Educational Travel Adventures

Educational Travel Adventures


I absolutely loved this amazing school from Tennessee what a privilege to have been there tour manager ☂️🌂✨💕

A place to gain the most useful student travel insight, meet other teachers, share stories, and find out how to be the coolest teacher, ever!

For over 25 years, and with more than 100,000 students, we've had the joy of taking your classroom lessons and bringing them to life! Our goal for every educational trip is to inspire students to feel a personal connection to your classroom through real-life, hands-on experiences. With over 250 itineraries packed with educational and cultural activities, immersive experiences, and exclusive tours,

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Arts for Autism 04/07/2021

Arts for Autism

Grab your free tickets and join us Monday, April 12th at 7:30PM EST for an inspiring night to raise awareness for Autism and support Autism Speaks :

Arts for Autism Arts for Autism is usually a one night annual Broadway benefit concert where the biggest names on Broadway join performing arts students from around the country onstage at the Gershwin Theater (home to Broadway's production of Wicked). After cancelling our 2020 concert, this year Broadway stars and....

Photos from Arts for Autism's post 03/18/2021

Our student performance groups are practicing for the 2021 Virtual Arts for Autism Show! Check out some of their photos below!

Free tickets:

On April 12th at 7:30PM we will join together to celebrate and support Autism Speaks with performances from some of your favorite Broadway Stars, our incredible student groups, and a special surprise from teachers around the country. You won’t want to miss it! #yourbroadwaydebut #artsforautism #autismspeaks #studenttravel #performancetrip #believenyc


Free tickets are now available for the 2021 Virtual Arts for Autism show!

Reserve your ticket for a night full of magic! Free tickets are now available for the 2021 Virtual Arts for Autism Show!

On April 12th at 7:30PM we will join together to celebrate and support Autism Speaks with performances from some of your favorite Broadway Stars, our incredible student groups, and a special surprise from teachers around the country. You won’t want to miss it!

#yourbroadwaydebut #artsforautism #studenttravel #performancetrip #believenyc


Kelli O'Hara will be back this year for our 2021 Virtual Arts Autism show! For more updates, follow Arts for Autism. Ticket info coming soon!

We are excited to announce that Kelli O'Hara will be lighting up the Arts for Autism Virtual 2021 show with her soaring voice once again! Broadway's most sought out after leading lady has received six Tony nominations. Kelli's portrayal of Anna Leonowens in the critically acclaimed revival of The King and I garnered her the 2015 Tony Award for Best Leading Actress in a Musical, along with Grammy, Drama League, and Outer Critics nominations. She then reprised her Tony Winning role while making her West End debut for which The Times hailed her as “Broadway musical's undisputed queen”, adding “Kelli O'Hara does not just play Anna, she owns the part”. We are grateful for Kelli's kindness and willingness to support Arts for Autism and Autism Speaks! 05/06/2020

Educational Tours for Today's Student

In honor of #TeacherAppreciationWeek, we are celebrating teachers here at ETA! To thank you and support you and your students, we are offering LIVE VeTAs - Virtual Travel Adventures! Our team remains committed to providing students with meaningful and unique educational experiences during these uncertain times when we cannot physically travel. We are bringing some of our most popular destinations to you and your students at home for FREE! So what are you waiting for? Bring your class on a VeTA!

What teachers are saying so far...

“It was interactive for the students. The host called on students and had them engaged. It was also a topic of interest that we don’t usually cover. I appreciated the time and offerings for my students. It was nice during these distance learning times to offer them something different. I have already signed up for the Tenement Museum and the Lincoln Ford’s Theater.” -Cynthia Nino, Teacher @ Lodi Middle School

“That was inspiring and absolutely the best choice for our studio! ” -Skye Barker Maa, Director @ Neighborhood Music and Children’s Theatre

“The online interactive session with actors Jacque Carnahan and John Michael Dias really helped to lift the spirits of our Performance Group. They were both so forthcoming with information about their personal journey to perform on large stages. The kids loved hearing them sing via recordings. Something that really inspired the kids was that they could ask questions live and there was plenty of time for discussion. You can truly see the joy and pride that Jacque has in being able to provide these sessions during this difficult time. It is something the kids will not forget.” -Jodi Grinwald, Director @ Applaud Our Kids

#believenyc #artsforautism #spymuseum #broadway #myetatrip ETA's tours are designed for those who demand visual stimulus, instant gratification and advancement. Itineraries are packed with the must see sites and the sites not everyone knows about, educational material only learned through real life experiences, and a chance to interact with what you're teac...


An indescribable experience here in Nashville recoding our Hope for the Holidays album with students from across our great nation. Album will be on sale soon, and 100% of proceeds will benefit Wounded Warrior Project. For more information go to


We are here in Nashville recording at Ocean Way Recording Studios! The Hope for the Holidays album is going to be spectacular!! Thank you to all the schools who are here to support Wounded Warrior Peoject with their craft. Check back for ways to buy the album! For more information head to



Our ETA family wishes you a very happy holiday season!

