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Give the gift of personal growth to your loved ones this season 💫 Skip the clutter & show your support to the improvements they have been wanting to make in their lives. Hypnosis can be perfect to help with:

•Weight loss
•Improve Confidence
•Managing anxiety
•And much more!

Saree Janz with Inner Spark Coaching & Hypnosis makes hypnosis approachable & comfortable to those who are curious to experience it for themselves!

Gift certificates to Inner Spark Hypnosis are available at Fit Elements. Message us here or call 701-356-5200 for more information.
What do you give to the person who already has >>everything
Where are you at when it comes to your list of priorities? Are you at the top? Or are you further down the list, maybe even at the bottom?

Many of us women are fighting to keep our mental, physical and spiritual wellness in a healthy place. Listen to Laura Caroon and co-host Sadie Rudolph as they chat with Mariah Prussia and Saree Janz of Inner Spark Coaching & Hypnosis to talk about whole woman wellness and our upcoming Ladyboss Wellness Lab.
Ladyboss Wellness Lab leaders Sadie Rudolph, Mariah Prussia + Inner Spark Coaching & Hypnosis' Saree Janz joined North Dakota Today to talk about our upcoming lab! 📺💪✨

The good news? There are still tickets available. 🎟️

The bad news? Tickets are selling fast. Make sure you grab yours before they're gone!
"Whole woman wellness refers to the wellbeing of the mind, body, and spirit. All three are connected, and the well-being of one is imperative to the well-being of the others." ✨

We've partnered with Fit Elements, Mariah Prussia + Inner Spark Coaching & Hypnosis to bring you the first-ever Wellness Lab! For more information + to purchase your ticket, visit the link below.
Mark your calendars! 📆 We’ve partnered with Saree Janz of Inner Spark Coaching & Hypnosis and Mariah Prussia of MPX Fitness to bring you the first ever Ladyboss Wellness Lab.

Whether you’re on the verge of burnout, looking to reconnect with your inner self, or wanting to ignite the warrior inside of yourself, this lab is for you!

Register here:
Thank you for the incredible morning, Inner Spark Coaching & Hypnosis!

We feel relaxed, less stressed + mindful.
Here is the latest meditation designed to activate the immune system and enhance well-being. This is a VISUALIZATION meditation. Visualization has been shown as a powerful tool in shifting physiology. There is also an exercise on sharing LOVE & APPRECIATION. Sending love to another human being activates the release of feel good hormones in the body to both the person sending LOVE and APPRECIATION in addition to the person receiving it.

Enjoy this meditation journey and experience the sensations of well-being while knowing that you are also healing another human being in the process. 🙏✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
This meditation is designed for anyone who is struggling with thoughts of ill health or fear of sickness. It is also designed to activate a sense of well-bei...
Our first event last night was a HUGE success. ❤️🙌😄
Thanks 🙏 to our clients who participated and our partners who supported us on this event!! We are incredibly grateful!🙏🙏

If you missed this one, don’t worry, we will have more in future!😊 Make sure you like 👍our IG and FB page or sign up our newsletter to keep up with all our store events or product updates.

Check out ☝🏻our IG stories for more about last night. ❤️😄🌿
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Huge thank you to Saree Reveling from Inner Spark Business and Personal Coaching for stopping out to the office and chatting about meditation. We're actually hosting a free meditaion event, to get everyone in the right mindset going into 2020. If you are interested in attending, follow this link to reserve your spot.
I had the honor of having several hypnosis sessions with Saree. Wow! First, just being in her kind, compassionate presence makes you want to be more of that. During your session (and the discovery time before your session), she definitely takes the time to get to know you as a person...and creates a session based on your unique needs and desires. She listens and then delivers.

I would definitely recommend working with her...your life will change for the better!
Saree, thanks so much for coming to our Founder's meeting last Tuesday. We really enjoyed the breakdown of how to find your "Talking Logo." The founder's were so engaged and they were chatting and discussing the new ways to approach their mission and vision statements. The financial planning chart was so simple and easy to understand, it was a complete hit and very useful to everyone who attended! Thanks so much Saree!

Supporting individuals in a quest to experience more peace, calm & clarity in their day while living through "Inspired Action" toward their business & personal lives utilizing the modalities of hypnotherapy, coaching, mindfulness & meditation.

Hypnotherapy and co-active coaching techniques to help you step into "Inspired Action" by removing old habits and tapping into your unique gifts and talents.


Perhaps life wasn't meant to be so hard? 🥰 #myinnerspark #hypnosis #intuition


Feelin' the spring momentum. NEW COCOONING EVENTS!
Join Sarah Nather Jacobs and I on March 28th for a little chakra alignment.
On April 4th, Intuition 2.0 begins. (All new content!)
For more information, message me or to sign up for these events, see links in comments. #MyInnerSpark #cocooning #meditation


✨ Still 3 spots left! Series starts Monday evening. Join us! ✨

✨Starting MONDAY✨ Snag one if the last spots in Cocooning Meditation : the intuition series 🌙

Saree Janz with Inner Spark Coaching & Hypnosis will take you on a four week journey to heal your mind/body connection & strengthen your intuition… plus receive all of the beneficial elements of meditation. Say hello to your deeply relaxing weekly practice 😌

Every Monday for four weeks! Starting February 21st from 6:45 - 8 p.m.

