Beltone Hearing Care Center

Beltone Hearing Care Center

Beltone is a leader in hearing care with many awards for exceptional technology and customer service.

Beltone is a worldwide leader in hearing care that has earned numerous awards for innovative hearing aid technology and exceptional customer service. Your local Beltone office is home to your community’s trusted hearing care professionals, who will be with you at every step of your journey to better hearing—starting with your free hearing assessment. Your hearing care professional will help you se


Many images of people wearing hearing aids in the media are outdated and don’t reflect reality. We want to change that!

Coming this World Hearing Day (March 3), The New Norm, a new, free bank of misperception-busting images - provided by our parent company, GN Group.

Watch our video to hear from some of the amazing real-life people with hearing loss taking part in The New Norm.

Hearing Aids Near Me - Free Hearing Test Online | Beltone 02/26/2024

👂 Ready to take the first step towards better hearing? Try our online hearing test today - it's quick, easy, and convenient!

Just visit!

Hearing Aids Near Me - Free Hearing Test Online | Beltone Get top-rated hearing aids at a hearing aid store or try a hearing test online. Beltone has 1,500 hearing centers for behind the ear hearing aids and more.


New ​Beltone​ Serene​ hearing ​aids ​are​ made ​for Bluetooth ​Auracast™.​ But​ what​ is ​ ​broadcast ​audio? Watch​ this ​video ​to ​find ​out​ how ​you ​can ​feel​ more ​connected,​ included ​and ​social​ wherever ​you ​are!​

Contact your local Beltone to learn more about our latest hearing innovation today


💙 Our Beltone Serene hearing aid technology is available NOW in a full range of popular styles to cater to all hearing needs and preferences!

Designed for all-day comfort, they are our best yet at helping users hear in noisy situations, plus are weatherproof and sweatproof!

Learn more by visiting


With Beltone Serene hearing aids, you can choose from a variety of stylish colors to match your personal taste, with even more design options available starting tomorrow!

Visit to find your nearest Beltone and learn more about Beltone Serene.


Jean M. is loving her new Beltone Serene hearing aids! Check out her 5-star Google review to see why she's raving about the difference they've made.

Contact your local Beltone to schedule a FREE hearing screening and learn more, 1-800-BELTONE.


Don't miss out on this amazing deal! Stock up on hearing aid batteries now and get 50% off through the end of February. Available online only at


💙 It's American Heart Month & a recent study suggests Omega-3 fatty acids, known for their heart-healthy benefits, could also help defend against age-related hearing loss by enhancing blood flow to the inner ear.

Learn more about the connection between hearing and heart health and the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids for both here:


Coming soon...Beltone Serene hearing aids available in a full range of popular styles to help you experience more of life!

Available nationwide beginning February 22. Contact your local Beltone to learn more


Happy Valentine's Day! 💙 Effective communication is key in any relationship, especially when a loved one has hearing loss. By speaking clearly, minimizing background noise, using visual cues, and being patient, you can strengthen your connection and improve overall quality of life.

And remember, hearing aids can be powerful tools for better communication. Check out our blog “Enhancing Communication with Loved Ones with Hearing Loss” to learn more:


💙Johney R. is enjoying the gift of better hearing, thanks to his new Beltone hearing aids provided by Beltone Scottsboro, AL owner Zachary Watson, BC-HIS, and the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation.

Now Johney is able to stay connected with loved ones and not miss out on the moments that matter most. Contact your local Beltone to learn more


Discover relief with the Beltone Tinnitus Calmer™ app! This innovative tool uses sounds and exercises to help distract your brain from tinnitus, allowing you to create personalized soundscapes and track your progress.

Simply download and listen, or stream directly through Beltone wireless hearing aids for customized relief. Remember, it's best used as part of a tinnitus management plan with a hearing care professional. Learn more at

This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone.


📢 Our Beltone Serene hearing aid technology will soon be available in a full range of popular styles to cater to all hearing needs & preferences!

Designed for all-day comfort, Beltone Serene hearing aids are our most advanced yet at helping you hear in noisy situations. They are also weatherproof and sweatproof and made for Bluetooth Auracast™ broadcast audio and compatible with Microsoft Windows PCs!

Check out the press release to learn more:


It's Tinnitus Awareness Week, and we're diving "Inside the Ear" to explore the causes of - the perception of noise or ringing in the ears without any external sound. Watch the video below to learn more⬇️.

If you're dealing with tinnitus, reach out to your nearby Beltone to discover the available solutions for relieving symptoms, including the Beltone Calmer App,


❤️By maintaining a healthy heart, you can reduce the risk of hearing loss and enhance your overall well-being. For tips and more information, be sure to read our article "Keep Your Beat: Healthy Heart, Healthy Hearing" on Healthy Aging at Beltone:


GN Group celebrates Black History Month by once again donating a portion of proceeds from February U.S. sales of our top-level Beltone Serene, ReSound Nexia, and Audigy AGXR XF hearing aids to the GN Scholarship fund.

The scholarship was started in 2021 to help improve diversity in hearing healthcare in the U.S. by supporting Black audiology and hearing services students attending a Historically Black College or University (HBCU). To date, three students attending Hampton University have been awarded the GN Scholarship: Shamine Alves, Darchayla Lewis and Chanel Hudson.

