Circle of Life Animal Hospital

Circle of Life Animal Hospital


Dr. Cook & the entire Staff at Circle of Life gently assisted Sassy across the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge yesterday! They are a very compassionate and caring group of professionals😊
Just wanted to THANK YOU ALL! In these uncertain times Circle Of Life and it's ENTIRE staff have been there through thick and thin while enduring their own sufferings. We owe EVERYONE there are deepest gratitude!
Can anyone give the app for online services?
UPDATE OWNER HAS CONTACTED ME THEY WILL BE REUNITED IN ABOUT 1 HOUR.This cat has been around my house for several days, we have been feeding to to gain its trust so we can try and catch it. Very Kiddish ( unknown s*x of cat) we are Located Just of Hwy CC in Desoto Behind the Emanuel Baptist Church. Large , semi Fluffy, Very Light Dusty Yellow Cat.

Please if you are missing you cat come get him/her I can not keep him/her if we are able to catch him I have a Very Cat unfriendly Rottweiler.

I have to give a big shout to all of You who showed much compassion and care for Kegger and myself . It means so much that some one understands that He is my Baby , My Kid . Thank You with all my heart
Sorry. Had to. Post your funny pet pics. Thanks for sharing Circle of Life Animal Hospital
This was hard to get in the mail today, but very thoughtful. Thank you for thinking of us.
Is there a way of seeing any services we’ve had done there at your vet center.
Circle of Life's newest Cherry Family member Hank!!!
The precious little beagle in the photo is Buddy. I adopted him from JCAC Feb. 2010. The Staff at Circle of Life Animal Hospital have taken care of him for 8 1/2 yrs. He was thought to be 15 yrs. old this year. I lost Buddy to cancer October 15, 2018. The Staff was just as caring at the end as they have been since Day 1 even though he was a grumpy little man. This post is so hard to write because I miss him so much, BUT when we arrived at Circle of Life for his last visit, they were so compassionate. We were taken to a back room. I was expecting a normal, sterile room, BUT when the door was opened I was so surprised to see a room that looked like it was in a home! There was a small sofa, a big overstuffed chair, a bookcase filled with books and various accessories! It was so comforting! They laid Buddy in my lap and I was able to hold him through the whole procedure. I was given a few more minutes with Buddy and then Dr. Cook-Breeze came in. She gently gave Buddy the shot and in a heartbeat he was gone. Dr. Cook-Breeze left the room for a few minutes and when she returned she had a small silver heart in her hand. She rubbed it on Buddy's head and gave it to me. It said "ALWAYS IN MY HEART" with a small paw print and told me again how sorry she was. When it was time to let him go for the last time, the whole staff gave me their condolences. The whole atmosphere was so comforting during this sad moment.

My other 4 dogs will continue to be patients at Circle of Life Animal Hospital for as long as they are with me!
Hey Dr Cook, guess what??? By cutting the Oravet chews into 3 pieces I was able to get Genky to eat them!!! Hopefully will help his teeth for next cleaning! 🙂. Thanks for what you do for him!
Our compounding pharmacy family knows that some aspects of veterinary medicine are absolutely grueling. We appreciate all that you do and wish the best for your team.

Veterinary Hospital, Grooming, Pet Boarding

Operating as usual




Sweet Sushi came for a visit today and found a comfy spot ❤️


Reduced Price Vaccine Clinic!
May 21st,2022! Saturday from 8-12! First come, first served. Reduced prices on vaccines, heartworm tests, heartworm preventative and flea and tick preventative! Please call for prices. 636-937-7673


Circle of Life Animal Hospital

Circle of Life Animal Hospital Veterinary Hospital, Grooming, Pet Boarding


Circle of Life Animal Hospital

We are excited to let you know that Jodie is going to be grooming for us starting May 10th! She is an excellent groomer with more than 25 years of experience. She will be focusing on grooming dogs under 50lbs. Call and book your pup with Jodie! She will be filling up quickly due to demand! 636-937-7673

Circle of Life Animal Hospital Veterinary Hospital, Grooming, Pet Boarding


"You're hired!"


Next Saturday! March 26th
Vaccine Clinic
8-12. First come first serve!
Call for prices. 636-937-7673
See you there!

Photos from NFT Viral Aesthetics's post 03/11/2022

Photos from NFT Viral Aesthetics's post


Photos from Circle of Life Animal Hospital's post 03/04/2022

Zeus and Zooey came to visit us today! Zeus sat for his portrait so well…Zooey was a tad bit harder! LOL😂😂😂 They are soooo cute! Love my job! ❤️


Happy Mardi Gras!! Thanks for the cake, Amanda! Yum!


The “Smoky Award”! Neat article 💕

In February 1944, an American soldier discovered a Yorkshire terrier dog in an abandoned trench in the jungles of New Guinea, which received the nickname Smokey. It was owned by Ohio corporal William Wynn, who bought it from the soldiers for 2 Australian pounds. For the next two years, Smokey was with her master in the Pacific theater of operations.

The dog participated in 12 air and sea rescue and photo reconnaissance missions. During these operations, Smokey was often under fire in a soldier's backpack for a long time. She survived at least 150 air raids and two typhoons in Okinawa. Smokey also made jumps with a special parachute from a height of 9.1 m. And Wynn said that she warned him about the threat of a bombing by barking and behavior, which saved his life.

