The playlist with all the onboard videos of Rallye Défi Petite Nation 2022 are online on our YouTube channel at

Thanks again to our sponsors COBB Tuning Killer B Motorsport Turbocharged-Brands Round Lake Auto Repair Subysolutions and Demanko Logistics!
Successful Rallye Défi Petite Nation for Frog Racing with both cars at the finish split by less than 30 seconds. We are taking 12th and 13th overall finish and a lot of great memories.
Thanks to our crew Zack, Pavlo, Leah and Joel. Thanks to our sponsors COBB Tuning Killer B Motorsport Demanko Logistics Subysolutions Turbocharged-Brands and Round Lake Auto Repair
We made it on the ARA reel! FrogSTiR flying over the kick at Morton Cutoff
Killer B Motorsport COBB Tuning Turbocharged-Brands Subysolutions Round Lake Auto Repair
Mason from DirtFish did this great piece on the Frog Racing team! Thanks again to all the people we have met along this journey and looking forward to meeting many more!
Thanks to our sponsors COBB Tuning Killer B Motorsport Round Lake Auto Repair Subysolutions and Turbocharged-Brands!
Great pics from DirtFish media photographer Josh Sikora at NEFR. We are still working on our video recap, onboard videos of all the stages are currently uploading to our YouTube channel!
Thanks again to our sponsors COBB Tuning Killer B Motorsport Round Lake Auto Repair Subysolutions Turbocharged-Brands and Demanko Logisctics!
Just got back from New England Forest Rally 2022 and this event was as tough and unforgiving as ever. Margaret and Jen quickly took the lead in the class while Manu and Jonathan were struggling with power issues all day. Our amazing crew worked until 1am to find the issue and fix it. After a short night of sleep (and a sprained ankle) day 2 was about extending the lead for team PrincesSTi and catch up the time lost on day 1 for team FrogSTiR. At the end of the day, mission accomplished with Margaret and Jen taking their first ARA class win in Limited 4wd and team FrogSTiR clinching 2nd place. That champagne was sweet after a tough weekend!
Thanks again to our sponsors Demanko Logistics who took care of our amazing crew (Austin, Kevin, Michael, Elijah, Patrick, Razick, Fred and Colin), COBB Tuning Killer B Motorsport Subysolutions Round Lake Auto Repair and Ray from Turbocharged-Brands
Many thanks to all the volunteers who made these events possible and endured the hot, dusty and buggy conditions all weekend! Always a great show with all the spectators.
Princess and Frog codriving for each other for our last hillclimb of the season. We finished 1st/2nd in class and 6th/7th overall despite our full gravel setup that was great for testing for NEFR but not necessarily optimized for a tarmac hillclimb!
Thanks again to our sponsors COBB Tuning Killer B Motorsport Round Lake Auto Repair Turbocharged-Brands and Subysolutions. We'll see you very soon at New England Forest Rally!
This past weekend, Team Princess missed the overall podium by a few seconds but finished 4th overall and 1st in class. Jen couldn't make it, and Elijah stepped in to play co-driver and keep the flat out motivation going! Thanks again to our sponsors COBB Tuning Killer B Motorsport Round Lake Auto Repair Turbocharged-Brands Subysolutions
Frog Racing takes 1st and 2nd place overall at the Rallyfest Rallysprint, we couldn't have hoped for a better result! We won 10 out of 11 stages with a strong come back at the end of the day to close the gap to only 19 seconds at the end of the day. Kudos to the 2Up Rally Team for their win on SS3 (by 0.5s!) and 3rd place overall! Onboard videos are already available on our YouTube channel:
- SS4:
- SS7:
- SS11:
We learned a lot for our prep for New England Forest Rally. The Samsonas gravel suspension is definitely a nice improvement over our previous DMS setup. The new Cobb BOV also worked flawlessly. Only a few weeks left to get the cars in top form and address our rear subframe issues!
Thanks again to our sponsors COBB Tuning Killer B Motorsport Round Lake Auto Repair Turbocharged-Brands Subysolutions
Here is the onboard of the fastest rally class run at Mt Ascutney this past weekend. Thanks again to our sponsors COBB Tuning Killer B Motorsport Round Lake Auto Repair Turbocharged-Brands and Subysolutions!
Great time at the Blue Lot Rallycross yesterday. Very close competition all day with very different courses between the morning and the afternoon. Got 2nd place at the end of the day, it was a very fun event with the rallyX family!
Thanks to DaggerSLADE media for the action shots and thanks to our sponsors Killer B Motorsport COBB Tuning Subysolutions Round Lake Auto Repair abd Turbocharged-Brands!
To finish the week, we give you the final stage of Perce Neige 2022.
Starting on gravel with large water puddles from the melting snow, we slowly transition slushy conditions (don't miss the chicken crossing the road at 3:40!) to alternate snow, slush, mud, water and ice until the end of the stage! It was definitely a workout behind the wheel to keep the car on the road!
Thanks again to our sponsors COBB Tuning Killer B Motorsport Round Lake Auto Repair Turbocharged-Brands Subysolutions
What a start of the season with Perce Neige 2022! The first morning loop of stages was the usual wide gravel roads but this time only covered with a few icy patches, most of it being smooth and fast gravel where our gravel tire strategy worked well despite the morning freezing temps. Margaret and Jen posted consistently top 10 times and were flying on these early stages. Manu and Jonathan took a cautious approach on their first event together and were few seconds behind on each morning stage.
After coming back to service, it was time to switch to the studded snow tires to attack the longer stages in the woods that still had significant sections of ice and snow. Lac Cayamnant gave us a preview of what was to come with a mix of gravel, snow, ice and mud. The longest stage Tortue could have been part of the epic Safari Rally of the Group B era with apocalyptic conditions mixing gravel, snow, ice, deep mud and water crossings! So many punctures and bent suspensions at the end, and the transit road out to get back to service was as challenging as the stage in some sections! The organizers made the right call to cancel the repeat of Tortue and shorten the 3rd loop to finish with a 2nd pass of Cayamant before turning everybody around to go back to final time control. Team FrogSTiR got lucky and avoided any damage to come home in 8th overall for a first time finish of Perce Neige in National! Team PrincesSTi finished in 14th overall after picking up a puncture in Tortue that made them drop a lot of time.
It was a great team effort thanks to our crew Pavlo, Michael, Zack and Razick who get us going after each service.
Thanks to our sponsors COBB Tuning Killer B Motorsport Round Lake Auto Repair Turbocharged-Brands Subysolutions and all the volunteers that made this event possible! Videos will be coming out in the next few days, in the meantime enjoy these few pictures. Thanks to Doug Smith for sending us some live action shots!
We're proud to have Margaret & Jen featured with Subaru of New England! Of course they couldn't have done it without our fabulous sponsors Subysolutions , COBB Tuning , Killer B Motorsport Round Lake Auto Repair , turbotektuning, demanko . Follow us for more exciting events!
Really happy with our Fercomp - Samsonas USA suspension that worked like a charm in the tricky wintry conditions of the rallysprint.
Great picture from Chris!
Thanks to our sponsors COBB Tuning Killer B Motorsport Subysolutions Turbocharged-Brands Round Lake Auto Repair SealSavers
The first SCCA rallysprint with night stages is in the books! Very icy and tricky conditions at Team O Neil for this event, night stages held up their promises with even some snow squalls thrown in the mix. Can't thank the workers enough for braving the cold and wintry conditions.
Team PrincesSTi took the win in R4O, team FrogSTiR (running exhibition) with guest codriver Austin O'Brien had a great fight all day with the fast kids in R4U until getting stuck in a snow bank in the last stage. Slow was fast, keep it nice and tidy and you'll post the fastest stage times!
Thanks to our sponsors COBB Tuning Killer B Motorsport Subysolutions Round Lake Auto Repair and Turbocharged-Brands

