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Mineral Area Pro Wash


Thanks again to Curtis at Mineral Area Pro Wash. The house looks great. What a professional and caring business.
Mineral area pro wash is the best. They are so accommodating and do a superb job. Couldn’t be happier with jobs they have done for me. I highly recommend them .
You are amazing. Very pleased with the job and I would highly recommend. Your communication is the best!
Excellent company! House looks so much better!
In case you may have the wrong email address, here it is again.
[email protected]
I have checked my emails, spam, and trash, but I did not get your bid. Looking forward to seeing it.
Jack Skinner.
Had our house and fence done this week and once again they did a fantastic job! I highly recommend them, you will be very happy with their service. I would rate them a 10!
Very satisfied with service. Would recommend to anyone.
My deck sparkles. It hasn't been this clean in a long time. They did an excellent job cleaning my outside atrium windows which hadn't been thoroughly cleaned since we built the house in 2005. They power washed the cutters and soffits also. Curtis and his nephew, Matt or Mark? were very pleasant to work with. For all the did, the price was very fair. I expected to pay more. They completed the work in a timely manner. It was a 5 star job.
Great service
If you never had your windows professionally washed, I strongly urge you to try it.
We had ours done yesterday and the difference was unbelievable. They do the screens and inside and outside of every window that you choose. We decided at the last minute to have EVERY WINDOW done, even the garage and it was well worth it.
Our house actually SPARKLES.
Thanks to Curtis and his team at Mineral Area, Pro Wash!!!!!!
Fantastic job cleaning our house and detached garage. You guys Rock!

We are a Professional exterior cleaning company that serves the Farmington and Festus Missouri area. We offer low pressure house washing, power washing, window cleaning, concrete cleaning and roof cleaning in the Farmington and Festus MO area.

We can safely clean your home fast and efficiently.

Photos from Mineral Area Pro Wash's post 09/19/2022

How’s your house looking? Is Mother Nature getting the best of it right now? Give us a call or send us a text, we can look your house up online, get all the info we need and email you out a quote in no time. Nice and easy, no hassle quotes!!! 573-915-5920 or you can request one from our website at www.mineralareaprowash.com. The questions the online form asks you are gonna be the exact same questions we will ask on the phone. Don’t wait, old man winter is coming!!

Photos from Mineral Area Pro Wash's post 09/15/2022

I need some help, I’m having a hard time telling where I need to start cleaning again now that we are back from lunch. Can someone point me in the right direction? 😂 Love ❤️ when our cleaning makes such a big difference!!

Photos from Mineral Area Pro Wash's post 08/29/2022

School is back in session!! Temperatures are starting to cool and the Holidays will be here in no time!! Now is the time to get your house cleaned up!! You can request a free no hassle quote by visiting our website at www.mineralareaprowash.com or you can call or text us at 573-915-5920. Fall schedule gets pretty full so don’t miss out!!

Photos from Mineral Area Pro Wash's post 07/30/2022

Knock, Knock, Who’s home!! With these cooler temps are you out on your patio? How’s it looking? If it’s time to get your house and patio shined up send us a message, give us a call or visit our website to request your easy, no hassle, free quote. 573-915-5920 or www.mineralareaprowash.com

Photos from Mineral Area Pro Wash's post 07/27/2022

Made a Huge difference on this 2 story house!! Looks great! Love making big changes for our customers! If your ready to receive your free, easy, no hassle quote just visit our website and request yours today! www.mineralareaprowash.com

Photos from Mineral Area Pro Wash's post 07/14/2022

What a difference our amazing team made on this house today!!! If your ready to get your house and patio cleaned up visit our website at www.mineralareaprowash.com and request your easy no hassle quote today!!


What a GREAT review from Chris "Curtis’s crew just cleaned our house for the year, we have him do it every other year - they do an absolute excellent job! They show up when they say they will, go straight to work and do an excellent job! All bugs and algae are gone! The black is gone from the guttering and the vinyl siding looks brand new! AND it doesn’t harm my flowers! I just love when it’s time for them to come!"


