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The strong women from Define The Fight Women's & Teen Self Defense, joined me this morning to help raise awareness for the Burpees ForVets. The burpees for vets goal, is to help veterans transition back into civilian life through providing mental health, workforce development, and community building. All donations will go towards services provided through 11 nonprofit organizations.

Are you READY to accept the challenge?
1- Donate at $11
2-Video and complete as many burpees in 11 seconds
3-Share and tag at least 3 people, including BFV’s

Today, I choose all of the members Fit Elements, Venture Chiropractic and CrossFit Fargo.

They were in the fight, it’s time to define the fight through your support!

#definethefight #burpeesforvets
It’s almost here! The McIntire Plaza Fall Festival is on Saturday, October 30th, from 12 pm - 4! We are super excited for all of the fun activities, discounts, and treats the businesses and vendors have up their sleeves! Enjoy some groovy tunes by Sisters & Brothers, a bounce house, free pizza for the kids, candy, and much more!

At 2 pm, all children are invited to participate in our Halloween Costume Parade to go trick-or-treating around McIntire Plaza. Also, be sure to stick around for some fantastic raffle prizes! All raffle proceeds will be donated to the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville.
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Great Harvest Charlottesville El Ciruelo Restaurant Cville Glass Gallery Cville Refill Renew High Tor Gear Exchange Charlottesville Skateshop Unlocked History Escape Rooms Rocky Top Climbing Gym Charlottesville Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Jazzercise Charlottesville Charlottesville Ballroom Rivanna Cryotherapy Recovery Center Mobilee Delicious The Hive Poppypointe Venture Chiropractic The Country Store Antique Mall Multiverse Kitchens Women In Motion Physical Therapy & Wellness Shenandoah National Park Trust Cathy Mares Custom Sewing Buzzing Bee Coffee Co Dawoodi Teeth Whitening Clinic Rethreads Charlottesville
Venture Chiropractic and Venture Fitness made a little cameo in this cool video our friend Cody James Pettengill made!
Are you looking for a great place to raise kids, but still has plenty to do for the adults?

Look no further. The Strawberry Fields Subdivision of West Fargo has great schooling and plenty for the whole family to do.

Tyler Lindell, Realtor® at Hatch Realty and winner of first time homebuyer awards, shows the possibilities of living in West Fargo with this great home on 4th Street East.

At 5 beds and with 5 baths, on a huge lot, this home has everything you need, but the surrounding neighborhood is the real star of the show.

With Independence Elementary School, Liberty Middle School and Sheyenne High School all in the district, your children will receive a great education no matter what age group they're in!

Stop after school to get in your work out at Venture Fitness/Venture Chiropractic just down the way for your family fitness needs.

Shadow Wood Park Splash Pad is right near by for the kids to play all summer long, and there is a pond in the back to shovel off and skate on all winter long. You can warm up after hockey practice with the indoors fireplace featured in the home, then head out again for dinner.

There’s plenty to eat and drink.

Brewtus' Brickhouse has awesome food and drinks for the adults. With plenty of taps to choose from and in-house homemade pizza, Brewtus makes for a great night out.

Otherwise, Plaza Azteca Fargo makes for a great stop for the whole family to try something ethnic and new.

Spend your weekend at The Lights, with a public skating rink in the winter and live concerts and entertainment all summer with the best drinks and appetizers available at Bar Down. The Lights really tops this area off as a new hub of West Fargo right in the same Strawberry Fields Subdivision.

With how much the neighborhood is growing, there will only be more amenities available over time.

If you’d like to schedule a showing for a house in the Strawberry Fields Subdivision of Fargo, or if you’d like to find out what your home is worth, give Hatch Realty a call today at 701-369-4839.
Please join us in welcoming F I R S T Y E A R member, Dr. Kinzie Koch to our NDCA family! Dr. Koch is a recent graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University!

She will be practicing at Venture Chiropractic with our fellow NDCA members in Fargo!

When we say Dr. Kinzie is joining our NDCA family - we LITERALLY mean that as she is the little sister of NDCA member, Dr. Ryan Koch!
I've challenged Dr. Matt from Venture Chiropractic to a pull-up challenge! Comment below how many pull-ups you think Dr. Matt does before watching the video!