Our ETA family wishes you a very happy holiday season!

How are you celebrating?


We remember 9/11/2001.
We remember those who lost their lives.
We remember families who live without loved ones.
We remember all the rescue teams.
ETA will never forget. 07/25/2018

Meet KLM Care-E

What We're Reading Wednesdays:

A self driving robot/trolley that carrying your luggage to your gate and talks to you. I'm serious. Watch the video.

#myetatrip #schooltrip #teachersdream #studenttravel #travelluggage #carryonluggage Caring and innovation are at the heart of everything we do at KLM. That's why we created Care-E, the self-driving trolley with a heart of gold. Care-E is the...


In travel industry, we read, and read, and read, and we love it. So, for those of you who don't get to read travel news all that often, but want to keep up with the latest...turn to us every Wednesday!!!

Sneak Peak: Sometimes in all the seriousness of our news cycle it's nice to read about "weird." On your next school trip to DC see you how you connect with your inner spy at the Spy Museum.

#myetatrip #schooltrip #8thgradetrip #spymuseum #dctrip #innerspy


Monday is the day ETA will take a pause to look back and share the endless possibilities of educational travel. We'll pull from 26 years of experience walking the halls of the Capitol Building, climbing the Eiffel Tower, performing on global stages, building eco-stoves in the Dominican Republic, bridges in Vietnam, and so much more. Check it out every Monday for your school trip inspiration.

Sneak peak: Waking to their call to prayer, Monks and donkeys trekked past us as the morning sun hit the tip of one of the seventeen snow peaks of Annapurna. Close your eyes and picture our breakfast eaten by hand, a cold refreshing shower, soccer with a local boy, hiking boots laced, and we're off to discover the vast Himalayas.

#myetatrip #schooltrip #educationaltravel #rememberthat #thiswillbefun #travelinspiration


ETA's X Factor Fridays will be your exclusive pass to tips and tricks that will give your student travel experience that extra something. This insider knowledge was collected over two decades on tour so learn from our successes and failures and tell us which you tried!

Sneak peak: If you're in NYC TONIGHT with your group, it is the last of 2018's Manhattanhenges! Head as far east as possible on 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd or 57th streets and around 8:20pm look toward NJ and you'll see an indescribable view of the sun splitting the NYC skyscrapers as it sets over the river. I promise you'll be the coolest chaperone, ever.

#myetatrip #studenttravel #schooltrip #nycschooltrip #whattoeatnyc #traveltrips #xfactorfridays #manhattanhenge #teachertips #traveltips


Arts for Autism

Gearing up for the 2018 show and watching some of our 2017 pre show interviews! Get your tickets to Arts for Autism now before they're all gone!

#artsforuautism #autismspeaks #broadwaybenefit #studentperformers #broadwaydebut

A message from our host, Christopher Jackson, and some candid interview moments from some of our Broadway friends!

June 25th @ the Gershwin Theatre
Tickets on sale now:

#artsforautism #autismspeaks #studentperformers #broadwaydebut #broadwaycares #broadwaybenefit


Cultures around the world today unite to celebrate our earth, and we are in on the fun and ready to create change! What you doing today to celebrate Mother Earth?


Arts for Autism

Who loves Broadway? Who loves doing things for a great cause? Who's going to be in NYC in June?

If you check any of these boxes, Arts for Autism is the event for you! Check us out in Broadway World!

Tickets on sale now at

#artsforautism #autismspeaks #broadwaybenefit #broadwaycares #studentperformers #broadwaydebut

We're very excited and honored for the 3rd annual benefit concert to be featured by Broadway World!! Check it out, and if you haven't already, follow our page to be the first to receive show updates!


Tickets are on sale NOW at!

#artsforautism #autismspeaks #broadwaybenefit #broadwaycares #studentperformers #broadwaydebut


Arts for Autism

We are live now selling tickets like mad! We can't wait for another extraordinary year! Get your tickets to Arts for Autism at

We are kicking off the weekend with jazz hands out excited to announce the 2018 Arts for Autism benefit concert will be held on June 25, 2018! Tickets can be purchased at

We are back at the Gershwin Theatre in New York City with some of the biggest names on Broadway, and directors and producers are putting together what may be the most magical evening yet! We are thrilled to continue to support Autism Speaks for our third annual benefit concert.

Public ticket sales are live TODAY, so get your seats while you still can! We'll see you there!

#artsforautism #autismspeaks #broadway #benefitconcert


Sure am interested in escaping to that boat. So my life does not escape me!

#myetatrip #travelquote #educationaltours #schooltrip #teacher #yourclassroom #clsasroomideas 02/21/2018

So You Want to Be a Tour Guide

What we're reading Wednesdays...

