Cheap Toilet Tank Lids

Cheap Toilet Tank Lids


I need one!
Received my toilet tank lid today, it is perfect! Fits better than the original, and the Reglaze to match my toilet was spot on. Ordering was easy and efficient. Appreciate you guys!
I was a bit skeptical when I found this company with a Duck Duck Go search. I texted a picture of the underside of the broken toilet tank lid, and and asked a bunch of questions. They said they had an exact match for my lid, so I ordered it on Monday, November 1st. I got a notice on November 2nd that it was shipped and would arrive by November 11th. It arrived today, November 4th and is an exact fit. They used UPS Ground without the subordinate US Postal Service. The price for the lid and the shipping was reasonable.

This is probably a once-in-a-lifetime event, however, I won't hesitate to order from them again, should the need arise.

I want to say thank you for the prompt reply to my questions (I don't trust the internet, can you tell?) and their prompt shipping.

Thank you, Cheap Toilet Tank Lids. Well done!
Fantastic service. I cracked our lid Saturday. Placed an order and had it shipped perfectly and in my hands Wednesday. Super responsive. Could not be more impressed. Saved my wife from killing me.
After tromping through big hardware box stores with no hope of help, what a relief it was to find responsive service online. It was the last thing I expected but I found it made my selection easy and certain and fast. What this company is offering is old-fashioned customer service at the level of small-towns of old. It made my whole day!
So for whatever reason messenger isnt working. Anyway, I ordered a tank lid. When I went to check out I chose ground shipping. When I finished ordering, I noticed it charged me for next day air shipping. So I'm paying $100 then I should be. How do I fix this???
I am so thrilled with my new toilet lid! CTTlids helped me identify the brand of my 1960 toilet, and my new lid fits perfectly and looks great. Highly recommend!
Saw this at a small theatre concert venue in Indiana and thought of you guys! Gave the guy who ran the place where to go for a replacement!
Service center confirmed my selection and I was thrilled to receive my discontinued top sooner than expected. It fits perfectly. I am very happy 😊
Looking for an American Standard 4021 tank lid in white. Do you all have one? And, are you located in Franklin, NC?
With a little extra time, tools & creativity you can........well, repurpose....

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A page for past customers of to leave comments that are publicly available.


Another full load of Toilet Tank Lids, ready to put on the shelf. This batch came from Maryland.

Cheap Toilet Tank Lids updated their phone number. 07/08/2022

Cheap Toilet Tank Lids updated their phone number.

Cheap Toilet Tank Lids updated their phone number.


A customer just sent in a very nice email thanking us and I thought I would share their story:

So my husband replaced a part in the toilet tank on Tuesday morning. He set the tank lid on the floor and accidentally dropped it cracking it in several pieces. We were distraught thinking we were going to have to replace the whole toilet since it’s over 13 years old. My husband went to the Kohler website and didn’t see where you could buy just the lid - and not really sure if he had the right model number. He was still on the Kohler site when I went to my computer and typed in “ where to buy a toilet tank lid “. Your website popped up first! I opened your site and typed in what I thought might be the model number and it popped right up! Clicked on the color - registered for an account - purchased the lid - all the while my husband was still trying to figure it out on the Kohler site. Ha! I had already found it - and ordered it within minutes!! TWO days later it was at our door. Oh my gosh- to say we are pleased would be an understatement!! I’m so thrilled I felt like I needed to reach out and tell you!! Thank you for your easy website! Thank you for your quick delivery !! Thank you for a quality product!! I’m telling all my friends about you!!! You’re the best!!

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Most of the time we ship one Tank Lid to one customer but occasionally we get a big order from a hotel or university and we are happy to be able to help with these bigger customers whenever possible.

Photos from Cheap Toilet Tank Lids's post 06/01/2021

Here are all the orders we are shipping today! Things are a little bigger than a normal start to the workweek due to the long weekend.


