Rock House Farms, LLC.

Rock House Farms, LLC.


Come and eat with us Saturday at the Heflin Independence Day Celebration from 4-8.
Rock House Farms, LLC. will be grilling their delicious farm fresh burgers. 🍔
Pecan Farm on Main will have a variety of sweet treats.🧁
Lip Smacking Good Lemonade will be serving their refreshing lemonade.🍋
New Orleans Style Sno-Balls will have Yummy Icy Sno-Balls🍧
Pasture-raised beef, local honey, juicy peaches, sweet jams and refreshing ice cream were all on the menu for Alfa Insurance and Farmers Federation employees shopping at the Alfa Farmers Market Day today.

A big thank you to our vendors!
- Rock House Farms, LLC.
- East Alabama Bee Company
- Boozer Farms
- Hornsby Farms
- Blue Ribbon Dairy, LLC
- Sweet Grown Alabama
Do you struggle with your Dad’s gift for Father’s Day? Try a Box or Bundle from Rock House Farms, LLC..
Go visit Rock House Farms, LLC. this Saturday. Their store will be open from 8-12.
The Lodge is a great place to reconnect with friends, meet new ones and gather over shared interests. We recently had the pleasure of meeting Rock House Farms during Alabama Farmers Federation Conference. and we're proud to witness these young farmers' success.

📹: Rock House Farms, LLC.

Learn more about hosting your next group meeting at the Lodge:
Spent a relaxing weekend soaking in the sun down at the beach with some great friends—and I even got to drop off this sweet piece with a sweet soul!
If you don’t know me, you may not know my love for agriculture. This weekend my husband and I attended the Alabama young conference (yes, at the beach 😎) where we got to interact with farmers from all across the state of Alabama. It’s amazing to me to see the devotion to Alabama agriculture that our farmers have. These people are truly one of a kind. They love what they do, and they love learning, advocating, and educating others who may not know much about their field. The gifts and knowledge that these friends of ours have is inspiring. I’ve always been drawn to agriculture, and even tho I’m not directly involved anymore, I still love to advocate for this great industry.
If you’re in Alabama, (or even if you’re not) and you wanna learn more about agriculture, I would highly recommend following these accounts! They are good people, good families, and have a passion for feeding the world. Go follow them and support your farmers!
Rock House Farms, LLC.
Rockin’ U Farm
Hardin Farms
Friends, I know there’s a lot of accounts that I missed, so feel free to tag your favorite farm accounts! I’d love to share and support through my account here, so tag away!
Congratulations Rock House Farms, LLC.! We love your sweet family and are so proud to have your business in Cleburne County!
Jordyn from Rockin’ U Farm, Rebecca from Hardin Farms and Karah from Rock House Farms, LLC. presented on social media | YF Conference
Did you know you can support Sweet Grown Alabama farmers right from the comfort of your home?

Visit and select business type > online sales to view a list of farms that sell online and ship right to your doorstep, just like our friends at Rock House Farms, LLC.!
Wishing all our members and their families a Happy Valentine's Day.

📸: Rock House Farms, LLC.
Our friends at Rock House Farms, LLC. have big news! They will be starting shipping their products across the Southern US next week. Learn more 👇
Karah and Kaleb Skinner have one of the hardest stories we’ve ever shared. While this story of tragedy on their farm is tough, their faith hasn’t wavered and their story continues to be beautifully written. Join us again for this week’s Growing America Story. Thank you Rock House Farms, LLC. for sharing your story with us.
Look at what just RESTOCKED!!

LADIES!! You can’t get this scent anywhere else! We formulated this specialty scent just for Rock House Farms! And let me tell you they smell AMAZING! (and when I say amazing I mean like sexy cowboy amazing)🧑🏼‍🌾

This candle is exclusively sold on the Rock House Farms website so click the link below to snag yours before they sell out again!

Rock House Farms, LLC.
This morning we spent time with wife + mama, Karah, from Rock House Farms!

Karah wanted to come visit our store, help us pour her wholesale order for their new farm store, + learn all about our candles✨ we had so much fun chatting and making candles together! Be sure to check out Rock House Farms, LLC.!

