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Don Brake's Lymphoma Medical Bills Relief, organized by Renee Hernandez 09/26/2022

Don Brake's Lymphoma Medical Bills Relief, organized by Renee Hernandez

As I walk through this year fighting my fight, I never stop thinking about the other people in this war with me. The ones who have been fighting longer, tougher battles than me. Like my dear friend Don. Among my most loved and respected colleagues in Radio. He's been swinging haymakers at Cancer For a year longer than me, and has really been through it! His family is beautiful and strong, and has lifted him up and carried him along his way, and of course this amazing industry we're both a part of has rallied behind him! So when he gets good news and shares it I celebrate with him! He's not out of the woods yet though! He's truly one the best I know, and I look forward to the day we can sit over a beers at CRS in Nashville, laugh and say, "Hey! Remember when we had Cancer? Man, the was crazy, right?!"
Don is doing well, and let's keep praying he gets better!

Don Brake's Lymphoma Medical Bills Relief, organized by Renee Hernandez We have created this fund to provide medical bill relief for our cousin’s h… Renee Hernandez needs your support for Don Brake's Lymphoma Medical Bills Relief


I have a cameo in this! Thanks, Myk Watford for wanting to bring a new industry to your home town!


Stan L. Clement has generously offered to pay adoption fees for the dogs and puppies adopted out on Friday and Saturday! Please come out and check out our shelter babies!

Limit one dog per family will be paid for, more than one will be at the expense of the adopter

Guys we are at code red level!!! We are in very very desperate need of fosters, adopters and volunteers! We are so over crowded with not enough employees to go around!

We need adopters to see our babies! They are $25 adoption fees Friday and Saturday

We need fosters! Even if it is for 2-3 weeks! Every little bit helps!

We need volunteers to help us walk the dogs and to help us manage dishes and laundry!

Please please please consider helping out at the shelter!

We are also in desperate need of LARGE kennels!

Any help will be greatly greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!



Remember what we do!




Ya’ll….we are currently at #8 on the COUNTRY ITUNES CHARTS at the moment 😭😭😭 So, please keep SHARING it with your friends. You have blown us away today. 😭💕😭💕

Photos from M. Fletcher Brown's post 05/21/2022

My dear friend Hugo at LaHa serves me my last margarita before chemo begins! I love this man like family, and I love this restaurant! Everyone needs to come eat here right now!
Dinner night with the Fam!

Christian Life Coaching by: Jimmy & Melissa Thrasher | iHeart 04/05/2022

Christian Life Coaching by: Jimmy & Melissa Thrasher | iHeart

I was fortunate enough to make new friends recently, Jimmy Thrasher and Melissa thrasher. During our first conversation they mentioned they have begun a new Christian life coaching podcast, and I told them how much I love the medium, and was an aspiring creator myself. They invited me to be a part of their non profit endeavor and produce episodes of their show. I readily accepted, and this latest episode is my first in their production. The song included in this episode is quite good, and Contemporary Christian Music lovers should enjoy it! If you feel so included take a listen, and be sure to leave them a rate and review. Let's bring some positive back into the world! ❤️

Check out this podcast! Christian Life Coaching by: Jimmy & Melissa Thrasher …

Christian Life Coaching by: Jimmy & Melissa Thrasher | iHeart We are called to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, and to encourage the abandoned, the abused, the broken, the bullied, the made fun of, the mistreated, the lost, the prodigal's and those who have suffered loss. We minister through Podcast, the Preached Word, Singing, and the Performing Arts.


I'm back, y'all!!! LIVE in the studio again! Back in the office FINALLY! Masked up and ready to get work done! COVID SUCKS! Don't get it if you can help it (especially if you're unvaccinated! I have 1-2 friends with after effects that are downright scary!)
In case you were curious this is how I spent the last week at home.


This year marks my 25th year in Radio, and at Big River Broadcasting. 17 of those have been spent programming the Country station. I was lucky enough to receive this honor again at CRS. Everyone will not agree, and 💯 ok with that. I listen to them because they remind me not to take an honor like this for granted. That I won't always live up to everyone's expectations. That I need to understand that no matter how well I'm doing there is always someone watching with a better plan, and not to take my eye off of the point. To always my best out there every single day, and never do anything I'm not proud to say I did! Thank you, Radio Ink for this honor.

National DJ Day - January 20 01/20/2022

National DJ Day - January 20

Happy national DJ Day!! ... what did you get me?

National DJ Day - January 20 It's National DJ Day! From Alan Freed to Howard Stern, they've revolutionized radio. Here's a look at some fun history — plus celebration ideas.

Don Brake's Lymphoma Medical Bills Relief, organized by Renee Hernandez 01/19/2022

Don Brake's Lymphoma Medical Bills Relief, organized by Renee Hernandez

Just talked to Brother Don, and he's doing better. Keep sending him positive vibes, prayers, well wishes, and if you can spare a few please donate to his family. He is a paragon among my peers, and has displayed great character through this ordeal. Read his story below on the link!

