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Dave is extremely responsive and will make what you need....great baits! Looking to be a 3-peat customer soon!
Snagged this largemouth on my De-Be baits spinner bait 🙌🏻
Catching fish is easy with the right baits!!
Just received some baits I ordered and there great thanks a lot for your service in a good product and kindness

premium pro spinnerbaits, hand made one at a time We are selling premium pro spinnerbaits in 1/2 oz singleand tandem spins. These are made by hand, one at a time using only the best components.

They start with a looped eye bend using .045 stainless steel wire,25 different powder painted no.6 Colorado or #6 willow leaf blade, 4/0 eagle claw hook, and 20 different skirts to choose from. These offer superior castability thru their weight, and high water ride in retrieve with the large blades.

Operating as usual


A big bladed tandem willow leaf getting the job done on a striper....from a happy customer...thanks again for the photo

A big bladed tandem willow leaf getting the job done on a striper....from a happy customer...thanks again for the photo




I sell fully rigged A-rigs

TOP 10 BAITS: REDCREST Leaders Leaned Heavily on Jerkbaits, Spinnerbaits - Major League Fishing 03/01/2021

TOP 10 BAITS: REDCREST Leaders Leaned Heavily on Jerkbaits, Spinnerbaits - Major League Fishing

TOP 10 BAITS: REDCREST Leaders Leaned Heavily on Jerkbaits, Spinnerbaits - Major League Fishing EUFAULA, Ala. – REDCREST 2021 was one for the ages. After changing the location of the MLF Bass Pro Tour championship a couple of times – the last change due to unprecedented, icy-cold conditions in Texas – the event took place on the legendary waters of Lake Eufaula. Dustin Connell took hom....


He caught these on a 1oz single spin spinnerbait....which i do make with big blades...try to find those in a store...

Leaning on ‘em‼️
Ranger Pro @bryanthriftfishing put on a show in today’s qualifying round of the REDCREST Bass Pro Tour Championship. He leads by 14 pounds. 📸 MLF. #lakeeufaula #bassprotour #majorleaguefishing



Kevin VanDam shows us how speed can dominate with spinnerbaits 🔥.


Kevin VanDam

A trailer hook is a must when I am throwing a spinnerbait, just be sure you have it rigged properly.
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Kevin VanDam

Burning a spinnerbait for smallmouth is one of my all time favorites to catch them.
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A great day today on Lake Michigan on the “maykin Baykin” charter. 7 lake trout, a nice chinook, and a steelhead. 2 lakers pushing 20#’s a 22lb chinook, the steelhead around 10 05/10/2020

Everything You Should Know About Spinnerbaits There is a lot more to a spinnerbait than color and blades. Do you know what you should to catch more bass on spinnerbaits?


Big Bass Bash / Anglers In Action

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, federal, state, and local government lockdowns and restrictions, and most importantly to ensure the safety of our anglers, staff, and the lake community, we regret to inform you that the 2020 AFTCO Spring Big Bass Bash at Lake of the Ozarks has been cancelled.

This decision did not come lightly. but to have thousands of anglers from numerous locations across the country congregate into the lake community is not a wise decision nor recommended right now. It would also be nearly impossible to restrict groups of less than 10 people during the registration and weigh-in process, and to keep a safe distance between staff and anglers.

Anglers who have registered already have 1 of 3 options:
1) Transfer entry fee to the 2020 Timmons Oil Co. Big Bass Bash at Grand Lake on May 30-31
2) Transfer entry fee to the 2020 AFTCO Big Bass Bash at Lake of the Ozarks on October 3-4.
3) Refund of entry fee

Please click the link below to fill out the transfer/refund form.

We truly appreciate your support of the Big Bass Bash over the last 14 years and hope you understand this tough decision. We look forward to hosting our remaining events for you this year and we’ll see you all soon.

Big Bass Bash Crew


Field & Stream

Pick the right blades and crush big largmouths this year.


Major League Fishing

MLF pro Jacob Wheeler takes us back to Lake Eufaula for a detailed rundown of the baits and patterns that led him to his second Bass Pro Tour win. Check out Wheeler’s Winning Pattern from the B&W Trailer Hitches Stage One Presented by Power-Pole Total Boat Control.


Naham Vann King is joining our pro staff and fishing out of Hillsboro Mo. While being an avid trout and salmon fisherman, he is going to focus on fishing the KAMO trail series this year in his kayak. He also hopes to fish at least one of the KBF tournaments as well. We will be following him along this summer as he goes through his tournament trail. Welcome aboard Naham!

[02/16/20]   Spinnerbaits still catch bass !! 10/09/2019

4 Tips to Increase Spinnerbait Fishing Success VIDEO: There's a lot more to spinnerbait fishing than chunk and wind. Jason Christie delivers some excellent pointers to increase your success.

[09/09/19]   The store has updated to reflect the availability of spinnerbaits all the way up to 1 1/ 3/4oz/...1 oz ..and 1 1/8 oz size heads and blades ,and number 8 colorado blades are available on all ....


Major League Fishing

Kevin VanDam took us on a ride along to give us a break down on what the Bass Pro Tour anglers can expect from the Berkley Fishing Stage Six Presented by TrueTimber on Table Rock Lake in Missouri!

[04/23/19]   I made some special big bass bash lures that are available at the Val-E-Vue resort on the niangua arm 5.5 mile marker...these are big and very big bladed spinnerbaits and umbrella rigs completely rigged with big swim baits...they can be contacted at..... GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 38.051508 Longitude: -92.820455, 1567 resorts road, camdenton mo, phone ..573-873-5068

[04/23/19]   I will fishing in the big bass bash at Lake of the Ozarks...anyone else going? 04/18/2019

VanDam Looks for Dogwoods, Mimics Nest Robbers for Spawning Bass - Major League Fishing

a little spring tip Unless your favorite fishery is clearer than Sprite, you probably can’t see for sure if bass are actually on spawning beds. But Kevin VanDam says if you see dogwood trees blooming along the shoreline, you better start casting ultra shallow, because there’s a super high chance your local largemou...


