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Photos from Inspired Creations's post 10/02/2020

Sometimes I transform something and just think “wow, this doesn’t even look like the same piece of furniture!” Well this little side table is one of those. I picked this up because I liked the size although it’s not my favorite style. It reminded me of the 70’s, however, this updated look really has me rethinking things. What do you like better- before or after?


Working on something cute today. This decoupage paper has me like 💕

Photos from Inspired Creations's post 09/01/2020

Finished this lovely set for a client. I hope she loves it as much as I do. What a beautiful makeover. Just goes to show what a little paint can do. How much better does it look?

Photos from Inspired Creations's post 08/25/2020

I’ll admit this little end table had seen better days when I got it, but now it’s looking totally updated. The table got a good scrub down and paint job before I used a little decoupage magic to give the top a different look. Perfect for the horse lover.


Anyone else have this problem?


When you’ve put down the first coat and are in the middle of distressing and realize you missed a big spot 😂🤦🏼‍♀️


I know I’ve been pretty quiet for months. I haven’t had that much time to myself and I honestly wasn’t feeling very creative. I’ve been working on a custom order for a client that I’m almost done with and I e had a little extra time to work on this cute table. The base is a beautiful French blue color with slight distressing and the top is a custom mix of beautiful greys. I did a little dry brushing of copper on the edges of the table. I’m loving how it’s looking so far. Going to put a durable top coat on and do a few touch ups but she’s almost done. Here is a sneaky peek...


Some projects take forever and in between winter and homeschooling this project has taken a major backseat to everything. I still have some work to do——hopefully I can carve out some time in the next few weeks to get this one finished up. It’s been sitting for way to long in my garage. Sneak peek.

Photos from Inspired Creations's post 05/04/2020

Working on a small cute thing for Mother’s Day. I can share because my mama isn’t on Facebook. I’ve been having such a hard time thinking of gifts for Mother’s Day this year. I usually shop around and find a million little things in the stores that remind me of my mom, but this year is different with quarantine. So I decided to get crafty. I braved Home Depot and found a few clay pots and saucers. Next, I sprayed the inside and outside of them with the clay pot sealer since they are porous and I wanted to paint them. It smells awful and I recommend doing it outdoors and wearing a face mask😂 after letting it dry 24 hours my pots were ready for paint. I spray painted them gold and then hand painted them with a beautiful new color I have. I could have sprayed them also but I wanted to use this pretty eggshell blue I have. next I wanted to jazz them up a bit so I used my IOD design ink and furniture stamps to make a pretty design. What do you think of the finished product?


I’m not sure about you but quarantining with my kiddo has been....interesting. Homeschooling and helping her through her schoolwork is really taking up most of my time and I find myself in desperate need of painting something. Hoping to steal some time for myself this week.... how has quarantine been going for you?


I’m a world where we are practicing social distancing like Betty


Wishing everyone an amazing Valentine’s Day filled with love, life and fun.

Photos from Inspired Creations's post 02/10/2020

I’ve been down with flu this weekend and no power too. It’s been real... finally feeling a bit better and the power is back so I snapped a few pics of this pretty makeover. What do you think? I know I’m crushing on it.


I apologize for my media black out but I had lost my inspiration for awhile. Maybe it’s the NY winter weather or the constant sickness that plagues my house with my elementary student or maybe I just wasn’t feeling like I could keep up with the demands of social media, either way I found myself not wanting to paint. So I took a break and I missed it. So I went perusing for a piece of furniture that might spark my interest. I found this cute little nightstand that I thought might do the trick and the price was right so I brought it home with me without really having a plan for it. It def needed refinishing but I wasn’t quite sure what my plan was yet. My daughter saw it and was like please mommy paint that for me... and while I considered it she really doesn’t have the room in her bedroom right now. My husband also really liked it so they fought it out and he won. In the end I painted it for him and although it’s almost done, I’m not completely finished. I thought I’d give a little sneak peek so you could see I’m still alive over here 😁

Photos from Inspired Creations's post 11/22/2019

Finally made time to take some pictures of the finished product. This has to be one of my favorites to date. I just love the blending and I love the picture on top and how it all flows together. What is your favorite part? This is for sale -contact me if interested.

Photos from Inspired Creations's post 11/15/2019

Just finished with this rustic country wine stand and I just love how it came out. Started off with a very yellow dated finish and now looks completely transformed. The tray on top is removable so you can cary it around with you. I poured a layer of resin on the tray so it is super beautiful and very durable. This would be the perfect Christmas gift for the wine lover in your family. Who is crushing on plaid as much as me right now?


I promised a picture but I didn’t deliver😬 I’ve needed to add the last top coat on this baby and it’s been a little cold out. Put the top coat on this morning so here is an unstaged little sneak peek.


Sneak peek of my a little bit country project I’m working on....this little cutie is almost done and I just love how she is looking. A few more things to do before I’m ready for the full reveal.


