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DON'T STRESS. WE GOT THIS. If you've been injured, we are YOUR hometown car wreck lawyers. We do all the work to get the compensation you deserve.

William & Ashleigh Buckley are a husband & wife team of attorneys experienced in handling personal injury cases. With an office located in the heart of downtown Fort Smith and lawyers who are active members of the River Valley community, you can trust us to take good care of you when you've been hurt in a car wreck and need a lawyer for your personal injury case. LICENSED IN ARKANSAS, OKLAHOMA, & TENNESSEE

Operating as usual


We are proud members of this great local organization! Congratulations to our officers for putting on a great year while still maintaining COVID safety procedures.

The Arkansas Bar Foundation and Arkansas Bar Association are proud to announce that the Sebastian County Bar Association is the 2021 recipient of the Outstanding Local Bar Association Award. This award recognizes outstanding activities which enhance the the position and standing of the legal profession. Congratulations!
Sebastian County Bar Association Arkansas Bar Association

Photos from The Buckley Firm's post 03/09/2021

Today was a special day in the office. We dedicated our new tree in honor of our beloved Monkey Dog (2007-2021), who sadly passed away recently. On pretty days like today, she loved sitting under trees and now she has one of her very own. We are so grateful to our office boss lady, Judi Robbins-Franks, for this sweet, thoughtful, and generous gift. William and I can both see Monkey’s tree and her memorial outside our office windows now and it’s a peaceful reminder during the chaos of the work day to stop and enjoy God’s gifts. Monkey’s life as a former shelter dog who was given up on has inspired so much of our work to helps others in need. It just made sense to honor her memory where we fight the good fight. We are still hurting from her absence, and probably always will be, but we are thankful for the kindness of so many friends and family who love us and loved Monkey. Thank you to Neumeier Nursery & Greenhouses for Monkey’s tree we will always cherish.


Merry Christmas from The Buckley Firm crew! We had a very merry Christmas dinner party tonight thanks to 21 West End.


“Have yourself a merry little Christmas. Let your heart be light.” ❤️🎄


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 🎄⭐️


If you are looking for a way to give back this holiday season, please consider donating these needed food items to the Community Services Clearinghouse in Fort Smith. They are a great organization that works to fight hunger in the River Valley.


🇺🇸Happy Veterans’ Day! 🇺🇸


Lawyers/Instagram Models here just showing off our new firm gear from our downtown Fort Smith neighbors, West Highland Graphics and Monogramming.

Thanks for making us look all official! 😎✌🏻



When you visit us at The Buckley Firm, the first smiling face you’ll meet is Judi Robbins-Franks. Originally from Illinois, Judi moved here to Arkansas in 1991 where she worked for Walmart for 20 years. In 2012, Judi began working in the legal field focusing in personal injury and medical malpractice cases. She is a proud mother of three children: Two sons and one daughter. Judi spends the majority of her free time at sporting events watching her daughter, who is especially good at volleyball. Judi says “I enjoy my job as a paralegal because I get to help people in situations that are sometimes overwhelming and unfamiliar. The attorneys that I work with are some amazing attorneys who care about our clients.” Just to brag on her a little (because she wouldn’t do it herself), Judi is considered one of the best paralegals in the business in the River Valley and we are very lucky to have her. ❤️⚖️


We had a special visit today from Father John Antony with Immaculate Conception! He performed a blessing of our new office building by sharing a reading from the Gospel, sprinkling holy water in each room, and praying that the Lord would guide us and all who work here in these walls. Thank you to Father John and IC Church for the continuous love, support, and guidance you give to our family and so many in our community. Praise be to God!


The Buckley Firm: Your Hometown Lawyers

When you've been hurt in a car wreck, dealing with insurance companies and medical bills is the last thing you should have to worry about. Our office is located in the heart of downtown Fort Smith and we are here to do all the hard work - so that you don't have to!


We are officially settled in our new office building located in the beautiful historic Belle Grove District of Downtown Fort Smith. Built in 1895, our new office home was the Victorian home of Margaret Hicken and her family. It has been well-preserved over the last 125 years by many loving owners and we are thankful to be the next line to care for the Hicken House. 👏🏻👏🏻SPECIAL THANKS to Brett’s Painting, Inc. in Alma and Onit Lawn and Landscape Design in Ft. Smith for beautifying the exterior of our new office! Check out the “before” picture at the end and let us know what you think in the comments! 📣⬇️ @godowntown.fs #DontStress #WeGotThis


The Buckley Firm: Don't Stress. We Got This.

Need a lawyer. . . who doesn't make you cringe? If you've been injured, call The Buckley Firm to handle your case.


DON'T STRESS. WE GOT THIS. If you've been injured, we are YOUR hometown car wreck lawyers. We do all the work to get the compensation you deserve. Call us at 479-226-3547.