Subaru repair, diagnostic and maintenance. With over 14 years of Subaru Dealer experience. We can do it all from oil changes to engine overhauls.

Timeline photos 02/27/2021

As of today I have decided to close down the shop. It was a hard decision but I accepted a new job that will allow for more growth and allow me to interact with a much larger customer base. I am forever grateful for all your support over the last 5 years. My shop allowed me to pull off some pretty amazing things and work on some amazing vehicles. Being able to work in the same shop my grandfather opened in the 1940’s and to work along side my father for these years will always be some of my fondest memories. Thanks for the ride -Fred.


Another engine in and running.

Timeline photos 02/19/2021

Do you even Subaru, if you haven’t pulled cylinder heads outside in a snow storm???

Photos from Subysolutions's post 02/01/2021

Car comes in. Engine completely spray painted. Alternator, wires, fuel lines. Yup let’s just spray everything. And let’s leave oxygen sensor unplugged and cut connectors off them.

Timeline photos 01/23/2021

If you know you know..... how’s your day going.

Timeline photos 01/23/2021

Burning some midnight oil getting another ej255 torn down to find out why it was locked up.

Timeline photos 01/21/2021

TBT! Missing my old Forester Xt. Only Subaru I’ve owned twice so that says a lot. I’ve owned a few but this one is in the top 3.

Photos from Subysolutions's post 01/19/2021

Remember kids when living that low life your wiring harness will thank you for running fender liners. Or try and protect the harness as it passes along inside the fender. @ Subysolutions

Timeline photos 01/18/2021

Always sad when you have to cover up all the goodness with an oil pan.


It’s alive!!!!!!

Photos from Subysolutions's post 01/17/2021

Day 2 and the engine is in. Finishing up the install with Zack and @ Frog Racing

Photos from Subysolutions's post 01/16/2021

Spending the day at putting a new engine together for rally car. @ Frog Racing

Photos from Subysolutions's post 01/13/2021

All new oem short block and related parts arrived today for a wrx in the shop.

