Let Go Tattoo Removal

Let Go Tattoo Removal

We offer the only non laser tattoo removal in all of Missouri!! Come get your unwanted tattoos removed or make the impossible cover up possible!!

We are conveniently located inside Seed of Life Tattoos in Festus. Over the years tattoos and tattooing in general has been getting better and better, but that doesn't mean there aren't bad tattoos out there. There are so many that need to be fully removed for many reasons. There are also tattoos that have a very dark tattoo and have been told it's uncoverable, but with this service we can lighten

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Let Go Tattoo Removal


I forgot to post this fun one that was done a while ago. Gotta love the trible phase back in the day. So much better. We did 3 soft sessions just to lighten it up a bit so the face could be where it is.


OK, here we go. The entire state of Missouri has now put a temporary hold on all tattoo shops and any kind of business that deals with physical contact with a client. So far the time limit we have been getting for the situation it’s only until March 31 unless something else happens and it needs to be extended. I did bring my scheduling book home with me and I will be calling those that have left me a phone number or email I will be getting a hold of you soon and we will play it by ear to win reschedule. hopefully it will only last until the 31st but I am checking it every single day multiple times to see if any rules have changed or have been added onto it. Any client that has already been scheduled and has a deposit. Do not worry your deposit is 100% safe and will move to your next appointment. I’m sorry that this is happening but unfortunately it has been on my control. If anybody does want to contact me they can do so by contacting on my private page, making comments or sending messages on the Facebook Seed of Life Tattoos page, my email and on Instagram. So I will not be hard to get a hold of and if some unfortunate reason happens that you do not see this post and come in for your appointment next week I am very sorry that All of this has happened and just get a hold of me because I do promise that your deposit will be safe. Everybody stay clean and wear your protective facemask,
I protection, gloves if you were touching things outside of your home.. Especially if you’re a young adult between the ages of 25 and 45 because those seem to be the ones do you do not get very sick but they are a carrier. I myself am in my late 30s and the last thing I would want to do is to make somebody else sick when I don’t know that I am aware of being a carrier. I definitely still practice safe BBP and cleanliness That the state health board requires. Right now the shop will be closed until March 31 and then the state Health board will decide what to do next. I will keep everybody updated.

Removal done and covered up 01/22/2020

These photos are ones that have either been removed and/or broken up a lot of dark areas in a tattoo to make it easier to cover up.

These photos are ones that have either been removed and/or broken up a lot of dark areas in a tattoo to make it easier to cover up.

tatt2away.com 12/10/2019

Blackout Tattoo Trend - Kat Von D

Small part in this interview for Tatt2Away

tatt2away.com Why are consumers in such an uproar about Kat Von D’s blackout tattoo? She did it to “blackout a large portion of old, crappy tattoos” on her arm. A person’s body is theirs to do with what they want. And yet, as every tattoo artist who has covered up


This here is why I never recommend lasering to anyone anymore. From the beginning of my career I always wanted to have the education about anything in the tattoo world so if a client had a question I was it able to answer it. This photo here is when I tried laser tattoo removal. I was getting a lot of clients asking about laser removal so I went in for a session to know more about it. It was absolutely horrible in almost every way! It hurt so bad... I also ended up being burned by the laser and as you can tell in the photo there are pretty decent blisters already forming within less than an hour of getting the treatment. It continued to blister more and more and then it popped open and drained for days. The the skin turned almost black and took over a month just to peel. My skin was scared so bad from just this session 1 session. I finally had it covered up and the skin was so scared that when he started to tattoo me the skin instantly flared up having pits and raised scars. The skin was so hard to tattoo and was so swollen and irritated the artist told me we needed to do the piece in 2 sessions because it was so hard to tattoo. I never recommend Laser tattoo removal ever again and I show them this photo. In the end it barely did anything to lighten the tattoo. I was definitely not impressed.

Tatt2away was a totally different form of removal that I had heard about for a few years but hadn’t gotten it yet. I went to another shop out of state, the closest shop that also used this too. I talked to their techs and decided That I needed to have a session done on me to see how well it worked, pain level, safety for your health, etc. Lets just say there is no comparison!! It felt like getting tattooed. I could easily talk while getting it done unlike when I had the laser treatment I had to bury my face and just breathe. The results from one session of Tatt2away..... I couldn’t Believe it!! It took out all of the pigment from the treated areas and was brand new pink skin. I let the pink skin heal for a couple months until it went back to its normal skin tone. I ended up doing another session of it on myself and now the tattoo is unrecognizable and will be so much easier to cover up! I have been offering this form of removal for three years now at my shop and the amount of people that come to get this way of removal done was shocking at first but it’s truly needed. Lasering has been around for a long time and that’s what most people think tattoo removal is about but there have been better systems developed over the years. Tatt2away is a very safe, highly affective form of tattoo removal. It is located inside of Seed of Life Tattoos. #tattooremoval #nomorelasers #damaged #tatt2away #scaredforlife #neveragain #education

[11/28/19]   I love doing cover ups but sometimes they are just hard to cover up. This a great for of tattoo removals. it’s a much safer way of tattoo removal.


