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We have helped over 10,000 homeowners improve their home's energy efficiency, comfort and safety.

GreenHomes America (GHA) is the most knowledgeable and experienced home energy improvement company in the industry. To date, we have improved the energy efficiency and comfort in over 15,000 homes while providing unbiased, “how to” information to many more homeowners across the country. The information we provide to homeowners is based on years of experience and it produces results.


It may be the most 'wonderful time of the year', but the cold weather can cause uncomfortable conditions in your home if it's not properly air sealed.

Learn how Air Sealing can make a huge impact on the comfort of your home >

Furnace Troubleshooting Home Tips - GreenHomes America 01/29/2022

4 simple steps to troubleshooting your furnace - and where to call for help if you need it!

Furnace Troubleshooting Home Tips - GreenHomes America As winter approaches, here are some furnace troubleshooting tips to ensure your home is ready for winter. Contact GHA with any questions.


It's the most wonderful time of the year! But with all the Christmas joy comes a few hidden dangers for your furry friends. Follow these tips to keep your pets safe this holiday season:

> Secure your Christmas tree so it does not accidentally tip over on your pet, and be sure they don't access the water for the tree - it could contain fertilizers or bacteria that could make them sick.

> Pine needles, when ingested, could get lodged in your pet's throat and cause serious damage. And speaking of munching on greens, many seasonal plants are poisonous to pets including holly, ivy, mistletoe and poinsettias.

> Keep the wires, batteries, and ornaments out of reach or you may end up with a pet with an electric shock or injury to the mouth.

> Avoid these foods!!! Chocolate, fatty and spicy foods, bones, anything with a pit, garlic, grapes and raisins, and keep that trash can closed and secured!

> Be prepared in case of an emergency. Find out which 24/7 emergency vet is closest to you.

Wishing you and your furry friends a safe and happy holiday!


Wishing you and your family a wonderful and safe holiday!


As you fire up your stove and oven this Thanksgiving, it is helpful to know about the risks of cooking with a gas appliance.

>Did you know that cooking with gas can produce air pollution levels inside your home that would be ILLEGAL outdoors?<

Gas stoves have been shows to emit levels of nitrogen dioxide that the EPA ruled illegal outdoors. And running a gas stove for an hour without proper ventilation can raise your home's carbon monoxide level to 3,000 parts per billion, which far exceeds health standards.

The healthiest option is to use an electric stove and induction cooktop - however if gas is your preferred method, there are some things you can do to reduce the risk of polluting your indoor air this Thanksgiving:

1. Use proper ventilation. Use a ducted range hood which goes over your gas stove and vents the air and smoke outdoors.

2. Consider using a plug-in, portable cooktop. These appliances can be plugged into a normal outlet and can limit the amount you need your gas stove.

3. Open up windows to create a draft of fresh air.

4. ALWAYS have working carbon monoxide detectors on every level of your home.

5. Invest in a HEPA air purifier with a carbon filter to remove some of the airborne pollutants from your gas stove.

6. Cook your turkey outdoors to avoid having to use your gas oven for hours.

7. Get a home energy audit. Trained technicians will test your gas stove for leaks. Often, homeowners have gas leaks and do not even realize it!

Trust in a qualified contractor to help fix your home's indoor air quality concerns >>


Do the cold drafts in your home have you feeling the chill? And it's not even truly winter yet!
Learn how Air Sealing can make a huge impact on the comfort of your home >


You could be in for a bit of a shock when you open your next natural gas bill. 😫
Weather events, high global demand, and poor supply recovery are causing record-high gas prices this winter.
Here are some steps you can take to reduce the impact on your wallet:

1. AIR SEALING! Keeping unwanted cold air out is key to indoor comfort. Not only will air sealing keep out the cold, it allows your insulation to work way better.

2. Lower your thermostat a degree or two for overall monthly savings.

3. See if you qualify for any special programs in your area to help with your monthly bill or reduce past due balances.

Starting the winter off with an Energy Audit for low or no cost instant improvements and recommendations! Find a GreenHomes America quality contractor today >


Here are 3 ways you can lower your electric bill IMMEDIATELY!

Timeline photos 10/21/2021

Attention Maryland homeowners: It's never been a better time to switch to Solar!

Federal solar investment tax credit, state and local tax credit & exemptions, clean energy rebates for homes and businesses, solar renewable energy certificates...
So many incentives to go solar in Maryland.

