Rock House Farms, LLC.

Rock House Farms, LLC.


Did you know you can support Sweet Grown Alabama farmers right from the comfort of your home?

Visit and select business type > online sales to view a list of farms that sell online and ship right to your doorstep, just like our friends at Rock House Farms, LLC.!
Wishing all our members and their families a Happy Valentine's Day.

📸: Rock House Farms, LLC.
Our friends at Rock House Farms, LLC. have big news! They will be starting shipping their products across the Southern US next week. Learn more 👇
Karah and Kaleb Skinner have one of the hardest stories we’ve ever shared. While this story of tragedy on their farm is tough, their faith hasn’t wavered and their story continues to be beautifully written. Join us again for this week’s Growing America Story. Thank you Rock House Farms, LLC. for sharing your story with us.
Look at what just RESTOCKED!!

LADIES!! You can’t get this scent anywhere else! We formulated this specialty scent just for Rock House Farms! And let me tell you they smell AMAZING! (and when I say amazing I mean like sexy cowboy amazing)🧑🏼‍🌾

This candle is exclusively sold on the Rock House Farms website so click the link below to snag yours before they sell out again!

Rock House Farms, LLC.
This morning we spent time with wife + mama, Karah, from Rock House Farms!

Karah wanted to come visit our store, help us pour her wholesale order for their new farm store, + learn all about our candles✨ we had so much fun chatting and making candles together! Be sure to check out Rock House Farms, LLC.!

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We are SO excited to share our brand-new Every Child Home Podcast! It will take a few days for it to show up in all of the podcasts apps, so if it's not showing up in yours, you can add it with this address: Check out our premiere episode, the first of a two-parter with Karah and Kaleb Skinner of Rock House Farms, LLC.

This podcast will feature conversations with foster and adoptive families as well as with experts from state and local agencies, the court system, and more. It's part of our work to raise awareness about foster care and adoption in a way that's both informational and inspirational.

As part of our rollout this weekend, we'll post part 2 of this conversation tomorrow afternoon and a third episode on Saturday; after that, we'll drop a new episode each week. Check it out and let us know what you think; we believe it will be an incredible resource.
Startin' em' young. 🌱

📸: Rock House Farms, LLC.
📸: Rock House Farms, LLC.
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On her page, Karah Skinner documents daily life — sharing photos and videos of kids playing, checking cattle, feeding pigs and creating recipes with Rock House Farms products.

Read more here:
Your pork chops are amazing! Best pork chops I've ever made. Brined, rubbed and air fried. Thank you for such a great product.
Sneak Peek of today’s session at the farm! Wow, this family is just beautiful to be in the presence of and their farm is breathtaking!

Rock House Farms, LLC.

We're a family that raises premium quality beef and pork that we sell locally and ship nationwide!

Operating as usual

Photos from Alabama Farm Credit's post 02/17/2022

Photos from Alabama Farm Credit's post


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During a fight with stage 3 embryonal carcinoma, I really started looking into what I could produce and sustainably farm on my land. I sat down and looked over my 12 acres and decided that through hard work and a lot of research I wanted to farm and produce as much food as possible for my wife and three small children. This channel will be dedicated to the start up and trial by fire of turning hardwood and pine thickets into Goat, sheep, and cow pastures. And red Alabama clay into farmable ground for fresh fruits and vegetables. We are located in Heflin, Al and I plan on leaning heavily on local farmers through interviews and farm tours to learn and grow our homestead into a unique system that provides high quality food to my family. Thank you all for your support and please consider liking and subscribing to travel with us on this journey! Psalm 127


Today we shipped out orders to Delaware, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and mostly all over the state of Alabama. Kaleb and myself are the only current employees at RHF but we get a lot of help from our oldest kids as well as our family. We are so grateful to all of you for supporting our business since 2016!! From selling a pound at a time out of our garage freezer to shipping hundreds of pounds in a day all over the eastern US out of our store building is humbling in every aspect of the word. We are so grateful to watch our dreams unfold right before us. Even if we gave it all up tomorrow to start something new, it would be worth the lessons learned, connections made and support we have seen from so many people. We are grateful today! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

PS - we will be shipping out again in 2 weeks!
We can’t forget the help from our friends over at :
Sweet Grown Alabama
Alabama Farmers Federation
Alabama Farm Credit


Last call for orders this week! Shipments will be sent out tomorrow for 1-2 day ground delivery from our farm to your doorstep. Order before midnight tonight to get yours delivered this week! 📦 🔥


We have just a few of our February specials as well as our New Ground Sampler special! Shipments will go out this Monday and Tuesday if you’d like your order sent straight to your door. 📦 You can also place an order for local pick up and schedule a pick up this weekend or next week! Add on items like steaks, roasts and more to any boxes OR create your own cart full of cuts! 🥩 🥓

✨ Shop the link on our home page! ✨


✨Meet one of our newest 2022 calves!✨
In about 2 years, we hope that she’ll be having little babies that look just like her!

She wanted to drop in and remind OUR LOCALS that though shipments won’t go out until next week, Farm pick ups will be available this week and this weekend!

We have a brand new restock on thick sliced
🥩 Ribeyes, NY Strips, and Filets! 🥩

Give your special someone the gift of a home cooked steak this Valentine’s Day! Order online, choose farm pick up and then let us know when you’d like to come pick up! 😍

Don’t forget our gift cards and Farm Merch items as well! 💝


Our February Special is here! Loaded full of some of our best-selling, exclusive cuts.

This month’s special includes:

1 - 3-5 lb. Pork Shoulder Roast (Boston Butt)

2 - Premium Ribeye Steaks (1+ lbs. per steak)

1 - Pack Premium Pork Chops (2 chops/pk.)

