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For over 40 Years Year Fort Dodge Transmission has been serving our local communities with our locally based Transmission & General Repair Auto Clinic and service North America with the delivery of our first-class wholesale remanufactured transmissions.


Today we’re featuring a common problem we see on the Silverados, Sierras, Tahoes, and Suburbans. This particular problem is in the engine and involves the displacement on demand lifters. There are 8 of these in these engines and if one goes out, it causes a lot of problems, such as noise, clatter, and rough running. In this particular repair, this engine will get all of the lifters replaced. The DOD is the active fuel management system on some trucks. Pictured are the pieces of the engine that will all be cleaned up before being reinstalled. Once everything is cleaned up and ready to go, Matt will put everything back together and then pop it all back into the engine compartment on the truck.


Earlier we showcased our transmission lift, which is a great tool for placing most transmissions back into their vehicles. Today, we’re showcasing how the transmissions get onto that lift. The big thing about transmissions is that, naturally, they’re heavy. That’s where our various lifts come into play: not only does it make it safer for our techs to do their work, but it also helps make sure the trans aren’t dropped or otherwise damaged during the instillation. Once the transmission is in place on the lift, it is then wheeled into place under the vehicle and carefully raised into place so that it can be installed.

Be sure to call or text us for all your car care and transmission needs! 515-573-8800!


If your transmission fluid looks more like pancake syrup and you have metal glitter in the pan, it's time to call Fort Dodge Transmission! Metal in the pan is caused by an internal failure such as damaged planetary gears, failed bearings, or the torque converter lining failing, causing a metal on metal situation, all of which then leads to a failure of the transmission.

Be sure to call or text us at 515-573-8800 for all your transmission and car care needs!


While the day-to-day in the shop is pretty mundane, we do sometimes get something fun to work on. In this case, it's a 4R70HD transmission rebuild for a construction company. Something many people don't consider with their vehicles is if the transmission can handle extra work. We often seen transmissions that went out while pulling a camper or large trailer. In this situation, the HD transmissions are important, beause they have that extra power to do the harder work. Darren is rebuilding this transmission for the customer, using a rebuild kit that contains all the parts needed for an HD transmission, as well as using all the parts pictured that have been through our process of cleaning and rebuilding.

Be sure to call or text us for all your transmission and car care needs! 515-573-8800!


We're gearing up for a busy summer here at Fort Dodge Transmission! If you need car repairs or transmission work, be sure to call us to get on the schedule! And don't forget: we sell transmisisons and parts, too! Be sure to call or text us at 515-573-8800 for all your transmission and car repair needs!


There is one critical step to complete prior to reinstalling a transmission. When installing a transmission, it is important to do a hot flush of the transmission cooler. This allows the cooler to be cleared of any accumulated debris that occurred when the transmission went out. It also makes sure that the vehicle is fully ready for the new transmission to be installed. Not all shops have this particular machine, and that sometimes then requires the customer to install a new radiator prior to transmission installation. The process of flushing the cooler takes about half an hour to complete per cycle and requires the tech to stay with the machine for the entire flush. At the end of the process, the filter on the machine is checked for any debris from the radiator and, if necessary, the cooler can be flushed again.

This is a great tool for transmission shops because it uses transmission fluid to perform the flush. It ensures that the cooler is clear of debris and that the vehicle as a whole is ready to receive the rebuilt transmission. Flushing the cooler also prevents any debris from getting back into the transmission and causing problems after install. This is one more way that our techs are able to make sure that our transmissions are installed correctly the first time for the customer.


We love hearing from customers after we fix their vehicles! Here is a recent thank you we received, after one of our guys solved a long-term issue with a vehicle! We were thrilled to hear that the customer's car was running great!

Be sure to call or text us at 515-573-8800 for all your car care and transmission care needs!



Here's what happenes when your transmission arrives at our shop! From start to finish, we make sure to take great care of your transmission so we get the job done right first time!


Remember the GTO from a few weeks ago? The transmission has been rebuilt and it’s time to put it back into the vehicle. If you’ve ever wondered how we get the transmissions back into the cars, this video shows our transmission lift. It allows the guys to carefully lift and guide the transmission into place, making sure everything is lined up and ready to connect. Once the transmission is in place, Dave will hook everything up and make sure all of the connections are ready to go. Then, it’s onto the test drive and back to the customer!


Today’s feature is the install on a 6T70 transmission. This one is found on some Chevy models from the mid-2000s. Eric, one of our mechanics, is doing the install on this one. The first photo shows how we get the transmission in place. The jack stands hold up the transmission so the guys can get all of the bolts tightened and the wires and other hardware attached. Once the transmission is in, the metal frame seen resting on the shop floor will be reattached and any surrounding parts will also be tightened back into place. At this point, the install is complete and ready for a test drive to make sure everything is working in tip top shape!


