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Friends I have these 5 holiday books stacks left and ready to go. And these 2 gnomes..

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I was going to go live to introduce my soaps (but I'll do a live with prizes in the near future.) I use both essential oils and high quality fragrances oils. Ladies, I have both vegan soaps and gluten free oatmeal soap! How amazing is that.😊 my fall soaps are of coarse terrific. I have Fall Ya'll (pumpkin spice), Rise & shine (Vanilla /coffee), & Good Morning (gluten free oatmeal). I also have Matcha ( green tea), French Lavender,Monkey Farts, Honey Bee, Titanic (Rose), Tomato Leaf (vegan), and Cucumber, lavender oatmeal , Chill (ylang ylang & lavender and last but not least I have African Black soap while supplies last.( this is great for acne)

I also have a line of foaming hand soap! ( using Dr.Bronners pure Castile soap) some scents include McIntosh (apple), Fall Ya'll(Pumpkin) Lemon , French lavender.

Bar soap 5.99
Hand Soaps are large 10 oz bottles..8.00
Ask me what I can make.
*I use Goats milk, shea butter, carrot cucumber Aloe & h**p bases

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So let me introduce to you these cuties..".My Toys of Yester Year collection" and my "Just in Case collection " great for stocking stuffers or just because..FREE PERSONALIZATION while supplies last..some of these ill have a hard time getting back in. I'm also trying to get old maid, go fish and a small medical kit for a decent price.
*note on domino's and Jack's. I did not get the cheapest, I wanted good quality neither are cheap plastic dominoes are sturdy and Jack's are like I was a kid ,nice weight and metal.they are a little more , well because they cost more 🤣❤
JACKS 6.99
YOYO 4.99
SILLY PUTTY (real named brand) 4.99
PUZZLE TIN *Large burlap 6.99

*large burlap
Sewing kit or brush / mirror combo with tissues and lip balm

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Chill,Groovy, Bumble
& Candy Corn
Your New Good Luck Charm!
**Gnomes are known as a symbol of Good luck. Originally thought to PROVIDE PROTECTION, especially of buried treasure. They are still used today to watch over crops and livestock and are often tucked into rafters of a barn..
So why not tuck them on a shelf in your home. In the family room or your child's bedroom for protection.
**These little guys are made lovingly with rice and socks and ribbons & bows and have plenty of friends just waiting to be created and looking to find a home to love and protect $20


Farmhouse book stack price list.❤ Stay Tuned for another introduction of a new craft tomorrow. Hoping you will fall in love with this cute suprise that originated in Germany!
*Soft cover stacks with ribbon/rope / twine included
Stamp po ed with love with your choice of words and colors.
1 BOOK - $7.00
2 BOOKS in Stack - $14.00
3 BOOKS in Stack - $18.00
4 BOOKS in Stack - $22.00
5 BOOKS in Stack - $26.00
6 BOOKS in Stack - $30.00
**any extras will include $1.00 up charge
Example 1 = a 3 book stack w/ flowers or leaves will be
$18 + $1= $19.00
Ex 2= a 3 book stack with Christmas bells and an ornament (2 items) will be $28 + $2 so $20
****free pick up or subject to an additional shipping and handling which may vary
I will happily except Cash/ check if need be PayPal. (And close family and friends only zelle)
* includes painting , stamping, and twine
1BOOK - $9
2 BOOKS - $18
3 BOOKS - $25
4 BOOKS - $33
5 BOOKS - $42

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Let me introduce to you my take on the FARMHOUSE book stack
- I use a variety of both new & old thrifted books. Anywhere from your Juicy romance novel, thrillers& cookbooks to an occasional new puzzle book. You never know what great reads you'll get. It's all a suprise!
Because I want my books to be "Charming " I will tell you what they wont be..
- They Wont Be wood blocks
( I get some people like that and that's ok for them, but it wont be made by me 🤣) always books!
-They Will Not be done with a Cricut ( yes I have one but again, it's not what I'm going for)
Now let me tell you what they will be
- What they will be is Imperfectly Perfect - They will be CHARMING!
- They will be hand stamped with wooden stamps and sometimes yes, the letters will be slightly "off" and that's ok right? That's what makes it special.
-Im also choosing not to paint then. (I might do an ink wash on then from time to time) and how the cover tips off is how they will be.i feel it adds to the Charm.
**Full Disclosure ** I Am an avid reader and I do NOT feel I'm destroying these books to make a quick dime. But by buying sometimes unwanted books and combining my Love for Reading and my Love for Art, I feel I'm giving them knew LIFE! These are full booksminus the covers you can choose to read them or just love my creation.
Thank you for your time!

**side note - upon request I will do hard cover and these will be painted.
With all this said here are just a few samples. I also will do names. Really anything.and I already have great Christmas ones in mind.


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Just want to thank everyone who bought from me at the LUMC HOLIDAY BAZAAR. it was a great day! And I hope you all enjoy your purchases 🌲


Please join me at LUMC Holiday BAZAAR.I! ALL CRAFTS AND A GREAT SANTA! Major price cuts on SOME of my creations for this day ONLY! come check it out!


Hi Everybody! On Saturday November 19th please join me and many other crafters at the LUMC Holiday Bazaar.I will be having some great price cuts on some of my creations for this day only.


This is what I worked on today! Keep all your winter accessories in one really cute hand painted,lightly silver glittered ,vintage suitcase! And I even made up a little poem to go with it! Just $40


Chalk painted and heavy glittered with boa skates silver/pink & gold/beige $25


Hand painted Ice Skates . Great for decoration on your front door,hanging on an old sled,resting by a fire place or woodburning stove or use them! A great unique Gift! $45


Wine Decor


Timeline Photos


Painted vintage saws


Painted vintage suitcases


Just for you home decor by Maria


Just for you home decor by Maria's cover photo


Just for you home decor by Maria


Just for you home decor by Maria's cover photo


Just for you home decor by Maria




Hi everyone its been a while since I posted. I have been pretty busy with life since idk November? lol .but my work has slowed so I will be able to do more wine glasses , coffee mugs Ect. I will be also adding to my page finally with other crafts, starting with ceramic tile coasters that I make. I'm so excited to show you all . I will have two different prices on the coasters depending on what you choose because some materials I get at a different cost. Some will be $15 others $20 for a set of four. Remember my glasses will be the same price at $18


Just for you home decor by Maria


Just for you home decor by Maria's cover photo


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LIon KIng 09/01/2014

Glasses that I had made for Scott& Celines Baby Shower!


Just for you home decor by Maria

Untitled Album 05/06/2014

Untitled Album



Sangria Set 03/24/2014

Sangria Set


Just for you home decor by Maria

Untitled Album 03/01/2014

Untitled Album


Just for you home decor by Maria's cover photo




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