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Wisper Hair Restoration

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When taking your child in for his or her first haircut, keep in mind that children are different when it comes to having their parents right beside them. Some kids do better with mom nearby, while other kids seem to find their courage with mom in the waiting area.


Did you know that the most popular colors for the wig wearers of ancient Egypt were black and red? The red ones were dyed from an interesting mixture of henna leaves and cows blood. The wealthy would sprinkle their wigs with gold dust.


It’s important to remember that there will be enough last-minute stressors on your wedding day without leaving your appearance to chance. Let’s talk about how having a professional take care of your hair can allow for a lower stress wedding day.


Interestingly, the lighter the hair weight, the more curl the hair will have. When the hair grows thicker and becomes more coarse as your child ages, this is what results in the hair looking straighter.


Have your previous salon experiences been anything but relaxing? Let us show you a hair salon where relaxation and experience makes the difference. We want you to relax and enjoy a wonderful time getting your next wonderful look.


If you regularly color your hair, it’s recommended that you color it a day or two before receiving your Brazilian blowout treatment. If you wait until after, you’ll need to put off any coloring treatment for at least two weeks.


The fade remains a popular haircut with young boys and teens. The most popular type of fade starts with slightly longer hair on the top, tapering to shorter and shorter hair along the sides and in the back.


If you play sports or like to go to the gym throughout the week, then you need a hairstyle that is practical and low-maintenance. Let us know about your lifestyle needs, and we can give you a fresh-looking hairstyle that doesn’t take too much time to maintain.


To help promote hair growth, try feeding your child a diet rich in folic acid. Foods like peas, citrus fruits and turkey that are rich in folic acid help to promote hair growth by strengthening the hair to prevent break off.


Though the newest chemical-ridden hair product may produce shine or curl in the short term, regular use generally causes long-term damage. However, organic hair products avoid harsh elements and nourish your hair into its healthiest state. Get that "healthy hair" look by actually having healthy hair.


For every popular look for hair, there’s a product available that can help you achieve the look. If you’ve been having trouble emulating a particular look on your own, let us help you figure out which product will work for you.


Hair grows at different rates, and that rate of growth is influenced by outside factors. Does your hair grow faster in summer than it does in winter? If you guessed yes, you're right.


Wondering if you might be a good candidate for a Brazilian Blowout? If your hair has been permed, Japanese straightened or fitted with extensions, you are likely to benefit from the Brazilian smoothing treatment.


On average, humans each shed about 50-150 strands of hair a day. That’s OK, though, because most people have about 100,000 strands on their heads. During pregnancy, a woman sheds less hair because of the change in her estrogen levels.


To make your child’s first salon haircut experience more enjoyable and relaxed, take a few simple steps. Describe how much fun it will be, bring a small, much-loved cuddle toy or stuffed animal, and stash a favorite storybook in your purse.


Brazilian blowout treatments literally give everyone “wash and wear” hair. You are able to enjoy the freedom of a wide range of activities, such as swimming and working out, without having to worry about getting your hair wet—as with the Brazilian blowout, all your hair will need is a simple blow dry.


As consumers, we all have a choice. We can all play a part towards protecting our environment and water sources. We can also reduce our own exposure to chemicals that have potentially damaging side effects in the name of hair care.


One of the main advantages of undergoing Brazilian hair straightening is that it gives just about everyone the ability to have “wash and wear” hair, which means you can enjoy the activities you want without taking the time to redo your hair.


There are several different signs to keep an eye out for that will tell you it’s time to bring your child to get his or her hair cut. This includes hair that looks “shaggy,” starts to tangle all the time, or appears brittle or dry.


If you have ever damaged your hair by straightening it too often, you probably know the frustrations associated with brittle strands that break too easily. Brazilian hair straightening is a great way to enjoy the benefits of straight hair without this associated damage.


The use of ammonia in hair coloring not only strips your hair of its essential proteins and moisture, but ammonia alters the hair’s pH and can lead to damage to your hair. Your organic hair salon does not use products containing ammonia, but instead and uses products that maintain the natural integrity of your hair, leaving your hair much healthier.


