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Well, folks, the person s the internet bad muhting again. I think he thinks i'm rich! The letter from the IRS they brought to me when they got it. I paid the penalty and interest. Gave tem a checkfor $290 as shown the IRS letter. On the OK latte they did not sent it to me until a year and haafter the state sent it to them. Then they wanted me to pay all fo the $761 on the letter. That letter was year plyus old!
That is not my fault they iignored the stat Oklahoma for a year plus!
If you think I am rich because I own a business think again! Funds ran out in 2019 with four months to go in the Year! I scapping by the last four months!
Well, it takes all kinds (?) Pam got into a discussion online with a person from a company thathas the kiosk in WalMart. th guy said tha is no designation in the tax industry call E.A.
She said told him that he did notknow the industry because there is such a disignation. E.A. is a person who has passed theSpecial Enrollment Exam offered by the Treasury Department. An E.A., like myself, is able to legally repesent you before the IRS and state taxing authority at audit and appeal.
You sign the Power of Attorney for Taxes From 2848, and I go to the audit. You don't have go!
I am the one in the Fort Smith area that makes thi offer - we do your tax wor; you get audit lette; I represent you at no charge. If an appeal is necessary, then there is travel involved and there has to be a charge.
By the way if t guy told you that yu have filed your tax return and you got a check. You ahve not fil yet; youhave gotten an advance. IRS does not go live until January 27th.
Office th week are 9 am to whener Manday thourgh Friday. This Saturday by appointment .Starting week of 20th - next week - we will be open 9am to whenever Mon -Fri and Saturday 9 a to 5 pm. Be sure go to someone who knows what he is tlaking about!

Professional Tax Service in Fort Smith Arkansas. C & H ASSOCIATES Home of the Tax Doctor.(TM) We provide tax planning and consultation, tax preparation, representation before the IRS and state taxing authority for letters, audits, appeals.

We specialize in the Offer In Compromise that the TV ads hawk so much - at a far lower fee than those places charge! You have questions about a previous return done by someone else; we will analyze t the return for free! If there are problems then we will talk about the necessary procedure for correcting and a fee for that service. We handle all state and municipal tax returns as necessary for your return.

Operating as usual

[01/13/21]   The stimulus means that are miliions ami millions and millions of stiumulss going out from the Treasury. Some people will get it quick and some will have to wait 3-4 mionths or more. Be Patient! It is going to take time!

[11/16/20]   The tax year is finally closed! Now with what seems like a little time between stopping and gearing up again! Have to get the seminars finished! This going to be a long seminar season with all the emergancy legislation! We'll get it!

[06/15/20]   well, the stimulus instructions are different for Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service! Treasury says if you receiving nay kind Social Security payment, SSI,Retirement Disability, whatever, you will get a stimulus.
payment. There are nearly 4 million payments still to be mailed out - on a debit card - not a a check! Check your mail!
IRS says if you are a dependent you will not get a stimulus payment - even if you are on SSI, Disability or retirement.
Have one client that has father on disability and teenage daughter getting Social Security. So the family got stimulus check for 2900 - 1200 for husband and wife and 5500 for the daughter. then a few days later daughter got a check for 1200! Don't think they have the thing figured out!

Watch you mail the stimulus payment comes in an envelope that does not say Treasury or IRS on it. Don't think it is a credit card offer and throw it out. there will be no way to contact IRS or Treasury to get it replaced. You throw it out; you lose your stimulus payment.

[06/15/20]   busy this week! will be in the office Monday through Thurday starting 9 am. until we are done!

[04/26/20]   Everyone has stimulus questions and the IRS website is zero help. If you update with the IRS website with direct deposit information don't be surprised if you get a paper check!
Treasury Department and IRS are on different pages. The bureaucracy was not ready for this stimulus.
Treasury says if you have Social Security payment of any kind you will get the stimulus the way you get your payment. IRS says if you are a n adult dependent you will not receive one. So the question is will parents claimed by their son or daughter get the stimulus? WHO KNOWS!

[03/06/20]   Open today Probably into the evening. Open tommorrow 9 am to 5 pm.

[03/06/20]   Pam has been sick this week! Makes things bit more difficult!

[02/17/20]   Today is Presidents' Day; fedal holiday - banks and post office closed, no mail today! WE are open from9am until whenever this evening! those are the hours Monday to Friday - 9am to whenever. Saturday is 9am to 5 pm.

