Paw Prints Grooming by Marilyn

Paw Prints Grooming by Marilyn


Kevin loves coming here!
Wanted to say thank you for a job well done with Kai. You successfully wore him out lol 😂 and his haircut is perfect! 💕
Thank you Theo for letting us pamper you today! We can't wait to see you again! ❤💙❤
These two where groomed today....they look wonderful! Thanks for your patience I know they can be a handful.
please someone help this poor catl

We groom most breeds big(100-140lb) and little. They love the spa treatments starting with a relaxing hydro-surge bath. Most have a little nap while drying

Operating as usual


Mr. woody is super cute and sweet. We can’t wait to spoil him again.


It has come to our attention that an ex-employee has been telling customers we are no longer open. The shop is under new ownership and there are 2 new amazing groomers plus Marilyn is still here on Fridays and Saturday to be able to see your babies! We have openings next week!

Thanks for coming to see us Moose! We can not wait to spoil you again!


Hey my name is Lexi I got groomed at paw prints today and I just love my new groomer. Her name is dawn


Paw Prints Grooming by Marilyn's cover photo


1. We are reopening on may 5. We will be open everyday in may except Mother’s Day.

2. Right now we can only accommodate our regular customers only. No new or once a year dogs. No nail trims without a bath.

3.payment can be check or exact change. Ruthwill let you know when she calls you for pickup.

4.hopefully we will be able to change some of these rules as things get better. Right now we must be as careful as possible for you your pet and Ruth.she will not be able to do large dogs that can’t or won’t walk up the steps.

5.everyone use caution be safe and I hope things can get back to normal soon.


Due to the stay at home order from Jefferson county we are temporally closing . We hope to be back open by April 23, we are so sorry for the inconvenience but we all need to be as safe as we can. We will reschedule all appointments as soon as it’s possible to do so. We don’t want to be closed any longer then we have to be. Thank you you for understanding.


Due to the corona virus we are asking you to not come in the shop please pull up to the front and call.ruth will come out and get your information and you pet.we are
trying to keep everyone safe. We are trying to stay open but could be closed down at any time . We are sorry for any inconvenience but there’s nothing we can do but follow what is the safest thing for all of us. Thank you for understanding. Marilyn


Due to the severity of the corona virus’s we are taking precautions to keep everyone as safe as possible
1.dogs and cats cannot spread the virus.
2. If you can’t, or don’t want to keep your appt
Please let us know as soon as possible.we can reschedule you for a later date.
3. Please bring your dog in on a lease.
4.if you want you can call Ruth and she will come to the door to get your dog.
5.we are cleaning daily.
6.if you are not feeling well please reschedule your appt. stay home and take care of yourself.
7. If you can’t keep your appt as I said before we get paid by the dog not by the hr. So please cancel as soon as you know you can’t keep your appt.
Everyone stay safe and well.thank you so much.
Marilyn ,Ruth, and Delores all appreciate your dogs and your trust in us.


House Rabbit Society of Missouri: St. Louis Chapter

Please share this on your Facebook , Instagram, Twitter and any other social media sites you belong too. Let’s let’s work together this Easter season and save some bunnies. Who is going to help? 


JCAC Rescue Warriors For Dogs

This is from AKC. Please be informed about the fact that COVID19 is NOT Canine Coronavirus!! People are dumping dogs at AC and elsewhere due to current posts about the dog in Hong Kong.


Colleen's Canine Care






Photos from Paw Prints Grooming by Marilyn's post


Photos from Paw Prints Grooming by Marilyn's post


Incredible Recipes


Photos from Paw Prints Grooming by Marilyn's post


Photos from Paw Prints Grooming by Marilyn's post


All ready to trick or treat



Found dog! Is this anyone’s dog? Dog is safe. Contact me for information.


Flyaway Geese

Public Service Announcement! If you see Blue Green Algae like this DO NOT PUT YOUR DOGS IN THE WATER! Late summer and early fall are when it is most toxic. There is no cure. If your dog ingests toxic blue green algae blooms while swimming THEY WILL DIE! Understand the water can look clear. It doesn’t have to have this much in it. It loves humid areas with little rain , areas with fertilizer or animal waste runoff. I have seen stories on 12 dogs dying in the last 24 hours in various different parts of the country. This is no joke. Please take this toxin seriously. By the time you know your dog is sick it will be gone. #goosedog #bluegreenalgae #keepyourdogsafe #gcsaa #dogsofturf


Sevier County Animal Shelter - Utah


Awesome Pawsome Pet Spa,LLC


MEME Central


Crossed over the rainbow bridge last Friday
20 yrs old. He will be missed.


Such a good boy! Brody was so good for his bath and groom out.


Cuties of the day


Lost in festus. 5th and Cromwell
636 208 5062 jon


Photos from Paw Prints Grooming by Marilyn's post


Finleys growing 6mo. now!




205 S 2nd St
Festus, MO

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Tuesday 8am - 5pm
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