Song used in today's video: Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme Song) NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED
We have been challenged by Venture Chiropractic to participate in the #ApexDanceChallenge for #MobilityMay!

We now challenge Olympic Sales/ Northland Truck Sales, Talula, Fargo Center for Dermatology, BIO Girls and Camelot Cleaners to show us your moves! Here's what you do:
1. Record a short video of your dance.
2. Upload and tag Apex Physical Therapy & Wellness Center & McCulley Optix Gallery
3. Tag another business (or more) you'd like to 'challenge' to keep the movin' & groovin' going! 🙂

Have fun & we can't wait to see your dance!!

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*we do not own the rights to this music*
Great appointment with Melanie - I feel so much better!
We just LOVE that our friends over at Venture Chiropractic take such care in making our sponsored tree look so fantastic every year for the Fraser's Festival of Trees!
Have you taken a look at our website @venturefitnd yet?!
Well take a sip of your favorite morning drink and get scheduled up through these next few days! Learn about all the amazing benefits from training in a hybrid gym! Between @venturefitness and Venture Chiropractic we got your back- whether it’s rehabbing you back into health, getting you moving better/ improving your fitness, or raising your performance level in athletics we are here to help you!
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Congratulations Venture Chiropractic
Make sure to order your winning certificate poster now!!

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Dr Chris is knowledgeable about his profession, and other aspects of health issues related to problems. He's kind and professional.
The staff are each friendly. Jill is a day-brightener!
And the clinic is neat and clean!
I feel very comfortable there.
And better when I leave!!!

Our goal is to help people move better, feel better and be a better you! We strive to improve the health of our patients & community. At Venture Chiropractic, we strive to restore health by helping you move better and eat better.

We as practitioners are present and focused on meeting the health goals of each patient. We facilitate the healing process through chiropractic care, rehab, massage, and home exercises. Every person deserves the opportunity to grow to his or her maximal potential. Our intent is to improve the function of your body so it can adapt to the stresses we encounter on a daily basis. We provide superior q

Operating as usual

Six Silly Spine Facts! - Venture Chiropractic 03/25/2022

Six Silly Spine Facts! - Venture Chiropractic

Happy Friday! 🥳

A new blog is up on our website with 6 Silly Spine Facts that you may not know!

Click below to check it out!

Six Silly Spine Facts! - Venture Chiropractic Venture's featured theme this month is "Healthier Kids". Read below six silly spine facts that you might not know!


Thank you, Emerson, for leaving such a great review!

If some of you didn't know, Dr. Melanie specializes in pediatric care and can help your little ones with a variety of issues such as bedwetting, colic, ear infections, allergies, sleeping issues, just to name a few 😉. Schedule with us today at if you think your little one could benefit from Dr. Melanie's care!

Is stress-free eating with kids possible? - Venture Chiropractic 03/21/2022

Is stress-free eating with kids possible? - Venture Chiropractic

March is healthy kids month here at Venture! Is stress free eating with kids possible? Dr. Melanie thinks so and has some tips for you parents on how to do it at the blog below!

Is stress-free eating with kids possible? - Venture Chiropractic Hectic schedules, picky eaters, and parent-child power struggles are real life. Here are our strategies to encourage healthy eating habits.


Meet Breanne!

Many of you may have noticed a new and friendly face in recent months, so we wanted to take a moment to formally introduce our newest team member, Breanne, with Dr. Matt's favorite game that everyone loves- Beanboozled!


We still have some times open today for new patients, adjustments, and acupuncture with Dr. Kinzie! Book now at before they are gone 🙂

Our Kids are Getting Sicker! - Venture Chiropractic 03/14/2022

Our Kids are Getting Sicker! - Venture Chiropractic

March is healthy kids month here at Venture. Read up on Dr. Melanie's blog on how our kids are getting sicker and what you can do now to prevent it!

Our Kids are Getting Sicker! - Venture Chiropractic Statistics show that our children may not outlive us due to the rising health conditions plaguing our children. Learn more about kids' health


Meet Austin!

Many of you may have noticed a new and friendly face in recent months, so we wanted to take a moment to formally introduce our newest team member, Austin, with Dr. Matt's favorite game that everyone loves- Beanboozled!


