Writer's Society of Jefferson County (Missouri)

Writer's Society of Jefferson County (Missouri)

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WSJC is composed of writers striving for excellence in their chosen craft of writing.

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write-invite.com 11/05/2011

Short Story Writing Competitions in Portsmouth / WriteInvite, Short Story Competitions

Anyone interested? http://www.write-invite.com/

write-invite.com WriteInvite is a great opportunity for people of any age and skill to get involved in short story writing competitions.

[11/04/11]   Members, go to: literarylandmarkpress.blogspot.com - there is an effort to save the E A Poe house from demolition, trying to raise money, the site is calling for anthology submissions.


Conscious Discussions Online Radio by Lillian Brummet | Blog Talk Radio

Members - I have made a concerted effort to contact writers across the world to add to our knowledge base - AND to give them info they need, too. I found this woman in my search. Please read: Message from Lillian Brummet: I love networking with other writers, and welcome article submissions for my blog - consciousdiscussions.blogspot.com - and interviews on my radio show - blogtalkradio.com/consciousdiscussions - Would love to network with you :)

Host Lillian Brummet & her guests focus on the value of the individual, environmental issues & the world of writing. Here, we celebrate the individual working to create positive change. Guest applications welcome: ldbrummet(at)yahoo(dot)com Host site: WWW.BRUMMET.CA * VISIT our blog http://consci...

[10/30/11]   Thanks to all for commenting on this page and our organization. =)

dancingwithbearpublishing.com 10/30/2011


http://dancingwithbearpublishing.com/ MEMBERS - Invitation for work.

dancingwithbearpublishing.com DWB Publishing publishes clean reads, Christian fiction & non-fiction.

storystar.com 10/26/2011

StoryStar-Where short story writers are the stars. Free publication of short stories to read online.


storystar.com Storystar is a free growing online library of new and original short stories from around the world. Writers can publish their stories for readers of all ages to rate and share with others. Storystar features many of the best short stories to read online in both fiction and true life, with mystery...


It helps to think ahead. For those of you with books, check this out.

legerityentertainment.com Regarding trailers made for books, I'd like to comment about them and what authors need to do to increase their trailer's ability to fulfill its purpose.

cleverfiction.com 10/15/2011

Darkness / Faith / Perplexed

Members, Want to draw some traffic to your site? Want to get your site on a list that others will reference? Want your link carried on another site? Go to this site and participate. It is an excellent site for writers.

cleverfiction.com The Fictional Short Story Challenge Write A Short Story Using The following Mystery Ingredients: Darkness / Faith / Perplexed Any seasonally relevant ideas come to mind? What kind of...

missouriwritersguild.org 10/11/2011

Missouri Writers Guild

Members - please go this webpage to participate in the Doris Mueller contest hosted by the Missouri Writers Guild. http://missouriwritersguild.org/mwg_contests.shtml

missouriwritersguild.org ###

[09/14/11]   Members - It is time to compile your work for ebooks and get the work critiqued. Critique meeting Saturday, September 17, 2011, Festus Library, 9a.m.

showmetheblog.com 09/07/2011

Show Me The Blog | STL Blogging & Social Media Conference Oct. 21st & Oct 22nd, 2011

MEMBERS - go to: http://www.showmetheblog.com/ for a great opportunity to learn about blogging and social media - tools I have encouraged you to use to advance your writing careers.

showmetheblog.com Learn, grow, and connect!

[09/05/11]   Reminder - Just five days until we are educated by Margo Dill on how to use our blogs effectively. Saturday, September 10, 9am, Festus Library. Bring cakes, chips - whatever. Thank you for supporting our group and our speaker.

[08/25/11]   Welcome!

[08/24/11]   Members, Write your comments related to WSJC here where all members can see and join in. This page will be a more direct way to converse than through emails. Also, each member will be profiled at this location which will include your writing credits and products for sale.



Various anthologies have sprung from our group. We hope to host contests in the future.


Festus, MO

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Our meetings days and times: The second Saturday of every month at the Festus (Missouri) library, 9 to noon. We gather at the same time and place to critique our work on the third Saturday of every month.

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