We are SO excited to share our brand-new Every Child Home Podcast! It will take a few days for it to show up in all of the podcasts apps, so if it's not showing up in yours, you can add it with this address: Check out our premiere episode, the first of a two-parter with Karah and Kaleb Skinner of Rock House Farms, LLC.

This podcast will feature conversations with foster and adoptive families as well as with experts from state and local agencies, the court system, and more. It's part of our work to raise awareness about foster care and adoption in a way that's both informational and inspirational.

As part of our rollout this weekend, we'll post part 2 of this conversation tomorrow afternoon and a third episode on Saturday; after that, we'll drop a new episode each week. Check it out and let us know what you think; we believe it will be an incredible resource.
Startin' em' young. 🌱

📸: Rock House Farms, LLC.

Pasture Raised, Grassfed Beef
Pasture Raised Pork
Shipping offered & on site Farm Store!


We have almost sold out of our monthly special but still have a few left! This is a great box with some awesome cuts for several hearty meals at home with your family! Chuck roast, whole chicken, stew beef, cubed steak, NY steaks and short ribs PLUS a free pack of local pecans for some delicious fall baking recipes. This order can be packed for local pick up/deliver or can be shipped to any home in the US. Check it out at the link below!


Our farm store will be closed this Saturday morning for any in-store shopping, but if you'd like to place an order ahead of time and schedule an in store pick up we can have it ready for you to pick up anytime! We pack orders everyday during the week and weekend for customers to pick up at their convenience. Don't forget we have farm fresh eggs, jams and jellies, hand poured candles and fresh pecans! We would be pleased to pack up an order for you to pick up anytime. Please call / text us with any questions at 770-722-4981 or visit our website at


We will be delivering orders in Tallapoosa/Bremen this evening from 6:15-6:45 GA time! If you'd like to place an order online before then, we can meet you at the Piggly Wiggly in Tallapoosa or at Walgreens in Bremen. Choose "farm pick up" at check out and text the number in your confirmation email. Don't forget to add on fresh eggs to your local order if you'd like!

We will be delivering orders to the Heflin area TOMORROW (Thursday) at 10:30am if you'd like to place an order online before then! We can meet you at the Papa's Pizza parking lot or WM grocery store. Choose "farm pick up" at check out and text the number in your confirmation email. Don't forget to add on fresh eggs to your local order if you'd like!

Our farm store will be closed this Saturday morning for in store shopping but orders can be placed ahead of time and scheduled to be picked up anytime.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


On the menu this week? GRILLED BURGERS. As a family who spends a whole lot of time outdoors, we are glad for cooler weather. And lately these cool evenings are honestly are FAVORITE time for grilling. We have burgers patties in stock this week and there is not much better than a farm fresh beef burger(and we often use ground pork too 😋). Place your orders online and schedule an in store pick up at your convenience or we can meet in Tallapoosa/Bremen this Wednesday afternoon or in Heflin this Thursday morning! Please message me with any questions you may have about ordering from us! We are happy to help!


Shipments will go out tomorrow! Orders over $199 in AL and GA will ship free and most are delivered next day (some areas, 2 day). But all orders are shipped in an insulated box with dry ice and will arrive frozen at your doorstep. We ship anywhere in the US!

If you're local, we are happy to pack up an order for you to pick up or meet you with an online order in Heflin, Tallapoosa or Bremen! Just choose farm pick up at checkout and schedule by texting the number in your email.

Don't forget that you can add on sauces, jams, jellies, pecans, candles and more to any order and local orders can add on fresh eggs for pick up or local delivery as well! Thank you all for supporting your local farmers!


Happy Monday everyone! ☀️

What a great selection of some of our best sellers! You’re sure to have some delicious meals to prepare with this bundle in your freezer!

1 - 2.5-3lb. chuck roast

2 pks. beef short ribs

2 pks. cubed steak

1 pk. stew meat

1 pk. NY strips (2/pk.)

1 pk. burger patties (4 pk.)

1 whole pasture raised chicken (3-4 lbs.)

Included is a FREE pack of fresh pecan halves and pieces from Futral Farms!

We will ship orders out TOMORROW! Order in GA and AL over $199 ship for free! Locals can choose farm pick up at check out and schedule an in store pick up or plan to meet us in Bremen/Tallapoosa or Heflin!