Don Brake's Lymphoma Medical Bills Relief, organized by Renee Hernandez We have created this fund to provide medical bill relief for our cousin’s h… Renee Hernandez needs your support for Don Brake's Lymphoma Medical Bills Relief


in 1972 this is the dynasty I was born into. I was born a Raider. I knew what a Raider was before I knew what football was. They won their first Super Bowl (XI) when I was 4. When my son was born I recreated my baby pictures in Raiders gear with him. I think I made him a Raider too. Madden was our coach. He was THE Coach. R.I.P. Coach Madden, and thank you for being my first Raiders Head Coach.

The Raiders Family is deeply saddened by the passing of the legendary John Madden.

Few individuals meant as much to the growth and popularity of professional football as Coach Madden, whose impact on the game both on and off the field was immeasurable.

Hired as Head Coach of the Raiders by Al Davis at the age of just 32, Madden coached the Silver and Black for 10 seasons and compiled a remarkable 103-32-7 regular season record. From 1969-78, the Raiders posted winning records in each season, won seven division titles and qualified for the playoffs eight times. In 1976, Madden coached the Raiders to a 13-1 record and a 32-14 triumph over the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl XI, marking the franchise's first World Championship of Professional Football.

As professional football grew in popularity and influence, Madden and his Silver and Black teams played a significant role in some of the AFL and NFL's seminal moments, including the "Sea of Hands," "Immaculate Reception," "Holy Roller" and "Ghost to the Post," among others. Madden cemented his role as a football icon in the broadcast booth, serving as a leading color analyst for all four major television networks—CBS, FOX, ABC and NBC. His work on Monday Night Football, the inception of the annual All-Madden Team and his role in the Madden NFL series of video games made the Madden name synonymous with pro football.

In 2006, Madden was presented for enshrinement to the Pro Football Hall of Fame by Al Davis, who opened his speech by calling Madden, "A brilliant coach. A loyal and trusted friend. A Raider." The thoughts and prayers of the Raider Nation are with Virginia, Joseph, Michael and the entire Madden family at this time.


Go get a copy of today's Times Daily! Read the article on .movie!

We made the front page news with our film in !

Charles Parnell] judy hood] @

We need your help. Just a few more days of our campaign left on

Please Follow Us on our page


Collaboration By:

Myk Watford] ELAINE HENDRIX Ⓥ] Charles Parnell] judy hood]

Bob Dole, longtime public servant and WWII veteran, dies 12/05/2021

Bob Dole, longtime public servant and WWII veteran, dies

I liked old Bob Dole, for the most part. RIP, Bob.

Bob Dole, longtime public servant and WWII veteran, dies Former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole will be remembered for the tenacity that defined his career and his work on behalf of his fellow military veterans.


Hey SWR family !

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Want to become a film producer? Now is your chance!
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Art like this only happens with the help of a community. Be part of it!

Sweetwater Road Movie 11/15/2021

Sweetwater Road Movie

Muscle Shoals native, actor, writer, director Myk Watford is coming back home to Alabama to shoot his independent film, "Sweetwater Road". Here is the crowdfunding link if you were care to help build Alabama's reputation as a place the film industry can thrive! Support Alabama artist endeavors whenever possible! Myk has been in the business a while! Check the video below and find out where you've seen him!

Sweetwater Road Movie Hank refuses to give up on the family he is struggling to hold together. When his son is convicted of murder and his wife slips deeper into addiction, Hank is forced to re-evaluate everything he knows about what it means to be a father, husband and an individual.


My dad, my brothers, all of my uncles, an untold number of cousins, and large portion of my friends. I am proud of all of you, across every generation. My entire life I have loved hearing the stories you chose to share, and relate your individual lived experiences. The moment, that bookmark in my life, where the gravity of service left its mark on me was as a small child learning about the experiences, often tragic of my family he served in Vietnam. There are a few Vietnam Vets on my family tree, and to a boy hearing about those experiences made me them more human anyone else I knew. We don't often take time to consider the person in the uniform, or why they wore it. They may all be dressed the same, but they all have very different stories, and very different reasons.
I have very few true regrets in my life, I would have fingers left on the one hand I could count my regrets on. But the one that hangs over me the most, the one I talk to my Navy Commander cousin about when I tell him how proud of him I am is that at 18 I wanted to join the Air Force, and I didn't. My father and I disagreed on that, so I relented and went to college after high school. It's one of the only things I would be tempted to go back and change. I say tempted because I would have none of what I have now had I done that, but I also wouldn't have this ache in my heart on days like today, or even when I am around my veteran friends and they are talking about their experiences. I envy them, in my way.
To all of you, family and friends, regardless of the "Why" of your story I thank you! Happy Veterans Day!