1 - Salt Cured Bacon

1 - Onion + Garlic Smoked Sausage

1 - Mild Sausage Patties

3 - Ground Beef (1 lb. packs)

3 - Ground Pork (1 lb. packs)

Rock House Farms, LLC. 02/07/2022

Rock House Farms, LLC.

Our latest restock is now available on our website!

Rock House Farms, LLC. Premium, Pasture Raised MeatsRaising and caring for livestock on our farm to provide high quality meat for your dinner table.Fruithurst, Alabama About Our Farm We are the Skinner Family here at Rock House Farms, LLC. in Fruithurst, Alabama. We started this journey wanting to feed our growing family....


He’s still out there stealing money! Please do not give your money to people that you don’t know on Facebook 😭😭😭😭😭


This account is still using pictures of us and our farm to scam people out of their money. I’ve reported to Facebook numerous times and they still haven’t taken it down. Please share this profile to any farm pages, livestock sales groups, or any groups that you think may benefit from knowing that he is a scammer. He uses pictures of our animals and claims that they are available for purchase if deposits are made. He has stolen money from people on more than one occasion. I don’t know what else to do aside from try to get people to share this profile and the post. Copy the link above to post in the groups and share this post. Thank you!


Merry Christmas you guys 🎄🎁❤️✨


Happy Tuesday everyone! Just wanted to let our customers know that we will be bringing orders to Bremen tomorrow. I know that we did not have a Bremen pick up option this month(we have been busy!), but if you placed an order for farm pick up and would like for us to bring it to the Bremen Walgreens tomorrow at 6:30 ESt, let us know and we will bring it for you. Otherwise, all orders will be at the farm store for pick up at your convenience. Thank you all so much for your orders this month!


Our Holiday Restock is now posted on our website!

We have several Holiday box specials, ground beef bundles, sausage bundles, pork chops, roasts and our flavored sausages all restocked!

We will ship out orders this coming Tuesday, December 14 and this will be our last shipping day of the year. If you’d like to send someone a gift we would love to accommodate! Just be sure and include their name + address in the shipping info and your personalized note in out “notes” section at checkout and we will add a holiday card for you 😄

FREE SHIPPING on orders over $199! (only the Eastern and Southeastern states for now)

Local pickup is always available! Choose “Farm Pick Up” at checkout and then contact us to schedule!

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have! All of our contact info is on our page.


Happy Thursday, everyone! We are currently sold out of lots of our favorites—but, hold tight! We will have a limited restock just in time for Christmas. Emails will go out on December 11 with info on availability and the option to have your orders shipped out on December 14. This will be our only shipping day for the month of December as well as our last restock of the year! We will have some Holiday Boxes for purchase that would make wonderful gifts, and we can even customize your box with a Holiday card for you! We will have farm pick up available the morning of Saturday, Dec. 18 only as well, and then we will be closing up shop and enjoying some much needed time with our kiddos until after the holidays. Thank y’all for everything!! You’re the best! Also, this random photo recipe can be found by watching our stories! 🤩🤩

Photos from Rock House Farms, LLC.'s post 11/28/2021

We have a couple of piglets left! $100 each and ready for pick up in 2 weeks 😄 See original piglet post for more info!

Photos from Rock House Farms, LLC.'s post 11/26/2021


All items in our "Farm Merch" category will be 10% off PLUS free shipping on all orders over $50! Caps, Trucker Hats, T-Shirts, Sticker Packs, and more will all be available. The free shipping will ONLY apply to our non-perishable "Farm Merch" orders for our 5-7 day shipping. Orders can also be placed for a farm pick up!


Photos from Rock House Farms, LLC.'s post 11/25/2021

O Lord my God, When I in awesome wonder, Consider all the worlds Thy Hands have made, I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder, Thy power throughout the universe displayed.

When through the woods and forest glades I wander and hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees, When I look down, from lofty mountain grandeur and see the brook, and feel the gentle breeze.

Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee, How great Thou art, How great Thou art. Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee, How great Thou art, How great Thou art!

Praying that your thanksgiving is filled with gratitude. Love you all ❤️


We wanted to let everyone know that we will have meat available in the country store freezer this weekend for the Creekside Market! Burger Patties, Flavored Sausages, Smoked Sausages, Beef + Bacon will all be available! Be sure and check the market out this Saturday and Sunday at Bennett Farms! 👏🏼


Heflin deliveries are this week! Anyone who has placed an order for “Heflin pick-up” will meet at the Papa’s Pizza To-Go parking lot at 4:00 CST tomorrow! If you’d like to place an order for pick up in Heflin tomorrow, head over to our website and place your order between now and tomorrow morning at 9am. This will be our last delivery this month, and stock will be limited the month of December. Let us know if you have any questions!

We still have a couple of Fall Dinner Special boxes and Southern Staples Specials for a bundled discount!

Rock House Farms, LLC. added a Shop on Website button to their Page. 11/15/2021

Rock House Farms, LLC. added a Shop on Website button to their Page.

Rock House Farms, LLC. added a Shop on Website button to their Page.


We are super thankful for our UPS driver, Levi! Hopefully he won’t mind me sharing him here on our page. He’ll be coming to pick up our packages tomorrow afternoon to send them out to homes across the state and southeast! Today is the last call for orders until December. We have a BIG project coming in December that we will be fulfilling orders for, but we plan to have one shipping day before Christmas. Visit our website by clicking the link on our page to shop. Order deadline will be midnight tonight 😀 Happy Monday everyone!

Rock House Story

We believe that raising food from the ground up is a forgotten treasure. We like to know that what we eat is raised naturally and in a healthy environment. We decided that those around us would too, so we made a business selling meats from our farm.

Matthew 7:24 “Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock..”

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