There is still time to apply for scholarships with AFC! ⭐ Visit for more information!

Photos from Rock House Farms, LLC.'s post 09/15/2023

Our store will be open tomorrow morning! We have a great selection of beef and pork and are running a special on all of our burger patties (B3G1 Free!) on both our 4 and 6 packs of patties. We have some beautiful ribeyes, NY Strips, sirloins, briskets, pork chops, roasts, flavored sausages and more! We also have a fridge full of fresh eggs, bags of fresh local pecans, a new selection of local jams - jellies - pickled okra - hot sauces, and bunch of new hand poured candles! We hope to see you tomorrow!

Saturday, Sept 16 / 8am-12pm CST

Storefront location:
329 County Road 26
Fruithrust, AL 36262

Photos from Rock House Farms, LLC.'s post 09/15/2023

Happy 12th birthday to our firstborn baby, Addie Ruth! She has been with us from the very beginning. When we were new to the parenting gig, new to the farming gig, new to the fostering and adoption gig - she was there. When we were getting up at dawn for months to sell at local farmers markets - she was there. When she lost her baby sister and our world shattered into a million pieces - she was there nurturing and loving, as always. When we headed to the hospital to have a baby sibling - she was there both times(with worry and anticipation). I am certain she was given to me first because she is forgiving, she loves fiercely, she is protective and she has the most sympathetic heart of anyone I know -- and I have needed all of those things from her over the last 12 years. She's my pride and joy and we love her so very much. Happy Birthday, Ruthie ❤


Ya'll come by and see us this Saturday morning! We have a great selection of our beef and pork (roasts, steaks, cubed steak, stew beef, breakfast sausages, burger patties, and more!) as well as fresh eggs, local pecans from Futral Farms, local jams and jellies from Hornsby Farms, hand poured candles from The Studio by Laurel Rose Company and a few extras!

If you can't make it out to see us, you can place an order online and choose "farm pick up" to schedule a pick up at your earliest convenience or we'd be happy to meet you with it if you're local to the Heflin, Tallapoosa or Bremen areas.

We are also happy to ship out any order to you! We ship out meat orders every Tuesday and we ship out non-perishable orders daily. If you'd like to try a candle or some jams, we have a flat rate shipping fee and can ship anywhere in the US!

Thanks for supporting local farm families!

329 County Road 26
Fruithurst, AL 36262
Sat., Sept 16 (8am-12pm CST)



This special includes some of our best sellers AND comes with a freebie! Have it shipped to you OR choose farm pick up at check out if you'd like to schedule a pick up. We can also pack this one up for purchase in store this Saturday morning. 🥩🍔


Photos from Rock House Farms, LLC.'s post 09/13/2023

Sausage and orzo soup, pot roasts, stir fry, grilled burgers, and mouth-watering pork chops are a great way to bring your family around the dinner table! We've got a pretty great list of recipes that our family loves on our website! You can check them out in the "recipes" tab of our website.

We began raising livestock for this reason - to provide our family with delicious and healthy meals! And now we sell these nourishing proteins right from our farm. Our farm store will be open this Saturday morning for in-shore shopping OR you can place an order on our website and schedule to swing by our farm and pick it up at your convenience. We also meet customers with pick up orders in Heflin, Oxford, Tallapoosa and Bremen.

We have a great selection of our premium, pasture raised beef and pork. Brisket, Boston Butt, sirloins, NY strips, cubed steak, chuck roasts, stew meat, fajita meat, pork chops, flavored sausages and more. We also have farm fresh eggs available as well as locally sourced pecans, jams, jellies, pickled okra, hot sauces, hand poured candles and more. We would love for you to try some of our amazing products!

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see how we raised our animals and enjoy the "behind the scenes" of our family farm.


Happy Wednesday!

Don't forget that our farm store will be open this Saturday morning for in store shopping. We have a great selection of beef, pork, eggs, local pecans, jams and jellies, pickled okra, hand poured candles, and more! And of course there are always chickens kiddos waiting to greet you. Hope to see you Saturday!

September 16, 8am-12pm CST
329 County Road 26
Fruithurst, AL 36262


Thank you to everyone who ordered via shipment this week! We shipped to Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Virginia. We appreciate you choosing to buy our farm fresh products both near and far.