We are closed today in honor of Memorial Day. We will reopen at 0730 Tuesday May 28th.


Once we have a transmission in our shop, it goes through many steps before it's ready to go back to the customer. Once the transmission is torn down, it goes over to Grover, who is our clean up tech. He takes every single part of the transmission, from the seals to the gaskets and everything in between, and makes sure all of the oils and other debris are cleaned away. Some parts are washed in solvent by hand while others go through a machine that is akin to a dishwasher. The machine gets very hot and is able to clean way any build up or debris that might be on the transmission parts. This process takes usually around an hour, depending on how dirty things are. Once all the parts are clean, Grover will reassemble them and take to the builders for the next step.


Did you know?

We have a commercial lift! We can work on light commercial vehicles, like delivery trucks, right here in our shop! We routinely work on commercial vehicles, fixing transmissions and any other issues that go wrong. Our goal is to get the vehicle fixed and back into service as quickly as possible. Be sure to call or text us at 515-573-8800 and see if we’re able to help your business today!


Did you know?

When you’re looking to get your transmission rebuilt, we’re able to accept just the transmission! If you’ve already got the unit out of your vehicle and don’t want to pay for the entire vehicle to be trailered or towed to Fort Dodge, just bring us the transmission! Our techs can take your unit, do a full tear down, clean up, and rebuild, and then arrange for you to come pick your unit up when it’s ready! No need to bring us the entire vehicle! So, if you’re able to pull the transmission and just need us to assist with rebuilding, call or text us at 515-573-8800 to make an appointment for us to receive your transmission today!


Did you know?

This is a 4T65 front wheel drive transmission, typically found in older GM vehicles such as the Chevy Impala, Pontiac Aztec, some Buicks, and the Olds 88, among others. This particular transmission is a customer unit. It is popular with many people, but especially rural mail carriers. It is known for having better fuel management and a more comfortable ride. This is what it looks like once it’s been disassembled by our builders. Like the 62TE transmission, this one will be put together like a puzzle. All of our transmissions go to the Dyno when they’re done being rebuilt and from there, they either go into stock or back into customer vehicles.


Did you know?

Not only do we sell seal kits, we also sell transmission rebuilding kits! This one is for a 4L80 transmission, commonly found in GM trucks such as the Silverado and Sierra, vans such as the Chevy Express 2500, and some commercial vehicles from both Chevy and GMC. This transmission is for rear-wheel-drive vehicles and features a lock up torque converter. This kit provides you with all of the parts you need to rebuild your 4L80 transmission; you supply the hard parts, such as the planets, drums, shafts, transmission case, etc., and we’ll supply the rest with these kits! Be sure to call or text us at 515-573-8800 and see how we can help with a transmission rebuilding kit today.

Photos from Fort Dodge Transmission's post 05/17/2024

One of the coolest things we do at Fort Dodge Transmission is rebuild transmissions. These parts will be rebuilt back into a 62TE transmission, for a front wheel drive Chrysler vehicle. Many of the parts you see here have been in use since the 90s and 2000s. With all the parts laid out, Darren will now put them back together much like a puzzle. Except with this puzzle, if one piece doesn’t go in correctly, it affects the entire vehicle. When he’s done, all of the pieces will fit back into the transmission case, which then fits into the vehicle. All said and done, this process take about five hours~ Once it’s all assembled, it goes through a series of final checks, gets painted, and the paired up with a torque converter. Then, back into the vehicle and back to the customer!


Did you know?

We sell overhaul kits and seal kits! Here, we see an overhaul kit designed for older Chrysler vehicles. These kits are just one of the hundreds of parts we have available for purchase! It comes with every gasket, seal, and o-ring you ever need for a rebuild. These kits are a great way to rebuild a transmission in your shop and not have to buy each part individually. Save time and money by calling or texting our sales team at 515-573-8800 to get your overhaul kits and seal kits today!


Did you know?

When we rebuild most transmissions, we send along a Wix in-line filter assembly that we build in house!

These filters come with all the hardware, warnings, and instructions necessary to fit them into the cooler return line, so you’re ready to go as soon as you receive your rebuilt transmission back from us! We have a process, which we will showcase later, that flushes all of the debris from the transmission cooler. However, most shops and individuals don’t have a flush machine to remove the debris from the transmission cooler. This filter traps debris that’s residual in the cooler that wasn’t flushed and keeps it out of the new transmission. Some transmissions, such as the Allison or any transmission that has RFE in it, already have these filters, so we don’t send extra. But these filters are important for keeping the new transmissions running smoothly if the radiator isn’t being flushed or replaced!

