Bob Marquette Attorney At Law

Bob Marquette Attorney At Law


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This is a listing primarily designed to direct people in the area to my location and inform them that I specialize in Criminal Law and Divorce & Custody.

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[08/23/20]   After over 40 years of legal service I will be retiring in 2 months and closing my office. I am so appreciative of the thousands of wonderful clients I have known and represented through the years. So many friendships created and sharing the joy of being there for you through good times and bad. I thank all my clients and friends. It has been a great journey for me and I’ll never forget all the support and thanks you given me. Stay safe in this pandemic and may your lives be happy and fulfilled. Bob.

[03/23/20]   Until further notice my law office is closed to the coronavirus crisis. I am working from home but you can contact me by letter, telephone, email or Messenger.
May God be with you and be safe.
Bob 07/03/2018

Trump Administration Reverses Obama on Affirmative Action The justice and education departments will encourage the nation’s schools and universities to adopt race-blind admissions policies, reversing Obama administration guidance. 06/16/2018

Bill Clinton says every US state should return to 'some sort of paper ballot system' to stop elections from being hacked The former president said US elections were at too much risk from cyberterrorism, and that voters should go back to voting with pen and paper until officials know how to deal with the threat. Hackers backed by the Russian government targeted election systems during the 2016 presidential election. 11/22/2017

Opinion | Mississippi judge resigns after barring mother from seeing newborn because of unpaid court fees It's just the latest example from a state where many cities and counties have effectively criminalized poverty.

[08/24/17]   One of the greatest pleasures I've known is helping people with adoptions. The smiles on the faces of the adoptive parents and the kids are heart-warming. I've had 3 in the last two weeks and they've all been special.



Two attorneys discuss the reality of their job and public perceptions of criminal defense. (From Rewire)


Arkansas Times

A class action lawsuit was filed Thursday in the federal court in Fayetteville against makers of opioid drugs for deceptive marketing of the addictive drugs for chronic pain, leading to a crisis of drug addiction.

The suit was filed by lawyers with the Thrash Law Firm in Little Rock and the Shemin Law Firm in Rogers.

[06/27/17]   While this term may have been a relatively uneventful one for the Supreme Court, it seems that it is poised to make up for it next term.

Besides the travel ban case, which will be argued in October, the court will also hear a major case on partisan gerrymandering, a religious liberty case involving a Colorado cake-shop owner who refused to serve a gay couple, and a case that asks whether the Fourth Amendment requires the government to obtain a warrant before searching and seizing historical cellphone records. It also includes several cases from this past term that the justices have decided to re-hear, including whether immigrant detainees who have been held for more than six months are entitled to bond hearings.


Arkansas Times

The U.S. Supreme Court issued opinions today, but still no word on whether it will accept for review Pavan v. Nathaniel Smith, the challenge to the Arkansas Supreme Court ruling that allows the state to discriminate against same-s*x married couples in issuance of marriage licenses.

Opposite-s*x married couples are automatically presumed parents when birth certificates are issued. Only the biological parent may be listed without further court orders on birth certificates of same-s*x married couples. The controlling opinion by Justice Jo Hart offered the laughable justification that the decision was rooted in biology, despite the fact that many opposite s*x couples have children who are not the biological offspring of both parents. 02/05/2017


We must have an independent judiciary to preserve the checks and balances our Founding Fathers created. (AP) — Late Friday night, some of President Donald Trump's top advisers huddled on the phone to craft a response to a court ruling that blocked the White House's refugee and immigration ban.


The defense is wrong

Happy Law Day from My Cousin Vinny.

[04/22/16]   "A majority of Supreme Court justices cast doubt Wednesday on drunken-driving laws in 13 states that make it a crime for drivers to refuse breath or blood tests sought by police without a warrant. While many justices acknowledged the laws' good intentions — to crack down on drunken driving, particularly in rural states such as Minnesota and North Dakota that are plagued with the problem — they wondered why police can't get warrants first."

[03/10/16]   Riley v. California, 573 U.S. ___ (2014), was a landmark United States Supreme Court case in which the Court unanimously held that the warrantless search and seizure of digital contents of a cell phone during an arrest is unconstitutional.

This case, which was a unanimous decision, is a groundbreaking case with far reaching implications going forward. 02/18/2016

5 Pieces of Advice to Live by If You’re Divorcing a Narcissist Going through a divorce with a narcissist will differ from other divorces. Here are 5 pieces of advice.

[12/11/15]   Thanks for the many birthday wishes today from my former and present clients. The many friendships formed through my representing you are treasured.

[11/17/15]   I have been in my new location in Fort Smith for over a year-
9 Court Street, Fort Smith, AR 72901



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