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Mobility Construction specializes in custom wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, handicap bathrooms, and all your home accessibility and modification needs.

Serving all of NJ for over 30 years! We have over 20yrs of experience serving NJ and offer dependable service to families with disabilities and elderly wanting to live in the comforts of their own home. Our team of contractors are dedicated to quality customer service and will take care of all of your home remodeling needs from start to finish. Contact us today at 732-677-3278!

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Ramp Safety Reminder

Here are some safety reminders when using a wheelchair ramp:

- Use anti-tippers on your wheelchairs

- Zigzag down the ramp if it is too steep

- Always keep a firm hand on the wheelchair and the person in the wheelchair


Improving Mobility In The Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most common places falls occur at home. We can help improve mobility in the bathroom and make it more accessible for wheelchairs and people with mobility constraints.

Here is a customized modern and accessible roll in shower for one of your clients. 
#accessiblebathrooms #ADAcompliant #themobilityfamily #mobilityconstruction #monmouthcountynj #newjersey #custombathroom 04/06/2022

Here is a customized modern and accessible roll in shower for one of your clients.
#accessiblebathrooms #ADAcompliant #themobilityfamily #mobilityconstruction #monmouthcountynj #newjersey #custombathroom

Here is a customized modern and accessible roll in shower for one of our clients.

Here is a customized modern and accessible roll in shower for one of your clients. #accessiblebathrooms #ADAcompliant #themobilityfamily #mobilityconstruction #monmouthcountynj #newjersey #custombathroom


Helping Your Loved Ones Regain Their Independence

We can help your loved ones regain their independence at home by improving their mobility and accessibility at home. Our team can install mobility aids, lifts, ramp systems, and more.


Common Causes of Falls at Home

Here are some of the most common causes of falls at home for seniors and PWDs:

- Clutter

- Steep steps

- Uneven walkways

We can help make your homes more accessible. Call us at 732-677-3278 for more information.


Helping Construct More Handicap-Friendly Bathrooms

Here at Mobility Construction, we specialize in helping families remodel their homes to become more handicap-friendly. We make bathrooms safer and more accessible for individuals with wheelchairs and more.


How to Make the Home More Wheelchair Friendly

Here are a few things to consider to make your home more wheelchair-friendly for your loved ones:

- Lower counter heights

- Wider door frames

- Ramps

- Wheelchair accessible countertops


Wheelchair Systems for Your Residences

We can install reliable and durable wheelchair systems for your residences to improve the accessibility capabilities of your home and promote better mobility and fall prevention.


Services You Could Expect From Us

We help make homes more accessible for individuals with mobility constraints and those on wheelchairs. Our services include ramp systems, stairlifts, elevator lifts, and more.


Elevator lifts

Elevator lifts are the perfect mobility aid for your elderly loved ones at home. They are best installed on stairs that are too steep for a ramp system or to help your loved ones gain access to elevated living areas.


Advantages of a Wheelchair Ramp

A ramp system can decrease the risk of falls for seniors and PWDs at home. It can also make it easier for emergency personnel to carry your loved ones out in case of an emergency.


Wheelchair Safety Reminders

Here are some wheelchair safety reminders to remember:

- When in the wheelchair, avoid stretching or overreaching for things to prevent tipping

- Do not lean forward

- Always lock the brakes before exiting the chair


St. Patrick's Day

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones, and may the spirit of the holiday bless you all with good luck, joy, and happiness today.


We Help Make Your Home Safer

We can help the home safer for your elderly loved ones or loved ones with disabilities. Our team can install stairlifts, elevator lifts, ramp systems, and more.

Call us at 732-677-3278 for more information.


Benefits of Stair Lifts

Here are some of the benefits of stairlifts you may not have known about:

- It reduces the risk of falls at home

- It makes getting up and down stairs safer

- In times of emergency, it helps your loved ones get down steps safer


Trendy Things in Constructing a New Home

Nowadays, most people like to have smart homes with versatility layouts to optimize their living spaces. Earthy tones and neutral colors are also in as it radiates a comfy, cozy feel.


What Can Affect Wheelchair Ramp Installation Costs?