Shaggy hairstyles are super cute and easy to manage. Textured bangs fall just above the eyes to make sure that your child’s view is not hindered. This style is well suited for round faces.


If you have natural brown or blonde hair and are looking to dye it red, then you’ll want to have this done by a professional at a salon. While those with light to medium brown hair tend to see the most success when dyeing their hair a red or auburn shade, a professional will help determine whether or not the shade you want is even possible.


Healthy hair can be stretched up to 30% of its length when wet. If it does not stretch back to its original state, it could be lacking protein. If it snaps or breaks when wet, it is either over proteinized or lacking moisture.


While hairstyle selection is highly personal, working with a hairstylist at a salon can help you decide if a new look would be right for you. Our stylists are expert at discussing different looks, and making suggestions as to how well a new style would look on you.


Ammonia-free hair dyes are composed on an organic chemical compound called monoethanolamine (MEA). It is used as a replacement pH adjuster in hair color, making the dye less volatile and thus less damaging than ammonia.


Organic hair salons provide natural hair services for color, control, curl, and care. These products are free of alcohol, sodium laurel sulfate, paraben, and plastics, all of which weaken and damage the hair’s cuticle, which reduces the hair’s ability to hold color.


Styling is a combination of talent, experience, and skill. Most people don’t realize the amount of effort that’s been invested creating great stylists, but we do. It takes workmanship and talent to create quality styles, and it takes an experienced eye for color and dimension to really design a look that completely fits you. Let us demonstrate our skills.


A ponytail for your wedding? Before you dismiss the idea as way too casual, consider the trend for modern, sleek ponytails (usually with extra volume at the crown). With an accessory like a veil, jeweled headband, or flowers, a ponytail can strike just the right balance between feminine, comfortable, and classy.


Although a bowl haircut is an adorable look for little boys, keep in mind that this cut will need some upkeep between visits to the salon. Otherwise, the bangs tend to straggle down into the eyes, which is both uncomfortable for your child and creates a ragged look.


It’s important to remember that going red doesn’t always mean dying your hair red. In many cases, you’ll be able to get those red tresses you’ve been longing for by choosing a coppery shade.


Some hair salons can be scary-looking places for children. We have plenty of toys and plenty of other children, which generally work to put kids who come for a haircut, even their first, at ease.


Many celebrities go for the Brazilian blowout because it makes taking care of their hair so much easier and much less time consuming, and with their busy jobs, time becomes very important. Some of the celebrities who use the Brazilian are Ashley Tisdale, Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Anniston.


Published recommendations for shampoo formulas usually revolved around raw eggs and water. However, one beauty guru from the 1900s published a concoction combining carbonate of ammonia, glycerin, borax, potash (obtained by soaking plant ashes in water), and a pint of rum.


Hair color technicians are specially trained and utilize premium chemical colors formulated to preserve your healthy hair. Although less expensive, over-the-counter boxed coloring kits are harsh on hair follicles.


Sodium laurel sulfate—SLS—is a component used in many non-organic hair treatments and products. If hair loss is suspected due to over-shampooing, then the underlying issue is likely SLS, which can be found in many shampoos. SLS is a detergent, chemical surfactant, and emulsifier that creates lather and enables dirt and oil to bind to the hair. Organic shampoos and other hair care products do not contain SLS.


Got highlights or color? The Brazilian Blowout can actually improve the health of your color-treated or highlighted hair by conditioning the hair while sealing the cuticle for enhanced color, reduced frizz and radiant shine.


Having a child who's very reluctant to get a haircut can be embarrassing and awkward if you bring them to your regular salon. At a kid-focused salon, the stylists are trained to help your child relax so the experience is enjoyable for everyone.


If you have naturally wavy hair, a Brazilian Blowout will make your hair appear naturally straight and healthy without requiring you to use a flat iron.


Did you know that the harsh chemicals found in some hair care products can actually strip your hair of its natural shine? Let’s talk about how switching to an organic hair salon can allow you to look your best without putting your hair through a torturous process.

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