Hidden Pastures Horse Farms,LLC

Hidden Pastures Horse Farms,LLC

Hidden Pastures Horse Farms ,LLC is Now offering equine massage and kinesiology taping.

Photos from Hidden Pastures Horse Farms,LLC's post 07/23/2022

Kelsie and Kole had a good time being the demonstration ponies for the taping class today. Thank you Sozo Equine, LLC for coming out to do the class!


Still a few more spots for weekly lessons. if you haven’t signed up and want to don’t wait any longer message me ASAP!

Photos from ETG Equine Sports & Rehabilitation Massage Therapist's post 07/08/2022

Some cool information


I have a few spots for riding lessons available of interested please send me a message.


Fresh watered arena for tomorrow morning’s lessons.


Re sharing some great information about kinesiology tape.

Photos from Hidden Pastures Horse Farms,LLC's post 05/13/2022

Miss Josie loves when I visit her. Thanks for having us out this week Lisa Faller Rieman!


Look at this cool comparison of our bones to horses! Not all the bones are on here but it gives you a great idea of things.


The weather is amazing. Here’s to hoping it sticks around!


The weather is finally looking like it will stay warm!

I have a few spots left in March for massage/taping get them before they are gone.

April is also open for scheduling.


Worried about riding or competing with tape on? Don’t be it is totally ok to do!

Photos from Hidden Pastures Horse Farms,LLC's post 03/01/2022

Got to tape my own mare today. This is to support abdominals and you could see the difference right away and more when she was working.


Warm weather means back at it! Taped Jax broodmare yesterday. You could immediately see her response to the tape and how much she relaxed.


Next week is going to be so nice out! More riding time is just around the corner. I have a few openings for massage/taping next week. send me a message if you’d like one.


This is going to be great and super informative!

Do you love anatomy? Do you understand how your anatomy affects your horses'?

I have seen the slides for the webinar this Saturday with Tuulia Luomala and I am super excited!
Absolutely packed with amazing anatomy pictures and videos, used to explain the fascial connections of the horse and rider.
How they work, what problems can occur and what we can do about them!

Don't miss this one!!

get your tickets from the hub now for the best CPD experience at this link..


Photos from Hidden Pastures Horse Farms,LLC's post 02/17/2022

Carats really enjoyed her tape today.
Especially her abdominal support taping. We saw a huge difference right away.

Bonus Natalie M Black snapped some pictures for me!


I still have spots open for March! Book now before they are gone

Photos from Hidden Pastures Horse Farms,LLC's post 02/14/2022

Even crunch enjoys taping especially since he’s been doing more.

Tape info
For the SI, lumbar, and biceps femoris.
- less is always more- 💙


🌸 🌺 I know it’s hard to believe but spring is right around the corner! 🌸 🌺

I am booking for March appointments now.

If you haul to my place you will get a discount! Plus I will have more flexibility on times available.

If you have 4 or more horses when traveling to you I will be waving the travel fee! 🐴 🐴 🐴 🐴

Want to get your horse on a regular schedule for the season or whole year we can do that too!

Get them booked before spots fill up.

Let’s make your showing or trail riding season the best one yet! 💪


❄️ This morning when we got up. I was expecting it to look like this yesterday haha. ❄️
I’m not a fan of snow it makes barn chores much harder in all the layers. It is pretty from inside though!


I got stared down at last night when everyone came in to prepare for the snow.

Photos from Hidden Pastures Horse Farms,LLC's post 01/30/2022

On day 5 of these taping and they are still going strong. 💪

I removed kelsie neck tape as it was starting to peel up on one side that is the more sore side of the two.

On crickett I removed her hock taping both were starting to come off.

Very surprised the leg tapings have stayed on this long with the girls turned out.

🌟 Remember you can haul in to get taping or massage done for your horses. 🌟

Shoot me a message to get on my schedule.

Photos from Hidden Pastures Horse Farms,LLC's post 01/25/2022

24 hours and she’s still enjoying the benefits of her taping.

Photos from Hidden Pastures Horse Farms,LLC's post 01/24/2022

Sore neck? I can help with that just ask kelsie.

Photos from Hidden Pastures Horse Farms,LLC's post 01/24/2022

It’s cold out the ground frozen. these taping are great support for horses who are turned out on that frozen ground.

Do you have a horse that needs some extra support this winter? let’s get it for them!

These will also help if they have any pain/stiffness in those areas.

Knee support hock support and SI


Got my meal prep system down to an art in the barn 😂


Pudgie and Leon the mini donkeys enjoying the sun today!


I felt this this morning 😂


We are over 24 hours and they are holding strong! Little muddy from her afternoon nap but still doing their job.
Let me help your horses feel and preform their best!