- Length of the ramp

- Materials

- Number of wheelchair ramps

- Number of handrails/handrail location

To learn more, visit us at


Guide to Home Safety

If you have loved ones with physical disabilities or seniors living at home, then you might want to consider installing grab bars, ramps, lifts, and elevators, among others!


Is There Enough Space for Elevators in Your Home?

While home elevators are smaller than those in malls, it still does take up quite a space because of the necessary machinations. We can help evaluate the space in remodeling your home. Contact us!


You Can Rely On Us

Mobility Construction has over 20 years of experience in providing innovative accessibility solutions at home. For home modification needs, you can always count on us.

Ramp │ Mobility Works │ Mobility Construction 02/17/2022

Ramp │ Mobility Works │ Mobility Construction

We Offer Free Estimate

We want your convenience when you work with us. Thus, we can meet you in your home to discuss various options and designs, as well as a free estimate of all the work that needs to be done. Contact us!

Ramp │ Mobility Works │ Mobility Construction Our services range from as simple as installing a grab bar, a stairlift, or a ramp to changing an entire house to be wheelchair-accessible.


Stair Modifications We Offer

Some of our clients’ popular requests include:

- Stair lifts

- Stair risers

- Anti-slip strip on the steps

- Anti-slip stair nosing on staircases

- Grab bars beside beds, foot of the stairs, and bathrooms

Contact us today!


Bathroom Safety Devices

- Automatic lights

- Grab bars

- Handheld shower head

- Toilet safety frame

- Raised toilets

Interested in installing these in your home’s bathroom? We can help!


We Can Help

Simple activities may seem like a challenge for our loved ones with physical limitations. That is why Mobility Construction is here to help remodel and modify homes, making it easier to access and move around!


What’s The Most Popular & Affordable Wheelchair Ramp?

Wood wheelchair ramps are a popular and cost-saving type of ramp. It can be made from various types of wood. However, it requires a lot of maintenance and gets slippery during heavy rains.

Ramp │ Mobility Works │ Mobility Construction 02/10/2022

Ramp │ Mobility Works │ Mobility Construction

Our Recent Works

Our very own portfolio can speak for itself. Have a look at our recent works and projects at

Contact us today to start with your remodeling and modifications!

Ramp │ Mobility Works │ Mobility Construction Our services range from as simple as installing a grab bar, a stairlift, or a ramp to changing an entire house to be wheelchair-accessible.


Tips For A Safe Home

- Ensure proper lighting in rooms

- Use contrasting colors in furniture

- Use non-slip mats

- Install grab bars and handrails

To learn more, visit us at


Is Your Home Wheelchair- Accessible?

For families with loved ones who use wheelchairs, you can make your home a safe and convenient space by making it wheelchair-accessible. If you need help doing so, contact Mobility Construction!


Why Choose Mobility Construction?

Mobility Construction has served thousands of happy customers and has been in the industry for more than 20 years. You can trust us when it comes to quality home modifications and remodeling!


Modifying Stairways

For families with multi-level homes, you might want to consider stair modifications so your loved ones can easily access other floors in the house. If you need help installing stairlifts or elevators, you can contact Mobility Construction. 02/02/2022

Bathroom Safety

Ensure that your bathrooms have wide entryways and space for your wheelchair-bound loved ones. Installing grab bars is also a great idea to make transferring from the wheelchair to the toilet or bathtub much easier.


Benefits of Our Services

Here are a few ways families can benefit from our accessibility solutions:

- We can help reduce the risk of falls

- We can help promote mobility and independence for seniors

- We can help make the home more comfortable for PWDs


How We Can Make Your Homes Wheelchair Friendly

We can make your homes more wheelchair-friendly by widening doorways, installing counters with varying heights, installing a wheelchair-accessible cooktop, and more.

Call us at 732-677-3278 for more information.


We Can Widen Doorways and More

One of the best ways to promote mobility and motion for seniors at home is by increasing the width of the doorway. Wider doors make it easier to move around in a wheelchair. For accessibility renovations, call us at 732-677-3278.


Helping Promote Freedom of Motion

We provide accessibility solutions for seniors and persons with disabilities at home. Our team of contractors can install ramps, lifts, and more to promote mobility and freedom of motion for seniors at home.

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