Our cleaning process is so amazing that even our customers pets can’t help but to stare!! Love our customer’s animals!!🐶🐱 It looks like to me you can see our rockstar cleaning tech, Wade having a conversation with him. Lol

Photos from Mineral Area Pro Wash's post 06/10/2022

Some great photos from a recent 2 story house wash. All cleaned safely from the ground. No ladders, no high pressure!! Request your free no hassle quote from our website today! www.mineralareaprowash.com


What a great Google Review from Eric..."Mineral Area Pro Wash did an awesome job power washing our home. Our home is now spotless! Besides the great service they offer, I must also add that they take the safety of their employees and your home very seriously. On the day of our scheduled service the weather was not cooperating at all. It was quite windy and raining with occasional flashes of lightning. Rather than quickly doing a less than perfect job in dangerous conditions, the owner, Curtis Turner, elected to postpone the service for a couple of days. I was impressed by this wise decision, and his crew arrived on the rescheduled date (2 days later) to complete a flawless job. I highly recommend this business!"

Photos from Mineral Area Pro Wash's post 05/18/2022

Some great before and after from last week. If your not on the schedule already you are missing out! Request your free no hassle quote online at www.mineralareaprowash.com


Check out this Awesome Google Review from Darryl... "Had three rentals to do- did it all online very easy. Communication was great and was notified in very timely manner when all three could be schedulued. To my surprise and pleasure all three were done the same day and done very well. We are totally satisfied and will use Mineral Area Pro Wash again."


Who else is tired of the pollen already?
You can request a easy no hassle quote online at www.mineralareaprowash.com to get rid of all your pollen problems!


Check out This Great Google review from Glenn... "I had my home power washed, and the young man who did it was very prompt, respectful, careful, and professional. The value with Mineral Area Pro Wash was good as well. I would recommend to anyone who needs a power washing!"


Here is a little blast from the past. We first cleaned this water tank about 13 years ago.
If your home is looking less than perfect give us a call or text at 573-915-5920

Photos from Mineral Area Pro Wash's post 05/07/2022

A little Before and After greatness to start your weekend off with!! Don't wait, get your home on the schedule now!!


Transforming patios back to their original greatness since 2006!!
Get your back patio ready for summer by requesting your Free No Hassle quote online at www.mineralareaprowash.com or call or text 573-915-5920


Happy Star Wars Day!!


Wow!! We got a heat wave coming next week!! Not sure that I am ready for 90 yet. Is your home ready for the summer? If not check out our website and get a free no hassle quote to get your house and patio Shining for Summer!!


Check out this Great Google Review from Ashley..."My house and porch were in desperate need of cleaning. But I was afraid to take the leap on hiring someone due to high prices. Well I was shocked to see how great the prices are from Mineral Area Pro Wash when I requested a quote. I would recommend them, as they made the entire process a breeze, from getting the quote, to scheduling, payment, and the actual cleaning. Everything is hands-off on the homeowners part. They also provide an amazing value for their services. And my house looks great!"


Messed up and didn’t take a before photo of this area but this indoor area was very dirty beforehand! In most cases we can safely clean indoor warehouse and production areas. Give us a call or request a free no hassle quote from our website!!
Call or Text 573-915-5920

Photos from Mineral Area Pro Wash's post 04/29/2022

Making homes look good for the summer!! Get yours on the list!

Call or Text 573-915-5920

Photos from Mineral Area Pro Wash's post 04/28/2022

A little before and after to brighten your day!! Request a quote to make your home shine from our website, www.mineralareaprowash.com or give us a call or text at 573-915-5920


If your house is in need of a good scrubbing now is the time to call and get on the schedule. As it gets closer to school getting out the lead time will get longer and longer.