Can you leave tape on while the horse is turned out? Yes yes you can that’s actually even better! Crickett is still enjoying her tapes today.

Send me a message if you’re need your horse massaged or kinesiology taped!

Here’s some benefits from kinesiology taping.

Improved circulation decompressing the skin, fascia, and muscle tissues allows for increased circulation.This causes greater uptake of oxygen, and faster excretion of metabolic toxins, enabling muscles to work more efficiently during exercise and heal more quickly from work or injury.

Photos from Hidden Pastures Horse Farms,LLC's post 01/13/2022

Crickett got a leg circulation taping today. She was injured as a two year old and gets stiff in the colder months so I decided to see if this taping helps her so far she is loving it we’ll see how she feels tomorrow. This taping would help our senior horses also.


Crickett and I miss summer when massage sessions were frequent and the weather was nice and warm.


What does kinesiology tape actually do?

Kinesiology tape sticks to the hair and lifts the hair. That creates a lift of the dermal layer to decompress the underlying tissue.

Decompressing the vessels improves circulation and lymphatic movement.

Decompressing the nociceptors improves pain.

Decompressing the soft tissue improves soft tissue glide and ROM.

Decompressing the joints improves hyaluronic acid production.

Decompressing the mechanoreceptors sends different messages to the brain and nervous system depending on the type of receptors.

Each hair sits in a sensory plexus that houses mechanoreceptors.

The mechanoreceptors can communicate pain, touch, temperature, etc.

The hair stimulation also improves body awareness and positioning (proprioception) which can be lost for several reasons.

The sensory plexus lets us communicate with the entire nervous system.

There are several ways to “say” what you want to say depending on how you apply your application to communicate what you want to communicate.

Through communication with the mechanoreceptors you can relax trigger points, decrease fatigue, increase circulation, support muscles, support joints, unwind fascial restrictions, improve body awareness, minimize edema, and all those good things.


Happy new year everyone!

Photos from Hidden Pastures Horse Farms,LLC's post 12/31/2021

These two are enjoying the last warm day for a while.


Massage and Kinesiology taping are a great way to help keep your horses feeling good throughout the year. Weather a show horse or trail horse. It’s also great for your retired/senior horses who have kept you safe helped your learn, taken care of your kids/grandkids.

Massage can help remove muscle spasms and adhesions. Enhance muscle tone and increase range of motion. Increase circulation, which speeds healing and removes toxins. Improve digestion, reduce ulcers and help Improve joint health.

Kinesiology taping can effectively reduce muscle spasms, rebuild muscle strength of the injured extremity, improve static and dynamic balance and ease pain, due to its ability to improve proprioception of joints and regulate muscle tone.

These effects reduce muscle imbalance and joint instability, thus increasing treatment efficacy and shortening the physical load limitation. significantly reduces the risk of overuse syndromes and injuries.

The tape magnifies the benefits of other modalities, increases the effectiveness of manual therapies, and maximizes exercise programs. This is a non invasive, effective addition to any program.

Send me a message and let’s make a program for your horse so they are feeling their best all year round.


New research that shows
✨less is more ✨

👉🏻 This study revealed that tape applied at 25% of tension significantly reduced pain ratings in muscles while tape applied at 75% tension had no change on pain levels.

👉🏻 Tape at any level of tension (0%, 25% and 75%) is effective is prevention of muscle sensitivity.

We know the effectiveness of tape is because of its communication with the nervous system, not because of its mechanical force or power over the tissue.

We want our applications to communicate a specific message to the receptors in the nervous system.

If you are doing an application for pain, be sure not to over stretch.

Overstretching is very common for new tapers. If you’re questioning if you’re adding too much stretch, it’s likely you are.

Remind yourself regularly to back off of the tension for pain relief and voila - you can minimize your horse’s muscle pain. 🤌🏻

The tape applied at back-off stretch already has 10-15% stretch. You only need to add a bit more to meet 25%.

🛑 You do not want to see:
logos puckering on the surface
light coming through the tape
ends popping up and off immediately

“In conclusion, the current study revealed that KT applied at low tension is the optimal tension to reduce muscle pain. Additionally, the results suggested that KT applied at low, high, or no tension may acutely prevent increased muscle sensitivity with repeated pressure stimulation.”


Photos from Hidden Pastures Horse Farms,LLC's post 12/25/2021

Merry Christmas!!


Enjoying the winter sun while I clean their dry lot today.

Photos from Hidden Pastures Horse Farms,LLC's post 12/05/2021

Talk about a glow up for Crickett! top picture a year ago bottom one today.

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