Thank you so much, Sydney, for your kind review! We always strive to provide the best possible care for all of our patients.


Is your little one struggling with wetting the bed? Dr. Melanie specializes in pediatric chiropractic care. Research shows chiropractic care may improve common childhood ailments such as bedwetting.

If you are ready to give chiropractic care a try, schedule online now at!



We've recently gotten a lot of questions about our topical pain relief creams and whether they really work or not. Well, Dr. Matt has your answer!

Chiropractic Care in the Winter - Venture Chiropractic 03/02/2022

Chiropractic Care in the Winter - Venture Chiropractic

In North Dakota we experience the freezing temps and snow all too often. Between slipping on ice to shoveling 12” of snow, our bodies are prone to becoming injured throughout winter. We also might feel achier in our joints or feel we become stiffer and tighter over the long winter seasons. There are reasons for this!
Read our blog on why chiropractic care can serve you many benefits this winter season!

Chiropractic Care in the Winter - Venture Chiropractic North Dakota winters can cause aches, pains, and injuries due to shoveling snow or slipping on ice. Chiropractic care can help!


March is all about healthy kids! So, this month enjoy 20% off ALL children's products. Yes, you heard us right, ALL children's products! 😉

Want to skip the hassle of coming in? Order online at! Just create an account (if you don't have one) --> use practitioner code 610303 during account set up --> get 10% off everything for now and all future purchases, along with free shipping after $49!


We are accepting new patients! Schedule now at or give us a call at 701-730-3867


Thank you, Mechelle, for the wonderful review!


Stay safe today!

Photos from ACADEMY of COMBAT ARTS's post 02/20/2022

Big thanks to the ACADEMY of COMBAT ARTS for the invite to share a few things! We love teaching and sharing tips to help those move and perform better.


Stay safe and warm today! ❄️


What is Yintang?

Location: Between the eyebrows

-Sinus Congestion

Sounds like something you need? Try it today by booking at


Happy Valentine's Day from us at Venture to you!


This month we are focusing on boosting the immune system. Since the start of the year, most people have already experienced some sort of illness and there is never a convenient time to get sick. Continue reading our blog below on how you can boost your immune system!


Thank you Katie for leaving a wonderful review. One thing that we do here at Venture is educate our patients as to why their body is in pain, and more importantly how they can get out of it.


Dr. Melanie is often asked if she is able to treat kids, if our care is safe for them, and how they could benefit from chiropractic care.

Her answer is always that "children have spines and a nervous system just like adults. It is important it is taken care of especially during the developmental years. Certified pediatric chiropractic can make sure they are on the right track".

The nervous system controls everything we do. It is set-up like a fuse box. If the lights in your home go out, you go to the source, the home’s fuse box, to check for the root cause. Our nervous system is our body’s fuse box. Children can have a “blown fuse” and present with constipation, ear infections, bed wetting, colic, torticollis, sleeping difficulties, reflux, and behavior issues.

Pediatric chiropractors can help with these many childhood issues by not focusing on the presenting problem, but by going to the source and turning the “lights” back on by removing nervous system irritation.


Pelvic Bridges


The pelvic bridge is the perfect exercise to stabilizing your core again after baby. Here's how to do them:

- Begin by lying flat on your back with both of your feet on the ground.
- Roll your hips back, flattening your low back on to the ground.
- Maintain this lumbar position as you use your glute muscles to lift the hips off of the ground.
- Repeat!


We are in the thick of winter and our immune systems could use a boost. That's why Immune Resilience, Immune Support, Dynamic Immunity & Vitamin D are 20% off the entire month of February!

Want to skip the hassle of coming in? Order online at! Just create an account (if you don't have one) --> use practitioner code 610303 during account set up --> get 10% off everything for now and all future purchases, along with free shipping after $49!


It's the last day to get 20% off Dynamic Health Drink, B-Complex, & Mito Recharge!

Stop in today and get yours!


Grateful and blessed to be surrounded by this team. Always striving to provide the best quality patient care all while supporting and elevating each other to be better each day! Axes were thrown, fun was had, and no causalities occurred. Check out Rough Cut Social - Fargo, ND for a great time!


