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Townsend Heating & Cooling Inc.

Full Survice Heating & Cooling Company We offer full services on residential and commercial heating & cooling equipment repairs and replacements.

No hassle, free in-home survey with system design for the replacement of your homes comfort system.

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Wishing everyone a safe Memorial Day weekend filled with the utmost gratitude and respect for those soldiers who have passed either during or after serving our great country, and for those who suffer their loss the most... their loved ones.


Wishing everyone a safe Memorial Day weekend filled with the utmost gratitude and respect for those soldiers who have passed either during or after serving our great country, and for those who suffer their loss the most... their loved ones.


[05/23/21]   What a beautiful day... hot & sunny. If you are sweating in your living room, though - it may be time to call YOUR TOWNSEND TEAM. Your comfort is our specialty.

Enjoy the day!

HOME | Mysite 05/14/2021

HOME | Mysite

WWW.TOWNSENDHEATING.COM is back up & running!
Thank you to everyone who has been so patient during our merge.
We love & appreciate our customers!


HOME | Mysite Townsend Heating & Cooling Inc. specializes in repair of all major brands of heating and air conditioning. We're committed to reaching your location promptly and giving you a quick solution for your HVAC issues.

Townsend Heating & Cooling Inc. updated their address. 04/23/2021

Townsend Heating & Cooling Inc. updated their address.

Townsend Heating & Cooling Inc. updated their address.

Townsend Heating & Cooling Inc. updated their business hours. 04/14/2021

Townsend Heating & Cooling Inc. updated their business hours.

Townsend Heating & Cooling Inc. updated their business hours.

Townsend Heating & Cooling Inc. updated their website address. 04/14/2021

Townsend Heating & Cooling Inc. updated their website address.

Townsend Heating & Cooling Inc. updated their website address.


Regular maintenance saves you money and energy and helps extend the life of your comfort system.

Contact Lynda at Townsend Heating & Cooling to schedule yours today!


Regular maintenance saves you money and energy and helps extend the life of your comfort system.

Contact Lynda at Townsend Heating & Cooling to schedule yours today!


[04/08/21]   The weather is beautiful outside, and higher temperatures are creeping up on us. Our technicians are working hard on cooling maintenance and we're ready for your call to add you to our list.

Enjoy the day,

[11/12/20]   NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS: We are experiencing "technical difficulties" in transitioning operations to our new location at Victorian Sales. If you have any problems reaching us with any other number, we have verified that 636-931-8885 is still working - you can call Lynda on that line. Thank you for your patience... great customer service is always our number one goal so rest assured we are doing everything we can to get everything working smoothly.


[11/09/20]   Congratulations to Rich and Linda Townsend on the announcement of their retirement after 42+ years of serving Jefferson and St. Louis Counties and surrounding areas.

We are also pleased to announce that Townsend Heating and Cooling remains in the family, and will become a part of Victorian Sales, under the ownership and management of Rich and Linda's son and daughter-in-law, Austin and Misty Townsend. Our name, our quality service and our commitment to our customers will remain the same. We look forward to continued service and growth… as always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Ameren Missouri giving away thousands of smart thermostats to St. Louis area customers


The new Ameren smart thermostat giveaway could be a great deal for you, but like most things, you need to be aware of the guidelines.

1) MAKE SURE your HVAC equipment is compatible. They have a link on the purchase page for you to check compatibility.

2) If you get the thermostat and do not install it or activate it, it could result in a $50 chargeback to your Ameren account.

3) You will make a "purchase" type transaction to get the thermostat, and you can choose the free thermostat ONLY if you sign up for Peak Time Savings which will use the thermostat to adjust your settings to save energy during peak times, OR you can pay $79 ($50 off Ameren's regular price of $129) without signing up for Peak Time Savings.

a) You can access the thermostat settings through your phone.
b) If your current t-stat is no longer covered under warranty, the Sensi comes with a 3-year limited warranty.
c) You should experience savings due to the Peak Savings Time program.

a) You can access the thermostat settings through your phone (if you are not tech-savvy, this may cause a greater hassle than help).
b) The chargeback is a definite con if you do not make sure your equipment is 100% compatible.
c) Through the Peak Savings Time program, Ameren has control of your thermostat, meaning that they will decide what times and temperatures to use. "With many Missourians spending more time at home during the pandemic, now is the perfect time to make energy-efficient upgrades to reduce their electricity use"


The newest employee of Townsend Heating & Cooling, Tricia Townsend, celebrating her first rooftop installation of an HVAC... lol.

[07/10/20]   Townsend Heating & Cooling, Inc. is keeping it cool, listening to 106.5 The Arch. Have an amazing day & weekend... and call us if you need us! 07/29/2019

Cybersecurity in the Age of the Internet of Things

Technology is amazing, and a bit scary at times. It allows us to monitor and change everything from our phones, tables, desktops, and even with a voice command from the comfort of your favorite chair.

While there are always security risks with nearly any technology, and no way to avoid every trick in the book, you can place extra barriers between your home system(s) and those who want to hack into them.

Be careful, be smart, and educate yourself and your family on the best ways to utilize today's technology, without opening your home to unwanted digital invasion.

Click below to learn more about cybersecurity for your home.