Wish us luck, KIX Country! We are so excited! Two years in a row we have been nominated for a CMA Broadcast Award! We could not be more excited, for us and our listeners! Thank all of you for always being a part of what we do, and allowing us to be a part of your lives every single day! We hope we make you proud, Tennessee Valley!

BREAKING: Legendary Songwriter Tom T. Hall Dies At 85 08/21/2021

BREAKING: Legendary Songwriter Tom T. Hall Dies At 85

R.I.P. legend Tom T. Hall

BREAKING: Legendary Songwriter Tom T. Hall Dies At 85 Country music songwriter, singer, instrumentalist, and writer Tom T. Hall has died at the age of 85 [...]

Clare Dunn Emotionally Recounts Night She Was Assaulted by Her Lyft Driver: 'This Has Been Hell' 08/09/2021

Clare Dunn Emotionally Recounts Night She Was Assaulted by Her Lyft Driver: 'This Has Been Hell'

Clare Dunn is a wonderful person, and a great artist! She did not deserve this, and she shared her story as a warning. While using these services are not typically dangerous, there are dangerous people using your trust against you. I don't know if Lyft could have done anything on the front end to w**d this sociopath out before this happened, but going forward we can look at them and keep the pressure on to try. I would be interested to know if this man had numerous bad reviews. I will bet money he did! Clare, and every other woman who is just going about the task of living their lives deserve better. Men, don't underestimate how fast you can become a victim too. Armed or not! Especially if you are leaving somewhere after a night of heavy drinking trying to be responsible. Again, Read Clare's story. She's telling you for a reason

Clare Dunn Emotionally Recounts Night She Was Assaulted by Her Lyft Driver: 'This Has Been Hell' "I don't want anyone else to go through it," the country singer tells PEOPLE


This is going to be a very very good show!!

BroBible on Twitter 04/30/2021

BroBible on Twitter

It's so not funny....but it's kind of funny! 🤣

BroBible on Twitter “Jaylen Waddle DIPPED on his family 😂 https://t.co/8JDnuWP4H1”

I entered this #sweepstakes. Enter & help me win. 04/23/2021

I entered this #sweepstakes. Enter & help me win.

I entered this #sweepstakes. Enter & help me win. Win an Exclusive Merch Package from Justin Moore + a Guest spot on The Justin Moore Podcast + $50 Waffle House Gift Card


Miranda Lambert and Elle King are opening the #ACMawards on CBS & Paramount+ RIGHT NOW 🍾

I love this energy to start the ACMS!! Miranda forever!! She and Elle King are power!

Chapel Hart 03/26/2021

Chapel Hart

Got a chance to meet Chapel Hart in Muscle Shoals briefly last summer! They really are incredible!

Chapel Hart We chat with the incredible Chapel Hart about their single 'You Can Have Him Jolene', plans to release their debut album and much more.

media1.tenor.co 03/15/2021


Me. All day. All. Day.



These are the moments we live for in Country Radio! :)

CMA Fest 2021 Update - CMA Fest 03/02/2021

CMA Fest 2021 Update - CMA Fest

Two years without CMA Fest! :-O

CMA Fest 2021 Update - CMA Fest After thoughtful deliberation, we are saddened to share that CMA Fest will not take place in 2021. Click to learn more.

X10 on TikTok 02/05/2021

X10 on TikTok

I only discovered this guy today, but SOMEONE needs to sign him! I'm looking at YOU, !!!!

X10 on TikTok

Rachel Wammack - A Million Dreams (Performance Video) 01/07/2021

Rachel Wammack - A Million Dreams (Performance Video)

Look what one of our favorite Shoals voices has been up to!

"Listen for Rachel Wammack's reimagined version of "A Million Dreams" as the promotional anthem for discovery+, a brand new global streaming service announced by Discovery, Inc, and get the song."

Rachel Wammack - A Million Dreams (Performance Video) Listen for Rachel Wammack's reimagined version of "A Million Dreams" as the promotional anthem for discovery+, a brand new global streaming service announced...

Timeline photos 10/20/2020

I love it when old friends pop in for a surprise visit! We couldn't be more proud of this amazing young lady right here! One of the very best Muscle Shoals has ever produced! Got the chance today to congratulate her in person on her recent marriage, and talk some about new music in the works! Take of her, Nashville!! She's family!

Songwriter Ray Pennington killed in Sumner County house fire 10/08/2020

Songwriter Ray Pennington killed in Sumner County house fire

RIP Legendary songwriter Ray Pennington (Waylon Jennings - "I'm A Ramblin' Man")

Songwriter Ray Pennington killed in Sumner County house fire Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is on the scene.


This is a visual analogy of the last 20 years of my life in Country Radio. It is truly uncanny how exactly like this I look every day on the air. See

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