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Macon Rental Co.


We've had a busy morning!! Plenty of equipment still on sale.
This RugDoctor I got from you does an awesome job! Thank you so much!
Thank you to 99 Hills for always doing such a great job with our videos! Macon County is lucky to have you two!
Looks like Hollywood digs those Makita 18v tools too!
Thankful for my Dolmar this morning! Made short work of the wreckage I woke up to - runs as great as the day I bought it!!!
Thanks guys 😊
Thank you Chris Shaw for your help and knowledge in choosing the right mower for our needs.
Thanks again to Macon Rental for letting me have the chance to win this for my husband at the block party! He really needed another one 😊
Love my new Honda mower.........
Thank you Macon Rental ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Family owned and operated for 40 years- Providing rentals, sales, repair and service on all types of

Photos from Makita Tools USA's post 12/31/2022

Finding the right tool for those who are working on jobs with dust mitigation needs is super easy thanks to Makita again doing the work so their users don’t have to! Great tools, great company!


Friends! We will be closed for the holidays as of 5PM on Thursday until 8AM on January 3rd. If you need anything for the time we are closed then please come see us on Thursday.

In light of the incoming severe cold weather we decided to close a little earlier, and between Christmas and New Years we will be taking inventory and moving our rental tools to their new shop location. All designed to help us serve you better!

Thanks, be safe and happy holidays!


Macon Rental Co.

Greenworks Commercial 82V end of season blow out! We are giving AMAZING deep discounts on the flagship 82V series. Choose your main unit at discount then add a battery and charger at 10% off and then add a FREE GT160 string trimmer! Take for example the GM210, 21" push mower. Add the battery, charger and free trimmer. Retail is $836, but right now you get it all for $413! Limited stock, be quick!

Macon Rental Co. Family owned and operated for 40 years- Providing rentals, sales, repair and service on all types of power and landscape equipment. We want to help you!

Photos from Makita Tools USA's post 12/15/2022

Check out the NEW XCU11 chainsaw. A lighter weight rear handle 14” chainsaw running on a single 18v battery ideal for limbing, pruning, and timber frame work applications at a great price! Our initial order is due any day!

Makita USA - Product Details -XEC01PT1 12/11/2022

Makita USA - Product Details -XEC01PT1

FLASH SALE! Check out the Makita XEC01 cordless power cutter- quiet, lightweight & exhaust free cutting. The XEC01 has a maximum cutting depth of 3-1/2”, thus can cut through standard residential concrete slab in a single pass. Besides concrete, it has the power to cut through I-beams, steel pipe (3”), rebar (3/4” -#6), metal stud (14” wide) and more. Right now this kit comes with 4 LXT batteries for the price of 2- worth $219! But wait- we have ONE unit in stock that comes with 2 extra diamond blades worth another $200 FREE!

Makita USA - Product Details -XEC01PT1 36V (18V X2) LXT® Brushless 9" Power Cutter Kit, with AFT®, Electric Brake, 4 Batteries (5.0 Ah)

Photos from Makita Tools USA's post 12/09/2022

We have sold hundreds of Makita LXT chainsaws to rave reviews from our customers! We have both rear and top handle models in stock with two extra batteries for FREE! Come demo one!!!


Not thinking about your garden right now because it’s probably pretty darn muddy 💧☔️🌂🌧️
But spring is coming. Now is the time to bring your tiller in for service. Let us winterize you tillers with our early bird special.

Looking for a used tiller? We have a couple of great ones serviced and ready to go.

Stop by and say hello!

RedMax Blowers EBZ7500RH 12/03/2022

RedMax Blowers EBZ7500RH

Deal Alert! Through December, get an immediate $30 rebate on any Redmax EBZ7500 backpack blower! Big power, low maintenance... good deal!

RedMax Blowers EBZ7500RH


They’re right, you know! And not only do you get the early bird rate, but if you bought your machine from us you get an extra discount!!!

Winterize Your Gear!
Depending on where you live, it's either time or almost time to pack your mower away for the winter. Before you do, call your local dealer to schedule IMPORTANT winterization service. 🔧❄️

Photos from Macon Rental Co.'s post 11/29/2022

Early Bird Special:

Tis the season to winterize your lawn and garden equipment.
Discounted service rates on all makes and models through the winter. Give us a call today or come on in! Pick up and delivery available


Photos from Makita Tools USA's post 11/27/2022

We have a huge order of 40v Makita tools in bound- it’s a whole new level of power! And we might be giving free batteries away with them… 😎


Happy Thanksgiving, friends! We will be closed today and tomorrow for our employees to enjoy time with their families. See you on Saturday!



The 2500 Compact was Hustler’s first “conventional” side-discharge, rear engine mid-mount zero-turn mower.



Currently, we have:

Gravely ProTurn ZX 52" zero turn, demo unit. Retails at $10,120. Priced at $6500 cash out the door- including full 4 year warranty!