YOUR TOWNSEND TEAM As security becomes more important, manufacturers and contractors could take the opportunity to expand their portfolio of services. 07/17/2019

A/C repair costs skyrocket as R-22 coolant being phased out in early 2020

The phase-out of R-22 coolant is something we've been dealing with for the past year, and the end is getting near. If you are looking into replacing an old R-22 unit, please give us a call. We provide free estimates with absolutely no high-pressure tactics.

YOUR TOWNSEND TEAM RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The cost of keeping cool is heating up thanks to a looming ban of what used to be the most common refrigerant used in air conditioners. When an air conditioning unit ne…

[07/16/19]   Windows on Main Street... not sure which direction that hard rain was heading, but if you get it, hang in there, you should have a bright & beautiful, sunny sky about 5 minutes after it starts!


Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Rich & Linda Townsend... may your struggles be few and your happiness abundant.

Your Staff @ Townsend Heating & Cooling


Good morning Main Street...
what a gorgeous morning.




Townsend Heating & Cooling Inc.


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[04/03/19]   We've had a few glimpses of Spring, which means the heat isn't far behind. Call now to schedule your Air Conditioning Maintenance or Clean & Check... we are looking forward to our 41st year of serving our customers!

Your Townsend Team

[01/31/19]   PUBLIC NOTICE: Attention all customers with Trane TCONT624 thermostats and above... After receiving several service calls regarding wifi thermostat issues this morning, we contacted Trane to see if they had heard of anything causing those issues. We found out that they did an update last night, which caused a communication glitch.

They suggested that affected customers should either:
1) locate and push the "Reboot" button on the thermostat; or,
2) flip the furnace breaker off and turn it back on.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our office. Thank you.

Your Townsend Team


Windows on Main Street… last night we hosted the Jefferson County Squares Club square dancing at Townsend Heating & Cooling, and everybody had a great time! A very special thank you to John and Bev Stuart (pictured below). John stepped in as our special event caller after our scheduled caller got stranded in a snow storm in Boston. The Jefferson County Squares will be meeting every Tuesday night at 6:30pm at Townsend Heating & Cooling at 238 East Main Street. For information on upcoming events, contact Ron McCloud at 573-760-5894 or Kathy Louckes at 314-607-8864.


Townsend Heating & Cooling Inc.'s cover photo


Windows on Festus Main Street... beautiful scenery this morning on Main Street... The ride in was gorgeous, too. We are open, and our technicians are out working to make sure you stay warm.

Your Townsend Team 11/14/2018

What to Do When the Heat Goes Out

Winter in Missouri is almost always a "wait and see" forecast for us. We appreciate our customers who are flexible and understanding, and trust us enough to know that we will do whatever we can to move "no heat" calls to the top of our list and get back to maintenance as quickly as we can (and as quickly as the weather allows).

Please stay safe, and always prepare for the possibility of having to be without heat for a time... plenty of blankets, layered clothing, food and water at your disposal. Space heaters have come a long way where safety is concerned, so it is always a good idea to invest in a few for emergencies. Do your research and prepare ahead of time.

Visit House Logic's article "What to Do When the Heat Goes Out"; click here:

Your Townsend Team An extended power outage in extreme cold can be more than an inconvenience — it could jeopardize your safety. Learn now what to do when the heat goes out.

[11/12/18]   Windows on Festus Main Street... the snow is falling ever so gently and beautifully. Hope your view is as good as ours; be safe traveling this evening!

Your Townsend Team

[08/29/18]   To our customers who work with us to avoid dangerous conditions for our technicians when bad weather sets in... WE APPRECIATE YOU! 07/30/2018

How Far Away Should Plants Be Around an A/C Unit?

Did you know... that having shrubbery too close to your outdoor unit can prohibit the airflow and reduce the efficiency of your system? Since we didn't get much of a spring (I think it was about two days, you can take advantage of our cooler temps (in July? really?) to evaluate your landscaping to help your home maintain better comfort, while hopefully reducing some of those energy bills.

Your Townsend Team Air conditioning is no longer just a luxury; in areas with hot weather, air conditioning allows people work more productively, kids to attend school year-round and families to enjoy evenings without huddling around a fan. With the rising cost of energy, however, efficiency becomes important. What gr...

[07/30/18]   Now that the heat has taken a break, we are playing catch-up on our non-emergency calls. A great big "Thank You" to our customers who have been so understanding of our need to make our emergency calls a priority during the hot spells. Your loyalty and cooperation helps us continue to make your, and all of our customers', comfort and safety the primary focus of our business. Your Townsend Team 07/12/2018

8 Ways To Reduce Energy Use At Home

This time of year can really put a damper on your finances, especially when the temps go from 40 to 90 with little in between time. If your energy bills (gas, electric) are steadily rising, part of the problem could be the efficiency of your HVAC unit. Contact us today for a free estimate to switch to a high efficiency system that will keep your home comfortable and your energy bills manageable. Ask us about Ameren's Energy Efficiency Rebates Program.

Your Townsend Team Summer and winter are primetimes to consider your home’s energy efficiency. Are you doing enough? Here are a few ways you can reduce your energy usage at home and save money long-term.


We couldn't make our customers smile so much without you!


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