I was great to be able to see this client this week. The name just has to go!! After one removal treatment the name isnt even legable!! Off to a great start. A second session has been done now and we are both excited to see the results!


Here is a piece that was started with @tatt2away and finally the finishing point of the tattoo cover up. She came in with this piece in her hip that was for a certain musician. This musician ended up being charged with prostitution and using girls through the s*x scene. Needless to say this woman originally got this tattoo because she loved his music only to later fins out how horrible of a person he was. She had to get this symbol off!!! She was also very clear on how she didn’t want anything big and/or really dark. We both decided on doing a couple removal sessions and see how that goes. In the photos here I have a beginning piece to a photo of it with the second session almost healed and then the tattoo coverup. We were both so pleased with the result. Being able to break down those very black and wide lines made it possible for her to get exactly what she wanted and we didn’t have to compromise.


Let Go Tattoo Removal's cover photo


Here are in progress photos of a piece that I am removing on myself right now. I always try out anything new on myself before I use it on any clients. As you can see the first photo is the original tattoo. The tattoo is not bad at all honestly but I am sick and tired of having older men see the word sinner tattooed on me and I end up getting harassed in one way or another but it’s all unwanted. I never knew the word sinner would be such a big deal but I don’t like the attention that it attracts so I will be breaking up all of the dark areas to help lighten them up to make it much easier to do a cover-up. That solid black hair is an area that needs to be broken up so the cover-up does not have to be as dark or busy. The middle photo is one session healed on myself. The third photo is about 2 1/2 weeks after giving it another session. I do still have scabs but they are now starting to fall off and underneath them is baby fresh pink skin. As you can see after the first session how well it pulled out all of the black in the areas treated. So much faster than laser removal.


Here is a photo of a removal session in the middle of healing. I did a second session on the tattoo I want to lighten to make it easier to cover it up easier. I always like to educate people and clients as much as I can. If that means being a Guinea pig on myself to learn more about my craft then that’s what I have to do. For the type of removal I do it is not laser but a topical removal system called @tatt2away. I’ve used new products, tried new techniques, tried different healing techniques and try new ideas out on myself before I ever touch a client with something new. I always want to make sure I can answer any question thrown at me. Most people lose their scabs between the 2-3 week. This piece is below my knee which means more pressure on it when I walk and it will heal a little slower. It does itch now and the scabs are starting to lift up. Time for the ugly stage of healing. Every tattoo and tattoo removal of any kind has an ugly stage while healing. Just be patient. It’s getting close to peeling!! Yay!!


This piece she got she just hates and wants it gone!! We started before the summer and gave it a summer break so she could enjoy the nicer time of the year. So far we are on our 3rd session with only one more to go and all the pigment should be gone. First pic is before any treatments. The second pic is right when the scabs peeled off and you can see the fresh new baby skin underneath it. Over time that pinkish color will go back to your normal skin tone. It’s nice to hear how happy she is with how the removal is going and it makes me happy that she’s happy.


Just posting a removal I did last week. She was suppose to get a piece that had 2 of her kids names written normally but the 3rd one should be completely verticals but instead it’s diagonal and almost impossible to read. We were able to hit a lot of it this first session. I think she will only need one more to go and the whole piece will be gone.


This is the woman I had posted up closeups of each one. She still hasn’t exactly know if she wants them totally removed or broken up enough to make them way easier to cover. There’s a lot of open skin between them. I hope we go for a new design that’s badass for her.


One of those tattoos a lot of us get when we are just legal to get tattooed. The kanji has had its time and now it’s time to go.


Here’s a perfect example of getting a tattoo when you’re young and didn’t know much about tattoos. As the years went on she realized she would rather cover it up with something else. We are hoping that after this session of removal that the pieces will be super easy to cover up.


This piece here the first session I did not do. My client, she had come to me hearing that I do a different type of removal and that I do not use laser removal. I use a system called Tatt2Away. This system is a topical removal system and much healthier for the body. She researched Tatt2Away in the past and found my studio. It’s the form of removal she started with. She wanted it either fully gone or go over it one more time to make it a lot easier for a coverup to be done. I was able to cover about 95% in just the 2nd session. Once this heals if she wanted a full removal it would only be in a couple of spots that I couldn’t get. If she decides to cover it up the dark will be broken up enough to cover. Can’t wait to see this one healed!