Remember that time one of our Tour Managers was featured in National Geographic?! Awesome!!!! When people say “I wish I could travel for a living!” I start talking about the sheer number of opportunities out there. Before settling into travel blogging and journalism (I’m actually using my c… 02/21/2018

5 Black History Month Destinations

Teaching content for Black History Month this year? Take a look at some of the most fascinating places to travel this month.

#myetatrip #teachers #blackhistorymonth #studenttrip #classtrip #educationaltour The legacy of African-Americans in United States history and culture is widespread. While destinations and institutions across the country preserve and honor achievements of African-Americans year-round, Black History Month often offers opportunities for travelers to engage in special programs and e...


Travel TIp Tuesday!

Not enough time to do laundry before packing your bag? Put a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep it smelling fresh, and pack a few for the way home! Brilliant!

#myetatrip #sofreshandclean #schooltrip #teacher #traveltip #educationaltour


Quick, can you guess where this is? A GREAT student group destination!

#myetatrip #educationaltravel #schooltrip #classtrip #teachers #classroom #classroomideas 02/17/2018

Traveling with Purpose in Nepal

Still at the top our favorite service learning destinations! Check out a truly impactful student trip to Nepal.

#myetatrip #educationaltravel #teachers #classroom #educationaltours #triptonepal #schooltrip “There were several moments on the trip when I was overcome with feelings that are difficult to describe. Feelings of excitement, happiness, gratitude, appreciation, and several moments that almost, and in some cases did, bring me to tears because the ...


What city or country do you have a crush on?

#myetatrip #educationaltours #teachers #schooltrip


No words can rightly express our feelings on yesterday's events. Time for thoughts, prayers, and action.


ETA Shares Their Love This Valentine's Day!

A little love note from ETA this Valentines Day! Check this out to find out the one thing we ALL love and why!

#myetatrip #valentinesday #educationaltours


Tip Tuesdays!

In addition to your adaptors (if needed), bring a power strip when traveling abroad! You'll be the hero of the group.

#myetatrip #travelabroad #studenttrip #withpower 02/09/2018

How Travel Became Life For A NJ Native And ETA Staffer

Meet The ETA Team Series: Part 1 - An Interview with Emily, the most RAD traveling chick from New Jersey!

#myetatrip #awesomestaff #educationaltours To close out a great International Education Week, we're excited to share the path of an inspiring ETA employee, and get some valuable insight and advice from someone who has dedicated her career, and much of her life, to international travel and ...


Although some may deny, the numbers show that football has long wrestled the title of America's Sport from baseball. That said, on this very special day in Philadelphia where the parade streets pack with those who bleed green celebrating a Super Bowl LII victory by their beloved Eagles, let's also celebrate our nation, and a city that boasts some of our most proud and historical moments. The constitution was drafted and signed just steps from the streets where people are filing into this very minute, where our country's flag was designed, and where the symbol of liberty sits for all Americans to see and feel this freeing concept. If you are standing on the parade route today, or making your way there in the near future, make sure to stop by the National Constitution Center, Independence Hall, and the Liberty Bell as we raise our hats to this great city!

#philadelphiaeagles #myetatrip #bleedgreen #superbowlparade #educationaltours #teachersthattravel


My mind has officially been blown off the hinges!

Phones without wires, remote screen sharing, and video calling were easy enough to comprehend and adopt as the norm. Tablet check-in at the doctor I love, and watches that geo-track your kids I can handle. Last week it was the robot that delivered a towel to my hotel room, but this week DIGITAL DEFORESTATION?

Let me get to the point - The image you see below is an iconic shot of the top of Tikal, the ruin of the ancient Mayan City in Guatemala. Cool huh? Just wait. Laser-equipped airplanes have been flying over the ruins and found 600,000 more more homes, temples and fortresses! Yes, you read that right. Laser beams coming from airplanes penetrating the jungle. Read more, and your mind will be blown, too!


"Don't forget to schedule downtime. After a long day of activities, or after an impactful moment, plan in time for your group to unwind. It will give students a chance to process their experience and refresh for the next activity. Also, downtime allowing students the opportunity to explore on their own is an important part of the experiential learning process." - Emily Sweeney, Awesome Program Manager at ETA #traveltiptuesday #educationaltours #myetatrip


One of the most recognizable houses in the world has a few facts that even we didn't know! Which one of these surprised you the most? #educationaltours #dcschooltrip #myetatrip

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Our ETA family wishes you a very happy holiday season!
ETA Shares Their Love This Valentine's Day!
Happy Everything From ETA!
This Thanksgiving ETA gives thanks to teachers for everything!
Arts For Autism Broadway Benefit Concert
The Reading Community Singers performing
The Reading Community Singers at their Believe NYC workshop learning Jersey Boys!
The Reading Community Singers perform at the 80th floor.
Cate School Ecuador - pick-up game of soccer!
Pato, pato, pato, ganzo. Lowell students playing with students at the local primary school.
Lowell Costa Rica 2015 - English-Spanish class & exchange




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