Mindful Body Massage Therapy and Yoga

Mindful Body Massage Therapy and Yoga

Mindful Body offering two locations. Fort Smith yoga studio offering a variety of classes from therapeutic yoga to Vinyasa, workshops and teachers Student and military/first responder pricing.

Massage therapy and esthetics offered at our central location.

Operating as usual


If you haven't checked out Jen's Kitty Rehab, it is a must. If you love yoga and cats, this Saturday at 6:30 come check it out. Space is limited so please contact the organization to reserve your space or to make a donation.

Happy June! Fosters! Calling for new fosters (and YOGIS)!


Join Jaime from the comfort of your home for a practice to welcome the New Year with a new perspective. Let's breathe together, move together, sit quietly together and rest with stillness. As always, cherish the moments of pause. They offer us opportunities to learn and grow.
December 31 at 4:00pm (CST)
Email [email protected] for link to donate. If unable to donate, nobody will be turned away. Please have Zoom downloaded to computer or mobile device. Links will be sent out 15 minutes prior to class. Stay safe and well everyone!!! Happy New Year! XOXO!


Did somebody say there is a special on the yoga therapy packages???? First off, what is yoga therapy?
"Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being throigh the application of the teachings and practices of Yoga" - International Association of Yoga Therapist definition. The yoga therapist and individual work together to explore goals, imbalances and lifestyle to bring the body and mind to a closer state if harmony. In yoga therapy we use the Panchamaya Kosha Model which addresses the physical body, energy body, mental/emotional body, wisdom body and the joyful body. The goal of yoga therapy is to bring the 5 layers of the being to a closer state of harmony, the blissful, joyful state.
Yoga therapy applications can be used to address areas of functional movement, grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, chronic pain by exploring avenues of movement, breath, mudras, mantras, ayurvedic applications and imagery.
Let's work together to find balance through imbalances. Online and individual in person yoga therapy packages will be 15% off through Dec 6. The package consist of a thorough intake form and 5 sessions. The first session will be an assessment to explore the goals of the individual. The following 4 sessions will be spaced 1-2 weeks apart to implement the yoga therapy plan at home. We check back for accountability and structure and to see what is working and adapt the program as needed.
Have questions regarding the program before investing? Contact Jaime to schedule a free 15 minute consultation via zoom to answer any questions regarding the program. Please send a message to [email protected] to set up your consultation today or for the purchase link.
Thanks for swinging by 😉


This picture was taken at the beginning of this mess. When it seemed like things didn't feel like they would last forever. Slow-forward many moons later and I think we are all wishing for some normalcy. I've hesitated to make updates because things still don't seem real and everything is so dynamic right now. More students have been reaching out asking about classes. I've been holding very small classes outdoors, but with the colder weather moving on, that will change. I was fortunate to be released from my lease agreement and closed my yoga studio in June. It was a cozy space and student safety would've been an issue. I am currently offering zoom classes on Mondays and Fridays at 9:30am, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15am and Thursdays at 7pm CT. In January, I will only offer a weekly Thursday evening donation based class and the other group classes will no longer take place. I will be offering online yoga therapy workshop series and private/group online sessions only. I will continue to work with individual clients online or in person and masks will be required for myself and client. In addition to the yoga therapy, I am a massage therapist. I will not be taking any new clients during this time. 🙏 we will see a shift in the springtime. For now, please stay safe and well and let's send some warm blessings to the Healthcare workers and teachers.
Please send a message or email Jaime at [email protected] for class inquiries and stay tuned for more announcements. I will be offering a self massage series in January that will definitely start your year off right! We will rock n roll this damn tension out of our bodies 👊


I dont know about all of you, but I fall in a few of these categories. Join me tonight for Somatic movement. Experience over explanation.
7:00pm CST
Message Jaime at 479.651.3072 to register. Health is wealth, investment cost $7.


