous for you if you know the rules of safety. Follow our health & safety tips for a more secure and efficient move.


Cleanouts of all kinds and sizes are one of many services we specialize in.

Today we are in Falls Church, VA doing a eviction cleanout for a property management company. We provide same day service for cleanouts and junk removal.


Attention Realtors & Leasing Agents in the DC/MD/VA area. We at Major Move and Junk are proud to expand our realtor and leasing agent network in the area. We are now offering $50 for every guaranteed move or property clean out referral from your clients. This is a great way to earn extra income and network with each other. We do same day payouts on the day of the service.

Contact us today [email protected] with your information and lets continue to grow together.


Sometimes over a course of time we start to collect unwanted items and we need to get rid of it to free up space or get rid of unsightly things. This is what we call "junk removal" and we specialize in this.

No matter how big or small the job is we will "Put you at ease"


Getting the move done properly and safely. Gentle hands are needed for such a task


Specializing in #hoarders is one of the most rewarding and fun moves that we do. It's rewarding because we get to help people who gave emotional attachment issues and gives us a challenging move. Today we are doing a huge job and it is going to be a long day!! #junk #lowes #walmart #removal #likesforlikes #homes #realestate #movers


Properly packing the truck and securing the goods is very important when moving. Using bigger items to hold boxes and other smaller items packed on the truck tightly should be done. #movers #hoarder #realestate #homes #junk #lowes #walmart #removal #likesforlikes


Working in this weather has been a joy for the guys today. A easy move from a storage unit to an 1 bedroom apartment in College Park, MD.

[07/13/15]   We are actively seeking #veterans and hard working proud citizens to join our team in the Montgomery county, MD area. Email your verifiable resume today! [email protected] subject line (Motivated Mover)

Drivers must have a valid license, DOT medical card and good driving record. Must bring a copy of current MVR. Verifiable experience driving 24 ft box trucks, moving and packing experience, professional appearance and dependable transportation.

Movers must be hard working, experience in moving, great shape, professional appearance, dependable transportation to work and the motivation to get the job done with a smile.


Wow what a beautiful day even though it's raining. Major Move and Junk is currently moving a customer from Arlington, VA to Rockville, MD. Making moving look easy ;)


Time to maintain our work horse. She needed oil change, fuek filters, rear rotors, pads and calipers. Maintenance is key to insuring our customers belongings have safe travels to their new home. #diesel #diesellife #ford #powerstroke #autozone

[07/04/15]   Happy 4th of July!!!! God Bless America and everyone who loves this beautiful country.


Check us out in Baltimore, MD doing a full pack and load on a beautiful 3 bedroom house in the heart of the city #baltimore #move #homes #realtors


We are hard at work doing a unload in Silver Spring, MD. We are almost done. We love seeing happy customers #happy #move #realtors #home


"Rain rain go away, come back again another day" inclement weather doesn't stop the show here! All furniture is thoroughly wrapped and shrinked wrap to insure that it won't get wet


Record-breaking temperatures today and our number one priority other than taking care of our customers is to keep our guys hydrated so that they can safely perform the services needed to keep our customers smiling. #hydrate #Gatorade #powerade #thirst #likes4likes


It's time for a road trip!! Major Move and Junk is coming to a city near you.


Beautiful furniture wrapped perfectly to insure no damages. We are moving from a beautiful condominium in DC to downtown New York


We have a huge pack & move job to do today in Virginia. 230 large and medium boxes to be packed at 2 different homes and then moved to the new home.

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