We want to take a moment to wish our CA, Austin, a wonderful birthday! We hope you have a great day!

Chiropractic Care in the Winter - Venture Chiropractic 01/28/2022

Chiropractic Care in the Winter - Venture Chiropractic

Wondering if it's worth a trip to us after taking a fall on the ice? The answer is YES!
Read today's blog post on what chiropractic care can do for you during the winter time.

Chiropractic Care in the Winter - Venture Chiropractic North Dakota winters can cause aches, pains, and injuries due to shoveling snow or slipping on ice. Chiropractic care can help!


Here at Venture, our goal is to always help you move better, feel better, and be a better you. Thank you, Annette, for allowing us to help you!


Today the Venture team is learning and growing together. We will not be seeing patients today, Wednesday, as we are in our annual growth club!
You may still schedule an appointment online:
Enjoy the day!

Photos from Venture Chiropractic's post 01/21/2022

Did you know that Dr. Melanie is Webster certified?

The Webster technique aids in reducing in-utero restrictions. The better-positioned baby is for birth, the better mom will feel, and the easier the birth may be.

Our goals are to:
+ Align the uterus so the baby can enter the pelvis in the optimal position.
+ Release tight ligaments or muscles which may pull or twist, causing pelvic pain during pregnancy or discomfort during birth.
+ Open the pelvis with adjustments and exercises to let the baby move down during the birth process.
+ Provide information so parents can know their options, make informed choices, be active participants in their baby’s birth, and understand the entire process.

Schedule with Dr. Melanie today at!


Everyone understands that sleep is an essential part of life. Sleep is especially important for our kids, as they are growing and developing. Research suggests inadequate sleep results in tiredness, difficulties with focused attention, irritability and easy frustration, and difficulty modulating impulses and emotions.

As a chiropractor who treats children, this is a commonly discussed topic Dr. Melanie addresses with parents with children of all ages. Ensuring your child develops a healthy sleep routine is very important and chiropractic care may help.

For young children, lack of sleep or trouble sleeping can have some serious consequences both in the short-term and long-term, including the following:
+ Behavioral Issues
+ Hyperactivity
+ Stunted brain development
+ Growth and developmental issues

Continue reading our blog for more information on how your kids can get better sleep:


Did you know that when working with newborn babies, only finger-tip pressure, specific contact points, and gentle adjusting techniques are used? We like to say it's similar to the soft pressure one might use to check the ripeness of an avocado.

Infant chiropractic care is safe, gentle, and specific. It can help little ones in relieving:
+ colic
+ acid reflux
+ allergies
+ ear infections
+ challenges associated with sleeping
+ bed-wetting
+ feeding and latching issues

Have you had your little one adjusted? Dr. Melanie specializes in pediatric care, is certified in the Webster technique, and is a BirthFit professional!


Another great workshop is coming at you on February 5th! We would love for you to join us.

Hey Everyone!

Our next Yoga workshop is Arm Balance- focused!
Could this benefit you, if you are a beginner, or an advanced yogi?
The answer is- absolutely this workshop will build on the proper set ups, positioning, ways to improve stability, posture, strength and lastly adding in some new techniques to your practice.

Don't wait till spot fill up! Sign up and reserve your spots today by clicking the link below!

Our Story

Venture Chiropractic was established by Dr. Chris Dockter in 2009 and was initially located in Moorhead, MN. Dr. Melanie Dockter moved to Fargo in 2010 after practicing in southwest Minnesota and Venture Chiropractic continued to grow. In 2012, they moved the practice to Fargo, ND to meet the needs of a growing patient base. Due to a loyal and supportive patient base Venture Chiropractic continues to grow and expand. Dr. Matt Casperson also adds his expertise and is passionate about getting people well and back to doing the things they love. We are honored and thankful for the support of our current patients and their referrals, which allow us to help more individuals in our community. We are excited for what the future holds. If you are not a current patient and are seeking help for a current problem or would like to experience the benefits of chiropractic care for yourself we are happy to help and look forward to meeting you and your family!


  • Committed to Excellence - We provide the best care for EACH patient.

  • Empower - We educate patients to be self-sufficient. We strive to improve your health by providing continual education to assist you in making decisions.
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