Redmax RZTX 54" zero turn, demo unit. Retails at $6299, Priced at $5400 cash out the door- very low hours and 4 year warranty!

Redmax CZTX 54" zero turn, demo unit. Retails at $11,899. Priced at $8500 cash out the door with 5 year warranty. This is a TANK of a machine!

Honda F220 tiller. Hardly used, new tines. Retails at $%1209, at $600 out the door.

Redmax GZ9000 88cc, 6.5hp, 36" chainsaw. Used twice! $900 cash out the door.

Winco 7500W generator, $500 cash out the door.

Finance is available on the zero turns, but the price will be adjusted to cover the dealer fees- we are selling them at cost!

There's more here and more to follow! Call us for details!


Nothing is quite like an Altoz with All Terrain deck. Bring huge productivity to areas other mowers cannot reach- and realize the profitability that enables. We’ve had customers make enough extra income to pay off their investment in their units within the first season. The model in this video is in stock now!

Timeline photos 11/03/2022

Timeline photos

Get lasting power and durability out of your RedMax 4-Gallon Battery Backpack Sprayer. Its 18-volt battery will give you four hours of spray on a single charge. There's no need to pump either! Just flip a switch and you're ready to tackle small or large jobs and everything in-between.


The struggle is real!!!

From the Jeremy Clarkson school of mechanics 😂

Photos from Macon Rental Co.'s post 10/21/2022

Season end specials are now available on Ariens Ikon XD, Gravely ZT X and ZT XL mowers! Kawasaki power, fabricated decks, powerful HydroGear transmissions, premium seating and lots of enhanced features backed up by strong warranties make these units premium choices for homeowners! Stock is limited and 0% finance is available!

Photos from Macon Rental Co.'s post 10/21/2022

This year is all about battery- every major manufacturer had new battery powered units to show. As ever, we love Makita tools. They had new 36 and 40v chainsaws, mowers, an amazing 14” concrete saw and all sorts of tools rolling out. Truely a huge range for all uses. Greenworks Commercial showed a 60” autonomous mower and a new drop in engine to replace gas on things like pressure washers and compressors. New kid on the block Kress brings German engineered next generation battery tech and some cool tool solutions. One to watch!!!

Photos from Macon Rental Co.'s post 10/20/2022

Day one, part 2. Altoz bring out a side extension option for the All Terrain deck on their TRX766, and show the new Switch multi tool carrier system, which has finish, All Terrain and brush cutter options amongst others. Redmax have refreshed their zero turn line and added a new 38.5hp monster in the CZTX model. Power!!!

Photos from Macon Rental Co.'s post 10/20/2022

Day 1 at Equip Exposition. First up- Hustler and Gravely! Hustler have refreshed their three commercial zero turns and they look awesome. Two machines we are really looking forward to getting in the shop are the mammoth SF stand on with 38.5hp and 15mph ground speed and at the opposite end of the spectrum, the Surfer Pro stander at under $5000 for tight yards and residential use. Gravely have redesigned consumer zero turns and the new Z-Stance stand on, which will be more pro-sumer aimed, coming in below the ProStance. They also introduced their new multi tool carrier unit for commercial landscaping installers and construction users. It’s a tank!!! More from day one to come, and tomorrow we head back for more!


Friends! We are at the Equip Exposition in Louisville, KY checking out what’s new and interesting in the landscape and arbor industry. Stay tuned for posts of what’s cool and headed to MRCo. soon!!!


We have numerous items of USED equipment for sale currently. Items include chainsaws from 16 - 36", hedge trimmers, generators, a tiller, a self-propelled walk behind leaf vacuum and chipper, push mower and more! All serviced and ready to go - first come first served. Thanks!!

Timeline photos 10/16/2022

Now you can build your own bundle of Greenworks® products at Macon Rental Company! Start with a 42-inch zero-turn, then add the commercial grade 82V power tools you need. Example: Trimmer, Blower, Pole Hedger, Chainsaw, AND the mower for as low as $99/month. Plus, the tools are powered by the mower’s interchangeable batteries! See Chris for details.

Timeline photos 10/02/2022

Breakthrough savings at Macon Rental Company on this Greenworks® 82V bundle! Features these four commercial handheld tools, a 42-inch zero-turn, plus an arsenal of 6 lithium-ion batteries to power it all. See Chris now and get the complete bundle for as low as $105/month. Imagine, no gas, no gas fumes, no messy mix, and no loud noise.

Hustler Zevo | Residential Electric Zero-Turn Mower 10/01/2022

Hustler Zevo | Residential Electric Zero-Turn Mower

Just arrived in stock- the Hustler Zevo! The perfect machine for the homeowner with low noise and zero emissions thanks to its AGM battery power source and brushless motors. Maintenance? What maintenance? No oil to change, filters or belts! Just keep it sharpened and clean! With enough battery power to mow up to 3 acres a charge and great ergonomic design, the Zevo is a pleasure to use. Come take it for a spin!