If you're local and would like to place an order, choose farm pick up at checkout and then schedule your pick up by texting the number in your confirmation email. We have a great selection of meats in stock right now including brisket, steaks, pork chops, cubed steak, burger patties, flavored sausages and more.

Visit our website to order!


Our family enjoyed a wonderful break from the farm this week as we headed south and soaked up the sun and salt water for a few days! Thank you to everyone who ordered and waited patiently for our fulfillments to start back up this week! We appreciate you. We will ship out orders tomorrow and will fulfill pick up orders all week.

We will be delivering to the Bremen/Tallapoosa area this Wednesday if you'd like to order locally. Choose "farm pick up" at check out and then text the number on your confirmation email to let us know!

Our store will also be open this Saturday morning from 8am-12pm CST.


Shipments will go out tomorrow!

If you’d like an order shipped to your home, order soon! If you’re local and you’d like to schedule a pick up or meet up - choose “FARM PICK-UP” at checkout and then let me know when you’d like to pick up!

Happy Monday, everyone! ☀️


Together We Grow Foundation’s very first "Agri-Shoot" will be September 27th at Selwood Farm! This new nonprofit serves to raise money for youth scholarships in the ag community and all proceeds from the event will go directly into the Together We Grow Foundation Scholarship Fund.

We look forward to seeing everyone at Selwood and raising money for the next generation of ag.

If you love the clays and want to support this cause, join us as a team or sponsor.

Photos from Rock House Farms, LLC.'s post 09/07/2023

Just a few of our farm store extras provided by locals right here in AL and GA! All of these items are listed on our website and can be shipped to homes anywhere in the US. Check them all out at the link below (shipments will go out again next Tuesday!)


All orders placed this week won't be fulfilled and ready for pick up until Monday Sept. 11. Shipments will go out again Tuesday, September 12. Thank you all for your unwavering support of our family farm!


We are so thankful for our customers and the time they take to leave us reviews on our website. It means so much to us as a small business and also as producers hoping to sell quality products to consumers. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙏

Photos from Rock House Farms, LLC.'s post 09/04/2023

According to, "Labor Day, an annual celebration of workers and their achievements, originated during one of American labor history’s most dismal chapters. In the late 1800s, at the height of the Industrial Revolution in the United States, the average American worked 12-hour days and seven-day weeks in order to eke out a basic living."

We are a first generation farm here, but that doesn't mean we do this alone. In honor of Labor Day, I've posted pictures of our parents and grandparents - all American workers who have shaped and molded us into the "young" farmers that we are today. If not for the generations of hard work and an unyielding work ethic, we wouldn't be where we are. We are so grateful for these people who have and continue to help us grow and thrive as a family with love for us as the center of it all. For us, they make today a day worth celebrating. 🇺🇸


Hello Facebook Friends! We have met so many people both in store and online over the past several weeks as our followers have increased to over 8k here on Facebook! We're so honored that you've decided to follow along with us on our journey as beef + pork producers here in Alabama and backyard homesteaders. We began this journey in 2015 and have learned in a little along the way. Our farm in first generation, but we have lots of help and support from our parents and grandparents. Farming is hard work and if you're not making a profit, it's just an expensive hobby. We work hard to produce a finished product that we sell to customers in order to provide for our family and we are proud to do just that for the last 7+ years. We have a website where you can order online, check out recipes, check out our story, and take a look at photos from our farm. We also have a small on site farm store where we sell from each weekend. We have been honored to provide to the same loyal customers during this 8 year period and we are honored that we have new customers come in each Saturday. It never gets old to us and is one of the best parts of the whole gig. We are thankful for you and thankful that you share, recommend, purchase, and support our farm products. We wouldn't be here without you!

Love, The Skinner Family


If you couldn't make it out to see us today, don't forget we will be open tomorrow! We've got steaks, brisket, pork chops, ground beef, sausages, burgers, eggs, pecans, jams, jellies, sauces and MORE!

Sunday, Sept. 3, 1-4pm CST
329 County Road 26
Fruithurst, AL 36262


This weekend we will be open for a few hours Sunday afternoon for those who may not can make it our Saturday morning! Stop by and shop with us!