Tonight enjoy the comfort of self massage and gentle movement to guide you to a better night of rest. No props necessary but you might want to have your favorite lotion or massage oil for a more desirable experience 😴
6:00pm CST via Zoom from the comfort of your home.
Please contact Jaime at 479.651.3072 or email at [email protected] to register for class. Please register no later than 5:30pm. Relaxation investment cost is $7.


Mindful Body Massage Therapy and Yoga


Pause. Listen. Witness. Digest.
How often do you pause to listen to what your body, breath and thoughts are saying? Can you witness without judgement? Digest the sensations?

This is a photo I took of myself after a solo hike. I've always been afraid to venture out too far in nature alone. It was liberating. When was the last time you did something that made you feel alive? Ask the questions, then go someplace where you can pause and listen. Not all fear is evil. Sometimes it's the nudge we need to grow.

Join Jaime at Ben Geren Park tonight at 6pm for a lite sunset flow and meditation. There will also be class Friday at the park at 9:30am.
Drop in pricing is $10
Space is limited so please contact Jaime at 479.651.3072 to secure a spot.

#fortsmithyoga #yogainthepark #arkansasyoga #listen #nature #grow #yogaeverydamnday #yogatherapy #feelalive


Make time for self-care!
Thursday evening sunset yoga at Ben Geren Park to stretch out the side body so our little kidneys can have some space!!!
Class time is 6:00pm
Please contact Jaime at 479.651.3072 to secure your space, 2 spaces left tonight.


We welcome you with a sense of grounding and balancing. Join Jaime Saturday at Ben Geren Park at Pavillion #1 for a 60-minute all levels Hatha Flow.
Drop in class is $10. (Packages available)
Please contact Jaime to register or to inquire about classes at 479.651.3072


The calm after the storm. After a long hiatus of contemplation, Mindful Body is back. Sometimes we need to step back, take a moment to pause and digest to feed our souls. This photo was taken 2 weeks ago after driving into Hurricane Sally to spend the week with my soul sister @waterfallyogatherapy for our last training module together for the @innerpeaceyogatherapy 800 hour yoga therapy training. Cherish the beautiful moments.

Sunset yoga tonight at Ben Geren park. Pavillion #3. 6:00pm, cost is $10. Please bring your own mat and props as we enjoy the sunset together. Please contact Jaime at 479.651.3072 to secure a spot. We limit the class to 6 so we can safely practice with room to breathe. Literally.


What ya got planned for your Friday night? Staying home? Me too!!! How about we stay home together and do some restorative yoga!? Grab your blankets, pillows, bolsters, cushions...whatever makes you comfy and meet me at 6:30pm CT.
Rest well tonight and then join class again for Hatha Flow at 9am on Saturday!
*New online pricing option*
2 weeks of unlimited online yoga $15
30 days of online unlimited yoga $25
Single class $7

Head over to Vagaro.com/mindfulbodymassagetherapyandyoga, click on memberships and purchase your choice of single class or membership, register for the class up to 15 minutes BEFORE class begins and a link will be sent to your email or text for the Zoom yoga session.


When I am alone
You'll come back to me
It's happened before
It's called a memory
~Leonard Cohen

Happy Birthday sweet Gio. The reason yoga became a part of my life. Forever grateful 🙏

Heart centered Hatha flow Saturday morning at 9am CT.

Register up to 15 minutes before class at Vagaro.com/mindfulbodymassagetherapyandyoga for link to Zoom.

[04/09/20]   So very sorry to last minute cancel restorative yoga tonight. Regular schedule tomorrow!


Hey all. Jaime here. Canceling all classes for today so I can take a mental health day to digest some things. I'll be guiding a lovely restorative class Thursday evening at 6:30 CT focusing on respiratory health and anxiety. Grab blankets, pillows and a dog (optional) and join me.
Drop in $7

Register at Vagaro.com/mindfulbodymassagetherapyandyoga
Have Zoom.us app downloaded to computer or mobile device (free and easy)
15 minutes before class a link and password will be sent to your phone or email.