The toilet tank lid business may seem glamorous but usually the process of us finding tank lids takes us to the overgrown back part of a lot past broken glass, bees, and piles of animal f***s. We do all the hard work so that you can get an inspected, cleaned, and professionally packed tank lid delivered directly to your door.


We buy tank lids from all over the country. Our latest batch came from Sparta TN, where this business that specializes in hard to find high end discontinued bathroom and kitchen fixtures had a bunch of extra tank lids. If you have a stash of tank lids let us know and if you need any hard to find kohler products check with


Here’s the most recent email from a happy customer. We are always striving to make our ordering process as simple and stress free as possible to make sure everyone gets the correct item they need to repair their toilet.


Another load of tank lids on the journey home to our warehouse. We let them check out Findlay Market in Cincinnati before cruising down 75 and then over the Great Smoky Mountain National Park before they get added to our shelves of over 9,000 tank lids waiting for a new home.


This load of tanks and lids on their way from Alabama to NC enjoyed an afternoon in Buckhead near Atlanta sunning on top of this parking garage.


Another batch of tank lids traveling the country, this time at the Georgia welcome center with live oak trees with Spanish moss greeting them.


Here is a load of lids traveling back from Maryland via Shenandoah National Park on their way to our warehouse in Franklin NC. We like to give the lids one last breath of fresh air before they end up back in someone’s bathroom.


The most recent of the many unsolicited thank you emails we get. We do our best to make sure everyone can get a tank lid for their toilet to replace a broken or missing tank top.


Here’s a weekends worth of tank and tank lid orders ready to go out. We get asked frequently by prospective customers if we package these items well because they are concerned it will arrive safely. There’s no toilet tank lid company out there that takes packaging more seriously than us.


We receive lots of unsolicited praise from customers which is always a pleasant surprise. Today someone wrote in to say "Thank you so much. Your professionalism and love of your business shows through in your follow up. What a pleasure doing business with you."

Last week someone received their completely custom made tank lid and wrote "Just wanted to let you know I received my ordered and I am thrilled with the outcome. It was exactly like I wanted."

A few days prior to that another satisfied customer said "I just wanted to let you know that I received the lid today and it's perfect!"

We enjoy providing this level of satisfaction to our customers and continue to work to make it even better.


Another full load of tank lids headed to our warehouse in North Carolina to add to the other 9000 or so we have available. Most of these were selected to fill holes in our inventory for items that were previously out of stock. Even with that many available there are still hundreds of items we are always looking to add.

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We can now custom engrave your logo or most anything you want on a wood toilet tank lid. Contact us for more information.

Photos from Cheap Toilet Tank Lids's post 02/11/2018

The latest batch of tank lids heading back from Florida to our warehouse in North Carolina. The air conditioner went out on my truck so I had to use a loaner truck to collect all the lids while it was being repaired and then transfer them back to my truck afterward.

Perspective | Gene Weingarten: ‘The cat broke the toilet tank lid’ and other likely stories 12/01/2017

Perspective | Gene Weingarten: ‘The cat broke the toilet tank lid’ and other likely stories

My business got written up in the humor section of the Washington Post!

Perspective | Gene Weingarten: ‘The cat broke the toilet tank lid’ and other likely stories A deep dive into a business that is surprisingly in demand.

Perspective | Gene Weingarten: ‘The cat broke the toilet tank lid’ and other likely stories 12/01/2017

Perspective | Gene Weingarten: ‘The cat broke the toilet tank lid’ and other likely stories

Hey, we made the news! Hope you enjoy this fun conversation I had with someone at the Washington Post.

Perspective | Gene Weingarten: ‘The cat broke the toilet tank lid’ and other likely stories A deep dive into a business that is surprisingly in demand.

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In addition to porcelain tank lids, we now also manufacture wood tank lids that can look like porcelain, or available in natural or stained wood finish to compliment your rustic bathroom decor. Here are a few photos of some wood lids we've made.


