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drakesoftware.com 10/19/2020

IRS Reminds Tax Pros about PTIN renewal and AFSP Opportunities

#ptinrenewal #afsp

drakesoftware.com The Internal Revenue Service Return Preparer’s Office is reminding tax professionals about the PTIN renewal deadline and Annual Filing Season Program perks. According to the Friday IRS newsletter, the RPO is set to send two separate messages: one to all current PTIN holders, and another to all non...

drakesoftware.com 07/31/2020

CARES Act Allows Penalty-Free Withdrawals from Some Retirement Plans

Good information...

drakesoftware.com Taxpayers can dip into Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act-specified retirement accounts without suffering a penalty, according to an Internal Revenue Service press release published yesterday. This reminder comes just days after the $600 unemployment benefits included in that legisla...

drakesoftware.com 07/20/2020

PTIN Fees Coming Back for 2021


drakesoftware.com Tax professionals across the country wrapped up a unique filing yesterday. While some still have to contend with an imposing stack of extensions that will be due on October 15, many are making plans to prepare for next filing season.

drakesoftware.com 07/07/2020

Drake Software Online Training and More – E47

Tax Training...

drakesoftware.com Drake Software Director of Education Christine Reynolds and Drake Software Sales Representative Byron McClure discuss how Drake is handling training and demonstrations during the pandemic.

accountingtoday.com 05/20/2020

IRS starts using prepaid debit cards to send stimulus payments

#prepaidcard #stimulus

accountingtoday.com The Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department are beginning to send nearly 4 million economic impact payments by prepaid debit card, instead of by paper check or direct deposit.

drakesoftware.com 04/20/2020

Change Coming for PTIN User Fees?

drakesoftware.com The Federal Register from Thursday, April 16 included proposed rulemaking that would reduce the cost of applying for and renewing a Paid Tax Identification Number from $33 with a $17 third-party fee to $21 with a $14.95 third-party fee.

drakesoftware.com 04/16/2020

“Get My Payment” Goes Live on IRS.gov

drakesoftware.com The IRS Get My Payment tool is now available, providing EIP recipients a convenient way to set up direct deposit for and track the status of their payment.

drakesoftware.com 04/16/2020

IRS Publishes Five Security Tips to Combat COVID-19 Scams

drakesoftware.com Many businesses have embraced remote work as a key strategy in slowing the spread of COVID-19. Even the Internal Revenue Service has sent its staff home as a result of this outbreak. Unfortunately,

drakesoftware.com 04/13/2020

IRS Expands More Tax Deadlines

drakesoftware.com The Internal Revenue Service says it is extending additional tax deadlines for individuals and businesses.

drakesoftware.com 04/03/2020

Treasury Clarifies Economic Impact Payments for Americans on Social Security

Good information...please read.

drakesoftware.com The Treasury Department recently dispelled some uncertainty regarding how it would handle economic impact payments for Americans on Social Security.

drakesoftware.com 04/01/2020

Economic Impact Payments: The Facts

drakesoftware.com Distribution of the federal government’s economic impact payments, meant to counter the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S., is scheduled to start in the coming weeks, according

drakesoftware.com 04/01/2020

IRS Implements New Signature Policy due to COVID-19

drakesoftware.com COVID-19 has disrupted life for Americans across the country, and as we’ve seen in recent weeks, the tax industry is not immune to change.

drakesoftware.com 03/30/2020

Tax Industry Warns of Stimulus Payment Scams

drakesoftware.com The Internal Revenue Service is reporting that scammers are already trying to take advantage of taxpayers grappling with the coronavirus.

drakesoftware.com 03/25/2020

CPA Practice Advisor 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards Results

So proud to work with this company!

drakesoftware.com Drake Software wins six categories in Readers’ Choice Awards.CPA Practice Advisor published its 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards, which asks respondents to rate their experience with tax

[03/20/20]   CNN)

Americans will have an additional three months to file their taxes amid the coronavirus pandemic, the US treasury secretary said on Friday.
"We are moving Tax Day from April 15 to July 15," Secretary Steven Mnuchin tweeted. "All taxpayers and businesses will have this additional time to file and make payments without interest or penalties."
He said he was acting at President Donald Trump's direction.
The White House had announced previously they were deferring tax payments for 90 days, but that Americans would still need to file by April 15.

Now, the deadline will be extended into the summer.
Mnuchin said Americans with refunds should still file now.
"I encourage all taxpayers who may have tax refunds to file now to get your money," he wrote.
Exclusive: McConnell defends crafting $1 trillion stimulus plan without Democrats
Exclusive: McConnell defends crafting $1 trillion stimulus plan without Democrats
The administration has been seeking ways to blunt the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak, which is expected to cause harm to both major industries and small businesses. Economists have predicted a potentially historic spike in unemployment claims.
Lawmakers have been haggling over a massive stimulus package with members of the administration, but Trump has also sought out ways to mitigate economic concerns on his own.
He's already signed a package that would expand paid sick leave for workers to allow them to remain home if they fall ill from the disease.
And he's endorsed a measure that would send checks directly to certain Americans, saying he wanted to "go big" in his attempts to keep the economy afloat.
Earlier in the week, Mnuchin said that individual and small business filers would be able to defer payments of up to $1 million and corporations can defer up to $10 million without incurring interest or penalties.
Usually both the tax filing and payment is due on April 15.
Taxpayers can still request a six-month extension to file returns, like they could in any other year.

The new deadlines announced by the administration apply to federal tax income payments only. It's up to states to set their own deadlines.
Some states are making changes due to the coronavirus. In California, individuals will have until June 15 to both file and pay their state taxes.