Take time for you 🙏


Body feeling a little like this? Join Jaime at 10:00am, 12:30pm and 6:00pm for classes all focusing on hip stability. Don't forget FREE meditation at 7:30pm!
(All classes are Central Standard Time)

Register at Vagaro.com/mindfulbodymassagetherapyandyoga

Download Zoom.us (easy, fast and free)
Link will be want to phone or email 15 minutes before class. Register up to 15 minutes BEFORE the class starts.

yogaforgriefrelief.com 04/03/2020

‘That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief’ …and Your Body Feels it Too! – Yoga for Grief Relief

During this time, we are all experiencing the loss of something. I need 2 people who are currently experiencing a sense of loss, that would be willing to try yoga therapy techniques to help with issues of grief. There will be an intake form, assessment and we will meet for a total of 3-4 times (assessment included) over the next 2 months. These meetings will be done virtually through Zoom. This will be largely discounted due to the current situations. Total price will be $75. Please message or call Jaime at (479) 651-3072 to inquire or register for Yoga for Grief.

"Grief is the normal reaction to the loss of things and people we are attached to. Attachment refers to our dependency on the permanence of a person’s presence or an object’s continued availability to produce and sustain our safety, happiness and wellbeing. Like never before we are being deprived of an overwhelmingly big amount of those things, unable to access the known ways of being with others. This loss is without a doubt, the starting point of an unprecedented episode of global grief" ~ Antonio Sausys

yogaforgriefrelief.com In recent days I received several suggestions to read an article by Scott Berinatto’s published in Harvard Business Review where he interviews David Kessler, a dedicated, committed and accomplished expert in the field of grief. In it he names the present state the world transiting the Coronavirus ...


Cleanse the body and clear the mind with Kapalbhati pranayam.

Tuesday schedule
12:30pm Hatha Flow with Jaime
3:00 Family Yoga with Kellie ($7per household!)
4:00pm All Levels Flow @kellielindsay
(All times are Central Standard)

Our Rise & Shine class is offer Mon-Sat during this time at 6:30am! Join us!

Register at Vagaro.com/mindfulbodymassagetherapyandyoga up to 15 minutes before class and we will send the link. Download Zoom.us, only takes a minute and it is free!


What makes your soul come alive? What brings you joy?
Please comment! I want to hear what fills your heart!

Here is what is left for Monday

12:30pm Power Flow Vinyasa with Jaime
6:00pm Gentle Yoga Flow with Jaime
7:30pm FREE 30 minute guided meditation (grab a candle for tonight!)
(All classes are Central Time Zone)

Register at Vagaro.com/mindfulbodymassagetherapyandyoga up to 15 minutes before class starts.
Download Zoom.us app, it is free and easy!
Link will be sent to you via email or text 15 minutes before class begins!


Anyone interested in a yoga wheel class online? Have a wheel and not sure what to do with it?? I got ya! Looking at this upcoming Friday or Saturday around 4:00pm Central Time. Heck...we could do both! This class will be all levels, with options to stay where you are or try the advanced versions! Either way..it will be fun! If interested and you dont have a wheel, message Jaime and we will work something out.
Respond for which day/time is best for you and we will have a wheelie good time!


Join Kellie today at 1:30 PM Central for the start of a Rest & Restore Chakra Balancing series! This class series will systematically take you on a journey through each chakra with targeted yoga poses and a 10-15 minute guided meditation following each Hatha practice.

You’ll want to gather your most favorite pillows and blankets for this one! If you are new to working with chakra energy or if you’re just looking for a yummy restorative practice for this restful Sunday, this class is definitely for you. 💕

To register, simply choose the class on Vagaro.com/mindfulbodymassagetherapyandyoga at least 15 minutes before the class starts, and wait for your registration link. If you don’t already have Zoom downloaded, do that while you wait for the link! 🙂

Lastly, if you have any questions about the class, don’t hesitate to message Kellie Lindsay! Namaste 🙏


Today's mantra......Be silly!