I’m working on about four projects right now but the progress has been so slow and I haven’t shared in awhile. I have one super cute two drawer dresser that’s been sucking up my time. I stained the top and hated it so I sanded it down, stained it a diff color and hated it so I sanded it down again and tried one more time only to really really hate it again. So I shifted gears and went in a different direction and I’m so glad I did. The end result is pretty amazing. Keep an eye out in a few days for the unveiling😉 in the meantime, check out this vintage table I found yesterday... it needs some work but it’s soo cute! I’m not sure what my plan is for it yet. I think I need to stare at it some
More. What color are you feeling?

Photos from Inspired Creations's post 10/23/2019

A small little makeover. My grandfather made this little end table many moons ago and it had seen better days. Had a big crack down the top but you would never know now. I’ve really been feeling the plaid lately so I added a cute little plaid stencil to the top. ♥️


Awhile ago you al voted on a poll I created for what color to paint my next project. I was torn between purples and blues. This weather has me getting out the 🎨. Working on this cute smaller dresser and some blending. Sneak peek. I think we chose right.

Photos from Inspired Creations's post 09/23/2019

I added a few finishing touches to the cedar chest and here she is finished and fabulous. What a change. Loving it. What do you want changed in your home?

Photos from Inspired Creations's post 09/14/2019

My grandmother passed away last winter and my mom was left in charge of selling her items. One thing she couldn’t get anyone to take was this Lane Cedar Chest. I couldn’t figure out why since the cedar smells so wonderful inside and it was in pretty good shape with a working lock and Key. hard to find them with the working locks. It was sort of an eyesore. I mean, it’s screaming I’m from the 70’s with it’s laminate exterior. Not very cute but loads of potential. So I told her if it didn’t sell I’d take it and make it beautiful. She was like well I don’t know how you are going to do that it’s laminate.... and I told her I know exactly how to work with laminate. I have special products that will help me be able to paint it. Well, it didn’t sell so she brought it over a few weeks ago. My husband keeps telling me not to paint the cedar and I told him I have no intention of painting the cedar inside or on the back. But I do plan on making it pretty. Not completely finished but mostly there.... just have to add some wax to seal it all together. Do you think it’s improved? Don’t mind my garage pictures—it’s still in progress.

Photos from Inspired Creations's post 09/06/2019

My mom gave me this old cedar chest of my grandmothers. The cedar is in great condition but the outside, well, let’s just say it isn’t my favorite look. I’ve done a few things and then added some primer. I think it’s already looking better! Now to choose a paint color... I think I have something in mind but I’m curious what color would you paint it?


Sorry for my social media blackout this summer but I was super busy with my little one. Now that school is starting back up on Thursday, I am looking forward to getting some painting time in. In the meantime, here is a custom order I just completed. Started out as a simple unfinished pine cabinet (blank canvas) and ended up looking beautiful and elegant. I painted a corner cabinet for the client before and she wanted me to give this one the same finish. I think they are going to look so great together.


I snagged these two beauties right at the end of the school year and they have been sitting in my garage collecting dust since then! This summer has been crazy busy with my little one home ...honestly I’ve been finding it so difficult to carve out time for myself and have definitely not carved out time to paint. I’ve had a vision for these for a few months now and I think it’s finally time to start working on them! Today I got them all taken apart and cleaned and ready for the next step. I have something pretty in mind for these two...just for fun, if these were yours what would you do to make them beautiful again?

Photos from Inspired Creations's post 07/11/2019

Finally put this bad boy back together. This summer has been crazy busy and I really haven’t had much time to work on the things I’ve been wanting to but I made some time this morning to finalize this one. This tea cart has a new lease on life. Painted up in a cool white. I decided I wanted to add some elegance but didn’t want anything tooo crazy so I added a white stencil on top. You can see the difference between the whites and I think it is just the perfect touch it needed.


I finally tackled putting the sides back on the tea cart, it only took me an hour. I have to say putting things back together is not my strong suit 😂. I couldn’t figure out why the hardware holes were not lining up no matter what I did.... well it turns out I put the wrong side on. Whoops. But I eventually figured it out and she’s looking good so far. Need to add a sealer to the top and then attempt to put the handle and wheels back on. I’m loving the little subtle pop of blue. What do you think?


Sorry I’ve been MIA this week, my brain has been on summer break 😂 and also I was enjoying some time with my little one. I’m still working on finishing touches on the tea cart but she should be done soon and I think she’s going to look great. I’m getting excited to put it back together and see the finished project. In the meantime, Fusion Mineral paint has come out with a few new colors. I’m loving one in particular and I bought a big container of it. I also bought a few samples of two other new colors. Now I’m in need of some things to paint. What do you think I should paint this pretty Purple color?


Just finished this cute teacher gift for my daughters K teacher for the last day of school. Making a curved letter with the crayons def. proved to be a challenge but it came out super cute anyway.




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