The Buckley Firm


We had a fun day in the office shooting some videos about our firm thanks to Travis Joiner, Summer Shook, and their crew! We can’t wait to share them with you! ⚖️🎥


The Buckley Firm


Sebastian County Bar Association

Please take note of the following adjustments in the operation of Sebastian County Circuit Court, Fort Smith District Court and Greenwood District Court in response to the Coronavirus emergency. These adjustments are made after consultation with public health officials.

Effective immediately and extending through May 1, 2020, only essential court hearings will take place at the Sebastian County Courts Building and the Greenwood Courthouse. Essential court is categorized as those designated by statute as such as well as those designated by the respective presiding judges, with guidance from a statement issued by Chief Justice Kemp. For our purposes, the list of essential court is as follows:

• Arraignments of incarcerated defendants
• Juvenile Court detention hearings
• Dependency Neglect Probable Cause hearings
• Ex Parte Orders
• Protective Orders
• Mental Illness Commitments

• Arraignments of incarcerated defendants
• Judge O'Hern's Wednesday morning eviction docket, which will be transitioned to hearings by the Zoom program as soon as possible

• Arraignments of incarcerated defendants

Civil cases which may be heard by telephone conference may proceed with coordination through the office of the presiding judge. Agreed Orders may of course still be submitted and uncontested divorces may be submitted by interrogatories or affidavit. All other matters set for hearing or trial May 1 or prior will be rescheduled. As much as possible please handle filings and other business with the Circuit Clerk, District Clerk and the Courts by fax, email or telephone.

Also, persons paying fines or restitution to District Court or through the Prosecuting Attorney's Office are encouraged to do so by mail or online. Those who appear in person to pay will be directed by staff to make payments by those methods until business as usual resumes.

In addition, effective immediately the Circuit Clerks Office will waive any fees associated with the fax filing of pleadings until May 1, 2020. It is requested new case filings be mailed to either 901 S B Street, Suite 205 or POB 1179, Fort Smith, AR 72902, to reduce the amount of persons coming into the Courts Building.

- Judge Tabor

[03/16/20]   We are thinking of and praying for everyone struggling this week due to the threat of the COVID-19 virus. As we all do our part to restrict social interaction and prevent the spread of this illness, we understand that you may have a legal need arise even during this difficult time.

If so, we are happy to schedule meetings by phone or with videoconferencing tools like FaceTime and Skype. We are always available by Facebook Messenger and text messaging, as well.

For our current clients : Many courts have suspended in-person court proceedings for the next several weeks. If that impacts your case, we will discuss that in detail with you. Otherwise, we are able to continue working diligently on all cases as usual and are always happy to talk with you about your case.

If you have any questions or want to discuss your case with us, we ask that you first call us at 479-226-3547 or 901-598-1718, rather than coming in to our downtown office.

Thank you all for allowing us to help take care of your legal needs and we look forward to talking soon! ❤️


A case that our attorney, William Buckley, successfully tried to a jury in the Sebastian County Circuit Court and argued to the Arkansas Court of Appeals was featured this month in the Arkansas Trial Lawyer’s Association magazine.

In Razorback Cab v. Amon, 2016 Ark. App. 352 (2016), the Arkansas Court of Appeals found that Mr. Buckley’s arguments to the jury were an appropriate plea to hold the taxi company liable for causing the collision at issue in the case. It upheld the $50,000 verdict against Razorback Cab for our client.

If you’ve been injured by Razorback Cab or another negligent driver, call us at 479-226-3547 for a free consultation.


The Buckley Firm's cover photo 02/14/2019


We have a new website! Check it out to learn more about us and our practice! #wegotthis If you've been injured because of someone else's negligence, we do all the work to get the compensation you deserve. 11/23/2018

$2.5 million award offered in pit bull attack that killed elderly man

WREG News Channel 3 story on $2.5 million verdict awarded to The Buckley Firm and Gray Law Group client. Ruling says the owners of the apartment where the dogs lived were at fault


The Buckley Firm Client Awarded $2.5 Million Verdict in Pit Bull Attack Case Memphis, Tennessee  –  A Shelby County jury awarded $2.5 million in damages to the family of William Parker, a man who was attacked and killed in 2010 by two pit bull dogs living at a Memphis, Tennessee apartment building. Mr. Parker’s daughter, Gardenia Parker, w


A Shelby County jury awarded our client $2.5 million this week in a wrongful death case against a Memphis property owner and management company. Ms. Parker's father was tragically killed by the companies' negligent actions and we are proud to have helped her hold the defendants accountable for their deadly indifference.

William Parker was a man loved by so many people, especially his family. He meant the world to them and the loss of his life left a gaping hole in their hearts. We have been inspired by his legacy and the wonderful stories we have heard about his life while working on this case. He was truly a man of character who loved and cherished his life and his family.