Week 1: Restoring Mind/Body Connection
Week 2: Growing & Understanding Your Intuition
Week 3: Strengthening & Clearing Your Energy Body
Week 4: Visualizing Your Ideal Self

Register Here:


#myinnerspark #hypnosis #mindfulness #meditation


#myinnerspark #mindfulness #hypnosis #meditation


#myinnerspark #meditation #hypnosis #mindfulness


We are created to be unique, not to fit in.
That’s just old programming. Define your greatest success as being yourself.


#myinnerspark #hypnosis #mindfulness #meditation


Not everyone is going to like you when you speak from your heart. Not everyone is going to be used to you as you evolve. This is because minds resist change. Speak from your heart anyway. Heart speakers heal the world. 🌏


Just share your story. You never know who is going through what you’ve been through. We are here to connect 💗 #innerspark


I still have 2 spots available for the Cocooning Series beginning this Monday! Build a deeper relationship with your Intuition in this series. #cocooningmeditation #innerspark

Five steps for a more intentional 2022 - Ladyboss Midwest 01/01/2022

Five steps for a more intentional 2022 - Ladyboss Midwest

Are you feeling motivated and inspired to make positive positive changes or start something new in 2022? Using willpower is a great short way to ignite that inner ✨Spark✨ but what happens when willpower wears off?

Willpower only activates 12% of the brain. Interested in activating the other 88% for permanent change? Check it out below!

Five steps for a more intentional 2022 - Ladyboss Midwest It’s that time of year. We feel motivated to finally make that change or start that thing we’ve been putting off. Willpower is high now, generating increased confidence and motivation. We are excited to start something new and anxious to fix what isn’t working. Then, sometimes, we feel disappo...

Timeline photos 11/21/2021

Are you Purpose Driven? I always know when I’m tapping into some personality traits that are holding me back because I feel shame around them. Let’s just say…they TRIGGER ME in a deep way.

But maybe that's the share it in order to accept it fully.



Mariah Prussia and I are looking forward to sharing what we have learned along the way through her experience as a former MMA Fighter and Personal Trainer and mine as a hypnotherapist.
This 6 week program will be a deep dive into our emotions as they relate to why we continue to overeat while consciously wanting to "control" it. How does the concept of homeostasis affect weight release? How does the food we eat affect our emotions?
We will talk, journal and there will be weight loss hypnosis in weeks 4,5 and 6.
Take this course in the comfort of your own home! Event information and registration in comments. I'll also post a zoom vid Mariah and I created talking about the event.
Get ready to feel INSPIRED and MOTIVATED to create real change in the relationship you have with your body. #innerspark #mindfulness

Timeline photos 11/08/2021

Releasing Resistance Around Feeling ⭐Stuck⭐ -


Feeling a little stressed? Take 20 minutes and allow my soothing voice to take you into a deep presence and find how much more productive the rest of your day will go! Here is the link to a more soothing YOU... #innerspark #mindfulness #meditation #hypnosis


I was just thinking about this as I lay awake this morning at 3 a.m. My body is really like a loyal dog, taking commands. It doesn't seem to judge if something is good or bad, it just responds to what I'm thinking about.
When I am STRESSED, my body wants to protect me by putting on more weight. It says, "Ok Saree, you can't handle much more so let's put this bubble of weight around you so nothing more can get in."
I look back at pictures of me when I was going through my divorce and later when I quit my salaried position in the law firm to start my own business. My body was puffy, heavy, tired and internally my digestive tract was a total nightmare. Both times it felt like my body was seizing up and shutting down as a means of self protection. ☹️
When the world shut down in March/April of 2020, I was in the best shape of my life. I was actually happier than I had been in years. What I realized was that I didn't have anybody else's expectations on me. (Yuck - heavy - blah) It was a huge "aha" moment for me that I need to be much better about creating emotional/energetic boundaries for myself....which I'm realizing now is that it is DIRECTLY RELATED TO MY SELF WORTH.
I am constantly working on speaking more kindly to my body and treating it like a loyal servant. I LOVE my body for all it does for me. I am finding that the more I APPRECIATE MY BODY, the less my weight fluctuates and the better I feel. I've noticed I can try to use WILLPOWER to release weight but it NEVER works for me long term. Because willpower isn't loving my body. Willpower is trying to strong arm my body into something it's not ready for. When I try to use willpower, it feels like I am fighting AGAINST my body.
Mariah Prussia has been such an inspiration to me since I've met her. I could write so many things about this amazing woman but what I have noticed most is her COMMITMENT and RESPECT for her body. I see her powerful mindset and how it is reflected in the way she carries herself and the health of her physical body.
I have also seen weight loss clients of mine see positive results when we work on shifting MINDSET by working with the subconscious mind.
As women, we are creatures of connection. We thrive through sharing. Mariah and I wanted to create a plan for women in a SHARING ENVIRONMENT that focuses on MINDSET, MICRO-GOALS and NUTRITIONAL PLANNING with REAL FOOD.
Let's pull away all the masks of shame, guilt, failure, and all the bad habits and negative crap that manifests in our lives and bodies, so we can emerge together with a new shape, new mind, new resilience, and a renewed connection to our true, most radiant selves! (Dang that feels good as I type that out.)
If you are interested in going on this journey with us, please join us for this 6 week COMMITMENT to self! We will SHARE, CONNECT and talk all things MINDSET. Mariah Prussia will be sharing the NUTRITION PLAN she uses to continuously maintain a lean, healthy and energetic body and I will be sharing GROUP HYPNOSIS to connect your new mindset with your subconscious mind. We are so excited for this adventure and hope you can join us if you feel called to do so! #Hypnosis #mindset #innerspark
or more information on this event:

Photos from Inner Spark Coaching & Hypnosis's post 10/24/2021

Happy Sunday! Nothing like a good forest walk to get the INTUITIVE juices flowing. It’s fascinating how nature inspires creative thought! Lots of downloads that I will be sharing at this Friday’s Ladyboss Wellness Lab. Still spots left. Join us!



How good are you at FOLLOWING YOUR INTUITION? Have you ever followed it and been amazed by the magic 🪄 of it? Or maybe you struggle knowing the difference between thoughts from your logical reasoning mind and your intuitive hits?….

Living an intuitive driven life reaps huge rewards but it takes practice and TRUST in yourself.

Listen in as I share my thoughts on this fascinating topic…🪄✨✨✨✨


I love sharing about the topic of your ✨Intuition✨
Understanding our intuition from the messages in our head can be very empowering. There is a spiritual perspective that it is YOU connecting up to the collective mind. There is a perspective based on science that believes our intuition is information we gather and stored in the subconscious. When we learn how to tap into this gift and use it as a guiding force in our life, our whole world begins to open up in new ways. Mariah Prussia will be sharing how to Define Your Fight and feel that internal fire to move forward with the powerful messages you receive from your Intuition.

A fun morning filled with tons of value! Thank you Ladyboss Fargo-Moorhead for partnering with Fit Elements, Mariah Prussia and me so we can share and connect with women who are ready to feel more EMPOWERED mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Check out Ladyboss Wellness Lab event for details. Grab a friend and join us! #innerspark #wellnesslab #mindfulness


✨✨Thank you for going on this journey with me beautiful ladies and allowing me to hold a space for all of you to learn from each other and mostly…to build a deeper connection with yourselves. This 4 week cocooning series was a perfect combo of young fresh creative energy and loving wisdom. ✨✨ #innerspark #meditation #mindfulness

Inspired Action and Building Your “Want” Power

Have you ever tried to use “willpower” to make a serious change in your life? Has it worked? Sure, this has worked for people - short term. Unfortunately (coming from someone who has learned from experience), the old programming or habits eventually rear their ugly head if the willpower wears off before new habits are formed. That’s when negative self talk creeps in. “I must be doing something wrong. I’m not strong enough. I am a failure. I may as well stop wanting for better because I’m just destined to live the way I’m currently living...” and the stench of negative self talk continues....and down the rabbit hole we go. Sound familiar?

I have taken my fair share of journeys down rabbit holes and thinking there was something wrong with me. That was, until I learned that our conscious mind, the part of our mind that controls willpower, makes up only 12% of our total mind. Just 12%! Which means our subconscious mind makes up the other 88%. Reading this sent off a light bulb in my head and I knew at that moment that my passion in coaching people on their journey of self discovery needed to incorporate work with the subconscious mind.

Typically when we know something logically but there is something holding us back from living that destiny or stopping that bad habit, we are working with an unfavorable belief in our subconscious that is more powerful than our conscious mind’s logic. We feel stuck. We feel embarrassed. We feel “less than”. We feel defeated. We feel like giving up. The good news is that hypnotherapy can help to remove those subconscious beliefs.

I love the saying, “There are many paths to Rome” or.....”all paths lead to Rome” because I believe hypnotherapy is just 1 of many ways that humans can work with the subconscious mind to release old patterns. For me, I have seen the quickest results through this modality. What I love is that, as a hypnotherapist, I am a space holder. I am a guide for a client’s journey into their own mind. The client’s mind is doing the work. And this is an empowering space for people. Sometimes changes are slight in the beginning. For others, the shift is immediate. Depending on what the client wishes to work on, 3-5 sessions may be required.

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Your relationship with the deeper part of you.
Do you ever feel like you miss yourself?
Using Willpower is Limiting Full Access to Our Mind
Is there Productivity in STOPPING cold turkey? 🤔 Does momentum need time to catch up with itself? Has COVID been an inte...
Is there a “Timing” as to when certain things are meant to happen FOR US? 🤔 My ponderings for the day...
Looking for Answers About Hypnosis?
This is a call out to all the men out there who are going through a shift in their life!✨Feeling less fulfilled on your ...
Your Magical Point of Attraction
Free Hypnosis Session on Confidence Building



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