Once a dog saved the labor of 250 workers at an airfield. They would have had to dig a new ditch to lay the cable. This would also require the relocation of 40 warplanes. A buried old narrow pipe was found. The dog was placed at one end of the pipe, and its owner called Smokey from the other end. And a tiny dog ​​with a wire tied to it, was not afraid to crawl through this long tunnel.

Smokey is also considered the world's first professional "treatment dog" - she entertained the wounded by showing them all sorts of tricks. In this capacity, the dog worked for 12 years, during and after World War II.

There are a total of six monuments to Smokey in the United States. In addition, the Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue awards an annual "Smoky Award" to rescue dogs that excel that year.


This Saturday, February 26th, 2022
First come, first served! Please call for prices 636-937-7673.


Judy, a purebred pointer, was the mascot of several ships in the Pacific, and was captured by the Japanese in 1942 and taken to a prison camp. There she met Aircraftsman Frank Williams, who shared his small portion of rice with her.

Judy raised morale in the POW camp, and also barked when poisonous snakes, crocodiles or even tigers approached the prisoners. When the prisoners were shipped back to Singapore, she was smuggled out in a rice sack, never whimpering or betraying her presence to the guards.

The next day, that ship was torpedoed. Williams pushed Judy out of a porthole in an attempt to save her life, even though there was a 15-foot drop to the sea. He made his own escape from the ship, but was then recaptured and sent to a new POW camp.

He didn't know if Judy had survived, but soon he began hearing stories about a dog helping drowning men reach pieces of debris after the shipwreck. And when Williams arrived at the new camp, he said: "I couldn’t believe my eyes! As I walked through the gate, a scraggly dog hit me square between the shoulders and knocked me over. I’d never been so glad to see the old girl!"

They spent a year together at that camp in Sumatra. "Judy saved my life in so many ways," said Williams. "But the greatest of all was giving me a reason to live. All I had to do was look into those weary, bloodshot eyes and ask myself: 'What would happen to her if I died?' I had to keep going."

Once hostilities ceased, Judy was then smuggled aboard a troopship heading back to Liverpool. In England, she was awarded the Dickin Medal (the "Victoria Cross" for animals) in May 1946. Her citation reads: "For magnificent courage and endurance in Japanese prison camps, which helped to maintain morale among her fellow prisoners, and also for saving many lives through her intelligence and watchfulness".

At the same time, Frank Williams was awarded the PDSA's White Cross of St. Giles for his devotion to Judy. Frank and Judy spent a year after the war visiting the relatives of English POWs who had not survived, and Frank said that Judy "always provided a comforting presence to the families."

When Judy finally died at the age of 13, Frank spent two months building a granite and marble memorial in her memory, which included a plaque describing her life story.


We are closed today to keep our employees safe. Thank you for your understanding. We should be up and running again on Monday! Stay safe please!!


Reduced price vaccine clinics are starting again! This Saturday!! January 29th, 2022. From 8-12. Also will have reduced price heartworm test and preventatives.

Photos from Circle of Life Animal Hospital's post 01/10/2022

#10yearchallenge pet edition! Minnie and DeNaHi! ❤️❤️

30 Perfectly Timed Photos of Dogs 01/05/2022

30 Perfectly Timed Photos of Dogs

30 Perfectly Timed Photos of Dogs Timing is everything – especially when it comes to a priceless photo!


Happy Thanksgiving from Your friends at the Circle!

Festus, MO 63028 Veterinary Hospital - Circle of Life Animal Hospital 11/10/2021

Festus, MO 63028 Veterinary Hospital - Circle of Life Animal Hospital

Reduced price vaccine clinic will be held on Saturday November 20 at The Circle from 8-12. This is a first come first served clinic. We will also have discounted heartworm prevention and flea and tick prevention! Please call for prices and any questions! 636-937-7673. Hope to see you there!

Festus, MO 63028 Veterinary Hospital - Circle of Life Animal Hospital We strive to offer not only sound advice but also optimal veterinary care, allowing you the maximum enjoyment of your pet.


Halloween is a fun and exciting time but have you thought about it from your pet's point of view? It can be stressful and scary for them. There might be lots of new noises, many doorbell rings with strangers, and they won't understand your creative Halloween costume! 🎃

Here are a few tips for keeping your pet safe on Halloween:
1. Keep your pet in a safe and secure place in your house to keep them from getting out and running away out of fear. Double check to make sure they are wearing their collar and ID tags.
2. Take the party outside and keep your pets inside, or give them a quiet place away from the party especially if your pet has high anxiety around lots of people and loud noises.
3. Keep all candy and snacks in a place they can not reach. Some of our Halloween candy is very toxic for pets.
4. If you put a costume on your pet, make sure the costume is comfortable and allows your pet to move freely. Also be sure to remove any chewable parts or objects that could come off and choke your pet.

HSMO wishes you a safe and fun Halloween weekend! 🎃


Never underestimate a toy poodle.


We wanted to let our clients know that our phone system is malfunctioning this am. We are sorry for any inconvenience and are working diligently to get it back up and running! Digital phone are great when they work!

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Monday 8am - 5pm
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