Click to know more:

For solar systems enquiry, contact
703-657-0090 | [email protected]


There's never been a better time to make the switch to Solar Energy. Here are 5 reasons to switch to solar and how you can easily get started with an instant estimate using satellites!

Timeline photos 10/05/2021

Attention homeowners in Coachella Valley!

Why is testing your home's voltage and amperage important?
⚡️ It keeps your system fully operational & it can save you money.
⚡️ Helps to determine if more energy is being pulled than should be.

📱Contact General Air Conditioning & Plumbing at 760-565-5166 to schedule an AC tune-up!


Oct 6 is National Day. Join and pledge to , & for .

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Did you know clearing the area around the HVAC unit is important for its function? Make sure it is free of leaves, grass trimmings, and other yard debris. That is why we recommend every homeowner purchasing Hedge Shears!


Have you tested your smoke alarms this month? A smoke alarm can reduce injuries and death
in house fires.
National Fire Protection Association


Pittsburgh homeowners: Looking for a quality heating & cooling contractor in your area? Contact Boehmer Heating & Cooling and get your furnace tuned up for Winter!

Boehmer Heating & Cooling Boehmer Heating & Cooling: Comfort Specialists since 1933


Regardless of what you’ve heard, insulation doesn’t stop air flow in your home, air sealing does.

Read about why insulation PLUS quality air sealing are the keys to home comfort:


Are you losing money out the teeny tiny holes and cracks in your home?
Here are a few tips to help with your home's energy efficiency, and energy bills:

1. Caulk/weatherstrip around doors and windows.
2. Close fireplace doors and dampers when not in use.
3. Schedule a Home Energy Audit with a qualified contractor.

Visit to learn more about what exactly a Home Energy Audit is and what to expect!

Water Heater Repair in Arlington, TX | Arlington Water Heater Maintenance 09/07/2021

Arlington, TX homeowners - is your water heater making strange noises?

Water Heater Repair in Arlington, TX | Arlington Water Heater Maintenance HVAC in Arlington TX


An Energy-Efficient Mortgage?? What's that?
Essentially, it's an add-on program that helps you borrow more from a lender in order to upgrade your home's energy efficiency.

Learn more about this program and how to get approved here:

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Atlanta, GA area homeowners!

There's no better time to save on last-minute summer maintenance than now!! You better hurry because summer is coming to a close!


The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30.
Here are some Hurricane Safety Tips from the American Red Cross :

- Check your disaster supplies
- Bring in objects that could be lifted strong winds
- Close windows, doors, and hurricane shutters
- Fill your car's gas tank
- Discuss an evacuation plan
- Learn about your community's response plan

What supplies should you have?

- Water
- Food
- Battery powered radio
- Extra batteries
- First aid kit
- Medications (7 day supply)
- Cell phone with charger
- Baby / pet supplies
- Rain gear
- Flashlights / lanterns
- Generator with gas (never run indoors)

For a complete Hurricane Safety Checklist visit


Are your family's allergy symptoms actually something much more?
Air quality is almost always WORSE inside your home than outside! Find out what causes indoor air pollutants and what you can do about them >

Timeline photos 08/03/2021

As a homeowner you can feel confident about choosing a GreenHomes America contractor to help keep your home cool this summer!

Need HVAC or Plumbing Services? 🛠 Contact Us Today!
Problems with your home’s HVAC or plumbing can be alarming, especially when they seem to happen out of the blue.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule service @

Tankless Water Heater Repair in Arlington | Tankless Water Heater Installation 07/28/2021

Tankless Water Heater Repair in Arlington | Tankless Water Heater Installation Call Tom’s Mechanical, Inc. for tankless water heater repair and installation. Our plumbers are backed by decades of service experience.

Photos from GreenHomes America's post 07/27/2021

At GreenHomes America, we are all about improving your home's energy efficiency. That goes for your backyard pool as well! Here are some tips for an energy efficient pool.

Images from - Discount pool supplies and equipment

Upgrading your system could be the right call. 07/26/2021

Upgrading your system could be the right call. Your Bryant dealer can help upgrade your home comfort.

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There's never been a better time to make the switch to Solar Energy. Here are 5 reasons to switch to solar and how you c...
Money-Savings Reasons to Schedule a Home Energy Audit!
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