Saturday, Sept. 2
8am-12pm CST

Sunday, Sept 3
1pm-4pm CST

329 County Rd 26
Fruithurst, AL 36262

Photos from Rock House Farms, LLC.'s post 08/31/2023

When we began this journey years ago, our aim was to raise a healthy, delicious product from start to finish that we would feel was the best choice for our growing family. All these years later, I am still proud of at meal time because I know that what we are serving (and selling) is just that. Whether you're grilling a premium ribeye steak, making a quick spaghetti dinner, or serving up sausage for breakfast--know that our family is proud to offer so many options of proteins that we raised right here on our farm in the best way possible.

Steaks, brisket, cubed steak, stew beef, sausages, pork chops, pork ribs, and more will all be in store this Saturday morning for our in-store shoppers.

Along with our beef + pork we will have:
~Fresh, pasture raised eggs
~Whole, pasture raised chickens from Earnest Roots Farm
~Local pecans from Futral Farms
~Newly featured jams and jellies from Hornsby Farms
~Local hot sauce
~Hand poured candles from Laurel Rose Co.
+ a few custom RHF merch items.

Saturday, Sept. 2
8am-12pm CST

329 County Rd 26
Fruithurst, AL 36262


✨Now through Monday! ✨

This deal will remain for in store shopping and online pick up orders only!
Sirloin steaks, NY Strips and Bone-In Ribeyes are on sale. 🥩

We will have a restock on more of our premium steaks just in time for our Saturday morning shoppers! Filets, Boneless Ribeyes, NY Strips and more will be restocked.

Along with steaks we have tons of great choices for your Labor Day celebrations like burger patties, pork chops, ribs and more. We will also restock our chuck roasts, cubed steak, ground beef and stew meat. 🍔 (AND FRESH EGGS!)

From other local farms we will have:
~whole, pasture raised chickens from Earnest Roots farms
~fresh pecans from Futral Farms
~jams + jellies from Hornsby Farms

Plan to come see us this Saturday morning, Sept. 2.

8am-12pm CST
329 County Road 26
Fruithurst, AL 36262

Photos from Rock House Farms, LLC.'s post 08/31/2023

We are so stoked to begin offering Hornsby Farms jellies, jams and pickled veggies in our farm store! This Alabama Farm is located outside of Auburn and grows over 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables year round to produce many varieties of sweet jams, pepper jellies, pickled vegetables and preserves.

We will have a great assortment of their products including Strawberry Pineapple, Bramble, Blackstraw, Sweet Heat Pepper, Sweet Bell Pepper, Sweet Banana Pepper, Peach Habanero, and pickled okra.

Look for these new additions in our farm store this Saturday!

Open 8am-12noon CST
Saturday, Sept. 2

329 County Road 26
Fruithurst, AL 36262


We have many family favorite recipes on our website including this "Perfectly Grilled Pork Chop" recipe. Visit our recipe page at the link below. Bone-in Pork chops are currently in stock as well as 4 pk. Boneless pork chops! 😋


All of our beef cuts have been restocked this week! 10-20lb. Ground beef bundles are available and several of our premium steaks are on sale now through Monday!

Schedule an in store pick up for any day of the week or let me know if you'd like to schedule a pick up in the Tallapoosa, Heflin or Bremen areas during the week and we can arrange that as well!

We will not be shipping out orders again until Tuesday, September 12.

Don't forget about our great Labor Day special which includes steaks, burgers, pork belly, Boston butt, and more. It also comes with a free bottle of Alabama made BBQ sauce!

Photos from Rock House Farms, LLC.'s post 08/28/2023

Our small business is a family affair! Our kiddos sure do earn their keep around here and we couldn't be more proud of them for all of their hard work. Remember that we will ship out orders tomorrow, August 29! Our ground beef bundles are back in stock AND Labor Day special along with any order over $199 ships free in AL and GA.

Items like t-shirts, candles, pecans, stickers and tea towels ship anywhere in the US for a flat rate of $5. We have a last chance sale on our t-shirts and also a fun new selection of our hand poured candles in stock! Add on any of these items to a meat order at no extra shipping charge.


