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Hello and welcome to my page. If you like what you see, then please leave a like and possibly a rating. You will not be harmed here. I won't allow it.

This page is to tell you about the Real Yugioh, but that's not all we're about! We're cross over friendly, Manga friendly, Amine friendly, you name it. We accept art requests too. So don't be afraid to ask anything. We are always open, so you can message us anytime.

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I would like to give out another waning of this person who claims to be Christina Atherns(Xilia Nightstar)'s "dark ego" Anyways, I was told this person was connected to my attackers.
For your own protection, please do not add her, block her quietly.


The Ishtars


The Bakuras






#Becerra #Bakura #YuGiOhR
I drew this a couple of ago


Sieshta Estha Ishtar's Offical Manga Art Page


Hey guys sorry i haven't posted in a while, but here's some things I had made the other day. I use to by friends with someone who had an avatar like this.
This app I had used is called SuperMii


I would like to warn you about Christina Atherns. Do not add her because she will hurt you very back. She has been harassing my friend telling her "You shouldn't trust Sara!!!" and some other bu****it like that.
Well guess what Christina. You can't fu**in' hide from me. And that goes for the same as you Jehiro Sharrow. I already known you have been lying to me and Yami Melvin all the fu**ing time. You can't fu**ing tell me and Melvin that Christina didn't get into my account and you deleted my message right away.
I can tell when your lying to all of us.
You evil little bi***es can just go to hell.
I will fight for my world and my friends and family. You can not fu**ing stop me. You can't do anything. I will always get back up on my feet when you try to make me fall.
I won't give in to you. You can't fu**ing destroy me or anybody else fu**ing close to me. You have been lying to those other girls and boys about me.
I'll say it again and i will not stop until they believe me once again, just like you try to get them to believe you.
I'm tried of all of this s**t. I don't want anymore fight.

Just remember this you fu**ing bitch witch. I will always find you.
I have my ways just like you have your's.
One and one more thing.
If you and Jehiro and the other boys and girls was so smart, then you would just leave me alone and let me find a place to rest for a while.
And yes Jehiro. God is real. He is real. He is always watching, always listening, He knows what you do, where you go, and what you do. Now you may have prayed to him once, and you may have asked him something that you wanted, but he never answered and never gave it to you. You wanna know why he didn't? It's because you didn't fully trust him and you didn't have faith, you only did it just to try it out, and to see if he was real.

Now you just remember this. And make sure to tell everybody in your friends list. Tag them all. But i know you won't do it because you say these are just lies up the ass. But guess what. They are not lies. Just why would i lie about myself and where i came from, where i was born? Because you say i'. a fan girl, hell no i am not a fan girl. You can think whatever you want, but it's not true. To me it isn't because i know myself more than you do.

I'm not afraid to take a stand so come take my hand and we'll walk through the storm together.
I'm just letting you know that you're not alone
For me it's been a ride.. i guess it was.. guess I had to, go to that place, to get to this one. But some of you, might still be in that place. If your trying to get just call my name. I'll be there right away. I won't leave you.
There isn't a way for those bad people to stop me from saving my people and my family.
When I say I'm gonna do something I do it so i don't give a damn what you think because i'm not only doing this for me,
You said you was going to stay friends with me, that i was never gonna lose you or i was one of your good trusted friends, you lied through your teeth.
And for all the ones that are still with me and never turned they're backs on me, I'll never let you down again, I'm back
I promise to never let another person go, in fact
Let's be honest, i had to let Jehiro go because she wasn't a very good friend at all.
But don't worry, i ain't going back to that now
All I'm trying to say is get back, go the f**k away, because I'm not playing around anymore, 'm way too up to back down, but I think I'm still trying to figure all this s**t out
No i can't just keep living way so starting today i can't live in fear. I'm standing up, gonna face my demons, i'm gonna hold my ground
I've had enough of all this s**t. I'm gonna try to make it all better by just these simple words:


Haha! Can't read Japanese can you? Haha. You suck, you lying piece of s**t who calls me " a lying n***a who doesn't know a thing about being Egyptian" (racist much ya du***ss w***e)


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Sieshta Estha Ishtar's Offical Manga Art Page


Rido Kuran Uncle Brother and Brother in law and Father

Hey guys. Please go check this one out.
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Timeline Photos


I just drew this yesterday. I don't know if you can see it, but this is all I took when I couldn't get the light in the right direction.


Here's the one of the 3 Main characters for the new book. I still hadn't thought of a name yet for it.


PokemonJami Version

Come check out this page

We are a page that is making a whole new Pokemon Game from scratch
*We wont take credit for anything pokemon, this is a free pokemon fangame* 18+


Hey guys, i'm planning to write a new book. I'm still working on the YuGiOh books. II drew what the first main character would look like, now i wanted them to look like the Thirteen Ghosts, but with diffrent looks and stuff like that. I'm not done pinning her in and coloring her in, i'll get to that as soon as i can, or after i write this.

Main characters:
Sieshta _ Naora Nami Kobayashi
Becerra _ Rumiko Yurkio Yamazaki
Jt _ Ayano Ikue Nogushi
Lyric _ Miyako Risaka Nogushi
Aiden _ Hirobumi Chiyo Nogushi
Ryou _ Ryu Kyosuke Yamazaki
Ryo _ Rei Eisen Yamazaki

Toichi Nakamura
Yuko Nakamura
Anakin Nakamura
Kazumi Uchida

And i've come up with something called "The Black List" The black list is a group of very dangurus people. There's 50 or more people in it.

Well i guess that's gonna be all for today. I'll post on here later of what the characters look like.


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Serena Princess of Lunalight german Fanpage.
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Verheiratet mit Reiji Akaba
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Oh yeah, I drew this one weeks ago by a requester


Hey guys. Just sketched theses one I'm of #Siéshta.


#Siéshta and #Melvin in Ancient Egypt


#Ryo in his female form.




Made this an edit for Claudia Gonzales


Here you go guys, just as i promised.


Yu Gi Oh Full Theme Song (English)


I guess I'm gonna go and draw this one. To be honest I never really drew this kind of art. This might be my first time I don't know. I'll draw him in black, grey, and white, and then im gonna replace the black, grey, and white with the colors that's on this picture.


#Purple #Rose/#Madeline #Hatter in #YuGiOh #ArcV


Hello everyone. Welcome to the Offical Page of Sieshta's Manga Art. Drawings, Character Design, Digital Art, Digital Manga, Anime, and of couse, Manga Art.
I am always online for anything and everyone who likes this page and/or messages the page.
If you have any questions, or requests of art, please message me by this page.
Thank you and have a great day.


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Sieshta Estha Ishtar's Offical Manga Art Page



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