Champions Mercantile

Great brands of pet food at unbelievable prices. Feed and supplies for farm animals, wildlife, and wild birds. We load what you buy.


Live & Local Purina® Ambassador Series - Doug Payne

Catch up with Purina® Ambassador and Olympic athlete, Doug Payne (DPEquestrian LLC), at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event.


MLPD - Foal Feeding

It is important to supply your weaned foals with high quality nutrition.


MLPD - Cattle Producer Lifestyle

Providing the right nutrition is the key to success. This is your legacy, fuel your passion with Purina.


Livin' the "Farm" Life - Cattle Mineral

At the Purina Animal Nutrition Center, they are Livin’ the Farm Life just like you. In this episode of Livin’ the Farm Life, Elizabeth Backes-Belew, Ph.D. and Rod Nulik visit the beef unit at the Purina Animal Research Center and discuss why minerals are the foundation to any good cattle nutrition program.


MLPD - Cattle Fly Control

Now is the time to start a fly control mineral plan. Let us help!


MLPD - Hobby Farm

No matter what animals you own, we are here to help. Come and see us today.


MLPD - Weaned Calves Starters RX3

Get your weaned calves set up for success with Purina RX3™ Immune Support Technology!


MLPD - Horse Lifestyle

Fuel your passion with Purina.


MLPD - Horse Feed Trial

Not happy with your horse feed? Let us help you find the right feed for your horse!


MLPD - Cattle Lifestyle

We fuel your lifestyle. We are your local Purina dealer.


Live & Local Purina® Ambassador Series - Tory Landry

Gators aren't the only thing Troy Landry chases in the swamp.
Tune in to catch up with Purina® Ambassador, Troy Landry, as he shares why he depends on Purina® and how it has impacted his business.


MLPD - Accuration Sheep & Goat

Support body condition and reproduction in your herd with the Purina® Accuration® Sheep & Goat Hi-Fat Block!


MLPD - I am Purina - Teamwork

It takes teamwork to build champions and champions feed Purina®.


MLPD - EquiTub with ClariFly

You can count on us for research backed equine nutrition! The Purina® EquiTub with ClariFly® is no different. For more information, come see us!


MLPD - Homegrown Flock Feed

If you are looking for a high quality and affordable feed for your flock, Purina® Home Grown® Starter/Grower is for you!


Livin' the "Farm" Life - Horse's Body Condition Score

At the Purina Animal Nutrition Center, they are Livin’ the Farm Life just like you. In this episode of Livin’ the Farm Life, Andrea Brueggemann and Gretchen Riley discuss body condition scoring your horse:
🐴 Ideal Horse Body Condition Scores
📏 How to Use a Horse Weight Tape
🐎 How to Evaluate a Horse's Body Condition Score


Due to a staffing shortage we will close at 1 on Saturday and will open the normal time on Sunday.


MLPD - Cattle Mineral Trial

Looking to start a new mineral plan for your cattle herd? Come see us!


MLPD - Show Life

Fuel your show animals with greatness!


MLPD - Age Is Just a Number

We can help your horse age gracefully with Purina® Strategy Healthy Edge Horse Feed with Outlast!


MLPD - Hen Treats

Spoil your girls, not their diet! Purina® Farm to Flock Treats are a fun and easy way to treat your hens.


We’re needing someone part time. 20 or so hours a week. If you like people and animals call us or come by. 636-933-7777


MLPD - Prebreeding Care with Mineral

Prepare for the upcoming breeding season. Let us help you find the right mineral plan for your herd.


Want to outshine everyone in the show pen? How about a Dale Chavez silver plated Myler bit. I have an exclusive partnership with Dale Chavez to create these works of art. They are ONLY AVAILABLE AT CHAMPION’S. Message me for more information


Live & Local Purina® Ambassador Series - Curt Pate

Tune in to catch up with Purina® Ambassador, Curt Pate. He will share his transition from horsemanship to cattle handling, discuss stockmanship classes and talk about why he feeds Purina® to his livestock and Exclusive® to his dogs.


MLPD - Starting Your Flock

Are you ready to start a backyard flock? We can help you find everything you need!


We are closing early due to the weather. I’ll do everything I can to be there in the morning and open


MLPD - Starting Baby Chicks

Are you ready to bring your baby chicks home?


MLPD - I am Purina - Plant Manager

For over 125 years, we put quality and performance into every bag. We are Purina®.


Another load of Hay Huts has arrived. Want to save money on hay? This is the method. Come and get your before we run out again. They have been hard to get in this year.

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Live & Local Purina® Ambassador Series - Doug Payne
MLPD - Foal Feeding
MLPD - Cattle Producer Lifestyle
Livin' the "Farm" Life - Cattle Mineral
MLPD - Cattle Fly Control
MLPD - Hobby Farm
MLPD - Weaned Calves Starters RX3
MLPD - Horse Lifestyle
MLPD - Horse Feed Trial
MLPD - Cattle Lifestyle
Live & Local Purina® Ambassador Series - Tory Landry
MLPD - Accuration Sheep & Goat




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