Hustler Zevo | Residential Electric Zero-Turn Mower The Hustler Turf ZEVO electric mower was built exclusively with the homeowner in mind. Clean lines, easy to operate, and up to 90-minute run time.

How to Winterize an EFI Engine- Vanguard Engines 09/25/2022

How to Winterize an EFI Engine- Vanguard Engines

It’s that time of year…

How to Winterize an EFI Engine- Vanguard Engines Make sure your Vanguard EFI engine is properly stored this season with tips from Tom Billigen from our Customer Education team. Find more tips and tricks on ...

Timeline photos 09/18/2022

Can less noise mean more jobs? If you’re rolling with the Greenworks® Commercial CU400 UTV at Macon Rental Company, the answer is yes! 15 mph max speed and up to 65 miles on a charge powered by 82-volt lithium-ion batteries. And it’s affordable! See Chris and ask about payments as low as $250.61. Perfect for municipalities, hospitals, or anywhere quiet is now a requirement.

Timeline photos 09/13/2022

In stock, primed to perform!

When you're armed with the powerful new SRTZ235 Hedge Trimmer, trimming hedges has never been easier. And, the commercial-built gear box allows you to adjust the blade by simply pulling down and locking it into place!

Timeline photos 09/07/2022

There is a growing demand for quiet. That’s why landscape professionals working around schools, colleges, hospitals, municipalities, and sports venues love the Greenworks® Commercial CU400 UTV at Macon Rental Company in Franklin. It’s powered by 82-volt lithium-ion batteries, with max speed of 15 mph and up to 65 miles per charge. See Chris and ask about payments as low as $250.61/month.


Macon Rental Co.

FLASH SALE! Save $50 on the awesome Makita EA5600 chainsaw. The 4.1HP engine and supplied 20" bar make this a great choice for the serious firewood cutter or more frequent feller of hardwoods. Professional grade features include adjustable oiler, side chain tensioner, rim sprocket clutch drum and retained bar nuts - never lose one again! Usually $499, right now $449 while stocks last!

Macon Rental Co. Family owned and operated for 40 years- Providing rentals, sales, repair and service on all types of power and landscape equipment. We want to help you!


Altoz TRX with Steadfast Alliance

Not your average mower- Commercial users realize huge efficiency and labor savings in clearance work and semi-annual maintenance! Call is for a demo!


Macon Rental Co.

Z-turn shopping? Check out the Redmax CZTE! Right now we will give you a FREE EBZ8550RH backpack blower and FREE BCZ230TS trimmer with your already aggressively discounted machine! Talk to Chris today for more information!

Macon Rental Co. Family owned and operated for 40 years- Providing rentals, sales, repair and service on all types of power and landscape equipment. We want to help you!


Solar Farm Maintenance with an Altoz TSX

The TSX is a great option for those tighter spots where it isn’t just turf you need to cut. In stock now!

Timeline photos 08/21/2022

If you need innovation for a changing world, Greenworks® Commercial and Macon Rental Company are leading the charge with the CU 400 UTV. And quiet? Roll at a hospital or campus. Nobody will hear you’re already on the job site! See Chris in Franklin for payments as low as $305/month. 82-volt lithium-ion batteries, max speed of 15 mph, up to 65 miles/charge.


Morning everyone! If you are trying to call in please be patient, it appears our internet and phone lines are down! 📞💻⌨️👎


Timeline photos 08/10/2022

We have the full range of Redmax’s heavy duty loppers in stock!

Get precision cuts with our 32-in Lopper. It's shock absorbing bumpers and anti-slip grip provides you a comfortable cutting experience.

Timeline photos 08/04/2022

When job sites mandate quiet the Greenworks® Commercial CU 400 UTV is the ticket! 82-volt lithium-ion batteries have plenty of power, with a max speed of 15 mph and up to 65 mile range. Plus, unloading cargo is easy with tri-folding sides and electric dump. See Chris at Macon Rental Company in Franklin and ask about payments as low as $250 per month.

Timeline photos 08/04/2022

The XP has speed, power, great cut and holds hills beyond the rest of the pack! Backed by a 5 year, 1500 hour warranty it’s truely Always Ahead! We have ONE 54” model on special- Come check it out!

The Altoz XP series of zero-turn mowers helps you get more done in less time. Built with a reliable and efficient engine, commercial Hydro-Gear transmission and 24” tires, this zero-turn mower makes zero compromises.

Visit our website to learn more:

Timeline photos 07/24/2022

When you test drive the Greenworks® 82-volt lithium-ion powered CU800 Utility Vehicle at Macon Rental Company in Franklin, you’ll discover why it’s an award-winning UTV. It’s rugged, durable, and perfect for adventure where quiet is a must, plus it’s fast. 29 mph and 75 miles on a single charge. Chris can tell you how to get yours for as low as $440 a month.

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The Greenworks Commercial UTV is here!
See the Greenworks UTV at Macon Rental Company!
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