We bought 171 tank lids in Maryland and New Jersey this week.


We are very pleased to get a lot of unsolicited thank you emails and calls from happy customers. Here is the most recent one that came in last night.

"I received my tank lid today for a discontinued Kohler toilet. It fit perfectly.I am impressed and wanted to tell you so. Your process of texting pics and dimensions worked like a charm. The numbers were faded on the old lid. But your person on the other end of my texting was sure it was a particular one, so I went with that. I was holding my breath until it arrived, to see if it really was the ONE. It was. And the price was good. The packing was beautiful. Thanks for doing good work.



Amazon Search

We've been growing and adding new products to our offerings. Now many of the reproduction tank lids we manufacture are available for purchase on

Amazon Search Online shopping from a great selection at Cheap Toilet Tank Lids Store.


We don't get political at Cheap Toilet Tank Lids, we just think it would be a great idea to sponsor an AlternativeFacts Bowl (we like anything to do with bowls, and tanks, and tank lids) featuring the Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers. We don't have a huge budget but I bet we could afford to rent the local High School football field, and both teams could sell all the tv rights and keep any ticket sales. The local band boosters get all the profits from the concessions, of course. We just want our logo on the field somewhere. If you're out there, Packers and Steelers owners, be in touch.


I don't know if it's the Christmas spirit or just a general indication we are doing the right things, but we have been getting lots of calls and emails thanking us for their tank lid arriving quickly and matching perfectly. This is always our goal and we do our best to get it right every time, or fix any problem that may come up.


We've got your tank lid covered if you make a Thanksgiving party fowl.


We drive a lot of miles around the country searching for toilet tank lids so that when you need one, we have the one you need in stock. In June we drove over 5,200 miles to put 459 tank lids and tanks on the shelf. Since January of this year we've bought 5,588 tanks and lids and want to buy more.


We are getting tank lids from all over the country recently. Just received several pallets from California, and drove to Atlanta and Baltimore and Cincinnati recently. Up next - Houston, Dallas, and Tampa Bay. If you have a small or large collection of toilet tank lids you want to sell us, please contact us. Our customers are all over the country so we need lids from everywhere due to some toilets and brands being more common in other areas.


If you broke your toilet tank lid during a wild super bowl party, we've got you covered. Liderally.

Timeline photos 01/25/2016

Win a free toilet tank lid! Share and like this post to be entered in the drawing. We will be making our final selection on December 31, 2116. One lucky winner will receive the tank top of their choice from our selection of 6,000+ tank lids. Subject to contest rules and eligibility. Must be over 45 to enter, play responsibly. If we don't receive more than 10 million shares the contest is null and void.

Timeline photos 01/21/2016

If you break your toilet tank lid, you don't need to turn it into a grill and beer cooler...just contact us for the right lid. This one needed a Mansfield 51 lid.


A real conversation I just had with a plumber on the phone as I was calling places trying to find toilet tank lids
Him - "we're a plumbing place, not a parts place"
Me - "I heard sometimes plumbers will keep toilet tank lids laying around from old toilets"
Him - "That would be pretty bizarre"

If you are one of the bizarre plumbing shops that has toilet tank lids, we would love to buy them from you to replenish our stock and fill the holes so that we can help all of our customers looking for toilet tank tops. Please contact us to find out more.


We are moving our website host tonight and may experience some downtime over the next 24 hours. If you try to reach our site and don't get anything, and need immediately assistance, contact us via email at [email protected] or text to 513-240-3725 for the best response.

Cheap Toilet Tank Lids 11/18/2015

Cheap Toilet Tank Lids

Big update to the site today in terms of look and feel. It was mainly to improve the mobile experience. Mobile now makes up about 50% of our traffic, compared to 35% a year ago, 30% two years ago, and 19% three years ago. We hope you enjoy our continued progress forward.

Cheap Toilet Tank Lids New and Salvaged Toilet Tank Lids, Tanks, Parts, and more....

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