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The first "Supply Chain Social Network" Imagine a world where you have all of the best aspects of your Business Management, Advertising, Inventory Control, Marketing Tools, Social Networking and BLOGS interwoven into one reliable, affordable package... it is called the "Social Marketplace" and it is only available by rhobi.

Operating as usual

[07/10/12]   Yes, we are still here and working on RHOBI Daily. Looking forward to a very exciting future... maybe after November?


We will be pitching Rhobi to investors at the "Gone in 60 Seconds" competition in Fayetteville, wi..

Great chance for networking and meeting potential investors

rhobi.com We will be pitching Rhobi to investors at the "Gone in 60 Seconds" competition in Fayetteville, wish us Luck :-)

[07/29/11]   This is a testimonial from one of our customers, thank you Brandy.

I cannot think of a better way to market my inventory, process my orders, and engage my customers. Rhobi never ceases to come through and amaze me by meeting our needs. I highly recommend that you try them and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Brandy Hertz
ABX Distributing

rhobi.com 07/22/2011

rhobi = inspired commerce

We just released our new home page and want your feedback. Good or Bad, we want to hear what you think.

rhobi.com A supply chain management & live communication platform built around connected, industry-specific communities.


Northwest Arkansas Entrepreneurship Alliance

Putting the napkin test to work, check out this video

Northwest Arkansas Entrepreneurship Alliance


Click 2 call 5.9 cents a minute

See how quick and easy you can find what you need and close a deal on your own website!

show click to call functionality as it relates to locating parts after a search is done


rhobi communities.m4v

Turn your website into your own parts locator service with a built in supply chain for FREE! watch video to find out more
Close Video

shows how rhobi converts ordinary websites into an interactive experience for everyone for free. Also shows how your website can connect to the supply chain ...


Live Chat, Click Here

Increase your sales calls by giving your customers the ability to chat live with you right from your quotes with either instant messaging or Toll-Free calling. You can do the same from all your emails. Try it out, Click the link below to chat live with me and to learn more....



"Click here to Chat LIVE"

Through our new Additional Product, "livecontact.us" you can now add instant messaging, toll-free click-2-call, share photos and documents to your emails, documents, social profiles, articles, blogs and your website. Try it out, click the link to have a live chat with me or to learn more.


aviationinventorymanagement.com 12/20/2010

Rudy’s Holiday Party Saved by RHOBI | RHOBI Aviation Inventory Management

aviationinventorymanagement.com Thanks to some good advice from his friend Harold, (and RHOBI's great inventory management software) Rudy the Rocket Scientist was able to host a holiday party,


Rudy is Staying Late Again, FInding Parts from Preferred Vendors



aviationinventorymanagement.com 12/06/2010

Rudy's Enormous Pile of Customer Sales Orders | RHOBI Aviation Inventory Management

aviationinventorymanagement.com Rudy can't go to lunch with the guys because he has paperwork to catch up on. As usual, his friend Harold has some good advice, but can't resist a few snarky comments.

aviationinventorymanagement.com 11/29/2010

New Cartoon - Seven Ways to Sell More Aviation Components | RHOBI Aviation Inventory Management

aviationinventorymanagement.com Rudy is worried that his company won't be able to afford a holiday party this year. . . His friend Harold offers some help.

aviationinventorymanagement.com 11/25/2010

RHOBI Announces Name Change - Live Marketplace becomes Gateway | RHOBI Aviation Inventory Management

aviationinventorymanagement.com RHOBI announced today that their popular desktop application “Live MarketPlace” is being changed (in name anyway) to “Gateway” with the release of v.4.2.30.

aviationinventorymanagement.com 11/23/2010

The Live Marketplace is So Easy, Even a Rocket Scientist Can Handle It! | RHOBI Aviation Inventory M

aviationinventorymanagement.com Rudy the rocket scientist discusses his problems finding aviation parts for his projects. His friend Harold suggests he try the Live Marketplace at www.RHOBI.com, and we have a happy ending.

aviationinventorymanagement.com 11/09/2010

Get Your Suppliers and Customers on the Live Marketplace, get Rewarded Twice! | RHOBI Aviation Inve

aviationinventorymanagement.com When your suppliers and customers are on the Live Marketplace, everybody benefits!

aviationinventorymanagement.com 10/12/2010

Connect with Your Supply Chain From Your Desktop | RHOBI Aviation Inventory Management


aviationinventorymanagement.com How would you like to be connected to your supply chain for listing, searching, marketing and communicating, right from your own desktop?

forbes.com 10/08/2010

Connecting The Dots On Supplier Management - Forbes.com

Posted by
10/08/10 04:16 PM EDT
I agree with RobertKramer, with the added abilities of newer technology,
companies are starting to realize there is a cheaper, faster and more
reliable option available to them and they are starting to us it. Now
businesses can be connected LIVE to their supply chain for instant
communication about product and services. Companies do realize the
issues you are mentioning and one way most companies today can reduce
their operational cost, enjoy a quicker ROI and decrease down time is in
part procurement, acquisition and communication. Newer technology can
also give companies "Greener" ways to reduce these costs and improve
tracking abilities as well.

forbes.com Why companies must improve supply chain data.