Let our crew of professional cleaners take care of your biggest investment!!!

Visit our website at www.mineralareaprowash.com to request your easy no hassle quote or you can call or text 573-915-5920.


Come see us today at the Farmington Home and Garden Show being held at the High School Field House. Great day to get out and about!


A little 3 story house wash the team took care of today. Nice and safely from the ground using low pressure, high flow and professional grade detergents. Get your free quote either by visiting our website at www.mineralareaprowash.com or you can call or text the office at 573-915-5920



Check out this Great Google Review from Andrew... "Mineral Area Pro Wash cleaned my home in Festus and now in Hillsboro! They do a great job!"

Photos from Mineral Area Pro Wash's post 04/13/2022

When they call for golf ball size hail you figure out how to fit 3 rigs in a space that normally holds 2. 😂 After shutting the garage door I had to climb through the cab of the red truck to get out. 🤣


Lots of weather warnings for today. Pay attention to your apps and stay safe!


WHO wants to WIN $500 CASH??? Come on out and register at the Home Garden & Outdoor EXPO on April 23! Stop by the home, garden and outdoors exhibitors, food trucks, RVs, ServPro bounce house, World Bird Sanctuary shows, cooking and decorating classes and so much MORE!


Does the 🌧 and the 🌬 got you feeling 😰?
Don't worry!! In no time the ☀️ will be out and Summer will be here!
April appointments are almost full, don't wait!!
Request your No Hassle Easy Quote from our Website today!!


2 Stories!!🏰 No Problem! Our high flow, low pressure cleaning set ups let us clean the tallest houses safely from the ground. Visit us online at www.mineralareaprowash.com or you can even text us at 573-915-5920 to get your free, no hassle quote for your house wash.


Power Washers love 🌷🌞SPRING🌞🌷!!!! We also love our CUSTOMERS!! Let us know what we can do for you!! Call or text 573-915-5920 or easily request an online quote www.mineralareaprowash.com


Mineral Area Pro Wash

Love the start of the wash season!! Everything is nice and clean with no rust! If you’re not on the Spring list don’t wait any longer!! 🌞☀️ Text/call 573-915-5920 or request an estimate online mineralareaprowash.com !!

Mineral Area Pro Wash We offer power washing, windows cleaning and roof cleaning in Southeast Missouri.

Careers - Mineral Area Pro Wash 02/27/2022

Careers - Mineral Area Pro Wash

Wanted: Power Washing Super Stars!!

The #1 Rated Exterior Cleaning Company in Southeast Missouri is scheduling interviews now for our next Power Washing Super Star in Farmington, MO.
This is a full time position.

The compensation will start at $12-$14/hour based on work experience, with tremendous potential for pay increases. Other aspects of the compensation package include:
-Paid Incentive Programs
-Paid Time Off Accural
-Paid Holidays

Basic Job Requirments Are:
-Must be 18 or older
-Must have a valid drivers license and reliable transportation to and from work.
-Must be upbeat and Positive each day!
-Must not be afraid of heights
-Must be able to lift and carry ladders safely

We only hire great human beings, so you won't have to work with jerks, bums or lazy people.

Power Washing Super Star position involves driving to and from residential and commercial pressure washing jobs, operating various equipment, carrying ladders, communicating with clients, problem solving, being awsome, petting dogs, smiling and waving and completing the necessary daily paperwork.

Visit our website to see the full job description, employment agreement and to apply online.

Careers - Mineral Area Pro Wash Join Our Team Please Review the Job Description and the Pre-Employment Agreement prior to submitting application. Technician Job Description Pre-employment agreement Fill Out All fields – if any do not apply input: NA

Photos from Mineral Area Pro Wash's post 02/24/2022

After a recent Facebook post where someone was looking for someone to wash their house and there was 20+ different people tagged in it or commented on it saying that they could do it, I feel like I needed to post these photos and talk a little about this. First I want to say that we absolutely LOVE true local competitors, actual businesses that are advancing the industry helps to move us all forward. What we don't love are the people that buy a washer from a big box store and now consider themselves to be a professional power washer. When they mess stuff up it makes people think that is just how the industry as a whole is. The best comparison that I can think of with this would be if I went and bought a good toothbrush and some good floss and started charging people for teeth cleanings and called myself a dentist.

