Stonewood Jewelry

All my pieces are handcrafted fine jewelry inspired by nature, using stones, sea glass, sea shells,

All Stonewood Jewelry is handcrafted fine jewelry inspired by nature, using stones, sea shells, sea glass, semi-precious gems, crystals, pearls, and precious metals.


The color blue.


Hi Campers. The latest health news not great. I had an incident with CHF… again. Now I’m in a nursing home joint in MD. I should get out in a week- ten days. Our new apartment should be ready by then. The bed sucks almost as much as the food does . We’ll be moving to Kensington. Looking forward to it. All our stuff is stored at Jason’s house. Hope all is well with you.


Here are 3 new pair of earrings. The oblong ones are 2”long and are a variant of Larimar. The rectangular ones are 1.25” long and are variant of Jasper. The sparklies are 7/8” long and are made of Navy blue stone with a ring of hand-set Cubic Zirconia. All use sterling silver ear wires.

The stone pairs are available for $30 each, shipping and tax included. The CZ pair cost me a lot more so they’re available for $40, again shipping and tax included.

I accept Visa MC & Amex. If you want to buy one or more, call me at 207.776.1795 to keep your card info secure.

Your opinion is welcome regardless if you purchase or not. Thanks. More to follow.


Things are going well with packing up the house and all, so when I wanted to do some earring creating I was bummed because all my jewelry stuff is in boxes! Things will just have to wait until we get to our new place and unpack.


I've already given away/thrown away a lot of old supplies, but I still have a double-chamber rock polisher that I've never used available. Also I have an Evenheat Set-Pro jewelry kiln available that's only been used a few times. Please contact me at [email protected] so we can talk prices, delivery, or shipping.


With the upcoming move already in the works, I had to take a hard look at what I had and what I wanted to do. I've decided to concentrate on earrings in design and manufacturing.


I've been revamping my studio space so I can start making some pieces once again. I should be done in couple of days. Published photos will be added as soon as possible.Thank you for your patience.


Getting my jewelry studio put back together. It should be done in a day or so. I'm feeling good about starting again. The Burnout Blues are pretty much over with. You should be able to see some new things fairly soon.


I'm sorry it's been so long since I've made any posts. I was all out of creative direction as well as out of money. I went back on the road selling, which has been fine. Now that I've had time to think, I've put a few new designs down on paper. I'll have some pieces to you in the coming weeks.


Rather than continue my blind search for my "style", I think I had already found it quite some time ago, but I wasn't really sure of myself. Now I am. I'll be returning to a simpler style, made from stones, sea glass and sea shells. Sometimes a simpler and cleaner design is just what the doctor ordered. Pics to follow soon.


It's great that when the pressure of manufacturing is turned off, creativity can be turned on.


Our next show isn't until mid-September. This will give me time to make some new stuff and give me a much needed break. I've been working for 5 weeks straight w/o a day off. See us at the York Art Festival on the 14th.


The Brunswick Outdoor Art Festival is over and it was great! The weather was perfect and a lot of people attended. And they bought a buncha our stuff. We did just about as much as last year, which is good cuz this whole season has been off a fair amount from last year.


Next week: The Brunswick Outdoor Art Festival. See you all next Saturday right on Maine Street.


We'll be wrapping things up soon here at the Bar Harbor Art Festival. Overall a nice place, good weather, and not a lot of people. We did well with the people who came.


Saturday at the Bar Harbor Art Fair. Weather is perfect. Traffic only fair. Sales are very slow. Where did everyone go?


First day of Bar Harbor Art Festival is done. Despite torrential rains almost all day, we managed to sell a few items whenever there was a lull in the storm. I've never been this wet without being in a pool. Le's hope Sat & Sun are dry so the people can come out and play!!


This weekend come up to Bar Harbor, Maine for lobstah, great shopping, great eats and a great Arts Festival this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, August 9-11. We hope to see you there!!


We just spent the weekend at the Art Festival in Northeast Harbor, Maine. The weather was perfect and the people came out and had a good time. The good news is they bought a buncha our jewelry. The bad news is I have to make a lot more before Friday's start of the Bar Harbor Art Festival. Think of that show as 3 days (and eves) of tourists, cruise ship patrons, and locals all out looking for a great way to spend their money!! Sorta brings a tear to my eye.


Sunday at Grand Lake Stream and the weather held nicely. The people came out bought another buncha stuff. We had a great show, even did better than last year. We'll stay over tonite & leave for Portland tomorrow morning.


The sales day started slowly but then the skies cleared and it turned out to be a great day. The people all came out and bought a whole buncha stuff. We've covered our expenses so tomorrow is all profit!! Yay!! Let's all say a prayer to the weather gods for another good day tomorrow.


Cabin was nice. Rustic but clean. Woke to clearing skies. Breakfast was fabulous. Got to site and almost all water was gone. No more Lake Stonewood!!


Setup day at Grand Lake Stream Folk Art Festival. Poured like hell. We had to switch our booth because it was ankle deep under water. We managed somehow and went to our cabin soaked completely through.


I'll be working on some new bangles this week. They'll debut next weekend at the Grand Lake Stream Festival. Lots of colors with geometric shapes. Pictures will be posted ASAP.


We're kinda glad we don't have a show scheduled this weekend. The heat around here has been pretty much unbearable. Next weekend we'll be returning to Grand Lake Stream, ME for the GLS Arts & Crafts Festival. We hope to catch up with good friend Jeff Berry, who just happens to have a camp there. Go figure.


We offer Glass vials with cork stoppers with a choice of genuine Maine Ocean Beach Sand, Maine Sea Glass, and Maine Ocean Shells. The Sterling Silver plated chain is 24" long.


Sometimes simple yet elegant is the way to go. I've been working at making my pieces simpler, but without looking plain. Here is a piece of Italian Murano glass that has a hint of color and strands of gold embedded in the glass. A simple, gold-filled chain is all that's needed to complete the necklace.


Here's a new necklace, hot off the workbench.


I thought you'd like to get a sneak peek at a pieces I made for the show.


We're getting ready for the show in Norway, Maine this Saturday. They close off Main Street for the day and the place turns into a big old party atmosphere. Come by and say hello if you're near the Oxford Hills area.


We had a good show in Bethel, Maine. Except for the bugs. We sprayed and sprayed and covered ourselves in lotion, but Marilyn still got about 40 bites and she was in agony. I got 2.


We've been making a lot of new pieces lately. Here's a picture of one of our pieces made from Polymer Clay. I love the bright colors and the piece weighs barely more than an ounce. More pictures to come soon.


Stonewood Jewelry's cover photo


Here's a picture of one our new necklaces in our new Mementos Collection.


We just finished our second show in Lake George, NY. The weather was beautiful and the rain held off until just after we finished packing up. Yay!! The show didn't produce as much as we had hoped, and all of the other vendors we spoke to said basically the same thing, no matter what they were selling. Oh well, on to the next venue. We'll be at the Bethel Arts Festival on Saturday, July 6.


Our new Home Page is now fully functional!! Yay! Click on the Mementos Collection box to see a lot more of our new line of jewelry. Mementos is a fun and funky group of necklaces designed to connect a certain memory of yours to one of our images. Check it out. More images will be added almost daily. So far we are very pleased with the response we've gotten. And if you don't see a specific type of image, ask us and we'll make it for you.




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