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Well, this virus is not going to last forever. I do not own a car, and take taxis routinely - often on a daily basis. And when the virus is over, I will be certain to BOYCOTT your service and to encourage everyone I know, work with, socialize with - to do the same. Your V.P.'s social meme posting was an offense not simply to Kamala Harris, but to all women. And he is a hypocrite. Newt Gingrich was "fornicating" with Calista (his current of 3 wives) for 6 years while married to his 2nd wife. trump was banging p**n stars and Pl***oy bunnies while married and installed his girlfriend in Aspen during his own family's Christmas vacation there. Melania paid the rent in NYC posing for low-grade, pseudo-S&M le***an nudes. And trump also has a long personal and business history with at least 3 convicted pedophiles. So where is Mr. Massoud's moral outrage there?
I would appreciate it if you would teach your Drivers how to use the card machine. I wanted to end my transaction and asked the Driver how to he kept saying I don't know Mame and I ended up over-paying. I called this morning and it was returned to my account. But it could have been avoided if the Drivers knew.

Here promoting Arlington Blue Top Cabs as the premier taxicab company in Northern Virginia

Operating as usual


RIP Mekuria Mola - also known as Arlington Blue Top Cab 118. Mr. Mola drove for under our colors for approximately 10 years. Mr. Mola passed away from COVID. Mr. Mola was wearing a mask when we believe he contracted the virus.

Mr. Mola was from Ethiopia, and was an outstanding driver, for all his time driving, he never had a single complaint lodged against him, and was always friendly with everyone he ran into. He had an impeccable reputation with Arlington County, our customers, and with this company.

He will be sorely missed, but Heaven is enriched.


The corporate name for Arlington Blue Top Cabs is M & R Taxi (Massoud and Randall).

Arlington Blue Top was formed in part by Mr. Don Randall, a former lawyer in Arlington and Washington DC. It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Don Randall (Don passed over a month ago) - and our thoughts and prayers go to the Randall family.


Wishing each of you mom's out there a Happy Mother's Day 05/01/2020

Another casualty of the coronavirus pandemic: The taxi industry

Arlington Blue Top Cabs in the news On the front lines, a cabbie struggles to get enough fares to survive and equipment to protect against the virus. 05/01/2020

Some taxi and limousine drivers at Pearson Airport in Toronto have died from COVID-19 As we continue to celebrate and support frontline healthcare workers who are sacrificing the most right now to fight COVID-19 under extremely dange...


Arlington Blue Top Cabs hopes that you are safe during the pandemic, and each of us should practice safe behavior such as social distancing.

We also suggest that you stay inside unless there is an emergency.

Thank you for patronizing Arlington Blue Top Cabs


Blue Top Management


Arlington Blue Top Cabs wants to announce the passing of Mr. Ighanollah Khalili, the long term driver of Cab 163.

More information will be posted as it becomes available to us.


so each of you our customers are aware, Metro will be closed in East Falls Church, Clarendon, and Virginia Square until further notice.


Arlington Blue Top Cabs hopes that each of you enjoys the beautiful day.


“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

Martin Luther King Jr.


Arlington Blue Top Cabs wishes each of you a Happy New Year and may all of your dreams and wishes come true


Drive safe today - and if you're afraid to drive in the inclement weather, we'll be glad to pick you up!


Arlington Blue Top received the nicest compliment from one of our customers earlier today. Only the text of the email will be posted here.

Blue Top is top shelf compared to Red Top.

To our customer who stated this, thank you for the kind words. We do our best here to please all of our customers. 10/11/2019

Nobel peace prize: Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed wins 2019 award – live news

Congratulations to the President of Ethiopia on winning the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. President Abiy Ahmed is very deserving of this award for trying to end the war with Eritrea.

Here is more information on this subject Abiy wins award for outstanding contribution to peace for his work in bringing to an end more than 20 years of conflict with neighbouring Eritrea


Remember in this 90 degree heat, our cabs all have A/c


Don't let the end of summer get you down, you can still ride in a Blue Top Cab for a pick-me-up!!!!!


Happy August to all of Arlington. Enjoy your day.


It is with the utmost of regret to announce the passing of Ebenezer Anane, who drove for our sister fleet. Ebenezer passed earlier this week from unknown causes. He was 56 years old.

Ebenezer was a favorite of all who knew him, and will be missed by everyone who he touched with his presence.

We will make the funeral arrangements public once they are made known to us.


Arlington Blue Top Cabs hopes that you be safe during the flooding


Arlington Blue Top Cabs has for many years sponsored groups and organizations in the area, who go out of their way to further the public good and to teach us about who we are as a country and a people.

Earlier this year, Barbara Oberg wrote a book about the history of women in the American Revolution. Arlington Blue Top Cabs helped to sponsor this book. Literally this book is about the politics of women from 1775 to 1787. Both white and African American women. A real history of American women.

We hope that each of you gets a chance to read this, and proof of our sponsorship can be found on page xi.


This day, Arlington Blue Top Cabs wants to honor each of those brave boys who stormed the beaches of Normandy to fight Nazi tyranny 75 years ago.


A special shout out to Daniel, our cab 159 who gave extra good service to one of our passengers earlier today.

All of our drivers give this good service, but according to this passenger, Daniel went out of his way to take care of this passenger's needs.


Don't let the Uber strike slow you down - take a Blue Top Cab.


Arlington Blue Top Cabs hopes that each of you enjoy this Easter season and think of the good things in your life.


Arlington Blue Top Cabs hopes that each of you is enjoying this beautiful spring day.


Saying Rest in Peace to our dear friend and former employee, Sudie Rae Wallin. Sudie Rae who was born and raised in W Virginia, was the widow of Arnold Wallin, our former mechanic in chief who worked with us from our beginnings in January of 1984 through his retirement in 2004.

Arnold went to be home with the Lord a few years after his retirement. Sudie took care of Arnold in the last years of his life. Sudie loved people and loved to laugh. She was a simple woman of few words but loved everyone and everyone loved Sudie. She was our cashier at a satellite location outside of Arlington.

Sudie will be missed by all of her family and her Blue Top family.


20 degrees one day, 70 the next? Weather changes every day. Want to know what stays the same every day? Our good service. Remember to call us at 703 243 TAXI (8294).


Brrr it's cold today. Be sure to stay warm in a Blue Top Cab.


With our GPS service and our 1st rate drivers, we were able to return a piece of luggage to a passenger who had lost it in a cab (did not have the number or any information) and do so within 15 minutes of the dropoff. This is the service that we offer to all our passengers. We are proud to offer this personal service to all of our passengers.

Better than you'll find from any app based company.


Arlington Blue Top Cabs appreciates your patience during the snow emergency. If you have called or reserved a cab we will get to you. Thanks again for choosing Arlington Blue Top Cabs


What's a guy or gal to do when the weather is so unseasonably warm and you wanna go somewhere new?

Try riding in a Blue Top Cab!


Arlington Blue Top Cabs hopes that each of you enjoy this beautiful early Spring day.


Stay warm out there - and remember that our cabs are the hottest on the road!


While other entities are closed, Blue Top Cabs are here 24/7. We run be it rain or shine or snow!


Weather should be 60 degrees today - We are Arlington Blue Top Cabs hope that you enjoy this beautiful day.




1115 W Broad St
Falls Church, VA

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