Be sure to call or text us at 515-573-8800 to make an appointment for any transmission or car care needs you have!


If you’ve ever wondered how we get the torque converters open, check out this video! Here, Justin, our converter tech, is opening a custom torque converter that a customer requested a rebuild of. He puts it on the lathe and then heats it up so his cut off tools can crack it open, similar to a can opener. Once the converter is open, it comes over to a table to be taken apart and the fluids drained. Once it’s open and drained, he wipes it down, and takes it over to our clean up tech. There, the paint is sandblasted off and the converter is cleaned up to prepare for the rebuild process. When the converter is repainted, Justin will use a matte paint because it lets more heat out than the glossy paint. After its bath, it will come back to Justin, and he will perform the rebuild. This converter is from a 1970 Roadrunner with a 6.3L engine.

If you have torque converter issues be sure to call or text us at 515-573-8800 to make an appointment to have your converter looked at in our shop!


One of the things that makes Fort Dodge Transmission stand out is our ability to work with repairs that some shops can’t. In this instance, this vehicle came in with suspected transmission issues. Most shops would choose to replace the entire transmission, but we were able to diagnose the issue in the Internal Transmission Control Module. Replacing the control module is much cheaper than a new transmission. Our techs often see vehicles with transmission issues that don’t require a full transmission replacement. If your car is acting up, be sure to call or text us at 515-573-8800 to have our techs check the codes and advise you on the correct repair!


Did you know?

We work on classic cars! This is a 1972 GTO that recently came to us for some transmission work. Our shop has also recently worked on two late 60s El Caminos. One of our techs rebuilt the engine in one and the other El Camino had a hydro boost conversion issue that we fixed, to restore the power steering and brakes for the customer.

If you're a classic car enthusiast and you’ve hit a restoration snag, be sure to text or call us at 515-573-8800 to schedule an appointment with our full service auto center!


One of the most common transmission types is the 6L80. These are commonly found in GM trucks and full size SUVs. The most common issue with these transmissions is torque converter shudder, which causes burn up and can take out both thetorque converter and the pump. You can see, in the first picture, how badly the bell housing is damaged. Dave, one of our rebuilding techs, has a welding and machining business called XYZ Machining and Welding (515-576-9375), and he is able to machine these bell housings at home for us. Once that's done, it's onto the rebuilders to complete the repair.


Thank you to everyone who voted for us in the contest! We didn't advance to round 2, but we're already planning to re-enter the contest next year!


In the transmission rebuilding industry, sometimes you have to make the tools you don't have. In that way, Earl was making a tool recently to simulate a transmission in order to check a torque converter. He uses a caliper to take measurements of the parts he's working with, adding them to a diagram he's drawing as he goes. Once the tool has been made, they can pressurize it with oil, and use it to check the lockup circuit on the torque converter!

For all your transmission, parts, and car care needs, be sure to call or text us at 515-573-8800!


Austin is our Dyno Tech! We use the Dyno to diagnose issues when transmissions first arrive in our shop, based on what the customer reports and what the techs see on the Dyno. With that information in hand, it's off to the builders for repair and rebuilding. Once the transmission is ready, it goes back to the Dyno to make sure everything is fixed and make sure no other issues have come up. Then, it's back to the customer or replaced in the vehicle and back on the road!


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Tuesday April 30th is the last day to vote for us in round 1 of the Coolest Things Made in Iowa contest! We have some pretty awesome competition, so please be sure to give us your vote. You can vote once per day, per device, so be sure to max out your vote each day!


Kevin is tearing down a AX4N Transmission. We don't see a lot of these are they're out of the older Ford mini vans.


Kevin is one of our expert builders here at Fort Dodge Transmission! Here, we see him tearing down a AX4N transmission. This type of transmission is one we don't see often, as it's in a lot of the older Ford mini vans from the early 2000s. This was a treat for the builders to be able to work on one of these today.

If you're having transmission or car issues, or just need parts, call or text us at 515-573-8800!


Welcome to Fort Dodge Transmission! We're a full service transmission and auto care shop located in Fort Dodge, IA! Call or text us with questions or to make an appointment at 515-573-8800!

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Here's what happenes when your transmission arrives at our shop!  From start to finish, we make sure to take great care ...
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Once we have a transmission in our shop, it goes through many steps before it's ready to go back to the customer. Once t...
If you’ve ever wondered how we get the torque converters open, check out this video!  Here, Justin, our converter tech, ...
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