This story has been updated to include additional reporting.

marketwatch.com 02/28/2020

Tax breaks for college tuition and medical expenses just came back from the dead — read this before filing your taxes

marketwatch.com You may have to amend your 2018 return to fully cash in.

drakesoftware.com 02/26/2020

Answers and a Safe Harbor for Carbon Capture Credits

drakesoftware.com The Internal Revenue Service has issued guidance helping businesses to understand how 2018 legislation can benefit returns claiming carbon capture tax credits.

drakesoftware.com 02/26/2020

IRS Wants Farmers and Fishermen to Remember March 2 Deadline

Remember March 2nd deadline farmers & fishermen...

drakesoftware.com If any of your clients make two thirds of their gross income from farming or fishing, they may need to file a Form 1040 and pay tax due on Monday.

drakesoftware.com 01/15/2020

IRS Annual Report: Personnel, Technology, and More

drakesoftware.com The annual report issued by recently by the Internal Revenue Service spotlights the agency’s new “can-do” philosophy while giving us a glimpse into the enormous workload still needed to bring the IRS into the 21st century.

irs.gov 01/06/2020

IRS opens 2019 tax filing season for individual filers on Jan. 27 | Internal Revenue Service

IRS opens 2019 individual tax filing season January 27th.

irs.gov IR-2020-02, January 6, 2020 — The Internal Revenue Service confirmed that the nation’s tax season will start for individual tax return filers on Monday, January 27, 2020, when the tax agency will begin accepting and processing 2019 tax year returns.

drakesoftware.com 11/24/2019

2019 "How Do Your Tax Prep Fees Stack Up?" Results

drakesoftware.com Download Drake Software’s 2019 “How Do Your Tax Prep Fees Stack Up?” InfographicEvery two years, Drake Software surveys tax professionals to see how their tax preparation fees have changed. Since the

drakesoftware.com 11/21/2019

John Sapp and Christine Reynolds Preview 2019 Update Schools – E36

drakesoftware.com If you’re still trying to complete your continuing professional education credits, Drake Software has begun hosting Update Schools across the country.

drakesoftware.com 11/01/2019

David and Jenny on DrakeCPE - E35

Visit DrakeCPE.com for all your CPE needs!

drakesoftware.com We've a few short months from the end of 2019, and tax professionals across the country are trying to finish earning their continuing professional education credits. Keeping that in mind, we asked two

drakesoftware.com 10/17/2019

IRS Marks National Work and Family Month

drakesoftware.com October is National Work and Family Month and to celebrate, the IRS is issuing informative tips on maintaining work-life balance. Topics include family businesses, family tax credits, military tax benefits, scams and security issues.

drakesoftware.com 10/14/2019

Jami Gibson on Taxes-Security-Together Checklist – E33

drakesoftware.com We asked Drake Software Vice President of Internal Operations Jami Gibson back to the Taxing Subjects Podcast studio to discuss the Security Six, data security plans, the signs of data theft, and more.

drakesoftware.com 10/14/2019

Farmers Get More Time for Drought Relief Measures

drakesoftware.com American farmers and ranchers forced to sell livestock due to drought have been given some tax relief by the IRS. The measures give qualified taxpayers an extra year to replace livestock and defer tax on gains from the forced sales.

linkedin.com 10/11/2019

Register by October 14th for early discount!

linkedin.com Drake Software Dealer Sponsored Update Schools Join us for an 8 hour CPE credited course on the tax law changes and updates on the new tax program. Click https://drakesoftwaresales.

drakesoftware.com 10/04/2019

IRS to Stop Sending W-2 Verification Codes

drakesoftware.com The Internal Revenue Service on Friday announced that it is ending the Form W-2 Verification Code pilot program.

drakesoftware.com 09/19/2019

IRS Offers Settlement for Micro-Captive Insurance Schemes

drakesoftware.com The Internal Revenue Service is offering a limited-time settlement for certain taxpayers under audit who took part in an abusive micro-captive insurance scheme.

drakesoftware.com 09/18/2019

IRS Publishes Section 168(k) Depreciation Regulations

drakesoftware.com The IRS last Friday announced the publication of final and proposed regulations for the 100-percent depreciation deduction. The agency said that this would finalize and expand upon proposed regulations from last August.

drakesoftware.com 09/16/2019

Amanda on the Taxpayer Advocate Service Roadmap – E32

drakesoftware.com The Taxpayer Advocate Service recently released the Taxpayer Roadmap 2019, a visual representation of the tax return filing process.


Drake Software Education

Are you new to Drake? Do you have new staff? If so, we have an opportunity coming up next week to learn all the basics of Drake Tax. Join us for a live stream class, Drake Basics, on September 17 from 1pm to 5pm EST.

For more information and to register, click here: https://training.drakesoftware.com/classroom-training/trainingclasses

drakesoftware.com 09/11/2019

IRS to Self-Employed Taxpayers: Use the Tax Withholding Estimator

drakesoftware.com According to the IRS, self-employed taxpayers should use the Tax Withholding Estimator when they perform their next “paycheck checkup.”IR-2019-149 is the latest press release advertising the Tax

drakesoftware.com 09/10/2019

Drake Tax Takes 12 Categories in JofA 2019 Tax Software Survey

drakesoftware.com This week, we learned what CPAs across the country thought when the Journal of Accountancy (JofA) released the results of their “2019 Tax Software Survey.”

drakesoftware.com 09/05/2019

IRS Identity Theft Investigations Down 75 Percent Since 2012

drakesoftware.com A new audit from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) finds that IRS identity theft investigations by the Criminal Investigations unit declined by 75% between 2013 and 2017.



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