Big Bass Tour

It’s time! The KVD Big Bass Tour event is headed to Table Rock this coming weekend! If you haven’t already, it’s time to get registered! Kevin VanDam


Kevin VanDam

While gearing up for my Bassmaster Classic number 28, I’m looking back at some favorite tournaments over the years. Episode 2 takes us back to 2005, Pittsburgh.

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Big Bass Bash / Anglers In Action

The Anglers in Action 2019 season kicks off next Saturday, February 23rd, at Table Rock Lake, then heads to Lake of the Ozarks on Sunday, February 24th. Enter now to reserve an early take off number.

The 2019 AiA Ranger Boats Tournament of Champions will be held at Lake of the Ozarks on November 2-3. The championship banquet and host lodging at Lake of the Ozarks will be at the Inn at Grand Glaize in Osage Beach, MO.

We want to thank all of our great sponsors for the 2019 season. Please keep them in mind and support the companies that help power Anglers in Action. Ulrich Marine will also be on hand with the tournament release boat at every AiA event this season, taking great care of the bass after the catch. We are looking forward to a great season. Hope to see you on the water soon !


De-bebaits now has in stock some BIG spinnerbait blades....along with the normal #6 blades, #8's and #10 are available in the colorado style...the #10's are only currently available in gold, white, chartreuse and silver.....the #10's are absolutely beware...almost 3 inches long....these will be an option on the 3/4 oz head....or available as a stand alone item....with de-bebaits spinnerbaits its easy to change the blades as they are made with snap swivels holding them on....

[02/10/19]   Those details I got from Menendez this morning. What’s peculiar though is he’s also using a homemade, custom spinnerbait. Ironically, Menendez followed this same throwback path last year at the Elite Series event on Lake Martin, where he went really retro with a spinnerbait. And nearly won that tournament. ...........another quote.....He’s also occasionally picking up a 3/4-ounce spinnerbait with a similar blade color, but the entire skirt and head is chartreuse.

“Only the big ones that aren't yet ready to spawn will eat the big gaudy bait,” he said. “If one bites it though, it’ll be a grown one.”

While rotating between spinnerbait and a Strike King Rage Craw, his pattern has been largely focused on docks and the shoreline between docks. Whether he’s casting the blades or pitching the Rage Craw, he’s making sure to swim his offering passed every dock piling at multiple angles—leaving no possibility untouched.

“It takes a lot of time and patience to hit every angle, and I may be sacrificing numbers of fish,” he said. “But this approach is producing big ones, and that’s how you win a tournament. Little fish don’t count, especially here on the St. Johns River. And the spinnerbait has been a crucial tool for me this week.”

In today’s modern fishing era, the spinnerbait may seem old school and less productive than in years past. Don’t be fooled, it still holds a valuable place on bass fishing’s most prestigious tournament series, and it will continue to do so.

Especially when a spinnerbait wizard like Mark Menendez continues to prove its viability.

Change my mind.

[02/09/19]   I am currently working on adding absolutely huge blades as an option to my spinnerbaits. Along with being able to provide head sizes up to 1/18 oz, I will blades sizes up to number 10 colorado's. If you like BIG spinnerbaits....stay tuned in......I have these on order now and will be available Feb 19th.....just in time for the big bass bash here on lake of the ozarks....i will also have umbrella rigs available with 6 inch swim baits!....these are special order, so just contact me with what you want....


Big Bass Bash / Anglers In Action

The Spring Big Bass Bash at Lake of the Ozarks will be on April 27 & 28, 2019. $100,000 for the Biggest Bass of the Weekend. Over 280 places paid.
-5 Weigh In Locations: PB#2, Red Oak Resort, Alhonna Resort, Point Randall Resort, and Ivy Bend Resort
-Bi-Hourly Weigh In's. 6:30-9, 9-11, 11-1, and 1-3
-$500 to every exact 3.00 lb and 4.00 lb

For more information visit

02/03/2019 now offers completely rigged ready to cast umbrella rigs.They feature 3 specially designed umbrella jig heads, and two hitch hikers on the top two 2 wires. They have 5 shad colored 4 inch swim baits mounted.Since they only have 3 hooks, they legal in most states.I use 75 lb snap swivels on the wires enabling you to change jig heads later on.They sell for $19.95 each and will ship within 24 hours of ordering.


The winner of last Aprils big bass bash at lake of the ozarks won $101500 by catching the biggest bass....AND he caught it on a big bladed spinnerbait.......thats all i sell....big bladed spinnerbaits. My spinnerbaits have blades up to a number 8 deep cup colorado


De-bebaits now offers 3/4 oz , 1 oz and 1
1/4 oz spinner and buzzbaits....these are available in all colors with a number 7 or 8 colorado blade. These are custom orders and may take a couple days to ship.Contact me with what you need. Pricing for these is $8.95 each with shipping of $3.00 for any quantity


Southeast Missouri State Bass Anglers

Awesome article from the guys over at FLW about Jake Harris and Nicholas Moore‘s First Place Finish on the Upper Mississippi River in Wabasha, MN!



my daughter caught a nice bass in minnesota on one of my different style De-Be Baits...

[06/20/18]   Im gonna be offering some larger spinnerbaits with really BIG coloroado blades....3/4 , 1 and 1 1/8 oz spinnerbaits with either number 7 or number 8 blades....any interest in these?.....i really wanted to get some 3/4 oz, but by doing that, I can make up to 1 1/8 oz spinnerbaits...




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