aviationinventorymanagement.com 10/08/2010

Seven Ways to Sell More Aviation Components | RHOBI Aviation Inventory Management

Download the free ebook before your competitors do!

aviationinventorymanagement.com Learn proven methods for selling aviation components in the new economy, including: How to calculate your return on investment for advertisements. (Page

aviationinventorymanagement.com 10/07/2010

Connect with Your Supply Chain From Your Desktop | RHOBI Aviation Inventory Management

aviationinventorymanagement.com How would you like to be connected to your supply chain for listing, searching, marketing and communicating, right from your own desktop?

aviationinventorymanagement.com 09/21/2010

How Secure is the RHOBI Live Marketplace? | RHOBI Aviation Inventory Management


aviationinventorymanagement.com You'll be relieved to know that the RHOBI Live Markeplace uses Secure Log in (https) using 256 bit encryption, which is the same level as most online banking.

aviationinventorymanagement.com 09/13/2010

Who’s Buying and Selling in the RHOBI Live Marketplace? | RHOBI Aviation Inventory Management


aviationinventorymanagement.com Wondering who's in the RHOBI Live Marketplace? These companies are enjoying the convenience of buying and selling to trusted partners. They're able to

aviationinventorymanagement.com 09/02/2010

Side-By-Side Comparison of Inventory Management Providers | RHOBI Aviation Inventory Management


aviationinventorymanagement.com Disclaimer – The information collected above reflects only what could be verified by viewing websites from each company on the date collected. Please let us know if there are any inaccuracies.

aviationinventorymanagement.com 08/09/2010

Managing Preferred Vendor Lists - Is There An Easier Way? | RHOBI Aviation Inventory Management


aviationinventorymanagement.com If you have a preferred vendor list, you may be working harder than you need to.

aviationinventorymanagement.com 07/26/2010

Beta Opportunity - Inventory Management for First 200 Companies to Respond | RHOBI Aviation Inventor


aviationinventorymanagement.com We offer you a complete inventory management and marketing system at a deep discount for agreeing to be part of our beta group.

aviationinventorymanagement.com 07/15/2010

Cloud Computing Is No Fad - And It Can Be a Great Solution for Aviation Companies! | RHOBI Aviation.


aviationinventorymanagement.com Many business owners feel a little weird about buying Cloud Based software, or software that they don't install on their own servers and manage themselves.


New Software Makes Live Chat an Affordable Reality for Aviation Component Vendors. | RHOBI Aviation.


aviationinventorymanagement.com The newest version of the RHOBI Live Marketplace allows buyers to chat online live with vendors, in the RHOBI Marketplace or on the vendor’s own website.

aviationinventorymanagement.com 06/29/2010

Live Chat Now Available in Live Marketplace | RHOBI Aviation Inventory Management


aviationinventorymanagement.com How often does it happen that you're looking at something on a web page and have a question. Rather than clicking a bunch of links or using a search

aviationinventorymanagement.com 05/21/2010

Seven Ways to Sell More Aviation Components | RHOBI Aviation Inventory Management

Download your free ebook!

aviationinventorymanagement.com Learn proven methods for selling aviation components in the new economy, including: How to calculate your return on investment for advertisements. (Page

aviationinventorymanagement.com 05/17/2010

Top Ten Reasons NOT to Try the RHOBI Live Marketplace | RHOBI Aviation Inventory Management

aviationinventorymanagement.com We love the Late Show with David Letterman on CBS™, especially his Top Ten lists, so we made our own.

ainonline.com 05/17/2010

Rhobi Offers Virtual Parts Marketplace: AINonline


ainonline.com Rhobi Offers Virtual Parts Marketplace

aviationinventorymanagement.com 04/30/2010

Meet Bill Dunlap, Aviation Sales | RHOBI Aviation Inventory Management

aviationinventorymanagement.com Bill has worked in Aviation for 16 years. He's done a lot of controlling inventory, managing parts rooms for aviation facilities. He managed the office for Edwards Aviation for the last 4 years, buying & selling parts, during the time that Edwards Aviation was developing the thing that would become ...

it.tmcnet.com 04/30/2010

SMBs More Aggressive in Technology Adoption: study

Small and medium sized companies are adopting new technology to compete with the "big guys"

it.tmcnet.com Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across the United States are increasingly relying on new information technology (IT) solutions to strengthen their operational, marketing and customer engagement activities, according to a new study released by CompTIA, a trade association for IT industry.

aviationinventorymanagement.com 04/22/2010

Meet Tammy Brown, VP Helicopter Sales | RHOBI Aviation Inventory Management

aviationinventorymanagement.com Tammy Brown has long experience and family history in aviation, having worked in her family's helicopter parts business. She knows how to manage inventory, how to handle business implementations, and how RHOBI integrates with other popular systems like Quickbooks.



310 Towson Ave
Fort Smith, AR

General information

Add these functions to your website or use on ours. Sales and Marketing. Order Processing. Live Communication Tools. Communities of connected industry specific websites and trading partners. We give you everything you need to obtain Order Fulfillment and it's so much better when it's all in one easy to use, affordable solution.

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Monday 8am - 5pm
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