Timeline photos 01/04/2021

1st engine out of 2021. Wrx came in with some rod knock after a fun filled night of snow drifts. Will get a proper tear down and build.

Photos from Subysolutions's post 12/28/2020

All original 1999 Impreza sport rolled in the shop today with 36,999 original miles. Car had a fuel purge problem which another shop said couldn’t not find an issue with. Well I found a broken wire to the purge solenoid from the ecu which supplies the ground signal to operate the solenoid. Took some time to diag the issue and will have it back to the owner later today. Finding the Solutions at

Photos from Subysolutions's post 12/19/2020

Brought my wiring expert in to the shop today to finish up the kill switch install in rally Impreza. Nate made custom 2 gauge battery cables, soldering on copper ends, used shrink wrap to seal and conduit to keep the cables safe for years to come. He even signed the first cable in series to the kill switch.

Photos from Subysolutions's post 12/18/2020

Drove out of hibernation. Yard clean up in full effect day 2.

Photos from Subysolutions's post 12/17/2020

Let’s play guess the car buried in snow.

Photos from Subysolutions's post 12/11/2020

Doing some end of season prep for Taking care of the install of a new master kill and disabling the steering column lock. Really like the fastronixsolutions fire wall feed-thru connectors. Even used the always informative video to make sure it’s all wired properly. Let’s hope I can remember where all the dash fasteners go, lol.

Timeline photos 12/07/2020

Found the fail of the day on a wrx earlier. If you know, you know.

Photos from Subysolutions's post 12/03/2020

Pulled the original clutch out of this 55 Chevy today with my father. Nice to see the simplicity of how they use to be built. @ Subysolutions

Photos from Subysolutions's post 11/15/2020

At to finish the season off. Have a group shot of 4 of the SubySolutions prepped cars before tackling today’s stages

Photos from Subysolutions's post 11/05/2020

Not everyday a super clean 2002 Bugeye rolls into the shop. Props for keeping it clean! @ Subysolutions

Photos from Subysolutions's post 10/28/2020

Well I’ve made it 4 years now running my own company. Never would of imagined it has taking me the places it has and the opportunities along the way. Thanks to all my customers for supporting small business and my family for supporting me every step of the way. Without you I would of never taken the jump into this. Anyone who runs a business knows the ups and downs on the daily. But so glad I took the chance and did it. Having the opportunity to see my kids grow with me at the shop, the same shop I grew up in with my father and grandfather. Most people don’t know but my family has run a repair shop in the same location since the mid 1940’s. We’ve never advertised, always focused on if you work hard enough and do the right thing, you’ll be busy, the work will find you. So thanks again to all those have supported me along the way!

Photos from Subysolutions's post 10/18/2020

3 of the cars in for mid day service. Glad to have my oldest junior crew member here today servicing the cars. So proud of this kid! Cars are running great with the tunes from @ Team O'Neil

Photos from Subysolutions's post 10/15/2020

Finally back to some racing. Last minute prep on the Impreza Rs and some sweet new face mask from for my son and myself so we can stay safe as crew at this weekends rally sprint at

Photos from Subysolutions's post 10/12/2020

Busy day at the shop today. Finished dressing a 2015 sti with a bunch of goodies from and Then started a oem build for a 2013 wrx thanks for the quick supply of oem parts. @ Subysolutions

Photos from Subysolutions's post 09/18/2020

Making progress tonight on an stage 2 block with all the goodies. @ Subysolutions

Timeline photos 09/17/2020

Shame all this goodies get covered up with the oil pan.

Photos from Subysolutions's post 09/05/2020

Flocking up stuff at the shop today with 3 GD Impreza and a BRZ dash

Timeline photos 08/13/2020

Sweet looking Wrx hatch in for some fresh plugs and oil change.

Timeline photos 08/10/2020

2013 wrx in for an overdue timing belt change. Car has 132k on it. The belt should be replaced at 100k. The most common issue isn’t the belt snapping with age but the idler pulleys failing. This one had a timing pulley about ready to explode. Caught just in time!!
So now thru the end of September I’m offering a $100 off our timing belt replacement service. Our service includes belt, tensioner, all idler pulleys, water pump and new coolant. Call or message us today to setup an appointment.

Photos from Subysolutions's post 06/30/2020

I will be closed until July 7th for some much needed rest and relaxation with the family. Have a Happy and Healthy Fourth of July. 🇺🇸🗽

Photos from Subysolutions's post 06/28/2020

We also do more then just Subaru’s. Had a nice Chevy come in today to install and provide running boards, mud flaps and door sill protectors. Was able to save the customer a few hundred on parts and labor for the products. So check with us for all your auto needs. @ Subysolutions

Photos from Subysolutions's post 06/26/2020

Some more shop class today. Had my son Colin tear down a blown ej20 engine. Lots of fun spending time with him in the shop. @ Subysolutions

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Another engine in and running.   #ej255
It’s alive!!!!!!



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