We only get one life, and when it's gone or tragically taken, we can't get it back. Ms. Parker would have given anything to have her father back. But with this verdict, she and the jury have shown the defendants, and all property owners like them, that human life is precious and must not be disregarded.

We were proud to work with and stand with co-counsel Gray Law Group on this case to deliver justice for the Parker family.


Protect AR Families

Issue 1 will make justice out of reach to those lacking resources. In other words, if you’re a hard working Arkansan having to balance your checkbook to provide a good life for your family, you may be shut out of court if your child is killed by a drunk trucker or if your grandmother is killed by negligence while in a nursing home. Retired Supreme Court Justice Annabelle Imber Tuck said if Issue 1 passes, “ Rulemaking will become a process of political wherewithal, basically money. Regular people are not going to have that power, because we're not going to contribute to campaigns in terms of big money. It would be who has the money to lobby at the Legislature for a rule.If you're going to make the political process the way you determine due process, the tilting of the scales of justice will grow in favor of those with resources." Don’t let Issue 1 pass! We must protect our rights currently protected by the Arkansas constitution. #NoOn1#LifeIsPriceless


When hiring an attorney, the most important question to ask is, “When was the last time you had a trial in front of a jury?” When you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence, you want an attorney who isn’t too scared or lazy to take your case to trial if the insurance company refuses to fairly compensate you for your injuries. You want an attorney the insurance companies know they can’t bully out of a fair deal. At the Buckley Firm, we are experienced trial lawyers and PROUD to stand strong for our clients. ⚖️ Call 479-226-3547 for a free consultation.


The Buckley Firm is excited to announce that we have expanded our practice this week to include all matters of toddler law. Our managing partner is currently accepting new clients ages 3 and under. #summerbreak 05/01/2018

The mysterious $80,000 wire transfer: Jake Files, the nursing home industry, and the "tort reform" ballot initiative

“An $80,000 wire transfer from a nursing home executive (a business partner of nursing home magnate Michael Morton) was sent to [Jake] Files' company in 2014 just a week after an effort was filed to legislatively refer a proposed constitutional amendment to voters that would have limited damages in civil lawsuits. . . [In] 2018, co-sponsored by Files, will be on the ballot as Issue 1 this fall, the so-called "tort reform" amendment. The measure is strongly supported by the nursing home lobby. It would impose caps on the damages that places like nursing homes would have to pay out if a jury found that abuse led to pain, suffering, or death.”

Issue 1 was bought and paid for by the nursing home industry. It was put on the ballot by fraud and corruption. VOTE NO AGAINST ISSUE 1. Tangled webs: An $80,000 wire transfer from Michael Morton's parter to former state Sen. Jake Files during a legislative push for the nursing home lobby's top priority.


Why should you hire us to handle your case? You actually get to talk to us. We don’t filter your phone calls through to someone else who can’t answer all your questions. You get to speak directly to your attorneys. Even better? We answer the phone when you call or return your phone call right away. Any time you have questions, concerns, or simply want to get a status on where your case stands, we are happy to talk with you. It’s YOUR case, after all! If you’ve had a bad experience with an attorney who didn’t seem to have time to talk to you or if you have had to show up to court not knowing what was happening, contact us next time! We promise to always keep you in the loop and make sure you are informed every step of the way on your case. We understand that the legal system is new to most people and make sure our clients fully understand the entire process and are comfortable with each decision made. If you are needing help with a case, please give us a call at 479-226-3547. We can talk!


Life is beautiful.

Life is precious. Vote no on Issue 1.

As Arkansans, we know how important family, community and the joy of life is to all of us. But special interests and politicians in Little Rock don’t see it ... 03/16/2018

LOWELL GRISHAM: Protect the vulnerable

“How much is my 6-year-old granddaughter's life worth? How much is my 39-year-old daughter's life worth? If Arkansas passes the constitutional amendment titled "Issue 1" in November, their worth would be capped arbitrarily at $500,000 each. If either my granddaughter or daughter were injured or killed by another's negligence, no matter how much physical or psychological pain they might endure, the value of their non-economic suffering would be $500,000 or less.
In November, Arkansas will vote on a constitutional amendment. Issue 1 proposes to limit non-economic damages to $500,000. My granddaughter is unemployed. The state would define her future potential lifetime income at no more than $500,000. My daughter is a stay-at-home mom. She's in the same economic category. At an income of only $25,000 per year, a worker will earn $500,000 in just 20 years.” How much is my 6-year-old granddaughter's life worth? How much is my 39-year-old daughter's life worth? If Arkansas passes the constitutional amendment titled "Issue 1" in November, their worth would be capped arbitrarily at $500,000 each. If either my granddaughter or daughter were injured or kille...

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The Buckley Firm: Your Hometown Lawyers
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