Are you ready?!? Here it is!!! Check out our 2023 Corn Maze!! So exciting! We can not wait!! 🌾
Big thanks to our friend for the drone footage!!


Ground Beef bundles are back in stock!

Tomorrow will be our last shipping day until September 12. If you need your order shipped, check out before 7am tomorrow morning.

If you’re local and would like to schedule an in store pick up or plan to meet in the Tallapoosa/Heflin/Bremen areas, choose farm pick-up at check out and text the number in the confirmation email to schedule it.

We fulfill local pick up orders everyday of the week!

Don’t forget about our Labor Day sales going on now through Monday!


Now through Labor Day all sirloins, NY Strips, and Bone-In Ribeyes are on sale for 20-50% off(while supplies last)! Schedule an in-store pick up anytime, or we deliver to the Heflin/Tallapoosa/Bremen areas each week. Shipments will go out this Tuesday, August 29 and orders over $199 in AL and GA ship FREE!



"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

(Galatians 6:9)


Our Labor Day sale starts now and runs through Labor Day(Monday, September 4).
We also have a HUGE sale on our steaks!

Our Labor Day special includes NY Strips, Sirloin steaks, Pork Belly, Boston Butt, Burgers Patties, Beef Ribs, Whole Chicken AND comes with a free bottle of Bully Red BBQ Sauce!

This special ships free anywhere in AL or GA and shipments will go out this Tuesday, August 29. Pick up orders can schedule their pick up for any day and we deliver to Bremen/Tallapoosa/Heflin areas each week!

(We will not be fulfilling orders via shipment or online pick up September 5-10.)

Shop the Labor Day Special here:

Photos from Rock House Farms, LLC.'s post 08/26/2023

We currently have two litters of piglets available. First litter(ready now) are 1/4 Tamworth and 3/4 Berkshire. We have 6 remaining.

The second litter is 1/2 Berkshire and 1/2 Gloucestershire Old Spot. These will be ready to wean in 2 weeks. 10 available.

Located in FRUITHURST, AL.

Message us or text for pricing info as the post will be flagged for violation if prices are posted. Please share with anyone who may be interested.

Kaleb @ 334-300-0108
Karah @ 770-722-4981


Red Land Cotton is a 100% American grown + American made business that we love and support! 🇺🇸

Use my code “KARAH15” at checkout and receive a 15% discount on your entire purchase!

Happy International Dog Day to the bestest friends around! Give them a hug and a kiss and MAYBE let them curl up in your bedding! They deserve it! :)

Photos from Rock House Farms, LLC.'s post 08/25/2023

Come see us this weekend!

We will have a great selection of our pasture raised meats including ribeyes, sirloins, NY strips, cubed steak, stew meat, burger patties, sausage patties, pork ribs, pork chops, flavored sausages, pork roasts and Earnest Roots Farm pasture raised whole chickens.

We also have plenty of our pasture raised, free range eggs, locally sourced pecans from Futral Farms, bbq sauces, hot sauces, hand poured candles, and some of our custom RHF merch.

We hope you’d plan to stop by and see us this Saturday, August 26 from 8am-12pm CST.

329 County Road 26

Order ahead and pick up on store at

Photos from Rock House Farms, LLC.'s post 08/24/2023

We are excited to partner with our friends over at Earnest Roots Farm and now offer their pasture-raised whole chickens in our farm store.

These chickens range from 3-4 lbs. each and are raised on pasture—rotated daily for a fresh grass, fresh bugs experience and fed a non-GMO verified feed. These will be available in our store beginning this Saturday!

They’re also available on our website for online orders if you’d like to reserve before Saturday since quantity is limited!

We will be open 8am-12pm CST.

Storefront Location:
329 County Rd 26
Fruithurst, AL 36262

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Rock House Story

We believe that raising food from the ground up is a forgotten treasure. We like to know that what we eat is raised naturally and in a healthy environment. We decided that those around us would too, so we made a business selling meats from our farm.

Matthew 7:24 “Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock..”

Videos (show all)

Apparently I don’t know Merle Haggard like I thought I did 😂😂😂 #karaokechallenge
It’s a boy! 💙
When the sun goes down over here usually the animals have already been fed, but Sundays are late for us so we decided to...




Fruithurst, AL

Opening Hours

8am - 12pm

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