[02/14/20]   working into the evening today! Tomorrow - Saturday - be open
9 am to 5 pm.

[02/10/20]   we are open this week Monday thrugh Friday 9 am until we leave. You want to come in late evening call first. We are here and when the traffic flow stops aand we the work done we'll leave. Saturday we are here 9 am to 5 pm. (We have to some rest this time of year!) [I the XFL game on in the early afternoon yesterday and slept right through it!]

[02/05/20]   Those of you who think that the online programs will help you if you a letter from IRS or state.... You may a nasty surprise!

[02/05/20]   Busy time! We are open 9 am to whenever - as late as we need to be. Call to be sure make sure we will be here ! Saturday is 9am to 5 pm!

[01/07/20]   Here we are; 2020! We are in the office Monday through Friday. Tuesday i will close the office when I leave to coach chess. Pam is not in todya; car trouble.

[12/27/19]   Well, after severe bout of sinus infection I actually feel like I am among the living! Pam si still under the weather; she has not been the office in a month! getting things ready for tax season! We will be ready to go1 The IRS will probably be end of January before processing returns.
So if you think you caouls a jump on tax season if your employeer issues info early; think again. You would have to amils the return in and the IRS will not start processing any returns until they start accepting e-filed returns! Mailed returns are low priority in processing! That is what the IRS says; not me.

[11/27/19]   Well, folks another Thanksgiving is here! Have a safe and joyous holiday! If traveling, be safe! Happy Thanksgiving!

[05/13/19]   After a crazy last week, in the office today!

[05/03/19]   in the office today. this has been a strange week. figuring on being in the office and other other things have come up and not been in!

[04/26/19]   In office today!

[04/25/19]   after a few days off, back in the office today. 9 am!

[04/15/19]   Busy afternoon and evening on the deadline! Still have otheres scheduled for another hour or so!!

[04/15/19]   The day begins! Probably be a long one! Today is the day either get return filed or get an extension! Extension is just for the return. Any amopunt owed is due today.
Call the office if you have questions.

[04/13/19]   Rainy afternoon! Busy day! Tomorrow is April 14th - day before the deadline. We will be in the office for a few hours on Sunday afternoon - after 1:30 pm. !

[04/11/19]   Well, if you have not filed yet you need to get busy with it! April 15th Monday is the deadline. Money is due April 15th. You may file for an extension of up to 6 months, but the you owe money when you do file the IRS will figure interest from April 15th.

[04/09/19]   We are in th final week of tax season. IF you can not get the return filed you may want to file and extension. Any money due IRS is still due on 15th.
We were here late last night and expect that to be the case all week. Open Saturday 9 am to 5 pm. Will have a few hours open on Sunday afternoon - (it is the day before the deadline); don't know the time frame yet.

[04/06/19]   Now here comes the rain!

[04/06/19]   busy day! first chance to get on Facebook! That is OK! The furnace was out gain this week. repairman got it going. The landlord probably won't listen to him. It will limp along for ahwuile.

[03/25/19]   Furnace kicked in! Excellent!

[03/25/19]   repair man got here! Fingers are warming up!

[03/25/19]   Well, Saturday was a bust! had been busy early which turned out to be a very good thi Electricity started to opo off and on. just get computers back up and running and electricity would pop off. Went to llunch,. Came back and electricty was on. Couple came in and electricty popped off again! Decided to quit if that was the afternoon routine. So I wanted to come in on Sunday to work a few horus. No luck there either! Furnace would not kick on. 52 degrees in the office. Too cold to work.
With sun shining the temperature is rising in the office. Warm enough to work - not comfortably but can work..Waiting on repair guy!

[03/08/19]   Pam will be in the office while I am out.

[03/08/19]   Open Saturday from 9am to 5 pm. I will be out most of the morning with an event at the National Historic Site - Judge Parker's Court .

[02/22/19]   Rainy day. We are here today until 5:30 pm - have an appointment away from the office. Will be open tomorrow Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.

[02/21/19]   Large refunds with Earned Income Credit in them have started to be released by the IRS! some not all!

[02/16/19]   Some preparers told their clients that the IRS would start releasing refunds with EIC yesterday. However, the IRS said that 15th was the earliest they might release. They did not say they would; just said they might! Maybe this coming week. It is the IRS call.

[02/16/19]   Cool morning! However, we are here in the office from 9 am to 5 pm today! (During the week we are open from 9 am to whenever Monday to Friday!)

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