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Duane Breitling, ladies and gentlemen.

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Duane Breitling, ladies and gentlemen.

“I have uncritical support for more rioting and looting in Minneapolis and everywhere else, every night, until this rotten country is burned to the ground and a new world can be rebuilt. Riots are the language of the unheard.” ~ Zac Echola

Just a reminder about the contributions of some Democratic Socialists/Antifa members in the Fargo area. (Video of Thomas Starks aka Paul Dunyan)

Poor Ron Gaul. He has a sick desperation in his voice. Anyway, at least he’s not filming children...in this footage.

The new Piepkorn ringtone just dropped!

Breaking News!!!

An update from a familiar face.

I don’t know, folks. I’m pretty sure Philip is gonna run away with this election.

Were the Impractical Jokers filming in Fargo, and nobody told us?

Yep, we know.

Let us not forget Antifa’s contributions to our city. Person in video: Thomas Starks aka Paul Dunyan on Facebook.

Make sure to checkout Thomas Starks aka “Paul Dunyan’s” opinion piece in the Forum. Unfortunately he put more work in vandalizing federal property than he did penning his profound thoughts. I also wonder if “Paul Dunyan” will reclaim his page?

So is shaking your head and lipping stuff constitute as the submission of evidence?


Your favorite collective heads of knuckle are back! Branden Krieger for Fargo City Commissioner and Ron Gaul.

The Thomas Starks (aka Paul Dunyan) ax attack on U.S. Senator John Hoeven’s Office on December 21, 2020.