Kapha season is rolling in, which can lead to feelings of heaviness. A great way to balance this is through laughter and being silly!!!
Join me via Zoom.us( download on computer or mobile device)
10:00am CT Playful, lighthearted Hatha Flow
11:30am Family Yoga, 30 minute class for the entire family or just the kids. $7 per household!

Check out Vagaro.com/mindfulbodymassagetherapyandyoga for schedule and to register up to 15 minutes before class time begins and a link will be sent to you for the class 15 minutes before it starts.

Thank you to @innerpeaceyogatherapy
sisterhood for the laughs, tears, memories and love 💗


Uncle George Allen was able to practice yoga with his nieces and nephews that live in Arkansas AND Maryland today!!! We had so much fun and it was really wonderful to see our families and do something together. Although we really wanted to give those kiddos a huge squeeze 💞

Online Family Yoga is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:00pm with Kellie and 11:30am on Wednesdays and Saturdays with Jaime. Do yoga as a family or let us guide your kiddos while you rest!!! Today we hopped like little frogs and made animal sounds and it was FUN!
(Class times are Central Standard Time zone)

How does your family sign up? Follow these steps and we will see you soon!
🐶 Go to Vagaro.com/mindfulbodymassagetherapyandyoga to register and sign up. Only one person per household needs to register so you will only be charged for a single class/household of $7
🐱Download Zoom.us, register an account, this is free
🐒 15 minutes before class starts you will receive a link via text message or email
🐄 Click the link and we shall see you there!!!!

Registration closes 15 minutes before the scheduled class starts. Family Yoga is a 30-minute class.


Hello 👋 It’s me, Kellie! I’m willing to bet that not many people know this about me: my yoga practice started at home ... and it stayed at home for nearly two years before I ever stepped foot in a yoga studio.
Years before this I visited several yoga studios on varying occasions in various cities, and each time I felt embarrassed and unwelcome (btw this was a terrible data set and would be very unfair to assume that this is how yoga studios are, in general). Little did I know then, I had an incredible amount of inner work to do. However, my point is that these experiences didn’t stop that incessant drive that made me crave a yoga practice.
How did I start? With video instruction. In my living room. Which is why I feel like this has been a gift I’ve had packaged to give away for a while now! I’m very passionate about teaching, but my passion comes from a place of heartfelt experience and connection. If you’ve ever considered “going to yoga” and just didn’t have enough will to put yourself out there, I get it, and now you don’t have to! 🤟🙏
Here’s what’s left for Tuesday (all times are CST):
12:30 Hatha Flow w/Kellie
3:00 Family Yoga (30 mins) w/Kellie
4:00 All Levels Vinyasa w/Kellie
Register online at Vagaro.com/mindfulbodymassagetherapyandyoga at least 15 minutes before each class, and I’ll email you your registration to log in at zoom.us (or on the zoom app). This can be on your computer, phone, tablet, or tv. Message us if you have any questions at all!
Classes are $7 each, 5/$35, 10/$65, and free for Mindful Body Unlimited members. Family yoga: $7 per family (give yourself a break - I will keep them entertained 😜).
#yoga #community #homepractice #familyyoga


Almost time for yoga!!!!! Still have time to join us for 🙏6:00pm Gentle Yoga Flow🙏 with lots of breath focus to ground! I did this practice today and I'm still super chill.
No worries of missing class because of traffic. No guilty feelings of being away from your pets (does anyone else feel this when they do something without your furbaby??!) Let them join you for yoga!

Also FREE 30 minute Yoga Nidra tonight at 7:30!!! Wear your pajamas!!!!!

Download Zoom.us and register at Vagaro.com 15 minutes before class and a link will be sent to your phone or email address!

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