One drunken night.... now it’s time for it to go. First session is started and I’m confident we were able to get a lot out with this first session.


Hello everyone. I have recently run into an artist that does Henna work. Her Art work is beautiful as you can see in these pictures and Henna Is a form of tattooing that is not permanent also there are no needle is used for this service. Her name is Megan Annette Boyer. Overtime I’ve had multiple clients asking if I did Henna tattoo but I do not. She has been doing this for a few years now and I have several photos for examples. I have the opportunity to get an artist in every month, every week, every other week. It really just depends on how many people would like to have this kind of artwork. If something like this sounds great to you please check like and put your name in the comments so I can get a true number for people that are interested in this. #henna #hennatattooers #notpermanent #beautifuldesings #nopain #seesoflifetattoos #festus #featustattoo


Here is a great Example of a piece that started out with no removal. The center photograph is after one treatment and then the last photograph is after the treatment has been healed. You can tell there is a huge difference in the removal. Having it being all taken out this way only 2 more sessions to go and it’ll be gone!


This is a really good example on how this removal system works. The first photo is the original tattoo before anything has been changed or touched. The picture in the middle shows a removal session that is halfway healed. Once the scabs fall off then you can see how much pigment has truly been taken away and this is seen in the last picture. Just so people know no matter what kind of tattoo removal you have done there is always a stage that it looks ugly or funky. It’s much easier to put attach you on instead of removing it. It can’t be done but it just takes patients. we’ve already done another session so it will be much easier to cover up.


A woman got this piece on her arm and wish you were at home she noticed that it was misspelled. After trying to get it fixed by the original artist she still was unhappy with the lettering. We are going to remove all of the lettering and the extra blood outside of the straight razor.


This client wanted to get most of the lip kisses gone. We are going for full removal with this piece. So far one session has healed very well and we did a second session in this photo. Both of us are very happy with the results so far.


Sorry for any profanity but this is great!!!!

It takes time to get a tattoo let alone the time it takes to remove it is so much more. There are always several stages to healing a session of tattoo removal. It always looks ugly before it gets pretty and any kind of tattoo removal is that way. We want to show the public the steps of tattoo removal to educate them on what to expect during a removal. 04/26/2019

Started these 2 last week. We all remember the 90’s kanji fad. I’ve been covering and removing a lot of these lately.


A removal for a good job after being young and not thinking certain places to get won’t be noticed. Trust me.... most of them can be seen. Would love to get rid of this one for him.


It’s really nice when clients send me in progress photos of how their removal is working. This woman here just had her first treatment a month or so ago. All the scabs have fallen off and you can see beautiful pink new baby skin. The pinkness will go down and back to the normal skin tone but here we can tell the session went very well.


Yeah, maybe that tattoo one drunken night at so 'n so's wasn't such a good idea. Oh you know it's good when it's 3 in 1! Yeah, we could remove that or at least make it easier to cover up.


After getting this tattoo for a famous musician this particular singer ended up getting caught running a brothel, would s*xually abuse women, and so much more. So this piece has to go!! She isn’t sure yet if she wants a full removal or just make it easier to cover down the road.


Started a removal on this piece today. The original piece is a name that just needs to go! So we are going to break it up enough to give her a lot more options for a coverup.


The client in the photo here had originally gone to a different shop for the Tatt2away service and was not happy with several things. It was outrageously priced, as you can see in the top photo there was still a lot of work to be done. In the photo he is also healing the last session he had before coming to me. We now have been working on it through the fall and winter season. Just a couple more sessions and the areas he wants to cover will be ready and hopefully all the pigment he wants gone will be gone soon also. This is a huge piece to tackle for removal but if you hate your tattoo and it’s almost impossible to cover... this would be the next best option.


This piece was supposed to be a full sleeve but just a little bit a time into it he realized that the artwork was just not what he wanted. So what we are doing here is breaking up all of the black work and especially the black line work so he can cover it up much more successfully into a sleeve that he truly wants and not something that he is improvising for because the black is too much. So far we have only done two sessions in this area and you can already see from the first session where the little pink circles are was treated first. The next session is all the newer treatment. We might not have to do another session so it’s covetable easier but when I see him next I’ll know for sure.

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Matthew working away on removing a piece on a shin that the individual loves but because it’s a woman pinup that is topl...
Workin, workin away to remove this dark mass on her thigh.
Time to start removing!!
A little video of the shop. It's a nice open floor plan with 2 stations, one for tattooing and one for tattoo removal.
Worked on starting to remove lettering she was just sick of on her foot. She's going for a full removal.


We offer a safe, topical tattoo removal unlike the laser most people know of. We use a system called Tatt2Away. It's way more affective, cheaper, less painful and less sessions than a laser.



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