The GN Scholarship is a community educational initiative championed by Black@GN, an employee resource group at the company.


Tim K. is experiencing a significant improvement in his quality of life with the help of his new Beltone hearing aids, provided by Beltone Maryville HCP Zachary Allen & the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation.

Prior to receiving his new hearing aids, Tim faced challenges in communicating at work due to his hearing loss. However, with the support of Zachary and the Foundation, Tim's work performance has flourished, leading to a positive transformation in both his professional and personal life!

To discover more about the impactful work of the Beltone Foundation, visit


Recent studies show a strong link between untreated hearing loss and risk of cognitive decline including dementia. Take steps to reduce your risk:

1️⃣ Schedule a free hearing screening at your local Beltone to find hearing aids that are right for you or upgrade your current ones.

2️⃣ Know early signs of dementia such as forgetfulness, reduced concentration, and even depression.

3️⃣ Stay engaged with loved ones to help maintain important cognitive skills.

Find your nearest Beltone to learn more by visiting


🏈Getting ready for football playoffs and the "Big Game" coming up soon? Beltone has you covered with our new Beltone Serene hearing aids and TV-Streamer+, you'll never miss a moment from the comfort of your own home!

Contact your local Beltone to learn more about our latest hearing innovations:

Beltone donates hearing aids to area homeless man - Uvalde Leader News 01/23/2024

Beltone Uvalde HCP JoAnne Hernandez took action after reading about a local man in need of hearing aids and facilitated the gift of hearing for Maurice "General" Mason through the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation.

Thanks to this support, General can now hear the world around him and stay connected with his community. Check out the The Uvalde Leader-News article for the full story and visit to learn more about the Beltone Foundation.

Beltone donates hearing aids to area homeless man - Uvalde Leader News Maurice “General” Mason told the Leader-News on Dec. 20 that his hearing has improved considerably in the weeks since he received free hearing aids. Mason, 74, has been homeless for 43 years and is legally deaf. JoAnne Hernandez, a technician at Beltone Hearing Center in Uvalde, was overjoyed wh...


Want to know how wearing hearing aids could help you live longer? Check out our blog to learn more about the new study that reveals the life-extending power of hearing aids:

Don't let untreated hearing loss affect your well-being. Take steps to embrace a healthier future and longer life by scheduling a free hearing screening at your local Beltone by calling 1-800-BELTONE.


Beltone Serene™ hearing aids are our best yet at helping you hear in noisy situations, so you can hear with confidence even in loud environments!

Focus on conversations and what's important to you by scheduling a hearing screening at your local Beltone to discover the difference today at


Regular cleanings are key to keeping your hearing aids in top shape and helping you hear what matters most. Check out our blog for cleaning tips and instructional videos based on your hearing aid style:

And if you need supplies, Beltone has you covered. Contact your local Beltone today to learn more about your options! 1-800-BELTONE


Thanks to our Hear for the Holidays hearing aid giveaway, Kathleen from Tennesse received the gift of hearing. Now, she can enjoy the sounds of students in the school lunchroom and the rustling of the leaves at the school where she works!

Contact your local Beltone to schedule a free hearing screening and learn more about our award-winning services and products:

Hearing aid use could help people extend their lives, USC study finds 01/16/2024

🦻Wearing hearing aids could increase your life span according to a new study from the Keck School of Medicine at USC which found that regular use of hearing aids was associated with a 24% lower risk of mortality.

This research, published in The Lancet Healthy Longevity, highlights the importance of addressing hearing loss for overall health and well-being. Take care of your ears and be proactive with your hearing health by scheduling a FREE hearing screening at your local Beltone. Call 1-800-BELTONE or schedule online at

Hearing aid use could help people extend their lives, USC study finds Research by Keck School of Medicine of USC found that people who wear hearing aids regularly have a 24% lower risk of mortality. A lead researcher and geriatrician detailed the benefits.


❄️ Winter is here, and it's not just our skin that needs extra care! Check out our latest blog on "Keeping Your Ears & Hearing Aids Safe in Cold Weather" for essential tips this season:

And call 1-800-BELTONE to schedule your annual free hearing screening at your local Beltone to keep your hearing in tip top shape all year long!


Auracast™ broadcast audio technology, the future of connectivity, is making a big splash at this week, and Beltone Serene™ & our TV-Streamer+ are already leading the way in revolutionizing the hearing experience!

Check out our blog to learn more about how Beltone Serene, paired with Auracast, is set to transform the listening experience:


💙Thanks to our amazing Mexico, MO team & Beltone Hearing Care Foundation, Teresa was gifted brand new Beltone hearing aids and is now able to engage in group conversations and understand what her physician is saying!

Learn more about the Beltone Foundation and schedule a free hearing screening at your local Beltone by visiting


Feeling unsure about a hearing screening? Don't worry! At Beltone, your satisfaction is our top priority. Check out this glowing 5-star review from a caregiver who visited our Clearwater, FL location! Plus, the screening is FREE and you can book an appointment at!


👂Did you know it's recommended to have annual hearing screenings once you turn 50? Even if you already use hearing aids, it's important to monitor any changes in your hearing loss over time to ensure your hearing aids are still effectively meeting your needs.

Give your hearing the care and attention it deserves this year by scheduling your free annual hearing screening with Beltone today at!

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