Your home is the biggest investment that many people will ever make, I implore you to take care of it and do some research before you turn just some random person lose on it. Big box store power washers are set up to clean by using water pressure, well water pressure is also used to cut and shape steel, so keep that in mind. When damage like what is in these photos (I have tons more photos also) happens most of the time there is no fixing it.

Take a little time to research the company or person you are considering using, check reviews, ask for references, ask tough questions, check for insurance. Just please do your due diligence before you turn someone loose on your home.

When it comes to insurance ask some questions, find out if they really even know what their policy would cover. A basic general liability policy would not cover any of the damage in these photos because general liability doesn't cover poor workmanship, it covers accidents and things like that.
We have a customer in town in Farmington that had to have her siding replaced several years back because one of these people listed in the Facebook group used too high of pressure on her home. Well her homeowners insurance wouldn't cover it and neither would the insurance of the guy who washed it. She ended up replacing the siding out of her own pocket, since then we maintain it for her.

Sorry for the long post, I just want everyone to understand the seriousness of it. We are not for everyone, nor do we have the time to wash everyone's house and that's completely okay, just do some research first and make a informed decision.
Thanks for reading and I really do care about our customers and the industry as a whole so if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me directly at [email protected] and I will do what I can to help.

Photos from Mineral Area Pro Wash's post 02/03/2022

The schedule is pretty full today but if someone needs a House Wash this afternoon we can probably sneak you in. 🤣😂☃️❄️


Once again the phone has been ringing off the hook for new Christmas light installs this season. I am sorry to announce that we are all full for this season. Our commercial grade custom fit SMD LED lights are just an amazing product and we can not keep up with the demand for new clients. All of our past clients will be taken care of as always. All of this seasons new customers came from last years waiting list. In fact because of product shortages we didn’t even get to make it all the way through last years list. We are making our annual list for next seasons quotes. If you would like to be on that list just send us a message with your name, address, phone number, email address. Just tell us to add you to the list. Next seasons quotes will start going out the first of October. Thanks!! Merry Christmas!!!!!!


As Christmas Light season approaches I want to let everyone know that this is going to be a very difficult season. There is just very little inventory available in the market right now. Its all still sitting out on boats. My suppliers that I have spoken with are optimistic that they will start receiving inventory by the end of November, well that's kind of late for this game. What supplies were available have been scooped up by the big companies in big markets that can sit on inventory. Of course all of our previous customers are going to be taken care of and we are working our way through the list of people from last season that wanted quotes. I figure its only fair that they get the first shot at what is available. Also because of this what supplies we are able to get have all had price increases anywhere from 25-50%. I can already say with certainty that we will not be getting in any garland, wreaths or large wire frame items in this season. Its gonna be fun!! Merry Christmas!!!

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Our cleaning process is so amazing that even our customers pets can’t help but to stare!! Love our customer’s animals!!🐶...
A little 3 story house wash the team took care of today. Nice and safely from the ground using low pressure, high flow a...
Its not too late!!  Fall is here, family gatherings and the Holidays are coming fast!! While the Sun is still shining gi...
Some great photos from some recent work.  All completed safely and professionally!!
2 Story House Washing, Safely and Efficiently from the Ground!!! Get a Free Quote Today.
New construction basement cleaning. Farmington and Festus!
✨Let us restore your homes beauty!!✨ Softwash House Washing, Roof Cleaning and Concrete Cleaning!! Request your free quo...
Amazing concrete cleaning!! Restore the value to your home by cleaning!!



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